Hello everyone, and welcome!

Welcome to day two of the Manifestation Training Series. I’m so excited to see you all here, I’m so glad to see you, all of you that are in here in the Zoom Room with me, all of you that are out there live on Facebook, all my friends, and on Instagram. Today on Instagram, I am not sideways. 

I’m excited to see everyone. Thank you all for being here and being a part of this. I want to start by just talking about a few key principles and things that we talked about yesterday. So we’re all on the same page again, getting going. Then I’ve got some new things to talk to you about today. 

We started yesterday with talking about how manifestation is a way of living, and a way of being. It’s not something you can do and turn on and off, you are always creating 24/7. You’re always either creating consciously or unconsciously. That becomes a choice once you’re aware of it.

Also, the key universal principle that I moving you all toward, which is wherever there is a desire, a way has already been made. Because one of my strongest intentions for this week-long free training series is for you all to realize that your desires are your souls speaking to you. They were placed inside of you when you chose and planned to come here on earth to live this life. You can trust them. 

The conditioning and programming that is built on top of that, because we’re in a body. We have a brain and we have to keep our body alive. You are living multiple experiences, how do we take soul and spirit and put it into a physical body. We came here for this. 

 I want you all to start trusting your desires. The more that I moved to a desire-led life, so much changed for me. Now spirit is able to bring me all the desires of my heart the minute that I align and take inspired action and become a vibrational match to them. 

Spirit remembers what they are and Spirit knows them. Spirit wants to surprise and delight you when you are a match for that. That’s going to lead to the principle I’m talking about today. Because really, it is everything once you get it. 

I talk to you all yesterday about starting to pay attention to whether you have allowed yourself to be pain motivated, versus pleasure motivated. Do you all know, the majority of people spend their life running away from their pain when it gets bad enough? That’s where you hear people. I thought that would have been rock bottom but apparently not. 

Instead of moving towards your pleasure. Again, the more I learned to start moving toward my pleasure, my life no longer has to take me into pain to motivate me into where I need to be going and what I need to be doing. 

If you all are working with manifesting at any level if you’re desiring, if you’re wanting, if you’re needing in any way, you are making an ask to the universe. Asking it is given is universal law. Its spiritual principle found in every sacred text. 

Asking it is given., the minute you make that ask the universe starts delivering. So if you’re having high desire, and you’re making an ask to the universe, remember I told you yesterday. The universe says ” yes you can have everything you’re asking, for everything you want need. It’s on its way. Here it comes”. 

Here is what needs to be cleared, healed, and resolved for you to have it. That’s where people get tripped up. Because it shows up first a lot of the time, and people misunderstand it. They misread it. The opportunities are coming. When you’re not yet a vibrational match to them, you’re not yet that energy and frequency. I told you, they’re going to feel uncomfortable, inconvenient, illogical, unreasonable. You’re going to want to put them off for later.

But the moment the opportunity shows up, you are aligned with it. That’s the fastest and easiest path. So I have also learned to take action, as soon as the opportunity shows up. They’re not always comfortable. They’re not always convenient. 

In fact, the ones that scare you and excite you all at the same time, are the ones you absolutely must do. I want you to get this, it’s a different way of living, in being. Those of you who are playing out the programs of safety and security, are going to have a bumpy road until you get beyond that. 

You keep coming up to the wall or whatever, your fears, your programming, your conditioning, your limiting beliefs that you go up must not be the right time. Oh, I think I’ll do this later. Then you rationalize every reason and excuse, but you’ve already made the Ask. It is on your way it’s on its way to you. 

Spirit starts sending opportunities. You’re like, ” Oh, that’s a little uncomfortable. Oh, my calendar, that’s pretty inconvenient. Oh, that would be expensive”. These are all the things we end up doing, instead of stepping in. So you turn away from the wall. 

When you leave, and you say back another time, then you’re getting tapped on the shoulder again. You’re getting nudged,  you’re gonna whisper to and you go back in that wall is still there. Because until you walk through that wall, it will be there waiting for you every single time. 

But the minute you bust through that wall, and then you turn around, it’s gone. It was an illusion, and it’s gone. Your soul put these desires into you. You can trust them what is waiting for you a life of spiritual freedom. 

I talked yesterday about financial freedom, it is very important to me. But what is my highest core value is I came here to have a spiritual journey and a human body and to have the spiritual journey of my dreams while I’m living this life and money, not making my decisions.

I had a mentor who so greatly told me some years ago. It changed something in my brain which changed my life, the way I thought, the way I did things, the way I showed up in the world. He said “financial freedom is not having a certain amount of money in the bank and a certain amount of money in a savings account”. It’s not about having enough of whatever you want to need. Financial freedom is learning how to create all the money you want and need when you want and need it, very different thing. 

Money is energy and it is a renewable resource. I talked to you yesterday and you all will be able to listen to that. I have it out there all over where I talk to you, about you came into this lifetime. You were programmed and conditioned either into not enough, just enough for more than enough. 

So that’s another thing for you to really look at and see what you’re playing out. The main other thing that I really want to get across for you is my strongest intention for this week, because my audience is full of all the helpers and healers, in whatever form that is the spirit workers as I call them.

 I am truly a coach for spirit workers. You all spend a lot of time and energy because of the way we are wired and designed to help you and other people, even at your own expense. But this superpower you came here for, it’s for you.

 It’s for your life and if you use it for you, first you can see serve people so greatly. That has been my experience. I’ve spent years why can’t I help people? What’s wrong with me? Why am I struggling? Why doesn’t anybody want what I have? Why won’t people let me help them? Because I hadn’t helped myself. Then I’ll take it even further. I said, “you don’t have to go there with me yet”. Your superpower is for you the most. 

All these things I’m going to talk to you today are the processes, the ways I go about this, how it looks, some of the practical applications along with the spiritual principles underlying. This freeze up energy. You need a lot of creative energy to do the big things you all want to do in the world, and that you’re called to do in the world. Those of you who show up in my world and tell me this, you need and want to get yourself into your own joy cycle, and cycle of well being. 

Then the people come, the money comes, the resources come and you’re living this great life. You’re not just manifesting money, clients, job, groceries, your car fixed, all the things you want. The universe first starts meeting, matching your joy and your well being and bringing you I shared with you yesterday.

 All of these big things last year, I went through a really big up level. It was every one of those unreasonable, inconvenient, uncomfortable, it felt expensive. But once I said yes, the universe provided. On the other side of it, I got in this cycle, where now I am manifesting just all these amazing, fun, joyful things that have been rockets of desire that I set out there. Then I let go of them.

Today’s key principle, as you’re letting all this land, today’s key principle is, whatever you say is, is. Whatever you say is, is. Your stories have power, your intentions plus your elevated emotions go out in the universe, the universe does not listen to your words all day long. “Please, please, why aren’t you answering me? Please, I really need this. Bring this to me, please. What can I do”? 

Bargaining in all of those things begging, you’re not a beggar get up off your knees, you’re not a beggar. You’re a co-creator with spirit, with the universe. The universe responds to your vibration. I want you to get this not your words, we use our words to create the vibration, which goes out into the universe. 

So we have a clear ask, everything starts with a clear ask those of you who allow yourself to stay in confusion. It is a coping mechanism. It’s a survival mechanism. But it also keeps you stuck and disconnected from what you want and need. So you start there. “I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know”. You don’t have to know it all. 

You start with one clear ask. Then you have to make a decision. That decision has not been made until a third dimensional action has been taking. This could be you. Everything I talk to you all about. I’ve lived it. I’ve done it, all of it. That’s why I can talk to you about it. 

I work with hundreds of clients all the time I see this play out. “Okay, I made the decision”You’re up here in the fourth dimension. So the fifth dimension inspired you. You’re feeling like “I’m supposed to be big. I’m supposed to help people. I’m on stages. I’m writing my book. No, I hear this every day. It’s real. I’m supposed to be traveling the world. I’m supposed to have the love of my life”.  Up in the fifth dimension that is your potentiality then it comes into the fourth dimension, which is where we live with our dreams in our head. 

People say “I made a decision. Okay, spirit, I made the decision. Where is it? Why isn’t it here”? Because you haven’t grounded it into the third dimension. One of my mentors, we’re going to talk about Ho‘oponopono today for those of you that love that I’m going to shed some new light on it. One of my mentors is Dr. Joe Vitale, who showed me and introduced me to Ho‘oponopono.

 I went on to do advanced Ho‘oponopono with him. It has been a big change in my life. It’s one of the tools that I am introducing you all to this week that I use with my clients in my spiritual coach school and with my private clients. It’s key in my business and my life. 

Joe Vitale, he manifest so much. He always has all that he wants and needs, because he fully shows up. I’m going to tell you Ho‘oponopono clears the way for that, because he uses it every day. The other piece of this is he told me, I thought, I’m a good action taker, I take aligned, intentional, inspired action all the time. 

But when he showed me the minute, he gets an inspiration from spirit, he makes a decision. Then he brings a third dimensional real world action into it. He has written over 80 books, he has over 12 music albums. He is prolific with all of this coaching programs, private clients, movie deals. He travels the world and gets on big stages. He can do all that.

You think how does he have the energy to put out even that many books, because the minute it comes in as inspiration, he takes an aligned action that brings it into the third dimension. Then your way is opened up the easiest, because you’re creating from the field and you collapse time and space. Let it come to you. 

But it includes those opportunities that you have to see and you have to say yes to. Some years back, I declared I would have a year of Yes. I always have to go first with y’all before. I’m going to tell you to do any of these things. 

I declared a whole year of yes that I would say yes to every opportunity that showed up no matter what, to prove that this is real. I was in a real stuck place in my life and in my business. During my year of Yes, not only did I get on a big stage for the first time. In Las Vegas in front of 1000 people, I published my first booI.

I went on a trip to Africa, to teach women entrepreneurs over there how to make money the women who sell in the market. That was an amazing trip, I moved to the resort town of my dreams, my husband attracted the job of his dreams that he was seeking. 

All of these things happened. I said yes to every opportunity. I doubled my income in less than a year. All of those things came in. You can’t make this stuff up. I have some friends that love my “You can’t make this shit up stories”. Because when you get in the flow and you start manifesting as a lifestyle as a way of living as a way of being you can’t make this shit up. It happens. It works. 

Go over to my Facebook page. I just posted a story for you. It’s a video I made in live in real time you’ll see it. It’s about me and Dr. Joe Vitale, it’s a manifestation story. It’s one of my favorites. It’s in my book, it still brings tears to my eyes. 

He wrote the foreword for my second book. I have a whole chapter about a manifestation story that is mind blowing -My book from calling to cash.  Go over to my Facebook and watch it. 

So back to this, whatever you say is is you make your clear ask. The Universe says Ask and it is given. It starts coming towards you. Everything that will prevent you from receiving what is already yours, comes up to be cleared, healed and resolved which actually means great news. 

That means I’m so close to everything I want do not let it derail you. It is just feedback,. It will go away as the illusion. It is when you deal with it. Because all you’re doing when you get rid of it, it’s going back in the basement and it’s driving your bus. 

When you clean out the basement. It goes away. You break those neutral net pathways. It doesn’t come back but you have to do the work, the inner work. People want to manifest. They want the life of their dreams. Maybe the business or the job of their dreams, the love of their dreams, all of these things.

I have created them over the past 15 years, especially by applying these things. But if it were totally easy. Everyone would have it and do it. It’s actually a big part of why we came here. We came here, we agreed to come into these bodies of matter and see if we could still be the magicians we are.

Move things and create things in the field that are not matter. Turn them into matter. We came here to be alchemists. You want to start creating, catching all these stories. The minute the universe is bringing you what you’ve asked for. Then you start telling stories. 

The universe’s like, “Oh, I thought we were doing this. But if that’s the story now”. People tell stories, and hold what they have asked for what they desire. They are dreaming about and hold it away. Then they wonder where it is and why it didn’t work. That is why.

 I have this whole course I teach my spiritual coach school. My clients called Drop your money story, because it’s one of the most powerful ones. We have money stories. You have intentions which create and counter intentions which informed the universe what is. You have both.

In that way, we either create what we want, or we create what we don’t want or a combination of both. 

Now I’m going to bring you to Ho‘oponopono. Some of you may have heard of it, you know what it is to some degree. There are layers and layers and layers. There are four phrases that you say as a prayer and they work. Even if you don’t fully understand what you’re doing when you do it with energy and intention. 

Everything is energy and intention. The four phrases are “I love you. I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you”. I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. What they do is they clear away what we call the data. 

Always you are receiving information in one of two ways, data or divinity. The more you can clear the data, which is your programming and conditioning, from birth from before birth from in utero, from past lives from your soul, whatever areas of that you believe in, and however you talk about that. 

The data, your brain brings up programs, no people in our family don’t ever have that. That never works out. Remember the last time you tried that? Remember when Uncle Jack tried that? “Oh, no. He said, nobody ever do that”. People out in the world, you can’t make money selling your spiritual gifts. healers are supposed to be broke, you’re not supposed to charge all of those things. That’s data. 

This is what I said that Dr. Joe taught me and that he uses to serve in the world at the level that he does. The more you clear the data with Ho‘oponopono with Access Consciousnes, with Akashic Record work, with any kind of healing energy and all of that, that you do. 

You open the way for divinity to come in. When divinity comes in as inspired action, you want to take as divinity comes in as inspiration. You want to take inspired action. The faster you take it, the more away has been made. It doesn’t mean if you hesitate, you’ll never get it. 

But I have caught people, even one of my closest friends who’s also a coach, a colleague. I caught her when the inspiration comes in. She pulls out her notebook and she adds it to her notebook. She’s gonna get back to it.

Guess what she may or may not at all. It’s not aligned like it is in this moment.When you take the first aligned inspired action, the door opens and more of them come. Then you follow the breadcrumbs.

Follow the breadcrumbs. Before you know it, it’s spinning your head and how fast and easy it came to you. Everything, yes including money. So Ho‘oponopono is a very powerful tool that if you don’t already know, you can start using it. If you do know it, see ready to go deeper into it.

I’m going to give you a few more other pieces of what you’re doing. So data or divinity, one of the two is informing you. Data is just your brain pulling up old programs. Your mind will lie to you. I was talking to you yesterday about your mind is meant to be a tool, a servant. 

I love Sonia Choquette  told me years ago, your mind is meant to be your pet. I love the way she said it, even in her accent. Einstein talks about this, but in our society, world and culture, we have flipped it where we let the mind be the master and we’re the servant to it. 

Your mind lies, your mind is a computer that’s been programmed. There’s so much about this, you all want to start learning. Again, if you’re working with me in any capacity, I’m going into all of this.

Energy, mindset, brain rewiring, retraining, and strategies. Yes, I teach you to build and grow your spiritual business. Yet you have to become the person that can get those results. I work on all of that. So back to this Ho‘oponopono. It’s just one clearing method. But it’s one of my go twos, clearing away the data, and opening the way for divinity. But then not just writing it in a notebook or sitting there, or that’s great. I’m going to do it later. 

Do you know how many people come to me? They say, I’ve been getting this message for years? Yes, because it is yours. It’s yours to create. You can create it. I know I just add on my first book for years until I use these principles. I had to drink my own medicine. Remember who I am and what helps me. 

Then I wrote two books. You make a clear ask. Let’s go back to that. You have an intention. You make a direct, specific clear ask. Then do not jump in and say if you think it’s okay, if I can have it, maybe I can’t have it right now. Do I really want it? Maybe that’s too selfish, greedy, unreasonable, or unrealistic. 

If you spend your whole life trying to be reasonable and realistic, you will never have these things. They come to you unexpected because of this, right in this moment. Every moment backwards and forwards. As long as you’re hearing a body on Earth. 

Everything and every person in your life is an energetic match to you, or they could not be here. Everything that comes into your life. everyone that comes into your life is an energetic match to you, or they could not come. 

I teach my clients and students how to use this in the positive to attract more quickly money and clients but it works for anything. I use it in my life. If it shows up for me, it’s for me. 

In the same way these new things you want. There’s gonna be a little bit of you having to get uncomfortable to become a vibrational match to receive them. Here’s the other key. Taking inspired and aligned action is not creating what you want and need. It is how you receive what you want and need. That is all ready there for you. 

You make this clear ask you have an intention and universal principle. You’ve got to know this one, leave the house to the universe. You tell the universe what you want. I posted a meme this morning, that’s Jim Carrey. Last time I posted it, it got shared hundreds of times and it got loved in like hundreds of times so I put it back up. 

He does a lot of manifesting if you read his stories, working and living by these principles. Jim Carrey, he said in this meme, basically, he’s figured out that you let the universe know what you want. Then you set about working on getting it. You detach from how it’s going to come to you. 

Leave the house to the universe. It will come to you in ways you could not even orchestrate. So then, you set about taking aligned and inspired action and following the breadcrumbs. When the opportunities show up, you say yes to them. 

You say yes. You do the inner work on your programming and your conditioning. Spirit never says no. Anybody who says the angels said no spirit said, No. That’s against universal law. 

I really want you all to get this. Spirit is always about more life looking nature, nature, mirrors to us spirit, the creator, the divine and life. No acorn, no nuts, no seed, no flour, no plant, no animal ever decides at any point to stop growing to their full potential, as long as they are here. We do. 

But we don’t have to any more. I am all about growing to my full potential. Guess what? It brings me the greatest rewards. The last thing I asked you all yesterday was how good are you willing to let it get. I talk to you all about it, you’ll see it on the replay. 

How good are you willing to let it get? Because it will get really, really good. That’s when I’ve even had to catch myself. Thankfully, I always have a coach. That’s why you need a coach who catches me when I start having any of this, “I’m too big, I have too much I better settle down, I better stop”. 

Those people over there don’t have enough. Those people are hurting, I can help them more in my fullest potential. But we do these things to ourselves. 

Remember what I told you yesterday, you having less will never cause anyone else to have more. You always have to go first. Here’s another key piece when we’re really looking at how do you take manifesting. Explain the process and the principles so that you can actually apply it to your life in your business in a practical way. 

You always go first. I talked about this a lot yesterday. Spirit cannot impede on your freewill that is promised to us. Spirit cannot impress anything upon you until you make the decision. First you ask. And then you make the decision to receive it and you’re making the decision. Remember, a decision has not been made until a real world.

 I’ve so much I want to tell you now I’m getting tongue tied. This part lights me up because you’ve got to get it but I’m going to slow down. A decision has not been made until a third dimensional real world action has been taken. 

You always have to go first. Tthen spirit rushes in to meet you. You set an intention. You make a clear ask. Opportunity shows up you say yes you step in, you take the first action you go first because Spirit cannot impede on your free will. 

These principles I’m sharing with you are the foundation for building your business and your life. Now I’m going to share with you my M.O.V.E formula. How to move forward in any area of your life and this relates to the manifesting. This is so key. 

I’ve used it for years now. I teach it to my clients and students privately in my spiritual coach school, in my 888 a mastermind. MOVE, you can remember this. M make a decision. Nothing happens until you make a decision. 

Now the next part is non negotiable. O- Own it. Support yourself 100% A lot of people stumble, fall and derail themselves right away. I made the decision. They take one foot in and then they go, Wait a minute and they start second guessing and self doubting. Wait a minute, then they start telling the stories.

 You’ll see what’s happening there. Then the universe says, Okay, wait, we got to regroup by thought you wanted this. It’s on its way. Now you’ve created stories and whatever you say is is. So here you go. So make a decision. 

Own it. 100%.  In the beginning, sometimes this looks like 24 hours at a time. You have to stay in it. This happens with my clients, students and myself. I’m gonna rollout this right program. I’m inspired to roll out. I have eight seats open, and here’s the price. I roll it out, then I have to hold the energy till the last moment. 

When everyone’s in the doors are shut. We’re on our way, but we fall in and out. I used to do it a lot. Now I have to catch myself “What! Only one person signed up”. We read the evidence.

That’s not real and true yet. Then we make it real and true. Then the universe has to make it real and true for you. Because what, whatever you say is, is.

So we have to own it and hold it the whole time. Bob Proctor, I put a quote up, you know, he passed away this past week. He was a mentor, one of my mentors. Amazing.I just had the privilege of going through his five-day training. 

 I’m so glad because that was one of the last times I got to see him in livee. I got a lot from it. Now others will go on to teach his stuff, but to get it from him. He wrote a quote and out of all the quotes, this is one that I posted the other day to just honor his passing and his memory.

That was “absence of evidence is not evidence of absence”. Really let that land, really do that. Bob Proctor, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. Do not take yourself out of the game, make a decision, own it 100%.

 Hold the energy do not start telling stories do not one foot in one foot out. second guess and self doubt. You got to learn to hold i when you’re learning how to build and grow your business like I’m teaching my people. 

This is something you have to learn when you’re launching programs, and products and classes. It works in every area of your business in your life. You all want to strengthen those muscles.

 You all have self talk, sometimes you don’t even realize it’s going on. It’s your mother in your ear. It’s your grandmother in your ear. It’s your family, it’s your own self. It’s beliefs you made up before the age of seven and made them what it in and they are not. 

Because I’m no different than any of you. I just stopped living a toxic unfulfilling out of my purpose broke, broken, challenging and painful life. I will never ever go back to that. So now we have the M and the O- make a decision, own it 100%.

 This again, you see it takes work. Energy management and emotional mastery are huge, huge in this. Again, I didn’t say there wouldn’t be work. But when you do your part, and the universe does their part, you can’t believe the results. 

It does get easier. It’s like if you were training as an Olympic athlete or training for a marathon, or training to be a chef or training for a new job or learning to drive a car. At first, it was like what do I doing? I have to look here, but then it’s my foot, which pedals my foot on. I have to Then I have to do this. Then now you’re driving and you’re making your grocery list or you’re talking to spirit. 

You don’t think about those things that will happen. I don’t have to think about this all the time. I don’t even have to think about Ho‘oponopono all the time. All of a sudden I’m like “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you”. 

Dr. Joe Vitale says he says it in his sleep as he falls asleep. Instead of falling asleep with worry in the beta brain, then what do you think you’re going to create.

The V-Visualize it. Here’s a tool for you, spend five minutes every day sitting with the vision of what you want, need. Here’s the key. Again Dr. Joe taught me it was called nevelizing. I was able to show my daughter because it came up she said “people are all of a sudden talking about nevelizing all of her Tiktok”. Have you ever heard of it? Then I got to impress her. “Of course, I am. I use nevelizing, my mentor Dr. Joe Vitale taught it to me”. 

Basically what it is, is you got to experience. I’m going to give you an example I talked about yesterday. It’s always been my dream to ride in the Mardi Gras parade on a big float. I love parades. I thought Mardi Gras that would be amazing and incredible. So first I checked, what does it take? 

Well, if you live in New Orleans, or at least part of the time, you pay a lot of money to join the society. It costs several $1,000 to be part of Mardi Gras, one of my friends who did it, she waited on a waiting list for quite a few years just to get a space on the float, and on and on and on. 

I said well, that’s not I’m not going to do that right now. If that opportunity comes up, I’ll open to it. But remember, I’m leaving the house to the universe. So I also didn’t say, Well, I can’t do that. There goes my dream I just said it’s my dream.  I’m riding in the Mardi Gras parade  on one of the biggest crew floats.

 I got put in as a sub in the last minute. The woman I’m subbing for already paid all the money, so she doesn’t want me to even do that. I’m riding on it. So let me tell you how I nevelized it. It means I saw myself. I didn’t know what costume I’d be wearing. 

But I saw myself in a costume up on a float. There were lights. I could smell the streets of New Orleans. I could smell the food. I could hear the people. I could see beads flying through the air and glitter shoes. I could see people around me and my best friend. 

We’re riding on the parade. I can hear the shouts. I can see my husband in the crowd and anyone else I know. Then I am seeing downtown New Orleans at the French Quarter. 

I have gone through New Orleans enough times. I think down there. I saw it all. I felt it. I smelled. I heard it. I tasted the King Cake. Then I’m going to eat in every flavor, imaginable.

Every day, it just  got bigger to where I did’nt have to sit down and say I’m doing the 5 minutes. It just was popping in and then I got a message “can you call me right away” because the reason it was in my head is I’m going to Mardi Gras this year. So it was in my head but I kept thinking “I am seeing myself on that float, not in the audience watching the float”

Nevelized it that you’re visualizing. You sit 5 minutes every day. Eventually,  it’ll be all around you. You won’t even have to say “I’m sitting five minutes, what is my vision? What’s coming in”? So Make a decision, Own it 100%, Visualize it. 

When you’re driving in the car, you can be like, “Oh my gosh, I am on that float riding in the parade”.. The other one was I told y’all yesterday, I kept seeing myself. I’m living in Lily Dale. I’m a resident in  Lily Dale. I’m in one of these cottages and all of that. Then boom, it is something that’s supposed to take a year and then 90 days. It didn’t even take four months.

 You all can watch the replay because there’s so much here and I want to finish my move formula. Stay with me before we finished today.

Make a decision, own it 100%, visualize it and then E stands for Execute. Now you take aligned inspired action. You have to catch yourself this is where you have to take honest inventory because sometimes the opportunity comes and you’re acting like you don’t see it there.

Remember I can call myself out on all this. “Yeah, but Michelle Come on. That one’s just too expensive. You don’t understand I don’t have the money. My tire just pop. We just started this”. Whatever it is. Or you see it you’re like maybe that’s not it. Give me a sign spirit. 

Well, wait, I want another sign. Wait, I want to let me have another sign. I’ll make a decision at the end of the week. Y’all know? You do summer all of those and don’t. Stop it. Make a decision. Own it 100%.  Visualize it and then execute it. That is my M.O.V.E formula.

 I want to tell you all about I’m so excited you’ve been here with me Today. We’re only on day two, you can get the replay. I’m putting all of them up on my podcast. So if you’d like to listen as a podcast, instead, you can go to workingforspirit podcast.com. These will all be there, they’re on Facebook Live. If you’re in the Zoom Room with me, and you registered at metaphysical upgrade.com, you’re going to get all of these you get to sit in the Zoom Room with me

I get to see all your faces. Thank you all for being here. I get to see your names, and all of that, You get all the replays. Then when this series is done, you get to come to a live q&a call with me where I’m going to interact and coach you, answer all your questions that this series has brought up. So metaphysicalupgrade.com and workingforspiritpodcast.com. 

This is only day three, day two, day three is tomorrow. See, I was already jumping ahead like what am I going to give them on day three. So come back, same time, 11 am Central Standard Time, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. Thank you all so much for being here.

 I will see you tomorrow.