Find Your Freedom Series Episode Six: A Client Story, This Is How It Works, and I Count On It!

Hello, this is Michelle Barr. Welcome to my community and my Working for Spirit podcast. Right now, I am bringing you a series of episodes from my summer series Find your freedom and here is another episode. 

I want to share with you today a client’s story. When I write about it, and when I talk about it, I say this is how it works and I count on it. I had a new client, and my new client was asking the universe for guidance. She kept feeling the nudging and she knew a better, more purposeful life was calling to her. She went to a psychic and she had a reading. There it was clearly laid out before her the life she was living now, that was a less than life. She didn’t like it. 

I’ve been there more than once. She set a powerful intention right then, she used the information being shown to her to shift that energy and change her life. Things began to happen. I talked a lot to you about the power of intention, and how energy follows intention. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. I didn’t know any of this at the time. What I did know is that she began to be on my mind. Then I received a free ticket to an event I was attending in her city, and I offered it to her. 

At first I thought Oh! Surely she can’t attend. I mean, after all, this is during the week and she worked full time. But I followed my inspiration and I invited her and it turns out she has just resigned from her job and she was available to go. I get inspired and I follow my inspiration. It always paid off. My mind tries to get in the way. 

I have learned to have to move my mind out of the way and not let it interfere and make up stories. The event was life changing for her and she began to connect the dots. She hired me as her coach, made a decision to take a scary leap into a private coaching program, something she had never done before and wasn’t even really aware of as an opportunity or a possibility. 

We got started soon after the event was over and the universe continued to provide. She has a cousin who contacted her when he found out what she was doing. He let her know he builds websites and helps with branding and he was available to help her. He had some time to do it. She connected with a teacher at the event and made another decision to study Tarot reading, and people began to show up asking for services. Now she’s already on her way. 

She’s learning to respond to opportunities to say yes, to step in, to follow the breadcrumbs. Less than 60 days later, she was creating a life she loved and wanted to live, a life that would support and sustain her much more than the energy draining job. She had decided to leave. You see my opportunity that I was inspired to offer her showed up after she made the decision through her own spirit nudging and her own whisperings and her own calling to leave that job.

Then the people, the places, the things and the opportunities started showing up. She launched her new website, started offering her services and started working on a very important book. She had been inspired to write for a long time.

Her book came out before the year ended. She moved forward with it. Everything came together. It’s a children’s book. So it involved illustrations and she finally decided to finish it. Suddenly it wasn’t so hard. When you’re sitting and trying to figure out where’s the time and the energy and the money and the resources, going to come from but you’re not taking the aligned inspired action you’re not even creating true need. 

So it will appear of course the universe is not responding and showing up because you always have to take the first step. Here’s another great example of that. Then we came to a session together which was really powerful. 

I told her your guides are telling me to ask you what the star tarot card means to you, that there’s a message there for you and that is when she told me about the psychic reading she had. She said that in that reading, the star card was inverted meaning it was giving her the opposite of the cards true meaning all I knew was Spirit when I tuned in her guides were telling me to ask her what the star Tarot card means to her. I didn’t know any of this. 

This is me being willing to be the messenger and bring messages even when I have no idea what they need. Not getting stuck in my mind or my ego. The star represents for her, your time to shine, feeling good, feeling nurtured and being able to nurture others reaching your goal. When she was living the reverse of that she was feeling fear, overwhelmed and full of doubt. But she made a decision to do differently, to be differently. 

Now she is receiving the promise of desires fulfilled. It is her time to shine. She was the integral part of it. She had a choice point in every moment. Her choices and her decisions allowed the universe to come in the universe cannot ever impede on our free will. This is how it works. I count on it. Pay attention to your desires. Make a decision. Start taking action. Watch for opportunities, follow the breadcrumbs. 

Receive your good, don’t stop. Positive expectation comes into play here. Don’t stop no matter what. Once you decide and you start moving forward. Don’t start making up stories about the evidence that is showing up or not showing up. These are all places people get stuck and stop.

It’s really key here about making the decision and you getting into action inspired aligned action not just doing, doing, doing not just busy, busy busy. Action is a key part of the law of attraction. It is not how you create what you want, need and desire. Action is how you receive what you want, need and desire that is already there for you. But Spirit can’t impede on your free will. 

You notice number one I said Pay attention to your desires. I will tell you over and over again. Clients will come to me and they got in such a mess in their own mind or their own feelings or created chaos in their lives or they got stuck, frozen, paralyzed because they stopped trusting their desires because they have the desire but then they don’t know how to make it work. I always go back to my clients desires because they come in as a vision. But they can be confusing. You don’t know how to do it. You don’t see how it’s possible. You don’t have the pieces, you don’t have the resources. You don’t have the support, all those things, whatever it is, but I always go back to my client’s desire and I say tell me how you saw it, heard it,felt it, know it. Tell me your desires. 

Then I come in and help you with the strategies and the insight that you need to move forward. I always trust your desires and that’s where I go back and start. Your desire to come in and help you with the strategies and the insights that you need to move forward. 

I always trust your desires and that’s where I go back and start your desires and you attempting to act on them also brings into play, how you start creating some of what you want and some of what you don’t want. When you understand and know how to be in the process. 

Trust the process. Trust yourself and trust Spirit, it all starts working in your favor just like it did for her. Some of these dreams had been in her head a long time, and she had stories and she had confusion and all these things. I could never do that. How can I do that? 

How can I do that right now? That’ll cost a lot of money. I don’t have the support. Maybe later, things keep getting in the way. I have to get a paycheck. Yet once she took the actions and made the decisions in those choice point moments it turned very fast. 

 I want to urge and encourage you to go back to your desires to revisit them, to tap into them, and learn to trust them because the more you spend time with me, listen to me, watch me, work with me. I will tell you to move forward to living a desire-led life. 

 Just like with this client, I love being able to work with my clients intuitively ,energetically, and strategically, all at the same time. That’s powerful when you’re working on all of it because it’s all energy and it all counts and it all matters. It is what has made working with her so powerful and amazing. 

We work with her gifts and her guidance, we work with the energy and then we create strategies to bring her vision into physical form. So she can make money while making a difference. So she can live a purposeful life. She turned it around, the star, upright, fresh, Hope and renewal, healing of old wounds, renewal of faith and hope, spiritual love, a mental and physical broadening of horizons, promise and fulfillment, inspiration, influence over others, vigor and competence, protection, ill-dignified or reversed, self doubt, stubbornness, unwillingness or inability to adapt to changing circumstances and accept the opportunities that may bring, lack of trust and self doubt, obstacles to happiness, diminished life, inability to freely express oneself, rigidity of mind. She turned it around. You can too.

When you look at this, this tarot card, the star and the message and how it played out in her life. The upright and the reversed and now she was living the reverse, but the upright was available to her the whole time. This is the law of polarity which says “if you have a problem, the solution already exists”. So the law of polarity in nature, you will never find just half of something. 

So both sides are always available to you and in most things you’re living on a continuum with victim to creator,  unconscious creating the conscious creating, living the upright star, living the reverse dignified star, you’re living on this continuum.

When you hit that tipping point, you flip the script. It’s all there for you the whole time. This is the law of polarity, whatever you’re living, you can live the reverse of that. I loved watching this play out because Spirit brought in for us the star card, the tarot card, and she wanted to be a tarot card reader so it had a lot of meaning for her. This is the way it works, and I tap on it. 

Pay attention to your desires. Make a decision. Start taking action. Watch for opportunities. Follow the breadcrumbs, receive your good, don’t stop, the messages, the synchronicities of these signs are all around you all the time. 

The feedback from the universe is there once you learn how to perceive it, and interpret it. Really let this land. I’m so glad you’re here listening today. Make sure that we are connected on Facebook @facebook.com/michellebbarr. 

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 I will talk to you again soon. I’m so glad to have you as a part of my community. Thank you so much.