Drop Your Money Story Training Series Day Two

Hello and welcome to day two of this free training series- Drop your Money Story and Fund the Life of your Dreams. I’m so excited you’re here. I have people here with me in the Zoom Room who have registered for all the details at metaphysicalupgrade.com. You can find all the information for all the free training series I’m doing by going to metaphysicalupgrade.com 

This is a five-day training series I told you all about yesterday. I did it two years ago and it was by far the most well-loved training. In the past two years, I’ve learned and grown and evolved so much more that I have even more to share with you. 

I always go first and I flesh all of this out in my own life. Then I share it with my clients and students. Then I bring it to my community. I want you to also know that every day you can find all the episodes of this training on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and on my podcast especially if you want to listen and not watch videos workingforspiritpodcast.com

I’m going to dive right in today. I told you that I divided this into a five-day training series because when you’re teaching work like this. This is built on energetic principles, quantum physics, brain training, brain science, universal law, universal principles, all of these things as well as patterns of human behavior. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a former therapist, a former psychologist. 

I bring all of this together with my understanding of the metaphysical and the journey in the metaphysical. I’ve been living for years and my own spiritual journey. All of this is to create for me and then to help you create freedom. 

Finally freedom to do life your way with epic results. So freedom for me as I’ve shared with you before, encompasses money freedom, time freedom at different times one or the other of those is more important financial freedom and what one of my current mentors has come to describe as financial relaxation. 

Even when I had financial freedom until the past nine months, I had not truly created financial relaxation. I had been caught for years and years in a cycle of lack and scarcity and then relief. I had healed. I’ve done a lot of work on that cycle. Part of my work with you is helping you discover those patterns in those cycles that you’re playing out. So you can clear them but to actually get to this place of financial relaxation is so amazing. 

My coach that coined that term and that really taught that to me over the past nine months is Gina Devee, if you all have heard of her. I bring her up because you can go to workingforspiritpodcast.com and listen to the conversation she and I had about all of this about becoming a vibrational match to what you desire. It’s there. We did an interview together and on her divine living podcast. She interviewed me so there’s a lot more if you’re resonating with this and you’re loving this material, taking all of this material and then teaching it in a way that you can grasp that you can start applying it. 

I have created five steps that I have been using in my life and in my business for at least the last 15 years, if not longer. I’ve now had my own spiritual business for the past 15 years. I have not had a job since 2006 applying for all of these things. My business and life have continued to grow and evolve.

 I want to help you create whatever that freedom means to you. Because financial freedom is amazing. Money freedom is amazing and time freedom. But for me above all else, it is the freedom to have the spiritual journey I am here to have the spiritual journey of my dreams and money doesn’t make my decisions for me. 

So yesterday, day one, the word was discover. You can catch that on Facebook Live, Instagram Live and on my workingforspiritpodcast.com. Today the word is Shift because the first step is to create those insights and those Aha moments. Once you see this, you can’t ever unseen it again. Once you know it, you can’t ever unknow it. You can’t be that ostrich with your head in the sand anymore. 

So Discover is a really important part. I am helping you to start really noticing what you notice and paying attention as you apply all of this. But just recognizing it is not enough because then we have to shift. Across the board, one of the number one questions I get asked by my clients and my students all the time is “how do we fix this? How do we change this? How do we stop this”?  I wish there was an easy answer because the easy answer is you do it. So I’m going to talk to you today all about the shift part.

There is a personal responsibility. One of the biggest things I’ve been about all these years is energy management and emotional mastery. Working on my own energy becoming impeccable with my energy because I told you yesterday, I can definitely teach you some things that are going to create impactful and profound shifts. 

So you can create things in the now.  I love hearing all those stories come through. At the same time if you can learn for this to become a way of living, a way of being in a way of doing it, a way of having.  There are things that I created just in the past nine months that have been 10 by 15 years in the making, every spirit-led decision, every inspired and aligned action, not knowing when I knew I had to do something why and only in hindsight being able to look back. That’s the power of this. I have story after story. 

Those of us want instant gratification and a lot of it is just old wounding of lights. I hope this works. I want this to work. I see this working for other people. I want this to work for me and not being sure if it will, but the payoff when you can turn this into the way you live your life is unparalleled. The payoff is out of this world. 

So it’s going to ask of you to whom much is given, much is required. When you are given much power, you are given much responsibility. So there’s a personal responsibility for your energy. This is living consciously, and it’s not for the faint of heart for sure. But again, I’ve been on this journey for enough years that the things I tell you and share with you. I now believe 100%. If I’m unsure about anything, I’ll let you know that. I want you to make your decision to then make your choices from your decisions, but I can give you the foundation.

 I can help create those shifts. I told you yesterday that when I’m working with people I’m talking to your mind. I’m giving you information but I’m also transmitting energy. If you could be open and let things land even the things you’re not yet sure about. I applaud you for showing up for this because it is. It’s taking personal responsibility for your energy, your emotions, your choices, your choice points in every moment, which we’re going to talk about here and really recognizing when all this kicks up inside of you. You’ve got to look at it.

You’ve got to step apart and become the observer. A good book I talk about a lot of people I mentioned in my community or at least familiar with it or they read it some time ago and that is Untethered Soul because in it he talks about you are not your mind. For some people, this is mind-blowing in itself. 

Your mind is meant to be a tool. Your mind as Sonia Choquette says is meant to be your pet. I love that. Albert Einstein said the mind is meant to be the servant, and we have to let it become the master. So many people get into overthinking and overanalyzing and all of that. They lose sight. They lose power and control over their life. 

I have come to find out for one when I was letting my mind run the show. It was like letting a five year old run my business. You need to say “sit down and be quiet. I don’t need you right now”. It’s a wonderful tool but it’s also a tool that needs sharpening. You’ve got to retrain your brain in this process. You’ve got to work with your mind, reprogram,  recondition, and dump all the old patterns in conditioning, in programming.

At first it would feel heavy but it will get easier. Once you see your issues, they lose their power. They have power now because they are in the basement. But they are running the show and they are driving your bus. They are unconscious. Then you are playing out patterns and looking at people’s lives. 

People come to me and they say “I don’t even know where to start for you to help me. I have all these problems”. I say, well just tell me all of them and I’m writing them down. They think there are 6 7 8 different things to tackle. They’re all one or two core issues playing out in every area of your life. They will keep playing out until you gain mastery over them and you clear, heal and resolve them. 

So it’s really about you living this conscious life. I love the stories that come up as I start teaching and talking about all of this. I want you to realize this is in the mundane as well as the profound This is in your everyday life. What are things we all have to do? We have to grocery shop. I was gonna say go to the grocery store, but now some of us use Instacart pickup and all kinds of other things. We went to the store.

So I had one of the people participating in my training, talk about a normal trip to Target but because this had been planted in her consciousness and she had sat in a class with me. Suddenly she was catching those things that she had not caught before and that I have been showing you how to catch. So she’s just on a normal trip to Target like we all do. I mean, they’re jokes about it. I go into Target for one thing that I know, I need and I come out with $200 worth of stuff. 

So she has her children in the cart with her and she starts that way. Oh, I want this and I need this and we need this. She caught herself saying to her children. Okay, that’s it. We can’t put another thing in our cart or we’re going to go broke. Those are patterns. Those are words she’s likely heard before either it came down through a spouse or partner’s family. She adapted it as her own or it came down through her family or both. She caught it this time. She has probably said that over and over. 

Remember universal law says whenever you say is, is. She was saying what is. That’s a moment to catch the truth. There are certainly people who are overspending and in the moment. They’re going to create a negative balance in their bank account. But again, it’s not generalizing and by telling that story, it becomes a pattern because she has a choice. 

Here’s what I want you to realize: either don’t put it in your cart, because you’re good at budgeting your money. You’ve made a decision and you’re supporting yourself 100%. It’s the splitting of the energy, the splitting of the stories, the shaming and guilting yourself. Then you see how she’s passing it to her children. 

A lot of times when that’s going on, it’s not even true. You stop and you think, is this true? Is this true? If it is to do something about it in the moment, involve the children decide what you’re going to put back on the shelf for the next time and what you’re going to take, but oh, we put all this in our cart. 

If we put one more thing in our cart, we’re going broke. Then guess what? I’m willing to bet after she told her children and herself and the universe that more stuff went in that cart. This is being impeccable with your word and your energy and catching habits and patterns and not allowing this to play out. Another woman talked about she’d been wanting this sweatshirt, you know those things we want and we desire them. She made a decision to buy  it. 

Now I stand by in everything when I teach you my MOVE formula to move forward in any area of your life. I am teaching you that you make a decision. Everything starts with a decision. So when she made the decision to buy the sweatshirt for herself. Then you want to switch into joy and pleasure and appreciation and support yourself 100%. She caught herself saying, that’s it. I find the sweatshirt. Then she kept fighting with herself putting it in the cart, taking it out of the cart, and putting it in the cart. 

Then wanting it but the intention she’s sending out into the university is setting her up not for success and more abundance and pleasure and things you desire. But all the problems she’s going to create unknowingly and unconsciously. So then she talks about after she bought the sweatshirt. She took it home. She had the momentary pleasure and then there was shame and guilt. 

When we broke it down. Some of it is about her family. We saw how this is fascinating when you break it down. The cycle she was playing out is because she is both “Yes buy it. You should not  buy it. You’re bad. I can feel pleasure when buying it”. Now I have to feel shame and guilt. She did not know what her parent’s story to be loyal to. 

When you are a child, you want your parents to be right.  You need your parents to be right so you can survive. So her mother would watch her dad spending saying “don’t buy it”. Then her Dad because he wanted it , he would go up against her and he would buy it. 

He would be willing to live with her mom’s guilt and shaming him. Then they would have all these stories about his spending, creating problems. It was a pattern that they never fix. So she was able to get that Aha. She is not consciously but on purpose playing that out because it’s unhealed and unresolved inside of her. What a great snapshot of how she played both out. 

Sometimes we’re going to go toward one or the other parent and play out one or the other. Then fly that other one-off to our spouse. She was playing the whole thing out internally within herself. Now she might also be playing it out with a partner, spouse, husband, or any of that. I love when you can see it in action in real-time. I can tell it to you in that way. Because this is playing out all the time. For one’s shame and guilt, they cause stress on your body and they create disease. 

They use up a lot of creative energy. They use up the energy that’s available to your mind and your vital life force energy. Then you’re playing out these patterns. So she would never truly be able to allow herself to buy something and have full pleasure. I have learned this once I make the decision to buy that thing to have the expensive meal, to get the car, to get the sweatshirt,t to buy the purse. 

I am going to love it, enjoy it, have joy and support myself and not make myself wrong. This is what I really want you all to see inner fighting is just internally playing out things that were in your environment. They don’t serve you any longer. Don’t do anything that then you’re gonna allow yourself to be in guilt and shame. Just like I talk all the time. Don’t say yes to things that you’re just them in obligation energy. It will not serve you. So don’t do it. You’re playing these things out all the time. 

So you need to start checking. are they true at this moment? If so, should I really not buy the sweatshirt at this moment? Okay, I’m going to choose to. Then I’m going to love every second of it or I’m going to choose not to and I’m going to start a fun for myself for the sweatshirt or I’m going to take these things out of the bag out of the basket in Target or I’m going to get this things and I’m going to go home and revisit the budget.

Those are things we should be doing. Paying attention to our money. These stories just run rampant. “Oh I really shouldn’t but I did, Oh I really can’t but I want to. Shame on me”. It’s just like when people play with their bodies, their weight , the food they eat. All of this are pattern that don’t serve you. They disempower you, and victimize you over and over and over again. It’s habitual thinking, and how do we shift after we discover? We create new thinking. We catch it and we stop it. 

There is the funniest video. I think you can find it if you Google. Bob Newhart, if you remember who he is, he was a therapist on a TV show. Google for Bob Newhart, “Stop it” video. I have loved this video forever.

Recently a coach in a mastermind intensive event I was at, played it. Being a former therapist, I love it because I go watch it, but the gist of it is the woman comes and she says, I keep doing this. I keep playing this out. I keep having this fear. Well, is it really happening to you? No. Then he says, then stop it. No, but how do I get rid of it and how do I get over it? 

Stop it and on some level, that’s exactly what it is. It’s deep work. I’m not lying to you. It’s deep work. But do you know when you clear that level of family generational dysfunction, and stories you heal backwards and forwards for generations. Those children in that target with their mother right now, don’t need to have that imprinted on them. They don’t even have a financial story yet. 

They could become very successful. They don’t need to play that out. The children of this other woman do not need their mother wearing a beautiful sweatshirt and feeling horrible about it and talking about shaming and guilting herself. They will think the two go hand in hand. You find that and religion everywhere. These are powerful people. So you look in the moment. In this moment, is it true? 

If so, what do I need to do about it and what am I choosing to do about it? There’s a big thing in all of this that you cannot any longer allow yourself to do. It is going back into the past and living the past out again in the present. You can never create anything new by coming from that space in the past and future tripping where she say one more thing in our cart. We’re gonna grow because she broke at this moment now. 

People play out their money stories in such crazy ways. She could be saying that out of old patterning and habitual thinking and generational patterns when she actually has a 401K savings in the bank, money, but something has triggered it at the moment. She’s playing it out or it’s a pattern. Her kids will hear it every time they’re in Target, filling the cart. It goes back and back and back and forward and forward.

There’s this work I was familiar with in Therapy, and again in the energetics and in the intuitive, healing, transformational space. When I was a therapist my specialty was generational dysfunction, addiction, abuse, and all of these patterns that play out. There is this work called family constellation. It is where you uncover a lot of this. It is something that’s intrigued you, find out more about it. Family constellations, it’s super powerful work. I both did it and had it done for me. 

The key concept I want to bring to you today about it is that people hold loyalties to their family. There are family stories. We are hardwired from eons ago, there was a time in our world where you had to stay in the tribe to survive. So it’s about holding loyalty to the tribe, which continues when you come into this world. Your father, your mother, whoever’s taking care of you, you’re dependent on them. Before we can even speak, before we even have a language, we’re absorbing our environment and our energies. We don’t even know what the words mean, but we know how they feel. We are learning how to survive where we’ve been plunked down. 

The good news is, I believe in my philosophy, you chose all that for your soul purpose and your life purpose, and your soul evolution. It doesn’t always make it any easier, but the gold is always there for you to mine. So we’re not even aware of it. 

We’re so hooked on it for our survival. We created these coping mechanisms to stay in the tribe, or to stay loyal to our mother and our father one or both, to never make them wrong. They were playing out the same thing so you get generations down. It doesn’t even make sense anymore. Here we are still doing it. 

Once you start seeing this stuff, you’re gonna see how crazy it is. When you clear, heal, and resolve it in you, you don’t even need to go tell your partner, your parents, your siblings, your children, your grandchildren. It starts healing and shifting and changing. That should be an impetus and incentive for you to do this work, Discover and Shift. 

Shift is the process. Tomorrow, we get into what comes after. Shift is the process you’re in it. Now as I teach you these discover, shift and then the next three over the next three days that come after that. I want you to realize right now you’re going through each one. You will speed up the process where you will learn to go through them much more quickly and use this as a tool over and over and over and over again. 

Here comes the next piece when people ask me, choose not to do it anymore. Yes, I know it sounds easy. It is wired into, it is programmed and conditioned into you at a physiological level. This takes brain retraining, neurological retraining, reprogramming, and reconditioning your nervous system, your triggers.

We talked yesterday about the triggers. Remember, you can go to workingforspiritpodcast.com,

Facebook Live, or Instagram Live to get yesterday’s talking about the triggers. You have to choose not to engage in these habits and patterns anymore. Once someone helps you, once I help my clients become aware of them, they start catching them and excitedly showing me.

Then they start showing me this time I did it differently. Here are the different results I’ve got. New thoughts, new feelings, and new beliefs create new actions which create new results. These are default stress mechanisms, especially the time these will play out the most or when you get under stress and remember. Even positive stress can create stress, you get under stress. That’s when the compulsive shopping might turn into patterns of shaming and guilting and buying, filling the cart and taking things in and out. 

You get in and spend with it. Then your mind is trying to keep you safe but all it can do is to re-run programs that are already there. It can’t think of and create anything new. Now you are stuck and your spending with it. Buy the sweatshirt. Make a decision. Support yourself 100%. Then feel good about it. Feel good in it. 

Don’t allow these conflicting beliefs and conflicting intentions. They will mess your stuff up. I promise you. Support yourself by getting into joy. Joy is the highest vibration to manifest from. Allow yourself those moments of joy. So when that goes out in Universe, there can be more sweatshirts to be had or more joyful pleasurable experiences and things to possess or experience. 

The little  things about how you do anything is how you do everything. So the little things become the big things. It’s all about as I talked about yesterday, what are you telling yourself in the universe? Both of those stories were telling stories to themselves in the universe. Drop the story, so you can fund the life of your dreams.

This is where the rubber meets the road. After this you’re gonna get to action and creation mode. Remember you are having to rebuild .This is stuff you have been living for years. Some of it in your whole life. Some of it you did some work on. Now, it’s that next level. I have not been without a coach since 2009 because my Coach still helps me catch my stuff that’s playing out on different levels. 

Yesterday was all about discover. You got to discover and uncover. You got to unravel. As I talk about it, really, all about those issue bringing to me. You really only playing out , one or two core issues. Your core issue will be with you forever but it will get lesser and lesser the more you do this work.

You will start catching it before even it gets to you. Then you no longer allow it. But those stress default mechanism’s my Coach still help catch myself when I get those places where I let my guard down and it’s coming back in.

One of them, a Coach caught me help me catch  a pattern a few years ago. I had not played this pattern out in 10 years. But it came back around. So how I talk about this is you can find one thing, and you can knock that card down. If you imagine if you ever built a house of cards, cards of one cards, of one cards, you can knock that card down. You could knock that card down, and it will help some. But this is the work that knocks the bottom row of cards out.

The whole house of cards tumbles down. It’s so much more effective and efficient. Then you don’t allow yourself to ever build it again. If the house is already built, those things energetically can come back in and take root. Discover and then create the shifts. You have a choice point in every moment. This is another universal principle. I gave you a bunch of them yesterday. 

Another universal principle you have a choice point in every moment. Every choice you make either moves you toward or away from what you say you want most. Where is the responsibility and the power lie? Right here, and it starts right here and right here. 

In every single Chakra, in every single energy center, get rid of the negative self-talk, making your self wrong , crazy making patterns and behaviors that don’t support you. Start noticing. Notice when you are letting your mind run the show. Would y

ou let a two-year old or your five-year old make your financial decisions, run your business, run your households? No. You got to have control your mind.

You got to be the master over your mind, your mind is a tool. It’s a servant. It has a place and time. You’ve got to cut these habits of telling these stories. The stories have become such habit that your body chemically has become addicted to them. I want you to really understand this. 

So you think you’re blowing off steam or stressed or helping by doing it, but they’re not helping. They’re taking a toll you wouldn’t want to pay. If you knew the toll it was taking in the field and on those energetic levels, where you have the possibility to create everything you want and need, removing these coping mechanisms. These stress defaults, these patterns, getting hyper-vigilant with yourself. 

I turned my life in 2003 into an experiment for the law of attraction.  I learned and I grew. I take honest inventory, it wasn’t always pretty. Now I don’t care, get in there because the results I get are so amazing. The more I do this, the faster I can get the faster and better and bigger results. 

But in the beginning, you might want to support.  You might want help, guidance. This is what I do with my clients and students and community all day long. It’s my wheelhouse. So send me a private message. If you’re interested in talking to me more about how I can best help you. Pay attention because once you remove all these things I’m talking about you stop doing these things. You want to replace them with something positive. 

You get to decide how you feel about money, and then you can pass that down. You get to decide what you believe about money. Now what’s true now, not living in the past and creating from the past and not future-tripping. Potential problems that don’t exist right now. You’re gathering evidence. One of the things you can do is catch yourself being good. This is something I learned how to do. When I do it, when I buy the purse, there’s nothing but joy and pleasure and positivity,” I say thank you, Michelle. I love you”.

 When I bust up a pattern and don’t allow it anymore.” Thank you Michelle. I love you”. When I bust through my fears. I get up on that stage. I do that platform mediumship when I do those big things that I told you about repeatedly that scared me. All through that process. After I did it, I was like, “thank you for doing that. Michelle, I love you”.

I want to tell you about the other laws, about the law of giving and receiving. This is a big piece for you to get today. Deepak Chopra really focuses a lot on this law. The way I like to talk about it is two things. One, it’s an infinity loop.

A lot of people in my world, myself included in the past, a lot of helpers, healers and givers, we actually have the receiving switch turned off too much. We would play that out , “Oh no, others need it more than me. Its not noble to suffer, that suffering Saint , that murder.

 Spirit actually wants and needs you. The world actually wants and needs you to take care of yourself in big, big ways, while you are taking care of everyone else. 

So a lot of times, we must first learn to receive and allow. But we also hold back and give in one area giving our gifts and our value because we have this mixed up notion playing out a lot of us in some version that is not about spirit at all that we need spirit to give us everything we need. Of course our mind wants to guarantee a safety net. 

If this were that simple, we would just sit here and do nothing. Everyone would have it. But that’s not how it works because you came here to create in the image of your creator. You have to create. The big one I told you yesterday you got to get those of you sitting and waiting to have everything you need to make your move. We are promised free will as long as you are here living on Earth. It’s free will, that’s it. 

Spirit cannot impose upon your free will. You always have to go first. We’re going to talk about this more tomorrow. Because go first means with third-dimensional real-world action. The best way is if that action is inspired and aligned. Tomorrow is all about that. So show up again tomorrow. 

If  you need all the details metaphysicalupgrade.com. If you can’t come live workingforspiritpodcast.com. I’ll have the whole series on there as soon as each day is done. The law of giving and receiving , we have to go first. 

So imagine there’s a river and you come upon this river, and you’re so cold and you’re in such a stuck, frozen, paralyzed, confused place. I tell you confusion is one of those coping mechanisms to keep you safe. It’s never serving you and doesn’t allow yourself. You’ve come to the river’s edge.

They are all these people ankle-deep knee-deep in the river. They’re all exchanging energy and they’re all giving and receiving these infinite loops. These infinity symbols and what I’m about to tell you is very real because my business started as a local Healing Center. 

All these healers and helpers sought me out and this played out on the daily until it broke my heart. I had again because I’m really strong about speaking out. So they come to the river’s edge and they see what’s going on. They know they’re meant to give. They have no trouble. They want to get up. They want to help. 

But right now they’ve been unfortunately giving it all away for free and the next step up giving it away at nights and weekends. Then trying to do other things, sapping all their energy and leaving them depleted and exhausted, not being true to themselves telling all the stories and staying in those stories. 

So, they start saying, “Hey, I see all that out there you have”. I’m meant to be in that river with you. I’ve got a lot of people to help. I’ve got stages to speak on. I am on TV shows and podcasts. I’ve got to write my book. Spirit showed me all of it. I need to be working, doing these retreats and these workshops. I have an online course inside of me right now, or I’m called to build a retreat center. It’s all these things.

But if you could just give me some of that what you have over there. If you would give it to me until I get enough I just need this much just enough. Then the shame and guilt kick in which are powerful stories. 

Catch this if this is your story, you know me. I don’t really want much. I don’t need much. I don’t want much. I’m not selfish and greedy like all those other people. Those rich people I don’t want much. I don’t need much. 

You are here to live a desire-led pleasure led life. It’s your life to live. So they’re victimizing. They’re disempowering themselves. They’re saying if you would just give me that now, I don’t have any money, but I’d be happy to pay you later. If you would just give me that. Then I’ll get into the river. 

Are you all getting this? Is this landing? This is playing out everywhere to some degree. So with all the love in my heart and the tough love with the love and the fire, because I bring both to the table as I tell you all. You got to stop this one. It’s scary. I know I’ve been there over and over. I’ve upleveled. 

I started my business 15 years ago with nothing. I didn’t know what I was doing. I had to step into the river and engage in the law of giving and receiving. If more people did this, our society wouldn’t have near the problems. 

Some of you are all eaten up about and complaining about what we have. At this moment, I have something to give and something to receive. I have something to teach and something to learn. I am committed to doing all of that at once. So it is sped up for me. It sped up over the years more and more and more until now. Most of the time, I always have what I need to do my part. 

My last training series was on Manifesting your Part and the Universe’s part. You can find that whole series on my podcast workingforspiritpodcast.com . Now I do my part and because I do my part every day all the time, I am rewarded and provided with everything I need to keep doing it. 

The law of giving and receiving making sure you’re receiving is turning on. But making sure you’re also doing your part the universe won’t do its part until you do your part. You can stand on that riverbank .Even if you beg and beg and people would tell me those stories. At first I fell into their stories of people who needed to work with me.

They had money stories that they felt spirit was sending them my way.  Remember I absolutely 100% believe in this universal law principle. Wherever there is a desire, a way has already been made. A way has been made, but it’s going to show up as an opportunity. So I tell you, and as I told you yesterday, it’s going to be inconvenient, illogical, uncomfortable, and sometimes expensive.

Yet once you learn to engage and do it, you will be able to see how it’s supporting you all the time. That’s why I don’t do any of this alone. 

There is support and guidance available for you, from me, in my community, from others I train or from whoever Spirit leads you to. If you’re here right now, this is one opportunity showing up in answer to what you’ve been asking for. It’s up to you to have the eyes to see it and the ears to hear it. 

As we’re going to talk about tomorrow to take inspired aligned action. One of the things I talked about yesterday was new money and you can go back again and get that. So here’s another part of that tool. I never say I can’t afford it. I don’t have the money. I’ve said I’m choosing not to do this or this is a full body. Yes, I’m doing this and I don’t know how yet. Never I have not been without a coach since 2009. That means all kinds of things: retreats, training, coaching, experiences, travel, everything I need to do to live this life, to do life my way with epic results, which is my promise to you. 

Never have I had a big pile of money sitting there with nowhere to go and nothing to do. Nine months ago, I caught myself with the help of a potential coach who I ended up hiring with a Money Story and I do this work. Now I’m on the other side of it and I can both laugh and tremble in my shoes. Here’s why,  I can laugh because now that money storage seems absurd and insane. But I can tremble because I have that money story one I would still be where I was.

Instead I have manifested if you all have been following my last nine months, world-changing, life-changing pleasurable, desire driven things like you cannot imagine. Guess what else they’ve done. They’ve taken such good care of me. that I’ve been able to show up even bigger and better to serve everybody. 

At the end of the day, I’m here to serve. It’s why get on here and do these training for you. I will always do this. I’m a messenger. I’m a spiritual teacher. I am called to be a spiritual leader. I go first. I live it and I bring it back to my community. Then I teach it and I train and help others. 

So with this new money, I know when I see something I want and it’s a full body. Yes, I used to say and I thought of this again right before because I was checking my email. Somebody wrote to me and first “oh I am resonating. What you’re saying is speaking to me, I need you , I need this”. They won’t even take the action to get on the call.

Their first question is, but how much is it for one session? How much is it and for the smallest. I get it that’s never going to serve you. You show up and you get the information because where there’s a desire a way has already been made. I want you to fully get this. If they go deeper they get the information or they get on the call with me. They see the desires are  not there. Okay, now you know, but if there is a desire a way has been made. I believe that 100% for every desire I’ve had and everything I do. 

I just have to be open to the way. Here’s another big one. Open to this and listen and take it in even if you fully don’t understand it or agree with it yet. Right now what you think is in the way of you getting on with it is the way. 

Right now, what you think is in the way is the way. So now, once I know I need to take the next step and explore this, or see what I need to do to make this happen. I say tell me how much it is so I can create it. So I go, I show up, I engage. I listen. Then I don’t say “oh, I can’t afford this”. I say” tell me how much it is so I can create it”.

Yesterday was discover,  Today’s shift. It’s all about catching it and stopping it. The personal responsibility, the power, this is the most powerful thing to ever enter my world. This is how I live a life of freedom. The spiritual journey of my dreams. When other people learn it and do it, it works. I’m thrilled you all are showing up here. 

Remember, all my teaching and training, all the information is available at metaphysicalupgrade.com.  All the free training series once I’ve done them you can find them all in replay on workingforspiritpodcast.com. Along with all those other things I told you I’ve got other great episodes there that I’ve been referencing and sending you to. 

We’ve got three more days together. Really spend some time just letting this land, soaking the sand. If you’re getting on here I’ve seen some people just get on Instagram Live, Facebook Live,  in Zoom Room with those who registered to be in here and they’re going to get other things as well by metaphysicalupgrade.com.

 They’ll be able to come to special live Q&A calls with me about all of these things. They get all the information as we’re going along,  the reminders and the replays and all of that. You can also catch me on Instagram Live and Facebook Live.

I want you to give yourself some time and space to let this land and start being open. Now here’s one last key thing I want to teach you. You will have hard lessons sometimes, but the angels and spirit, the Ascended Masters, your guides and your loved ones, your ancestors and all the energy of the universe are here for you. 

Some of the hard lessons come again because of the stories we tell and the patterns we’re playing out, the programming and the conditioning. So I also say when I really need to see something, use this one. It’s beautiful and brilliant.  Show me with grace and ease. I don’t need to learn the hard lessons. Show me with grace and ease. Then pay attention to things people says,  emails, movies, music, every message, or things that pop up like popcorn. Now that I’ve made you aware and play out. Every energetic exchange with every person has meaning. Nothing’s random. There’s no coincidence.

 If you start getting into an energetic engagement exchange with people. Any of these things I’m talking about start coming up. You’ve got to run to Target or the grocery store later today. Show me with grace and ease. Spirit shows me with grace and ease in the Universe. Start tracking these things and letting me know.

 Come on to Facebook and Instagram. Let me know. Stay with me for these next three days as we continue this journey. I thank you so much for being on this journey with me today. You all have a great day. Stay connected, stay tuned with me. Bye for now.