Find Your Freedom Series Episode Nine: This Is What I Have, and I’m Here Now

Hello, this is Michelle Barr and I am welcoming you to my Find your Freedom series. Another episode of my podcast. Today’s podcast episode is, This is what I have and I’m here now. Are you going show up for this? 

I love this topic. I have talked about this many times in many places I’ve read about it. I am so excited to dive into this with you. This is something that has been coming back up for me recently. Now here it is next in line to talk about on my podcast, you can find the entire Find your Freedom series on my workingforspiritpodcast.com. Make sure we’re connected on Facebook facebook.com/michellebbarr. My page is public so you don’t even need to be friends with me. 

You can see everything. I show up every day with free resources, talking about all these things, connecting with my clients, my students and my community. So welcome, magnificent community. I am so blessed and excited to have you here today. This is what I have and I’m here now. Are you going to show up for them?

I’m learning from stories, analogies and parables. And in fact, I ended up teaching a lot and coaching my clients as well using stories, analogies and parable. I really thrive when I plug into people who are where I want to be, have what I want to have and are doing what I want to do and I’m able to share their journey and hear their stories and apply them to my own life. Because of this I also offer my life as an experiment and a lesson for others and that means for you. 

Over the years I have heard the story of the feeding of the masses. Many times it’s a staple of Sunday school and Vacation Bible School and can always be counted on to create a powerful sermon. It’s a story of a miracle and who doesn’t love a story of a miracle, right? Hollywood depends on it. Now stay with me because this does get a little biblical.

Usually in this story, the focus is in Jesus took five loaves and two fish. I love to fish and he said the masses he made enough out of not enough. Okay. But what happens before that? Do you know how you can hear or see or experience something more than once? You will find the nuggets when you need them. When you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear, you know when you watch a movie again or read a book or listen to an audio and you hear or see something different, something that you didn’t know was there before. That is how it is for me often and when I first started talking about this aspect of this story and this parable, I was really looking when this little story came my way and I had the eyes to see and ears to hear something very different. 

It came in the way of this very simple story and the impact has been huge. Suddenly, I was thinking about the boy. I want to focus on the boy, this boy who probably was brought along to this exact place on this day, maybe by others of his own accord. He might have known, he was going to see something exciting, something special. But was he able to glimpse even a little what an integral role he would play in this event. The boy was there when someone noticed that the people were tired and hungry. 

The boy was a part of the crowd that was calling for someone to provide for them. Everyone was looking around. Who will bring food for us all? The logical answers would be to look to the leaders of the community, the organizers of the event or the wealthy townspeople who might donate something to those in need. 

The boy was standing there with five loaves and two fish looking out upon this great crowd. He had to know there wasn’t enough and yet no one else was stepping forward to offer a solution. Then he showed up. This is what I have and I’m here now. He did not let, who am I? What do I have to offer? I don’t have enough, or I’m not ready, stand in his way. He showed up. How many times in our lives do we say I’m not ready yet? When an opportunity presents itself, how often do we think I don’t have enough to make a difference. 

Many of us have heard the quote attributed to both Nelson Mandela and Marianne Williamson, which asks, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous and then who are you not to be? 

The Universe supports action. Every moment counts. Every moment there’s a choice point. The integral piece of your life and every moment is you. You are the force behind what happens in your life. Don’t let things just happen to you. Don’t look around seeing a need and waiting for someone else. Someone better or more qualified to step up. You step up, you step out and the universe steps in to meet you. 

We can’t know the full picture of the effects we will truly have. We don’t need to. The boy had five loaves and two fish. This is what I have and I’m here now and he showed up. And guess what? The supernatural took care of the rest. One of the most important guiding principles I have ever learned was leave the how’s to the universe. 

I show up as I am with what I have. I show up in every moment, every day and from right where I am, by offer what I have. This creates energy that activates the full support of the universe. Lives are changed. Among them, mine. Profoundly. A beloved coach I had several years ago challenged me to fully live this way and I took it to heart. She told me to believe that in every moment you have everything you need to do what you are here to do. 

Bring all you have and all you are to every moment.  Offer it and  to allow the universe to take it and leave it into the greater whole. You have something to offer. You’re here now. Ready? Set . Picture this. You’re on the set. Everything has been staged just as you imagine. All the players have shown up and been given their role. Now that moment of pause and all energies comes together into a very clear focus. You are leaning into it. 

The director shouts, ready, set, action. What is everything and everyone in motion?  Google “action” and “success” and see for yourself what every successful entrepreneur and every powerful spiritual leader has to say about it.

Here’s one I found: “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving.” — Conrad Hilton

Action is the lynchpin of the whole manifestation process. Nothing happens without it. Oh, yeah, you might experience good feelings. There’s a high that comes from visualizing and dreaming. But your results remain in your head and are expressed through your thoughts and feelings. It is not until you take action that things show up here in your physical world.

I always say do the energetic work first. It saves so much time. But don’t stop there. You still have to take action. I have made a living out of helping people master the art of taking action. It was the way my business started when I stopped being a therapist, gave up my license and started becoming a coach and healer in a different way. Why? Because people get stuck just before this step. They get frozen. They feel paralyzed, and so they do nothing. 

Then they get nothing. A year goes by and they are still in the same place. They were 365 days before. They still have what they’ve always had, but it’s painful, because they still have the dreams and the desires for something more. Those didn’t go away. Haven’t you been getting ready and set long enough? Isn’t it time to dive in? 

There has never been a better time than now. There never will be. What I discovered was it’s really easier than I thought much of it was in my mind. Once I got into action, I found that if I just stayed in action, I could take baby steps and I could create profound results. I had been doing that now specifically and consistently for years and it has made all the difference in my world.

Know this, you are always always either moving toward or away from your goal, your vision, your mission, your truth and the life of your dreams. In every moment, there is a choice point to get into action or to retreat. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that standing still will not have an impact. There is no truth. Still, in every moment you are making choices that are either moving you towards or away from what you want, and where you want to be. Not taking action is an action and it is a choice. 

My coach’s request to you. Identify something you want that isn’t showing up for you right now or something you don’t want that is showing up for you. Make a decision to take one action that will move you toward where you want to be. Then take action. 

If you find that you are experiencing resistance. If you feel that you need support and guidance to move, I am here. Connect with me. Let me take a moment to tell you if you want 365 days with an energetic transmission and a message like this for you every day so that I can pour into you every day and move you forward in any and every area of your life. Go to 

Soulteachbook.com.  It’ll take you right to Amazon, my new 365 Day books. People are loving it. I love this book. 

Now let’s talk about this resistance and going from resistance to receptivity. You, the possibility seeker, know what you want, even if it’s not clearly defined yet, even if you’re just starting to step into it just starting to open the door and take a peek at the possibilities for your life that are beginning to call out to you. 

You may not know what you want yet, but you know you want something. Something more, something different, something bigger, something better. You hear that call. You consider the possibility of stepping into your greatness. You begin to embrace your true purpose and as soon as you really do that, it seems that you encounter obstacles and crises. They feel like they are getting in your way and blocking your path. 

What if I told you that they really are a beautiful sign that you are exactly where you are meant to be doing exactly what you are meant to be doing? What if I told you they are signaling to you.  You got it. You’re so close. Keep going. When we don’t know this, we get stuck. You come into contact with your big dreams. Start setting intention and goals for yourself and you begin to strive for the good things like freedom, prosperity, abundance, health, wealth and success and ultimately living an authentic life. 

You begin to invest the commitment and effort and then you come to a screeching halt in the face of what shows up first. Let this land. You lose momentum. Wonder if it’s worth it. And fall back into what is comfortable and safe. But notice though, that I said what comes first. It does come first, the stuff but it’s a necessary an integral part of the process. 

Once you understand it, you can use it to create magnificent results. As soon as it happens. All you want to do is get unstuck, recover your momentum and move powerfully into your greatest vision for your life. Right? I been there a possibility seeker with dreams and desires growing stronger within me, calling me to step out into my greatness and embrace and live my purpose. 

I sought out teachers and mentors. I trained in many healing modalities, I developed my intuition. I turned my life into an experiment with the law of attraction. I studied the business practices of successful spiritual entrepreneurs. There’s a lot of talk out there and information overload but who is really putting it into action and getting results. 

I want you to know that as you begin to explore the mastery of your two greatest and most powerful tools, your energy and your intuition and using them in your day to day life in a focused and purposeful and in a meaningful and conscious way in an intentional way. 

You will transform your life When you work with your energy and intuition, you can create shifts that move you out of struggle out of spinning your wheels out of falling back into patterns that no longer serve you. You put energy into action and you get results. 

When the resistance shows up.  The dissonance is one of my coaches likes to call it your stuff as I call it. If you struggle with it, you place yourself energetically into a victim role. 

Things happen to me, things get in my way. They’re difficult to overcome. I am trying so hard. I have no control. I guess I’m not meant to do this. I can talk about this because I have run every one of these programs. They all got me nowhere. 

When you use this feedback from the universe and take responsibility for everything that shows up. Yes, all of it. Suddenly you have tools to work with and you are in control of your own life. Now, you energetically step into the role of creator. Now you can consciously create a life you love. It shows up first, that stuff so that you can get really clear on what is ready to be consciously dealt with to be healed or cleared or embraced. 

It tells you exactly what no longer serves you and shows you what you need to let go of right here, right now. To step into the intention to set for yourself to be do and have what you are telling the universe you want. When you begin to dream big dreams to set intentions and goals for yourself, when you begin to strive for prosperity, abundance, health, wealth and success. 

Everything that is not in alignment with that rises up to be healed or transformed. We must heal so that we can soar. Don’t let this part of the process get you stuck in inaction. This causes all kinds of dissatisfaction and unhappiness and eventually turns to anger at yourself or negative self-talk or feelings of wanting to just give up or beating yourself up. 

Use this part of the process of manifesting to get unstuck, recover your momentum and to move powerfully into your greatest vision for your life. Suddenly your path becomes clearer, your journey easier and more effortless and most importantly, fulfilling, so fulfilling and joyful. Could there really be a way to experience relief and freedom in your own life that truly works? 

I say yes. Definitely. Since turning my life into an experiment in 2003 for the law of attraction, and everything I created and manifested and live my life, my business. I stand behind what I teach you when I talk to you about 100%. These principles when considered and integrated into your life. When they go from being something you learn how to do to a way of living and being can create a paradigm shift for you that will begin to shift your energy and therefore shift your life. So stay with me. 

I’ve got more to come. I’ve got great things to talk with you about here on my working forspiritpodcast.com, in my new soulteachbook.com. Stay with me, connect with me. I’m so excited. You’re here and we’re going to keep talking about this. It’s so important. If you go over to my Instagram,.michellebarrmedium or my Facebook facebook.com/michellebbarr.com.

I have recently been interviewed on the news which is very exciting. The Morning News, Fox News talking about what’s manifesting. Then the news anchor has me on her Instagram and on her Facebook Live talking about this. Then another woman had me on her podcast talking about this. 

Let it pour into people listening. You will get it, you will absorb it, you will understand that you will retrain your body and your brain and your physiology, your mental, emotional and get rid of the clutter and elevate yourself to your next level. Stay with me. I’m excited to bring you more. Thank you so much. This episode is part of the Find your freedom series that’s been going on all summer. You can find it all over there on my workingforspiritpodcast.com. This is Michelle Barr. Thank you so much