Drop Your Money Story Day One

Hello and welcome. I am so glad to have all of you here. Today I have a Zoom Room open, so some people are joining me live. I’m also live on Facebook Live and Instagram Live. So, Hello from all these different places.

Those who are in the Zoom Room have been able to come in here because they registered at metaphysicalupgrade.com. You are here at Drop your Money Story and Fund the Life of Your Dreams. This is a five-day free training series. I have to tell you all I was very inspired to do this series.

I’ve just come back from some traveling myself. It’s the perfect time. I’ve had a lot of creating and manifesting going on very recently and over this journey, I’ve been on over the past nine months. I have not done this training on the past two years. This is the first time I’m doing this free training again from two years ago and this was by far one of the most popular that people showed up for. So I’m so excited to share this with you again.

I’ll be here every day, this week, and in all three of these places you’d be getting more information at metaphysicalupgrade.com. I’m working on the technology you’re letting people into the metaphysical upgrade.com. Hello Instagram Live and Facebook Live as well.

So let’s get started. This is day one of a five-day journey. I have manifested so much in the past two years in so many different areas of my life. When I did this training two years ago, I felt like I had just come through another big uplevel. This process the way I break this down for you because we’re working with universal law universal principles law of attraction, your energy, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs.

All these big pieces and this has to become for you at some time, a way of living and a way of being. I didn’t get to all this instantly. I’ve gotten to where I have instant manifestation show up. I’m going to teach you about my Mantra. Universe surprised and delight me, and it really does.

At the same time, I want you to realize you have to start learning to be impeccable with your energy, the way you live, what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing, how you are being, and how that aligns and lines up with what you desire. Then learning to work within the universal laws.

God, Spirit source created the universe as a defined intelligent being. Universal laws are the laws of the universe that hold it all together so that we can be physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. In the same way, when we come and live on earth, there are laws of gravity and all kinds of other laws that are in existence whether you believe them or not.

I have found the same to be true about the law of attraction which I have learned then to come out into all the universal laws. I turned my life into an experiment with the Law of Attraction back in 2003. It’s been an incredible journey that led me to quit my career as a therapist to start my own business so I could do things the way I was called and the way I wanted.

I have had my business now for 15 years and it has continued to grow and evolve as I have. What I’ve also created is finally a life of freedom, money freedom, and time freedom, those are both very important to me. Even more important though, is to be able to have the spiritual journey of my dreams and to have the life with my family and my friends, my children, now my new grandbaby. All of that without money making my decisions.

I had a mentor who taught me long ago.  I’m so glad because financial freedom for me was always how much money do I need this? How much money if it were in my bank account when I then have financial freedom? One of my mentors who’s my coach and mentor right now, financial relaxation. My mentor told me financial freedom is not how much money you have anywhere in these places at any time. It’s knowing how to create all the money you want and need when you want and need it.

All of these things I’m going to be bringing together for you in these five days as fully as I can and putting them into this five-step system. At the same time, this is work that I do ongoing with my clients and my students. If you feel called to explore how I can help you with that, you can send me a private message on Facebook or Instagram or go to my website, michellebarr.com, or workingforspirit.com.

You’ll be able to find all that out with this money freedom, time freedom, finance, relaxation, having the spiritual journey of your dreams, basically living life your way, doing life your way with epic results. That’s what I’ve created for myself over the past two decades, and especially the past 15 years.

I have not been employed by anyone else by my own choice since 2006. This works and remember what I’m sharing with you. There are things you can do right now, every day of this five-day training series. I’m going to be giving you things to do now. This also starts becoming a way you walk through the world because some of the things that I have manifested that are huge are desires I set out years ago.

You can go on my YouTube channel, my Facebook, my Instagram, read my books, all of that and find all these manifestation stories.  My best manifestation stories are when I get to tell my friends, you can’t make this shit up. That’s the life you started living. “Oh my gosh, again, you can’t make this shit up”. It just keeps happening and happening. Some of those designers were out there and I wasn’t ready to receive or allow what I was asking for.

I wouldn’t have known what to do with it. I was resisting it. I wasn’t open to it. Remember universal law says “Ask and it is given”. This is found in every sacred text for a reason. Ask it is given. It is given immediately. Our action is not how we created, our inspired and aligned action is how we receive and allow what is already there in the field for us. We have to bring it into the third dimension.

Here’s another piece, you always have to go first.  Spirit can not impede on your free will. So we have to start right now by getting clear on your desire and learning how to make it clear ask is one of the biggest things people come to me and they kept themselves in confusion.

Confusion is a survival mechanism. A defense mechanism will not serve you there’s always a way out of another universal law that I stand by, that I use to guide my life in my business. Every single day is wherever there is a desire a way has already been made.

Sit here with me and let that land because when I first try to hear it and I was like “okay, I want to believe it. I want to hear it. Yes. Okay”. But I wasn’t sure and now I am, 100%.  Count on it. 100%. When I share with you, I’ve gone ahead of you. I’ve tested it out before I never bring it to you. I have called this training Drop your Money Story and Fund the Life of your Dreams because the money stories are the biggest thing. Your stories in general, they’re what gets in your way there what locks all your greatness there.

What keeps your desires from coming to that alert to catch them and get rid of them? I did it in March and now in February two months ago. I did a five-day training series. I’m doing them almost every single month, so you can always find them at metaphysicalupgrade.com. You can find the last series was all about manifestation and it’s at workingforspiritpodcast.com. You can find all of that there. It’s also all on YouTube for you now.

Along on YouTube, there’s some Drop your Money Story from two years ago. There’s more here now because in the past two years so much more has happened. So I’m giving you a lot of pieces and the way I’ve worked when I work with people, it’s giving you information. At the same time, I’m transmitting energy and I’ve letting it all land. So your mind is picking up things and your energy is picking up things. Some of it will keep working on doing some of it you’re ready to hear it some of it you might not be.

But just come open and let it land and receive the information and the energy that is coming with it.  These stories, these money stories. I was a therapist before I was a coach. In therapy, it serves a purpose. It’s still great. I have a lot of clients who stay in therapy. Then they want to also add coaching and some want to leave therapy. Then, people, I know love being a therapist. It just wasn’t a fit for me anymore because I do so much better as a coach I can serve so much better.

As a therapist, people paid me often for long periods of time, every single week sometimes and they told me their stories. We’ve witnessed their stories, we’ve heard their stories, but we weren’t able in a lot of ways to move them completely out of those stories. I saw a lot of people staying a victim and re-victimizing and labeling and living within those labels. Because energetically, this is another universal principle. Whatever you say is, is 100%.

Standby this now myself, the hundreds of clients, the 1000s of people I’ve worked with it serve the coaches. I haven’t been without a coach since 2009. Whatever you say is, is. So when you’re telling these stories and when you’re in your stories, remember you are triggered when you’re telling these stories, your triggered. So they have a lot of emotion and motion in both motion plus your desires.

Your thoughts feelings and beliefs are what go out and interact with the field and create in the third dimension where we’re living. All of your results. Everything in your life right now is feedback both what you think is the positive and the negative. When I look at it, I can instantly show you and tell you what showing up. I can see the patterns, you’re playing out patterns. You’re playing out core issues and when you could get rid of them. Everything will shift I’ve been doing this. I know, I trust in it.

As a coach I had to first learn in helping my clients and students not to fall into your money stories, because they’re stories of whatever you say is, is. Yet I know wherever a desire

a way has already been made. These play out against each other until you learn to work with them.

People coming not clear on your desires are clear on your desire and in the next breath. Why you can’t have it shouldn’t have it? Never could have it before all of those things. But remember, if you’re waiting on God or Spirit, you’ll keep waiting. Spirit cannot impede on your free will. You have to make a decision. Own it 100%.  Take an inspired aligned third-dimensional real-world action that activates and then spirit will rush in to meet you.

Go all the way back to thinking Grow Rich, the Science of Success,  all the way for Bob Proctor. Jack Canfield, Dr. Joe Vitale, Lisa Nichols all those people from the secret Dr. Joe Dispenza. I’ve studied with a lot of them. Some of them have been beloved mentors for me. They’re all saying this. You’ve got to learn to work within these laws and you’ve got to learn the action piece. That’s my absolute wheelhouse. Taking a mind and inspired action, moving people out of the stuckness, the paralyzed, the fear, and the frozen,  frozen that they’re stuck in.

Today, we’re beginning day one of this five-day process that I am helping you learn all this with. Today’s word is discover. We’re going to have to discover where we have money blocks where we’re falling in holes. You by showing up here and participating are being invited to discover where you have money blocks, where you’re falling in holes, where you’re staying in the ditch, where you’re writing and telling yourself money stories that are not serving you because you have these money stories. Remember universal laws I told you says whatever you say is, is. It has to act out the money stories you tell. You’re triggered when you’re in the money story.

So they amplify and they create bigger than anything else. You can write 100 affirmations in a journal and it won’t work on its own. That’s why I’ve called this Drop your Money Story and Fund the life of your Dreams. It’s a big promise. Yet it’s something I’ve been able to do consistently, sustainably, and profitably for years now.

So I am able to help you do it as well. I want to keep sharing with you right now. Everything I say to you is an invitation to discover. I’m going to invite you this week to look to pay attention to your money, to catch yourself in the stories. I’m teaching you how to do this.

So the first thing I want you to do right now is your part, this is your homework. You’re gonna come up with a money number.  I want it to stretch you. You’re going to create this amount of money this week. What you can do in a day, in a week, you can do in a month and then you can do in a year, and then backwards to where I started using this to learn how to turn my yearly money goal into a monthly money goal and a weekly money goal then it can be a daily money goal.

So I want you to come up with a number that will stretch you because you’re still training your brain to believe and you’re still building a body of evidence. You’ve got to work with the physical and with your mind and your emotions. All of this. You have to flip this. This is something Wayne Dyer said. People always say I believe it when I see it. It’s standard and you hear it you may even have grown up with it. Show me and then I’ll believe it. When in fact from a universal law of perspective and an energetic perspective and even a brain perspective. You will see it when you believe it. The belief has to come first. Because opportunities I was asking for and opportunities were showing up and I could not see them because I could not believe they were there for me.

I had excuses why they weren’t for me or not for me right now where I couldn’t see him at all because here’s the other thing. When those opportunities start showing up, especially at first until you work with this more. They’re uncomfortable. They are inconvenient. I can promise you. Sometimes they’re expensive, and they’re illogical. So the short game is I want to teach you how to do this right now.

The long game is I want to teach you how to live this so you can consistently do it and get the big payoffs. I just created for myself this year of financial windfall, which is life-changing and game-changing.  I had to finally become a vibrational match to it. But it could only come to me because of things I have been doing Spirit lead for 15 years. I can trace it back, to every decision every inspired and aligned action.I want you to really get that. It’s both, it’s now and it’s the long game because, in short term, Spirit has been able to give me some really cool things.

But now in the long game, Spirit is bringing me life-changing money, a home of my dreams that I never could even fully believe that I could have trips, experiences. All of these things the business of my dreams, the travel with the business of my dream. So you will see it when you believe it. You’ve got to work on your beliefs.

Come up with a number that either is a true need you have right now today, this week, this month, or a number that pops into your head. Money loves a decision, a place to go and speed. Money loves when you pay attention to it. I also used to be someone I was very right-brained, and I was bad in math.  I don’t need that deep in a story to tell myself but I always believed I was bad at math. Therefore I would not understand money. But there was a time if you would have told me I wouldn’t be a well-known business and money coach.

I would have said you were not so yet here I am in my second book is all about it. I was good at it. So I used to be like, I’m not going to look at my checkbook. I’m not going to look at my bank account. Oh no. Now it’s overdrawn. Now I’ll figure out what to do. I don’t want to look at where there’s not money. It’s not coming in and instead I had to do the opposite. I got a planner that has those squares or you know you have the planner like a paper planner. I use a calendar online for most everything because it’s all my phone and my computer but I got a paper a year of a calendar with the squares and for a time I tracked every penny that came in every day and some days it was zero.

A lot of days it wasn’t a lot but it grew and grew because I paid attention every single day. Every penny that came to me. Then every week I added it up and every month I added it up. Then I came up with my average monthly money coming in both for my business but all the money because here’s the thing when you step in and you provide your true value to the world, spirit can bring you the money in all different ways. It doesn’t have to come from that. But you have to show up. Your bank account is not reflecting to you your value intrinsically.

You are a precious child of God. You exist on the planet. You’re here, you have value. It’s reflecting you the percentage of the value you came here with that you’re actually putting out into the world. The more I do that, the more money and everything else flows to me from all different sources.

I really want you to get that and start getting honest. What is inside of you that you have reasons that you are not putting it out in the world now. You will be rewarded for that. So you’re going to come up with this number.

You’re going to write it down somewhere. If you have one of those calendars, you’re going to track it and you’re going to see what amount of money. I also want you to realize in the beginning, there’s a wobble. I have gotten to where every time I said I need $5,000 in new money this month coming in. Then I say where’s the wobble? Because you’re gonna have a wobble.

So if you get to the end of a week from now, and the full amount hadn’t come in, pay attention to every dollar that’s come in every penny that’s come in, and all the stuff that comes up because that’s what we have to clear, heal, and resolve for all the money to come in. What you’re going to start doing is creating stories “oh that Michelle Barr yeah easy for her to say”. Look there again someone else is doing it. It doesn’t work for me. Story, story, story now your story in the universe has to your turn and start letting you live your stories. Do you see this?

You have total control over this. Anything that shows up in my world? I am on it. I am on it now. I catch those stories I catch myself when I’m telling them so as soon as you set this money goal, you’re going to start paying attention to opportunities that show up everywhere and to money that’s wanting to come in that you can allow and receive.

Do not turn down free lunch. Do not turn down discount. Do not turn down anything anyone is trying to give you oh you need it more. Oh I can’t take that oh I really shouldn’t or opportunities to receive and allow money. Then everything that comes up that’s getting in the way and telling stories and triggering you and keeping you from it. All the stories of why you can’t have it or why you can’t have it now or why this isn’t working again because I always, I never everyone in my family. All of these things.

Pay attention to money this week and your relationship with it.  Money is energy. It’s a renewable resource. We impress upon it what we need it to be for us and most of the time it doesn’t serve us until we learn money as energy and a renewable resource that’s here to serve us. All those people that are still saying I wish money didn’t exist and someday it won’t exist. This is across humanity. Whether it was money or something else. It represents the energetic exchange.

You’ve got to be an energetic exchange. This is for another training but it is why I stand firm with my clients and students and in my industry about no bartering, no trading. It never works. You’re telling the universe, I’m available for it. Even worse, people who are giving it away for free which is rampant in my community. It’s my soapbox. People giving it away for free and then working a job you don’t love isn’t doing what you love on nights and weekends. You didn’t come here to do your purpose on nights and weekends when you’re exhausted.

You came here to live your purpose, to be your purpose, to be in your purpose, your life purpose and your soul purpose. You have both and when you can truly step in and live them both integrated and aligned. So much magic happens. You cannot even believe it. I have coaches along the way also poking me as the good started happening to me. This could happen for some of you. You’ve gotten very comfortable. I have a client working through this right now. I can have this much.

But if I had this much while the people in my world have this much I wouldn’t judge. People will think I’m selfish or greedy. Why do I need more? Why do I want more? You might stop yourself and my coaches kept saying how good are you willing to let it get? Then you can choose what to give away. But from a full well, I help people more now. But it’s not giving my services for free.

It’s helping people in a philanthropic way. I do all kinds of things. I have my charities and my philanthropies and I regularly get money.  I’ve created foundations in my community to give money, but that’s different than giving money or free readings or free coaching or whatever it is or let you sit my class for free and also because I’ve built a business where people pay me at the level of the value I’m providing.

I can show up here for five days free and feed you all for free because it’s built into my business. There’s a structure for it. The biggest shift I’m going to teach you right now is a big one for me is when you are confronted and presented with a retreat is a good one because I’ll see a retreat back in the day. Now I go to everything. If it’s a full body.

Yes, and it cost me I’m going and I’m creating new money for it. We’ll talk more about that this week. I used to say and people say to me all the time, I really want to go or I really want to do that but I don’t have the money. I can’t afford it. That is a knee-jerk reaction. You get triggered now you’re in thoughts, beliefs, and feelings.

You have invoked emotions, telling the universe what is and you’re negating wherever there’s a desire a way has already been made. I learned and this has been lifetime changing and game-changing, life-changing. This is about your energy management and emotional mastery.

You’ve got to take 100% responsibility. You gotta take control of this. I never say I cannot afford that or I don’t have the money. I don’t even say I don’t see how I could do that. If it’s a desire and a full body. Yes and it’s for me, I say “I am creating new money for this and then I start watching for the opportunities”. I do everything. That’s my part. That training I told you to go to workingforspirit podcast.com.

My last five-day training was all about manifesting your part and the universe’s is part. So go back and get that because this is what I’m referring to right now. I start doing my part and the universe does its part. Now, here is a big trip up that people do to themselves. It’s a pitfall.

The money comes in it doesn’t always come in all at once. One time I had to create $7,500 for something that felt huge. At the same time, I knew I had to do it for my business and for the uplevel. I can’t even tell you how much it paid off.

I have those stories you can go to that workingforspirit podcast.com. Just look at my episode about my Dr. Joe Vitale story because I don’t want to take the time to tell it again right now. The one thing I did to create that new money when at that time $7,500 was humongous for me. I did it. The payoff  could be a million , could be 100,000. But again, I did think step by step. That’s a great episode that Dr. Joe Vitale story, because it’ll show you things I did for years and said yes to that led to all the things that came of it.

Even when you don’t know why you’re doing the things, you’re doing with their spirit-led and they’re aligned, they’re inspired. Do them every time. The one thing my clients will tell you I teach them is aligned inspired action immediately as soon as it shows up. That’s something Dr. Joe Vitale taught me when I thought I was already doing well.

So the big Pitfall, the first 500 came in. Now people goes wow, okay, all of it didn’t come in, but 500 showed up. In that first 500 showed up quick. It’s 500, I was pretty good at allowing and receiving at that time.

Then your mind says wow, I need new tires are the car broke down and these things will actually start happening as you’re creating the money. If wanting to do your stories is something like I can only use this money for things I need or every time I’m going to pay for something I want. I end up having to the money has to go to an emergency. Those are stories. That’s energy and you create it. I can  show you why and how and I stand by it 100%.  I immediately set that $500 as a deposit to them and every penny of new money that came in because I said I’m creating new money for this.

I did not say I can’t afford it. I said all the money I have, I’m creating new money. All the money I have right now is earmarked for other things. Never did I tell a story. I don’t have it, I can’t afford it. The truth is some coaches use this and it’s effective. It doesn’t work well with me. But some version of if someone in your family needed an emergency service right this minute surgery if someone was being held for a ransom of all things or if you needed $7,500 right now.

It was important enough you would find. It’s true. So, the problem is the money starts coming in. You have asked spirit you’ve asked her for the money, the new money comes in and now you get back into your old patterns and habits your scarcity lack poverty. This money has shown up above and beyond what you’re planning for. Above your paycheck, above whatever is coming in and what you’re expecting.

You have to honor your agreement with spirit and put it toward what you asked for. You have to and at first sometimes this will trip people up every penny of new money that came in and it came in from all kinds of places. Every penny until that 7500 was that. I gave myself 90 days I turned it to an experiment. You can see it on my YouTube. I gave myself 90 days and I did it live in front of my community. I created it in 8 weeks. It works. So that’s another one when you start working with this you have to be impeccablewith your word,  impeccable with your energy.

You cannot be splitting your energy. The universe is neutral. It responds to your vibration and your frequency. So you’re going to pay attention to your money this week. You’re going to set your money, the intention of what money you want to bring it in the next week. If you’re gonna have a place for it to go, if you have a true need start there. If you don’t have a true need right now, think of somewhere you want it to go if you go in a travel bucket, it can go towards something. But you see I want to come back to this because my tickets coming back that was not a true need  what I was creating that $7,500 for.  If I had not done it, no one in my family would be hurt. Nothing would happen to me there’d be no negative consequences at the moment.

But in hindsight, that was some years ago, five or more years ago. Everything in my business, my money, my life, relationships, my clients, all of that I could not have known. I just knew I had to do it.  It was spirit-led. It was inspired and alive. I did it every penny. I created new money and I honored my agreement. Spirit brought it you’ve also got a hold of your energy. I couldn’t let myself go 500 payment I’m never going to make the 7500.

If I got the past 90 days,  I would still be holding the energy and the ask and the desire until I had it. It just been I had more to clear there was too much bobble for it to get to me that quickly. But it came eight weeks instead of 90 days because I’ve done a lot of work on this. So imagine that amount of money. Now it’s created comes in. Now we use my Mantra, this is an experiment. Get excited.

Even if you really need money and you’re in a place of true need. I cannot wait to see how Spirit brings this money to me. I cannot wait to see while things will happen. They happen to me. They happen to my clients, my friends, my colleagues, when we do this universe surprise and delight me and get excited. That’s higher energy.

How is the universe gonna raise this money? I had a colleague just last week we work regularly together on this. She needed. She had a true need and it was a big amount of money. It came so out of left field. We were breathless when it showed up when she needed it. This is a good thing when it did to show up in her business. But she did everything she knew to do with all the values she had. Then it showed up.

My mentor taught me that about financial freedom is speaking to create all the money you want and need when you want and need it. Also, same mentor where there is a desire a way has already been made. My coach and mentor that I’m with now that I mentioned to you. She studied with a other mentor of mine who taught me these things. So she was able to uphold that you want a mentor that just is not going to just teach you what you need now, but that can uphold these pieces if you’re looking to live and work and be and do and have in this way that lives that she lives in. I live it so there’s an important piece of me investing in myself to be in her energy uplevel beyond what she told me strategically and coaching and even the principles that the guidance she gave me.

I  step into the energy uplevel. She was a huge stretch for me by the way. So I felt really called to do this training for you all again because as much as I work on this when she showed up and spirit said here’s your next step. It’ll get you everywhere. I had some money stories. She and I did a podcast together her name’s Gina Devee. She’s on my podcast episode, and I’m on hers Divine Living Podcast. I talk all about it.

Go get those and listen, because we can laugh now. I had a big money story. It wouldn’t have been devastating on the other side of it if I’d left that money story hold me. Instead what I created was a million times beyond literally. It’s going to stretch and grow you though especially at first. Now I’m more comfortable with the stretching and growing my whole journey with Gina Devee and to be over the past nine months.

Hiring her as my coach was the biggest stretch I’ve ever made and it gave me the biggest rewards. The reason it stretch and grow you is because you’re not yet a match to it that wobbles in there. If you are already a match to it, you would already happen. You have to shift energetically. So today, day one discover, I want you to also realize that another important piece so you’re really this week and today because I’m breaking this down into five days.

I’m going to give you five steps that you can also take each step and do it for a week or a month when I’m teaching this with my clients and students. I’ve given you a left a screenshot. But this is something.  I do it over and over every time I come back what do I need to discover? What do I need to shift on and on and on through those five steps you’re gonna get this week.

There’s a difference. I want you to see if when you’re triggered and it’s a Money Story. I have a good example, there was a cruise. The minute I saw the cruise it was a full-body yes for me. I knew I needed to go.

I started my process to create the money for it. I didn’t have new  money at the time. I knew I’m just doing it. I told some friends. Some of my friends were on board they all want to go and we have this little trio of three really good friends and two of us were so full body. Yes. So on. We’re making it happen.

We told the one other friend that we were excited and she was not at all triggered. So this difference. She knew it was just not for her. She checked in she wasn’t called to it even though two of her really good friends were going but there was no triggering. I know there was not a money story. She was not inside. Oh, I want to know but my friends can afford it and I can’t. It was not where she wanted to put her money. She was creating some other big things. When she told us there was no trigger. That’s different than a Money Story. That’s not for me.

I have no desire that’s not calling to me right now. Sometimes I see things that I need to get from it. Should I be jumping on this? No, but it’s not. It’s when you have desire and resistance, especially high desire and high resistance. So you could check in. But my  clients would come  by money stories, catch the stories this week that you are telling yourself, catch any time that you’re making yourself a victim.

Here’s another one, I want you but more than that I need to start paying attention to how you talk and how you feel about people with money. In my industry and in my world, especially in the whole coaching, personal development transformation healing, it extends out. Everybody entrepreneurs with their own business, especially we’re selling intangibles not always products but services.

All of it applies. What you think feel and say about what people are charging? In your world every day you charge whether you choose whether to go to Dollar Store Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, Macy’s,  Dillards choose whether to go to Kia I’ve gone to all of them to get way out of Mercedes, Lexus, BMW at any time.

You don’t have to do any one of them. But what are your feelings about people? Who are charging? I told you the coaching world. There’s a huge difference in what people charge and it’s all got to be okay. There’s a difference in that coach is not for me. I don’t want to pay that right now or I just don’t want that coach. That is awful that coaches charging that.

Why do people charge and even worse in the intuitive space especially late? Why are people charging for their gifts? If you want to see my soapbox fly out from under this desk right now? That’s the one I talked about it all over you can go to my YouTube, my Facebook Live Instagram, all of it. How you talk with feel about people with money.

Where do you judge I found people that there’s a certain limit like they’re it’s fascinating to me? We’re gonna finish up here in a minute we’re almost at the hour. But notice this, there are people are even comfortable within my world because I’m in a big world of entrepreneurship. It’s even like a million, a few million that all these people lash out at the billionaires. It was rampant for a few years.

Why are those billionaires they have too much money if they would give their money to X, Y, Z. I could go on and on with this. There’s so much I have to say about it but I just want you to get the point. Really see at what point are you saying you can charge this but don’t charge this or you can have this much money but not this much money? Because even somebody running, making six figures in an entrepreneurial business and online business like you see it all the time.

They’re charging the business costs, they have staff, they’re cheap, they’re doing this full time so they can fully be present. I don’t hire people who are doing this on nights and weekends. In my healing and transformation. I want them full-time doing it unless they’re call to do other work. Then doing this see again that’s a difference in triggered and money stories are what your purpose.

Everyone has a different I have some clients who’ve done wonderful building a business and working in a job planning for their retirement. It all has to be what fits in what’s right for you. But that fascinated me all of a sudden when it came to the billionaires, what they’re doing with their money and suddenly that’s too much.

You are willing to do what they were willing to do get there. I know there is corporate, there is corruption. It’s why I’m unemployable. I cannot work for other people anymore because I used to go into those places.. Instead of doing my job, I would cover all that so I’m not naive about that. But why don’t they have the same right to have what they created.

The other people say some of them but they’re not good people or they’re not heart centered or they’re not spiritual. They’re not about healing the planet. But don’t reach that’s working for them is because they don’t have their stories. They have believe that they’re living with the universal laws. How powerful that those of us are heart-centered and spiritual and healing and transformational agents and have so much to offer to get that kind of money in our hands in our communities.

You can only do that by not being triggered by it, doing it, seeing it and having it. You will never allow yourself to be able to do it in habit if you’re judging other people. So those are what you really got to catch. You are living in patterns of your own choosing this fact and 100% personal responsibility I’m going to close up with this.

You are living in patterns of your own choosing and choosing environments that support them. Think about that. You are living in patterns of your own choosing and choosing environments that support them. Discover where you’re using money as an excuse and where you’re falling into your money stories.

Even where you’re falling into the money stories of other don’t fall into other people’s money stories or your own. So many people are using money as an excuse and exotic get really real about it because it will take you down. So go out today.

Discover your relationship with money. Discover your craft. You’re playing out with money discover the way through not honoring money. Discover the relationship you have with. Set your money goal for the week. For the extra money, you want to create. I am creating new money for this.

All the money I have is earmarked for other things. It gives it a place to go whether it is a want, a true need or a desire, whichever one it is. Make yourself right. I want you to let this all land. I want you to absorb all this you can come back to these recordings. I’m going to leave you with that. Have a great day. I’ll see you tomorrow.