Hello everyone and welcome again today to my manifestation training series. We are on day three and we are just building the momentum. I’m going to get a drink of water real quick. We are just building the momentum. 

I’m so excited you’re here. Don’t worry if you’ve missed, if you’re just finding us and you miss day one and two on Monday and Tuesday. I’ve got all of it. Every day, I’m putting it on my podcast, which you can find at working forspiritpodcast.com I’ve also got it on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. 

Hello Facebook. Hello, Instagram and hello everyone who’s in here in the Zoom Room with me. Everyone who’s in here in the Zoom Room with me because they registered for free at metaphysicalupgrade.com, They’re also getting an invitation to a free live Q&A call when the series is done. 

So if you’d like that there’s still time to register plenty of ways at no cost to get all the days of the training series. One of the things that I’ve been telling you about every day that we’re going to talk about more today again, is these principles. 

These are universal law. I think of God, Spirit, source, whatever name you call Creator Divine, as the creator of all that is. Then I think of universe as the universal laws that we live within. Your life works better and your body is better. Your mind is better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

When you learn to live in alignment with the unified field and in alignment with your soul purpose and the way you’re wired and designed. You live within the universal laws and that’s something I’ve been learning a long time. Every day I’ve been sharing some of these principles with you.

These principles are the foundation for building your life and building your business. Your work in the world showing up in your life purpose, your sole purpose, whatever it is, I don’t expect you just to get these right away. These are things that land. They sink in. Some of it as you’re just watching this training series and as you’re listening to it, you’ll come in and out of what you’re hearing and what you’re believing. 

Those of you who are here on day three and you’ve been with me day one and day two, I want to let you know your mind might be starting to back up. Your mind might be trying to say that’s all well and good. That works for other people. There’s another person blah blah blah, saying her life law of attraction and all of that.

Yet I want to tell you all I have lived this the long run. My spiritual business is 15 years old. I’m a spiritual business coach, spiritual business expert and author, a teacher, a speaker. I’ve had my business now for 15 years.  I’m also a psychic, a medium, and a healer. 

But really I’m going to take you back to 2003. When I first started getting glimpses and started hearing about this whole Law of Attraction. It caught me because in 2003 I was in a really stuck place. I was really feeling my soul purpose and my life purpose. 

I felt like my life wasn’t working. My money wasn’t working, my relationships. I was in a solid marriage, but it was having wobbles. My kids were having some things going on. Inside, I just had a lot of internal struggle and I was like, I don’t love any of my life right now. 

But the potential is here. Thank you all for the hearts and the love. Some of you are there. A lot of you have been there. I said, “what is this”? I have had a spiritual awakening early on very young. I left a toxic marriage with a two-year-old and became a single mother. At the same time that my best friend was dying. It was at a time we didn’t know what AIDS even was yet. AIDS was coming on the scene. 

My best friend was dying from AIDS. I got involved in all of that. It opened up a spiritual awakening for me. From that time on I was much more aware of all of this but as happened spiritual awakening. Then all of a sudden I’ve got kids, I’ve got a husband, I’ve got a job. We just moved. We got to make everything work. I’ve got stuff to do. 

So I was in this stuck place along comes the secret. I was a therapist back then. I was still a therapist. The secret came out and it really caught my eye. I was just starting to think of what is it I need to move into because I don’t think I’m supposed to be a therapist anymore. 

But I’m definitely a helper and healer. What is this that I’m really supposed to be doing. The secret did a real service. It is part of our human evolution. It served its purpose. It brought a lot into the mainstream that had not been there before. 

But especially what I was aware of as an intuitive, a healer and a therapist is a lot of people were having a mental health crisis around it. They so wanted to believe it. Yes, people can relate. They so wanted to believe it. Then they ended up creating beliefs. Other people can have that not me. It doesn’t work for me or it’s a scam. 

Now I’ve been scammed and none of these things were good things to be carrying around in your vibration and your energy. I decided in 2003 and again when the secret came out to turn my entire life into an experiment for the law of attraction. I never give anything to you all until I have lived and worked at myself. 

So I want you to know I have been living with these principles since 2003. In 2007 right around the secret, I reignited my spiritual awakening that I had had years earlier, and my commitment to living the law of attraction as an experiment. 

I got rid of my license as a therapist. I opened my own business 15 years ago as a healer, a healing and Wellness Center. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I was willing to grow, evolve and activate, living in alignment with the unified field, living in alignment with my life purpose

and my soul purpose and living in alignment with these universal laws. 

Some of the things that I told you so far, whatever you say is, is. I taught you yesterday all about. You got to catch your stories. People say I’m doing all the things, but then you’re still telling the stories, or I’m doing all the things. 

What I need you to know is there are intentions and counter intentions. If you’re doing all the things and you’re doing the intentions. Then you’re letting those counter intentions come in. Yeah, but not, oh, well, or you’re reading the evidence. 

I just sent out my intention and it’s not coming back. The evidence is saying quit reading the evidence and making it into stories. When you manifest one of the big pieces is you use these principles. 

You get solid and certain. You have to hold the energy no matter what until you have it. This will get easier and easier. If somebody told me right now, Here, hold this 50 pound thing I would take it. I would hold it then I’d say my arms are tired. 

What am I doing? Is anybody coming back? How long do I have to hold this? If I kept holding it every day, I wouldn’t be able to hold it. You are strengthening muscles right now. This is not a game.

I tell people when you start working with energy and working within these laws. You want to manifest it’s great, but it is not a ride at Disney World. So you’ve got to know you’re stirring up real energy. You’re engaging energetically on purpose.

It’s magic and it’s amazing. A lot of responsibility comes with the power when you discover that superpower that is yours to use in your own life. Not just in helping and healing everyone else on the planet. It’s meant for you. 

You’re strengthening a muscle. So the evidence will come. You’ve got to learn energy management and emotional mastery because you’ve got to hold the energy where the wobbles come and where “Oh, I just created some of what I want”. 

Now, why am I creating all this that I don’t want? That is why you come in and out. I was talking to my High-Level Mastermind last night, my 888 mastermind. I was talking to them about being impeccable with their energy. 

They kept asking me but what does that mean? It means that every day you train yourself to become aware of how much time you’re allowing yourselves to hang out and wallow in lower level energies. How much time you’re telling stories, how much time you’re throwing out counter intentions?

 You’re learning to hold that 50 pounds until it becomes natural for you. I did a big walk last year. I’m not used to walking long distances and especially not with a pack. I had to carry a bunch of stuff on my path. On day one I was aware of it. I was aware of the straps. I could feel it it was weighing me down. 

After a few days, it just became part of it and my body had adjusted in my straps and adjusted. Working on emotional mastery right now. It’s there is so much to gain from this and at the same time, you have to do your part. 

I call this whole series, your part and the universe’s  part because so many people are not clear of what is your part and what is the universe’s part. Whatever you say is, is. I teach this whole thing in my spiritual coach school and to my private clients about the drop your money story.

It applies to all your other stories, relationship stories, love stories, work stories, body stories, but so many of us have money stories, your stories are winter getting in the way. We talked yesterday about clearing methods. I took you through Hoʻoponopono which is one of those. 

So here’s another thing I told you, you’re always getting information in one of two ways, data or divinity and you have to clear the data so that you can receive the divinity. Then what do you have to do I told you.

I tell you all the time, you have to take inspired aligned action as soon as it comes in a third dimensional action. This is another place people say it doesn’t work for me. Well did you get it from the fifth dimension and now it’s in the fourth dimension where we’re living in our head in our dreams.

You haven’t pulled it down and anchored it into the third dimension. Another one I talked to you about are you making a clear ask? So many people come to me, “I’m ready to manifest the business, the light, the love, whatever it is”. Then they’re like, “Oh, but I don’t know what I want or how I lived a lot of years”. 

It’ll work but it won’t work like how I live now. That was whatever spirit wants to give me. whatever comes my way. Whatever I’m worthy of is basically what you’re saying. But you know what spirit is neutral. Spirit doesn’t look down and go, Donna. I like her she’s gonna get a lot. 

But Sarah I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m going to give her as much Donna and Sarah. Meet the unified feel the divine intelligence with their vibration and spirit matches. Spirit is a matchmaker, but you’re creating it. You are creating it. Yes, this place where we get stuck in painful memories that keep coming back and coming up. 

Those are old neural net pathways. We have to retrain our body in our brain. We also have to not let our brain not let our mind. I mean not let our mind run the show. It is meant to be a servant. It is meant to be a tool. 

You always have to go first I talked to you about this too. We are promised free will when we come to earth and land in a body. We have to go first because Spirit cannot impede on our free will. So another objection I hear is I’m sitting here I told the Spirit what I want.

I’m waiting but you haven’t created true mean. Here’s another principle that I haven’t told you yet. Spirit, the universe responds to true need. It’s not the universe does not play the when/then game ever. It’s never when you give me everything I need. I’ll step out in and do it? No. You always have to go first.

 Spirit only responds to true need. That’s the way it works. So you can fight it or you can use it. Your superpowers that lead. You are wired and designed to want to heal everyone. We see in need and to use our gifts to heal the planet, to save and rescue.

That can be in an unhealthy way or a healthy way. What you don’t always realize that you’re not meant to struggle. You’re not. It’s not meant to take a toll on you. You’re meant to be provided for. Spirit will provide for you when you step out and you’re doing what you’re here to do what you’re made to do, what you’re meant to do.

You are engaging with this energy that’s here to support you. So being impeccable with your energy. You’ve got to manage your energetic states every day. Get yourself in the cycles of joy and cycles of well-being so that the universe can match you with that. 

Your mind wants to run the show and run all these old stories and that won’t work for you. These painful memories that come up if you allow yourself to stay in them. They’re all kinds of techniques for clearing, healing, and resolving and for becoming the observer stepping out of it.

Becoming the observer, going back and revisiting it so you can clear heal, and resolve it without getting pulled back into it. What the universe and the field respond to is your intention plus your elevated emotion that is energy in motion. 

Remember I told you yesterday the universe does not respond to your words and it does not respond to you coming from a place of lack or scarcity. Begging, pleading feeling not worthy bargaining all of that.

What you can do the best for you.  Then it helps you help everyone else is to be in abundance be in joy, be in well-being, create freedom. As you can hear this takes inner work again. This is available to every single person. Some people would rather get in the place of it doesn’t work for me. 

Everyone else can have it not me I must be doing something wrong. They get into the place of this is a scam. All those people are lying. All of that I personally know and have meant been mentored by many of the people in the secret just letting you know.

 It works and everything they’ve taught me works. When I’ve applied it to my life. So there again I put my money where my mouth is if I’m going to turn my life into an experiment. Then I’m going to teach all of you. I’m going to invest in myself. Go be with those people. Spirit brought a lot of them into my life with opportunities. 

The other thing you are having objections to is the opportunity show up. You make your clear ask. You get rid of the counter intentions. You have your intention, you make your clear ask and then the opportunity starts showing up. 

Remember I told you at first you’re not a match to them, or you would already have them but now you are match probabilities or possibilities. They’re coming your way and you’ve got a clear, heal or resolve. The universe says you can have whatever you are asking for. Here’s what you need to clear heal and resolve to receive it. 

People are either not seeing the opportunities because their beliefs are getting in the way or they see them. They say not now, not for me, that’s unreasonable. That’s illogical. I can’t do that right now. My husband, my children, my money, my job, my time, my health, all of that. 

But I know people who didn’t let any of those things. All of your reasons why you can’t have it are not good ones. They’re just not. I promise you. You have a choice point in every moment. Every single choice you make moves you either toward or away from what you want, and that is your part and your responsibility. 

When you make a choice that moves you away from what you want, own it, recognize it and own it. I also talk to you about it is universal law, that wherever there is a desire away has already been made. That’s a big one a couple of years ago I finally fully surrendered into trusting my desires.

Wherever there is a desire, a way has already been made. Then starting to live my life led by desire because you’re one of two things. You’re using pain as a motivator or you learned to be pleasure motivated and desire led. This is huge. The gap is huge. 

People who use pain as a motivator, which is the majority of people are letting their brain run the show. So they are making decisions only when they get in so much pain. They can no longer stay in that pain. So they create the rug being pulled out from under them. 

They create crisis. They create trauma, drama, distraction, because let me tell you this again, this is not the universe picking on you or being mean or saying you’re unworthy and not valuable. When you are desiring and asking, ask and it is given is universal law. 

The universe has to deliver it to you if they’re sending opportunities and you can’t see them. You can’t hear them or you’re resisting and you’re not taking them. But you keep being in high desire and asking the universe has to deliver.

 Sometimes that looks like the rug being pulled out from under you. You can totally not have that happen. When your pleasure-driven like I am now. I always run in the direction of pleasure. I have learned that actually makes me better for everyone else in my world including my clients and students, as a daughter, as a mother, as a coach, as a grandmother. All of it as a business owner, as a colleague as a friend. Yes. 

Think about where you’re letting yourself stay in pain until it becomes unbearable and that motivates you that serving you in some way. Instead, move towards your pleasure again, being impeccable with your energy means the majority of the time you are in high vibration energy.

You’re catching yourself when you walk will and when you’re letting your countering intensions run the show. When you’re letting your stories, when you’re letting yourself go into those lower energies. I no longer have the luxury of wallowing in low vibrational and negative energies. I can’t. 

It will take me out for days if I would let it which I don’t. Now, I catch it and I get out of it. I use my tools. Now I don’t just shove it back down in my body so that it gets into my tissues . My cells because anything unconscious that you’re not clearing, healing and resolving is actually driving your bus. 

You don’t want that the majority of the planet is in the beta brain, in survival mode, fight or flight running themselves ragged, manifesting, instead of manifesting in the way that comes with ease and grace and quickly. 

They’re just creating as a body fighting against matter. Instead of creating as energy bringing things in deform. They’re two different ways. So I just know that I no longer have the luxury

to operate like this and to hang out.

I got to clean it up and be impeccable with my energy. Another reason I am full time in my business, I have clients and students that no matter what’s going on with me. I have to show up, serve them, hold energy for them and bring my energy to them. 

That’s what they’ve paid me for. That’s what they need. I’m responsible for that. One of the biggest things I teach my clients in Spiritual Coach School and my private clients is how to do this. Because stuffs gonna come up in your life. 

You might have a fight with your husband then you’re like, “we’re gonna have to come back to this. I got to go get on a healing call right now. I got to do a reading. I got to do a coaching session”. You have to learn in the same way. You have to learn how to navigate that in your life or you’ll carry those energies into every area of your life. Then you’re like, Why is every area of my life, not how I want it. 

You can trust your desires, your soul put them there. In fact, this entire journey as you’re learning it. One it’s a way of living and being and two, it’s a trust journey. I talked about this all the time, a trust journey times three. 

Trust yourself, trust spirit and trust the process. It is a process. So I invite you taking all this in/ Remember your mind might want to kick up especially if you’re with me all week.You’re processing. Let things land. As I’m talking to your conscious mind. I’m also working with you energetically as the collective.

Everyone who showed up here and some of this right now has to get beyond your conscious mind. I do this all the time working with my clients and students. It’ll land as you can hear it, see it and as you’re ready for it. I invite you right now to really consider what do you want to create in your life? 

Are you wanting to create a business? A lot of people who come into my world have spiritual gifts and work they want to do in the world. They recognize, they are wired and designed as healers and helpers as healers and helpers.

They they don’t know what to do with it. They don’t know how to do it and their own. Stuff gets in the way. They bought into this whole outdated paradigm that they need to settle to be broke and broken and go without. None of it is true. 

Any of you who know me and you’re in my world busting that myth is my life’s purpose. It is my platform. I will never let you be with that. So this whole experiment for the law of attraction in my life has just gotten bigger and bigger and better. 

Then when I started my business in 2007, I bumped up against it all in another whole new way. That’s why I work with my clients and students intuitively, energetically, and strategically. You need all of that. Those people who think it didn’t work, it doesn’t work, it’s a scam. It does work. 

When you learn it and you live it. It’s not something you just pick up and do right away. If you had never done something it’s like they say that whole couch potato to 5K or couch potato to the marathon. 

If you wanted to be an Olympic athlete or if you wanted to be an athlete at all, or you wanted to be a singer-dancer, just even when you learn to drive a car at first. I always think of this as a great example. 

You’re thinking how fast am I going down to look in the rearview mirror but wait, I have to do my turn signal and which pedal is my foot on. Now I have to look out here ,”oh no someone’s behind me and in a four way stop”. What’s the order? 

Now, most of you just get in the car and you go. Most of the time, this is now running in the background automatically and I only have to catch myself when I get triggered. I don’t get triggered as much. 

There are tools in their clearing processes. I’ve been sharing some of them with you during this series. Remember Facebook Live, Instagram Live. You can also get the full replays there. You can get them all on my podcast if you’d rather listen and watch and that is workingforspiritpodcast.com.

If you want to get in on the series and the bonus live Q&A call after for free and be in the Zoom Room here. You can go to metaphysicalupgrade.com. I’m getting on these calls somewhere I have so much I want to tell you. The energy is really running, getting it all out to you that I get tongue-tied.

 I have to stop and finish what I’m saying. Before I say the next thing. This whole thing about energy management and emotional mastery and being impeccable with your energy strengthening muscles catching the stories, catching the counter into it the counter intentions. You can not afford the luxury of all the yell buts and wallowing and the low energy. Yes, there are all kinds of things you can do to get yourself into high vibration. 

At the same time, you’ve got to be able to stay there and live there and live within the laws. Anybody can do it for a short time. It’s like if you’ve ever gone to a spiritual retreat or a live event . They talk about the energy hangover when you get home because you’ve raised your vibration.

Then you get home and you’ve walked right back into the environment that is an energetic match to the before you. All the people, the pets, the things everything around you everything in your home, everything in your life, everything in your workplace. It pulls you back into that. These are changes that you have to make. You get a lot of wobbles and you’re learning to figure that out. 

I have this great story and it just happened recently. I have trained myself so much to be desired led, pleasure that I rarely get in any kind of pain as a motivator. I’ve had a lot on my plate very positive. A lot, I shared with you on the first day. 

A lot of big manifestations came through. At the same time I have a very big wedding for my daughter that’s coming up in a month, next month, just in a few weeks from now. All of a sudden because of COVID, traveling, and all these issues. I got a big piece of responsibility that’s not in my wheelhouse, that I’m not great at.

I suddenly found myself in this bridal shower. I was so excited. I done my part. I had to take on pieces that I really didn’t know if I would be able to do them well. I got this like I don’t want my daughter to be disappointed. I want everything to go well. 

Then some people who were supposed to attend started falling out. I got wrapped up in I don’t want my daughter to be disappointed. I don’t know if I can make this pretty. That’s not my forte. Every little thing just so in all of that.

 I had a lot of help getting what I needed to get but I just all of a sudden had this worry. I went to bed a few nights before the bridal shower. I was like something’s wrong. Am I getting sick? Something’s wrong. Some felt weird in my body. I couldn’t sleep for hours my mind was like da “da da da da”. Your daughter’s gonna be disappointed and my stomach started hurting “da da da da” it into it’s not gonna go well. 

Oh no, you’re gonna and then my brain was making a whole scenario. I’m going to be standing there. My daughter is going to be upset it just made it this whole thing. That was not true, at this point. So I’m future tripping into things that may not happen and worrying. The next day I was like, I hope I’m not getting sick. What if I get sick for this bridal shower? 

Then I realized it was stress. A lot of people live every single day or a majority of their time, with stress in their body living in their Beta brain letting their mind do that and feeling the physical, mental and emotional consequences of that. I went Wait a minute, but then I was really pleased because I  do not ever live in stress in my body.

 I don’t use stress as a motivator that the minute it was in my body. I’m impeccable with my energy. I was like what is this? This needs to be fixed? This if I had let that run the show. Some of the things I was worrying about would have happened, but I caught it.

I cleared it, I stopped it and I said don’t do this. I got the stress out of my body. I went back to who I am, what I know, what I want and desire and what brings me pleasure, what I’m creating It all went really well. 

But what a reminder of a time when I live with stress in my body. Now imagine a time when that’s so foreign to you that you’re not doing it all the time. Just imagine. I have strengthen those muscles. If you answered to my, What do you want to create? You know what you want to create in your life. You want to create your business. 

I would love the opportunity to speak with you more about that. That is what I do. I help people turn their life’s calling into a profitable business they love, grow and evolve in the process to become the person to get those results. 

I help people with gifts with a calling step into that personally and grow and evolve their business and their life. So my spiritual coach school, I’ve been talking about along with my private clients it is a total metaphysical upgrade, as well as a business school and a coaching academy. It is all of those things in one.

A metaphysical upgrade of personal, spiritual growth and development program, a business school and a coaching academy. I actually teach spiritual coaching and train and certify. If this is something that interests you send me a message, reach out.

You can also go and get all the information about this on bethecontribution.com. Then there’s a button there. You can hit that button and connect with me so we can talk by email messenger or by phone. I’m really excited to show you how I take all these manifestation things that I’m teaching you and help you live them in real life. 

I help private clients and I help you through my spiritual coach school. I really want to share with you bethecontribution.com We still have two more days of these trainings. I’m so excited you all have been showing up and you’re here for this. I want you to stay with it when we get off the call. 

I want you to let it land and absorb it and some of it work its way in your sleep. Just open to it. Again, I want to tell you I mentioned this yesterday, but I want to talk to you a little more about it right now. That is when we are reading future. Anytime we’re reading future, it is the energy you’re in now. 

There are three waves. There’s you, there is a wave of probability, a wave of possibility. A ways where you are not a match yet, so nothing is written in stone. So another objection I’ve been told, this never works for me whatever it is, you have things that are probability match right now.  

 If you will just get in your high vibration, align, go into the unified field do these things I’m telling you, you let space and time collapse. You let them come to you. Instead of you dragging your body through the third dimension trying to make them happen. 

The second way this possibility, it can come to you. You can shift in an instant. You can quantum leap, and you can bring them to you. You can bring them into the probability zone. Then those things that are way out there. Some of you talked about I have a big dream, and it hasn’t happened. It hasn’t come true. Instead of saying it’s not there for me, it can’t happen. 

You can see now it’s just way out there in the field. It’s not a match yet. You’ve got to work to bring it into the possibility field in the probability field. Then bring it to you. But it’s there. You have to do your part and the energy does its part. All of it. 

If that can help you understand, and it can shift in a moment. Because when I’ve truly shifted my energy, I become a new energetic match and my desire gets high. Things can come to me that were eluding me that happened big in my business. 

There was a time in my business. I had never made $50,000 in a year in my business, or in my life at all. It shifted fast and there it was. Then it didn’t take me long to double it and get to 100,000. These are using these principles along with proven strategies. 

It’s both and I bring to the table. Both the strategies and the energetics working with you intuitively energetically and strategically. When you become a match. It comes to you. I have used this in my business a lot to match what I’m putting out in the world to call in those people. 

So this is not something that’s going to take a long time and be hard, but as you can see there’s inner work to be done. People make quantum leaps all the time, where they collapse it they get it they match up and it comes quickly. 

You see this with soulmates and love relationships, it eludes, something clicks their energy shifts, there are no objections, that anything is not for you. If you have a true desire for it, the other place you’ll struggle is if you’re in your head, like I need this. 

I want this desire, because this will solve my problems. This will get me out of lack. This will save and rescue me. This will bring me that money that I need that I don’t have. When you connect with your true desires. 

They will come to you when you trust them and you do these things I’m teaching you this week. The other great thing about this series being recorded everywhere is you can access it. Listen to it over and over again. Each time you will hear something different. 

So what do you want to create? What are your true desires? The more you can learn to trust them? Don’t go just yet because yesterday at the very end, someone who’s in my Zoom Room asked a question. I said that’s a good question and a big question. So I’m going to answer it right now before we finish today. 

This is a super question and it has a couple of layers. She said I have a big dream and that was me years ago. I didn’t even have my own business. I never made $50,000 in a year in my life. I’m like but spirit and I see myself on big stages.

I have books, I’m helping people and I’m healing. I’m intuitive. I think I’m a psychic, a medium, and a healer. I don’t even know what it means and guess what? All of that has come to be and more. So I have a big dream to manifest the big picture or one piece at a time. 

First of all recognize that when you’re going for goals and dreams. You barely can get to 90 days. Then you have energetically changed so much that things change. What spirit is going to orchestrate for you will look different and come in the unknown and the unexpected.

 It will surprise and delight you when you let it. One of my mantras is universe surprise and delight me. It does all the time. So you want to start with the big picture I taught you yesterday. Spend five minutes a day in your vision.


When you’re doing that, what I want you to do is you’re sticking with the essence of it. This is very important. You’re sticking with the essence of it. Whatever parts of the big dream. I’m on a big stage. I’ve written a book I’m helping people I have a center in my community that’s how my dream started. Then this little house fell into my lap. 

You start with the essence, you have a big dream and you revisit the essence. You hold the essence even when you don’t know how and you do not get attached to the house. You follow the desire. 

Then you come down and you focus. What is the next step? Let me let you understand when I started my business it was this big. I’m going to open a little house in my community that’s going to be a healing center and people are going to pay me for that. That felt so big. 

I thought it would take my lifetime to create it. It didn’t. The business I have now I couldn’t have even desired it. I didn’t even know it existed. I didn’t even know that coaching world existed. But you, your soul, and spirit have a plan. 

So you learn to follow the breadcrumbs. You learn to get led by pleasure in your desires. You learn to become impeccable with your energy to manage your energy and master your emotional states of being.

Then you get focused on the one thing because also, if you focus on too many at once, you’ll have trouble bringing them in. A lot of my coaches have had us then focus on one next piece for 90 days because then you hold that energy.

 I’m creating this for the next 90 days you can do 30 days I’ve also manifested with a moon cycle on the new moon. I picked one focus. I hold it until the moon cycle is complete. Because with one focus, you can read the feedback. 

Everything that’s showing up is feedback where you’re aligned, where you’re still creating things you don’t want. So then you focus on one thing. One way you do that is you look for opportunities that are already there, especially the ones that both scare you and excite you at the same time. 

You make it a must because whatever you decide to manifest, remember you’re going to set a time by which you want to have it. But you are also going to hold the energy until you have it. Now along the way you’re going to act you’re going to assess. You’re going to adjust, you’re going to course correct, but you’re going to hold on to it,

Then Spirit opens and opens and opens and breadcrumbs. Sometimes in the middle of a manifestation. It becomes something different and better. So I always say thank you for this, or something better. This or something better. 

I do that when I’m buying a house, a car, anything. Then my mind can’t go, “Oh, you shouldn’t get that one. There could be something better out there”. Because then I know spirit will block this one. Bring me something better and it’s happened over and over again. Again, these are a lot of principles but you make them habits. You replace your toxic and bad habits and patterns with these. 

So the other thing I want to tell you back to this manifesting and holding it. Being impeccable with your energy back again when the secret first came out . I just opened my healing center. All of us were about manifesting. We would hold manifesting circles.

We would sit in those circles and we would get in a high vibration, “it’s coming we know it”. We’re all supporting each other and seeing it for each other. Those things work as tools. But the people who came to those circles the most. 

We’re going right back to their toxic relationships. environments, workplaces, patterns and habits. Then they would say it didn’t work. It didn’t work tomorrow, I’m going to spend three hours manifesting that is not how it works. 

I wish it was because if I could tell you if you’ll just do this for three, seven or 10 hours it’ll work. Everyone would just do it. This is available to everyone. It can come in quick and with ease and grace. But you have to do this and be this and become this so yes, I love that question. 

Start swimming in the essence of what you want. It may just be I want a job. A lot of my clients when they come to me they still have jobs. They want out of the job they’re in but they want a job to fund their dreams. 

So the first thing we do is we manifest a new job. I want a job that pays me more money for working less than I do now. I want a job where I don’t have this commute or I want a job where I work on a team. Since I’m going to go work a job while I fund the dream of my own business. 

I want a job where there are people of like mine that I can hang out with. I want a job where I get to use my creativity. You get to just order it and dream it. A lot of times people will say,  I’ve done this myself. That job wouldn’t even exist. 

Where would I find that job? But that’s not your part. That’s the universe’s part. So you create that essence. Then you say,  when I go home what car am I driving? It’s okay to want a great car. I manifested the car of my dreams in 2020. It raised my vibration. 

It was a really big stretch financially in the moment. COVID was going on. We just made my dream move. But spirit said you can have it right now. Right after I did, it raised me energetically to a point where I made enough money to buy the whole car in a month plus more. So these things work.

When you understand and you you really do it. So the essence so that’s what I was saying, what car am I driving? Where am I living? Who’s around me? What am I doing in my free time? This may seem small, but I realized I had given up reading fiction. I’ve been a writer my whole life. I used to write fiction. I love reading fiction. 

So I gave that back to myself. Guess what it did raise my vibration. Sometimes on a Sunday. I drink tea at my kitchen counter. I love psychological thrillers Then I get into them. I can’t stop because I need to know. Five hours later I’m having the best time I’ve made a bowl of popcorn I’m drinking my tea. That’s not a big thing. 

But everything matters and every thing counts. In all matters in all counts. That’s the thing. You can’t come over here and manifest then live your life. All of those things that bring me joy and start with adding little joys. Then spirit can match joy for joy. So the essence of all of it what you desire I shared with you all on Monday, what seemed improbable and impossible. 

I had a desire to ride in Mardi Gras in New Orleans, in the parade. A few weeks ago it showed up and logically and reasonably. It would not have and there I am doing it. It showed up I said yes to the opportunity. Because it was pure desire and I got in so much high vibration. 

Spirit can bring those desires to me as a match. On Monday and Tuesday, you will hear about a bunch of those things that just came to me because I just worked my way through a big uplevel through a big quantum leap and a big reach. 

When I got into a higher vibration to become the person that could get those results to open my spiritual coach school. I just told you about, what you can find at bethecontribution.com. Go look and then if you want to talk with me, click the button. We can talk by email, by messenger or by phone.

 You can come in. I’ve got so much in my head again. I’m seeing it’s almost time to close here. So that’s what’s all going on at once. Thank you for being here. So I can share all this with you. If you’re watching me on facebook live you can also send me a direct message. If you want to talk with me more about how I can help you, how I help my clients, how I help my students. 

Remember if you want to register for this event free metaphysicalupgradecom. Now to close with that, this is something you can do the question she asked which I love. I think I may be talking about this some tomorrow because I need to close and yet more is coming in this is a good question and a big question. 

Start with I have a big dream. Get in the essence but remember, I couldn’t have even dreamed this dream. In 2015 when I created my dream again, my coach said when you wake up living your dream, it’s time to dream a new dream. 

Right now I’m dreaming a new dream. Some of you all, it’s time to dream a new dream. Don’t let your mind tell you any lies about it’s not for you. It can’t happen now. You can’t do this. You don’t have what you need, whatever it is you can.I’m here to help you. I built a strong community of people learning to live by these principles.

 Learn it and live it and you can be part of that to connect with me. We can talk more about that. If part of what you wanted to create was a business or you’re called to use your gifts in that way. Go to bethecontribution.com. Take a look and then let’s talk. 

We have two more days. Thank you all for being here and staying with me. You give me the energy that I just want to keep going and going and going.I’m going to close for today I had filled your energy bodies with enough for today. 

Let it land, let it percolate, sleep on it. Come back tomorrow to Facebook Live, to Instagram Live, to my Zoom Room through metaphysicalupgrade.com

I can’t wait to continue for two more days. Then for those of you who register at metaphysical upgrade.com to get on with you, in a live coach, answer your questions and take a deep dive into all this and it will be recorded. 

For those of you who are registered. I am going to let you go now. I’m going to start pushing all the buttons to turn all this off. Happy manifesting. Thank you all so much for all the love and for being here, for powerful words. 

Thank you I receive all the thanks and love. I’m sending all of this back to you. Let spirit download it, receive it energetically and then receive it consciously. Remember, the last thing I’m going to leave you with is a choice point in every moment you are manifesting 24/7 either consciously or unconsciously. It’s your choice and when you learn to take the power. The responsibility that comes with it, and consciously create and clear everything that’s unconsciously creating. It is truly magic and your life becomes abundant and free and fulfilling and fall. That’s what I’m here to support and guide you in. Thank you all so much.