Welcome to Working for Spirit. I’m your host, Michelle Barr. I’m so glad you showed up today to join the conversation. Stay with me and subscribe for even more.

Welcome, I am so excited to announce to you now the Working for Spirit Podcast is here. 

Why would you believe that if you are showing up and working for Spirit that you are not meant and Spirit would not want you to have the life of your dreams? Your gifts, your business, your life coming together with these Spirit Workers Collective. 

We now have a place to connect on all things, the Spiritual, the intuitive, the healing, Spiritual business, the metaphysical, our gifts, our guides, and all the things that living your life experience as a Spirit Worker. 

As I share mine with you and that of others with you, also. We are going to touch on and talk about every area of your individual life and what is going on in the collective as well. We know that people like us are always growing, healing, transforming. 

We are about being the contribution. We are here to be and getting paid well for it. Being in high service and taking care of ourselves while we are taking care of everyone else. 

We have this giving, helping, and healing others thing down. We’ve been doing it our whole lives. But how do we truly respond to our calling in a way that is sustainable, nurtures, and nourishes us? 

I am here to teach you and to support and guide you on this very journey. Me, my own journey, my 14 years with the spiritual business, my lifetime as an empath, my journey as a helper and healer first in very traditional routes.

Before that as an empath stuck in a lot of codependency in a lot of toxic relationships and environments.  Not being able to connect with and live my purpose. 

My life in every area not working for me and the hundreds of clients and students I have served over the years and continue to serve. My growing community, my spirit workers collective, and you. 

Working for Spirit is not meant to take a toll on us. It is meant to be rich with reward for us, for others, and for the world.

Make sure you subscribe to this podcast. Show up, share, plug into the spirit workers collective. It was Carolyn Myss who said, “we rise at the rate of the tribe we are plugged into”. I have found this to be so true over the years. 

Here is a tribe I have created for you to plug into.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Find and join my Facebook spirit workers collective group. DM me, I am always in this conversation for you and with you. 

I want you to know you are not alone. You are loved. You are loved beyond measure. You are needed. You are enough. You are more than enough. It is incredible how enough you are. Spirit workers here coming together can and will change the world and your life in the process. 

Allow yourself to be transformed in this space because transformed people, transform people. Consider this your safe place to land and your metaphysical upgrade. I know that within you is a big calling, big hopes, and big dreams and you are just getting started. 

Your mission and living your Soul Purpose are front and center here. The old outdated paradigms for Spirit workers are ready to be smashed. They are a lie. The truth is so much more beautiful and powerful. 

It’s all I tell, this is what you can expect from the Working for Spirit podcast. I live my life and run my business Spirit led. This podcast will not be any different. I will show up. You will show up. 

Spirit will show up and magic will happen. Healing transformation, breakthroughs, growth, uplevels over and over again. Come and you will be spiritually fed. I promise you I will bring to you my real journey and the journey of other spirit workers.

 We will keep it all things being a spirit worker and living the Spirit led life of your dreams. I am so excited to journey with you. 

I am sending so much healing and transformational energy your way. Come back again as we talk about all things spirit workers, spirituality, universal law, manifesting spiritual business, and all the things that matter to us the most. Make sure we’re connected on Facebook where I show up with daily doses of greatness to pour into you.