Drop Your Money Story Training Series Day Five

Welcome to Drop the Money Story and Fund the Life of your Dreams. Welcome, today we are live on Instagram, on Facebook and here in the Zoom Room for Drop your Money Story and Fund the Life of your Dreams. I’m so excited to have you here.  

We’re on day five and this is all about create, expect miracles and consciously create. Everything we’ve learned up until this point is so that we can create what we need, want, and desire. When we need, want, and desire it and that is freedom.  

I want to tell you if you’re just popping on here and you’re saying “what? this is already day five”?  You can find days one, two, three, and four all of it. You’ll find this at the end of today on my podcast workingforspiritpodcast.com. I’ve got all of that for you. While I’m thinking of it, go to metaphysicalupgrade.com and get the information and sign up for May free training series.  

I’m doing a five-day free training series again in May. Now let’s get on with it. I did this as a five-day challenge and I broke it down into five steps and five stages that have really helped me for years now. Talk about my process of manifesting, of creating what I want, need, and desire when I want, need, and desire it and getting in a flow of that.  

So at first I teach to you and you’ve go through each one, but then it becomes a cycle that you can stay in. What you really want is to get in the field and be riding that wave. Stay in that wave as long as possible without coming out of it and that’s what I’ve been talking to you about. That’s really what I’m going to talk to you about today.  

So on day one we had discover, day two-shift, day three-act,  day-four believe and day five-create. You see that before create, there’s discover and shift. A lot of people can get stuck and discover and shift but there is an act taking aligned inspired action. There is believe,  I’ve been talking about this all week, it is not I believe it when I see it. It’s I will see it when I believe it.  

I told you yesterday and I really want you to get this along those same lines up. You will see it when you believe it. Everything in your world right now shows you what you believe. It’s all feedback. It’s all meet for transformation, and it’s all gold for manifestation.

There’s a continuum and here’s unconscious creating and here’s conscious creating. You’ll be anywhere along that continuum. What happens is when you start learning how to consciously create. You have to catch all the unconscious creating that you’re doing because it can throw you off .”Wait. I was creating this. Why so this showing up?”

That is what I’m going to talk to you about today. Why it shows up? What to do with it? What it really means so you don’t misinterpret it? All the other steps we’ve gone through the first four days make this creating faster and easier.

I’ve worked my way up the continuum back decades ago when I tell you now, I am unrecognizable from that person. I was totally triggered. I was living out all the patterns. I was in a toxic marriage. There was an addiction. There were a lot of issues, a lot of emotional and mental stuff that built up. I could not create what I wanted and I wasn’t happy in any area of my life.  

I didn’t love my life and then I made myself a victim.  I got so impassioned by it or not impassioned so triggered and my emotions so amplified that I just told those stories.  I kept creating it and creating it and then I made a story. That spirit doesn’t support me. Spirit is not there for me. Why did these things happen to me? I had the fortune of having a spiritual awakening. Early on when I was 25. I’ve talked about it before it was just divinely orchestrated. It set me on a new path that has led me here. I’ve learned this over time all along the way.  

I assure you that things I teach you I always go first. I always learn I always practice that I work with my clients and students. Then I bring it to the community so that I can stand behind it 100%. If  I ever don’t, then I let you know that. Desires come from the soul. They are placed within you and it is universal law that wherever there is a desire, a way has already been made.  

Then we have resistance which is our mind trying to keep us safe and comfortable and in the familiar, but your mind is a computer. All it can do is run programs, this conditioning, and these programs and these patterns at one time in your life. They did keep you safe.  

For some of you, they saved your absolute life, but they don’t serve you now. You don’t need them and you’re letting a five-year-old your mind run your life and run your business. It doesn’t serve you at all. You’ve got to get in control of your mind. Your mind is meant to be a tool, the servant not the master, that’s what Albert Einstein said. Sonia Choquette, I love what she says. Because she says Your mind is meant to be a pet.  

Go sit over there, go sit in the corner right now. Your mind is a powerful tool. But as was written about an Untethered Soul, which I’ve talked to you about, that’s just one resource, your mind is not you. You are not your mind and you cannot let your mind run your show. All this unconscious is driving your bus until it’s not until you become conscious. Then you can consciously create more and more of what you want and start getting rid of the unconscious creating.  

So you’ve got the desires of your soul, and wherever there is a desire, a way has been made. I believe that 100% I can stand behind it. Whenever I start faltering and falling out I tell myself because then I know a way has been made. So where do we start in my work with you, with my clients, with my students, in my own life? I have learned to live a very, very desire-led business. This is a journey of trust. I call it a trust times three journey.  

You’re learning to trust yourself, trust spirit and trust the process. There is a process to all of this. I have learned to live a spirit-led journey and a desire-led journey and the two go hand in hand. Spirit wants for you, what you want for yourself. I really want you to get that God is not up there saying well, she’s going to have everything she wants and she’s not she can have that much money. He can’t have that and he’s going to have hard times. She’s going to have to learn some lessons.

Its energy. Source is divine intelligence God’s Creator spirit. Source is divine intelligence. A container was created for us to live in just like living on Earth. There’s the law of gravity whether you want to believe it or not. It’s a law. In this container in the whole world we live in with this divine intelligence, there are universal laws. There are universal guiding principles. When you can learn to live within them. It makes your life so much better. That’s what I have learned to do overtime.  

The Law of Attraction is one that gets a lot of play and a lot of attention. It’s not the only one. All of these are universal laws and universal guiding principles that I’m teaching you. There’s also this whole notion that you learn what is your part and what is the universe’s part. I’m going to hit on that some today and talk to you about the key points.

In February, I did a whole five-day training manifestation, manifesting what you need, want, and desire, your part and the universe’s part. You can find that on workingforspirit podcast.com. So I won’t cover it fully but it’s all there for you all of this.

I have another podcast episode about Becoming a vibrational match, a whole episode. So becoming a vibrational match to what you need, want and desire. I’m going to touch on that here today as well. What I want you to understand right now is part of the reason I’m helping you with the conditioning and the programming in that house of cards, and the resistance and all of that’s coming up. When you decide to create something, it takes a lot of creative energy. It engages all of your energy centers.  

You are grounding into the earth and you are connecting to source energy. You are running energy. The more you’re a conduit for that a clear conduit for that, the Inspiration can come in and you can impress your amplified energy, your amplified feelings, emotions on the field.  

Create into form what’s already in the field waiting for you in the field, our probabilities and possibilities.  In the field when people are future telling.  

I’m a psychic medium. I have a lot of clients that are psychic mediums. I’m an energy healer. I work with energy. I’ve been intuitive and an empath my whole life. Future telling is not set in stone. It’s not a scary thing, as some people might think or it’s not something “Oh, it doesn’t work”. There’s a scientific basis to it. If you go into quantum physics when someone is reading the future, they are reading probabilities, possibilities, and what is outside that realm.  

I see it as three circles, three rings around you. What is it? Probabilities, you already are a strong energetic match. If you will clear the resistance, clear the clutter, get your amplified emotions focused on that. Then it can come to you by taking inspired aligned action. Things that are impossibilities you need to become more of an energetic match.  

But as soon as you do, as soon as you match that frequency, they can move into probabilities. They can come to you and then that third ring are things that are possible. But right now, you are not enough of a match to them. This is when we see those miracles that come in. Somebody has such a quantum shift. Take such a quantum leap that so profound and so miraculous.  

I want you to expect those miracles every day because positive expectation is a big part of this. But they have such a shift that they bring things from way out in that field into their life and that’s where people are going Wow. It can happen. You see their explanations for all of these things. It takes a lot of creative energy. So everything I’m bringing to your attention is all the things where you’re leaking energy, draining energy.

Everything you’re tolerating, everything that’s irritating you, everything you think about that expands a lot of energy that is not those higher levels of energy, drains your battery, runs your energy. You’ve got to clear, heal and resolve them so that you can create what you want, need and desire. I really want you to get what I just said because this throws so many people.  

Ask and it is given is absolutely universal law. It is found in every sacred text, ask immediately. It does start being given. It can show up and fall in your lap. But most of the time, it shows up as an opportunity. Sometimes we can’t hear and see the opportunities because we’re blocked or because they often show up because you’re not yet a match to them. So they’re going to stretch and grow you. You’re not yet a match to them. So they look and feel uncomfortable, inconvenient, expensive, and sometimes illogical. Yep, spirit is giving you bread crumbs to follow.  You’ll only get a few of the bread crumbs because you don’t need all of them.  

You don’t need all the steps if you’re not willing to do the first one. You sometimes want to know 10 steps out before you take the first one. That’s not how it works because it’s not created yet. Because every time you take a step, your energy shifts. Now you’re taking the next step and you’re looking for the next step from a new energetic stance.  

A new energetic stance, a new energetic perspective. I really want you to get this. This all makes sense. What shows up first, until you’ve gotten good at clearing, healing and resolving and clearing the way what shows up first. The universe says yes, ask and it is given. All of this is here for you. It’s either in your probabilities, your possibilities or outside the realm. You can have all of it.  

Here’s what needs to be cleared, healed, and resolved for you to receive it. That’s when people say God said no, my angel said no, it never lines up for me every time, it might never. I guess it’s just not the right time. I was so guilty of this. Spirit is always about more life. This is universal law. Spirit is always about more life.  

I had a mentor teach me this. Once I got it, he said look in nature. Nothing stops growing until it is done. Nothing says I’m gonna stop here or that concrete is creating a barrier. It busts through every single time. Spirit is always about more life. It is not going to say no to you.  

When these things start showing up that need to be cleared, healed and resolved. They are the meet for transformation. They are the feedback. If you see it that way, you can work on them. Get them out of the way, knock down that house of cards and move straight ahead because wherever there’s a desire, a way has already been made.  

Now here’s one I want you to really, really, really get whatever you think is in the way, is the way. I promise you, whatever you think is in the way, is showing you the way. Big flashing neon signs is the way. Nothing’s going to happen if you turn around and say I’ll come back when that’s the handler that’s not there. If you just get in and walk through the fire is the way.

Sometimes walking through the fire is what we need. But once you do your own spiritual hygiene and your own personal hygiene, you learn not to let this stuff get so embedded, and you learn not to be triggered by really old stuff that I’ve been talking about all week, it gets clearer and clearer. I don’t always have to go through a whole big thing now. In order to get and create what I want, need and desire and allow and receive it. It gets faster and it gets easier because you live this way.  

Now when I bump up against a big one I know it’s a big one and a deep one. The good news is when you start coming up against your shadow and your deepest core issues. You’re on the verge of big, big things, big transformation is there for you. But we have free will and spirit will never impede on your free will. That’s why you always have to go first. Spirit will never go first. If you’re sitting there one waiting for the spirit to act, spirits waiting for you to XYZ.  

Then spirit will rush in to meet you. It does for me every single time. You know when it doesn’t when I used to create stories. I read the immediate evidence. Then I would tell stories and then spirit says Wait, I thought you wanted all this but I have to honor you. It is frequency by the Abraham teachings, Esther Hicks if you look that up there are two scales I use for energy. There are Abraham teachings, the Esther Esther Hicks scale, and the book by David Hawkins power versus force.  

There is another scale. Both of these scales basically take all human emotion. They show you at this turning point where you’re living in your lower chakras and in those lower denser emotions. When you’re living in your higher elevated emotions that help you create everything that you want, need, and desire. So pay attention to your emotions.

Mastering your emotions and managing your energy are the two biggest issues. Managing your energy and mastering your emotions, on this scale they will show you how many people on the planet are living regularly in these lower denser emotions. Now you have to consciously learn to get in those higher emotional states, those amplified emotions. Amplified emotions always win. So are your amplified emotions going out as your triggers or your desires? That’s the key.  

Are they going out as your triggers or as your desire occurs? Because you see, you’ll have the intention, you set powerful intentions, you make clear ask. So these emotions, your amplified emotions, you need to start monitoring one when you’re looking at. What you’re creating that you want, need, and desire? What you’re creating that you don’t want.  

Why is it showing up or your amplified emotions that are going out the majority of time. Your triggers or your desires. Joy is the highest desire to manifest from. So you want to do things every day that bring you joy, little joys that amplify into bigger joys and even bigger joys. So it’s super important managing your energy and mastering your emotions. It saves you a lot.  

No, you can’t always get from despair to joy in one job, but you reach for the next highest feeling and the next highest feeling. I have alarms that go off within me. Now when I have a bunch of stress in my body because I don’t live with stress in my anymore very much the time. Even positive stress is stress. It eats up a lot of energy that I would rather use creating what I want, need and desire, right?  

So this guidance system, Esther Hicks Abraham teachings, feeling guidance system. It’s a chart and it shows you when you’re in these. These emotions, you’re in a downward spiral and when you’re in these emotions, you’re in an upward spiral. These are energetic frequencies. You know what else wastes a lot of energy, your money stories. I see it all the time when people start telling me their money stories and any of their stories.  

They are amplified with a motion and they’re going out there. Then that’s what you’re creating. The universe does not respond to your words, writing 100 times I have, I am, I do, I’mbeing. That works when it is coupled with this. The universe responds to your feelings, your emotions, your energy in motion. Going out and impressing itself on the field. Let this land.

One huge thing you want and need to do if you’re doing this work is getting control of your emotions. I tell my clients now, that I literally cannot afford the luxury of a negative thought, especially one for any amount of time. I’m very human. I still get into him, but now I know the cost.  

I make sure I really want to have that hissy fit or I really want to get really angry. Then I want to turn it around because I don’t want to create more of it. I don’t want to drain my energy. I am in constant creation mode. Now I’m always creating. I talked to you yesterday about not getting into the starting and stopping energy, the starting and stopping energy.  

You will learn to make this more and more seamless in your life. Telling those money stories starts wasting your energy-draining, leaking, but then also being amplified if those triggers and those stories. Then the universe has no choice to bring you more of that because whatever you say is, is. When is that desire stopping, catch it and stop it, catch it and stop it,  do the work. Go back to your desire.  

You have a choice point at every moment. Every choice you make moves you either toward or away from what you desire. Go back to your desire because wherever there is a desire, a way has already been made. You don’t want to get pulled into those downward spirals. First, they derail you, then they keep you frozen, paralyzed, stuck in confusion.  I have a lot to say about confusion. You can find it everywhere when I’m talking about stuff because confusion is a real emotion but it’s also a coping mechanism and defense mechanism. It does not serve you if you’re staying in confusion for any amount of time. It does not serve you and you’ve got to get really honest with that.  

Now here’s another universal principle when you’re consciously creating, leave the how’s to the universe. Please leave the how’s to the universe. The more you can do this, the universe’s divine intelligence bird’s eye view of everything all power omniscient weaves a whole tapestry. You do your part and then the universe does the heavy lifting.  

The Universe connects the dots. The universe does it’s part when you learn to leave the how’s to the universe when you don’t limit. I would have people come to me and they’d say, I need more money. So I made a list. Okay, I need more money. So either I’m gonna have to ask for a raise or my husband is going to need to get a better job or we’re gonna have to see about taking out a loan. Gosh, I might have to sell something I don’t know if I can even afford my car anymore.  

Do you desire another job? Do you desire raise a new job? Do you desire to get rid of your car if you desire it? Okay. But if you go to the universe with this, you’re limiting. The universe is up there like why had all these other ways to bring you money. If you say it has to be this, that’s what we’re working with.  

The universe can surprise and delight you in every turn. In fact, I say that mantra all the time. Universe surprise to delight me. My clients love it because they use it now. They’ve learned to say it. You expect it. You have positive expectation and the universe then surprises and delight you in all kinds of ways. Once I started leaving the how’s to the universe, yes. Sometimes spirits showed me my job wasn’t aligned anymore, or I should sell my car or I should look at what my husband is doing for money, but only if those came in inspired, not triggered, or not out of my mind.  


Remember, your mind is a computer. It can only go back to what it already knows. But that has to work for you. You’re gonna stretch and grow to create new things. You’re gonna stretch and grow that’s why they feel uncomfortable and inconvenient. Sometimes why you don’t want to see and hear the opportunity, or you say no to the opportunity because if you were already a match to it, you would already have it. When you leave the how’s to the universe, you get clear on the essence and your desires and not how.  

The universe can bring you jobs that you can’t even realize. You can’t even imagine how they exist.  It can bring you money from unexpected sources that happens to me all the time. It happens to my clients and my students. I love hearing it. This is how it works. You create living breathing creations, you co-create with spirit. You set your intentions. You handle those counter intentions that are trying to come in that little voice that is trying to come in. If it’s strong enough, it creates stuff that you don’t want need, or desire. But you open your eyes and you notice what you notice. You pay attention to all of it and you focus.

Gather up that creative energy. You don’t let anything stop it. You discover the resistance. You’ve discovered the stories. You discover what you think is in the way. Then you shift. Then you take new third dimensional, aligned inspired action. You build your belief and you hold it no matter what until you have it and you hold it and you don’t create new money stories.


You hold it and you don’t let your mind run the show. You hold it and you manage your energy. You master your emotions. You start watching the feedback and you get a handle on anything. That’s not what you want need and desire and you amplify your joy. Yes, I love that. Thank you for that. I want more and you invoke the law of repetition. Send me more than a match to that and you hold the energy. Do you see where your responsibility is for your energy management if you allow yourself to dip up and down and read the evidence and makeup stories. It gets a lot harder. That’s why I’ve said I’ve learned when I can get in the way.  

My job is to hold my frequency and ride the whole way that I can ride the wave for months now. I’ve been talking to you about it. I talked about it a lot in my earlier podcasts in February. I wrote a really long way. I manifested so many outrageous incredible things that were my desires, not just needs and wants. They all came in because I became such a match for them.

The universe responds to your feelings and your frequency. Your feelings hold frequency. They can be measured. You’re either gonna go in the downward, spiral or the upward spiral which emotions are you amplifying on a daily? I talked about this yesterday. I’ll talk about it again that you get into this place where those emotions become addicting.  

Your brain is so used to them. Your brain wants more of them and creates the chemicals. I could get addicted to anger. Some people could get addicted to fear. Mine is like righteous anger not like being angry at people but that’s not right. They’re getting away with it. Somebody did me wrong. Somebody has to pay. I didn’t get what I need. I had a real addiction to that righteous anger. It didn’t always serve me because I can step out of that. Get in the upward, spiral and create what I want need and desire.  

You become addicted. You can become addicted to nobody wants what I have. I’m always the black sheep. I will never find the stories and listen to them. I had a client who told me with such conviction last night in a mastermind meeting we were in. I had to point it out. She didn’t even realize I can feel energy and read energy and manage energy. She said with such conviction, “I’m 54 years old. I don’t believe I can ever change this”. Oh my goodness, 54 years old. What’s even more important is that she’s holding that belief and that belief’s energy hit me so strongly that I see why her intentions are not working. That counter intention is too powerful.  

She feeds it and she feeds it and she tells it to people. I felt it. You’ve got to get the triggering and the energy out of those. I did tell her by the way something I love that I found out before I was in my mid-50s and that is that Louise Hay created Hay House starting at age 56. She healed herself from cancer with a death sentence. She started Hay House at 56.

I have clients multiple times not just once in their 60s and in their 70s. I had a client I love I’ll just tell her because she’s popping in my head. 72 years old, she was a nun in a monastery for 33 years. When she contacted me, she said when you leave the monastery, you leave with nothing.  


Now she wanted to use her gifts in a different way, at 72 years old. She built a thriving spiritual business that’s still thriving. 50s, 60s, 70s, I have clients coming to me some early 80s. Think about it. Think about my client as long as she holds that story the universe has to honor it. That’s not a story I would want the universe to honor.  


So you make your clear ask. You leave the how’s to the universe. You go up the spiral. You manage your energy and you master your emotions. You do your part. You hold the vision of the essence of what you want, need, and desire. You positively expected me to show up for you. You don’t engage in anything like money stories. That takes you down a downward spiral. You don’t limit by telling the universe how.  


You manage your energy so you don’t get derailed. You learn to stay in that high vibration when you do that.  A lot of this, other work becomes faster and easier or unnecessary. You learn to read all the feedback. Remember, what I told you, especially in the beginning, until you’re doing this hygiene work on a regular basis, clearing the mental, emotional clutter and managing your energy, and mastering your emotions. What shows up first, can be what needs to be cleared, healed, and resolved for you to allow and receive everything you’re asking for.  

The universe is saying you can’t take that with you. It’s not going to serve you. Energetically, you can’t take that with you. It’s the feedback. What’s unconscious that is driving your bus. You got to understand it. All of it is yours. If you can desire it, it’s yours. Then this piece where you create a vision of the life you want to be living. I built my entire business. I’ve had this business 15 years. I learned along the way.  

Now I teach my clients and students to build this business by creating a vision of the life you want to be living. Then create a business or work if you don’t want your own business that supports and sustains it. Be a conscious creator of your experience and believe it’s possible. I can give you 1000s of examples. I know it’s possible.  

I’ve served hundreds of private clients. I’ve taught hundreds of students that I’ve reached with my work and my teaching. 1000s of people. I’ve learned to live in this constant creation mode. I also know when I get my own stuff or my bumps in the road because they’re never gone. Forever.  

We’re still here learning. I’ve also created a business where I walk through the fires and then turn around. I help other people with it. So even that all of it is me living my journey and turning around and helping others and that’s what I help other people with.  You do your part and the universe doing its part.  

Remember you can go to workingforspiritpodcast.com and get that training I did in February for free. You can get all of this training in Instagram. Those of you who are on now, a piece of it went out earlier, but you can get all of this and the other four days of it. This is day five on workingforspiritpodcast.com. I did an experiment with this.  


I’ve done experiments all along but I did an experiment where I declared a year of yes in 2015. I wasn’t getting the results yet that I wanted. I saw that I needed to do some quantum leaping and some big energy shifting. I needed to break through some patterns and some fears and fast-aligned inspired action will do that. This was scary but I declared it publicly.

I was in a mastermind with a coach at the time and I was serving a community and I said I declared this my year of yes. Want to ever shake things up what that meant was? I said I will say yes to every opportunity that shows up. I will say yes and I knew some would be inconveniently uncomfortable,  seem illogical and expensive.  

I would say yes for an entire year. That year, I went from never having made $50,000 a year in my life to breaking through that $50,000 barrier doubling my income and crossing the six-figure line in my business. I spoke on a stage in Las Vegas in front of 1000 people. I wrote my first book,  I’d been sitting on for years had it published. I had a signature talk,  wient out speaking on stages with my book. My book brought me clients. I went on an entrepreneurial-led trip to Africa and I went to spiritual retreats.

I had experienced everything opened up to me more and more and more.So now when you hear my manifesting stories over the last nine months that you’ll hear all over my podcast and all over my stuff. That was another year of yes but now I pretty much live that way. I have learned to trust myself. Trust spirit and trust the process. I’ve learned to do all that. Thank you for the claps and fire. I see you there.  

Thank you for showing up and supporting me. So where are you not saying yes? You don’t have to jump right into a year of Yes, but I’ll tell you what, that shook me up. I have never gone back to under 50,000 a year. I’ve never gone back into those old habits and patterns. It also healed some stuff with my children, my parents, and my siblings and it made my marriage better. All of it.  

My health, my money, my love, my life, my work, other people. You become a blessing. There’s a double blessing. You’re blessed as you’re being a blessing. I had a mentor I’ve been working with recently who really showed me about the double blessing and also a desire-led life. Why not? You can trust your desires. Why not? The more I’ve lifted desire-led life so many people show..

Many people never take any action on what they say they want most. Then they wonder why they don’t have it. So many people learn to use pain as a motivator. I stopped that. I use pleasure. I always move toward pleasure. Now I really don’t have to get into pain because I’m not using pain as a motivator. Some of you still are. Let’s get really honest. I hope all this excites you and inspires you. If you’ve missed any of the days you want to go catch it on Instagram Live or Facebook Live. Connect with me on Facebook.  

In between these training series. I’m there every day, feeding my community and engaging with my community. If you want to talk to me more about how I can best help you, send me a private message. Go to my workingforspiritpodcast.com . Listen to the February training on manifesting what you want, need, and desire. Your part and the universe’s part. Then get all five days of Drop your Money Story and Fund the life of your dreams. This is about moving forward in all areas of your life. Making a decision. Own it 100%, holding the vision and managing your energy and mastering your emotions as part of holding the vision and holding the energy.

Then executing it M.O.V.E.  Make a decision. Now own it 100% that means no self doubting. No second-guessing, no starting and stopping. No telling your money stories. No stepping in and out one foot in one foot out.  

Make a decision. Own it 100%. Vision every day, spend five minutes in the essence of it. Then execute, take inspired aligned action. All of this. I thank you all for showing up today. This week, last week, for all the days of this training and showing up in my community and in my world. If you’re new to it, welcome. There’s so much more here for you.  

When I named this Drop your Money Story and Fund the Life of your Dreams, it’s a promise and I stand by it. I first created it two years ago and it was by far one of the most wanted and most popular training. So I brought it back because I’ve just exponentially magnified what I taught two years ago over the past nine months.  

All of it is on my podcast workingforspiritpodcast.com. Also, go to metaphysicalupgrade.com so that you can find out by training for me and sign up. Get the dates on your calendar and be ready I’m so excited. In the meantime, I’m on Instagram, I’m on Facebook. You can private message me. Thank you so much for showing up and I will see you all soon.