Becoming A Vibrational Match to What You Desire with Gina DeVee

Hello, magnificent community! I am so excited today to be having this conversation and to introduce you to someone who has been absolutely pivotal past six months in my business, in my life, in my manifesting. I over the past few years have gotten really strong and manifesting and really good. But when this person came into my life, she really amped up my energy, my mindset, and my results over the past six months.

I have created so many amazing things that I’ve been sharing with you all. One thing that she did was she reminded me of things that I’m going to have her share with you today and talk with you about today. Then she modeled those things for me and that’s the power of having a mentor a teacher and a coach in your life.

So I want to introduce you to Gina DeVee. Let me tell you a little bit about her. Gina DeVee is the founder of divine living, a lifestyle and empowerment brand for women globally. She is the author of the audacity to be queen which I have right here. She’s an accomplished speaker, a transformational coach and a podcast host. She has the divine living podcast.

Gina says within every woman lives a queen and only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your purpose. In becoming Queen no longer must women pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable and fabulous. The world needs us to own our power, raise our standards and contribute our talents like never before. Gina DeVeei is here to lead the way.

The audacity to be queen brings together over 20 years worth of experience in transforming women’s lives through deep spiritual and feminine wisdom of Queenhood with spectacular flair, beautiful pearls of wisdom and life changing stories of unexpected triumph which I can tell you are all in there.

Gina shares steps, exercises, meditations, prayers and journal prompts to help you release all forms of self doubt and self sabotage so you can discover the best version of you. That’s what she’s helped me with as well. Looking to connect with Gina you can find her on Instagram at Gina DeVee and see all her latest offerings at divineliving.com. We will also have all of that information in our show notes for you. So welcome Gina.

Gina: Michelle, it’s so good to be here. Thanks for having me.

Michelle: I am so excited what I thought about doing in this conversation today is to pick some of the main things that you helped me remember and shift so we can share with the audience and then you can along with me talk about them.

Gina: Sounds fantastic master manifester.

Michelle: Well one of the first things that you really helped me with was the things that I was believing and acting on and how this can happen to us even when we’ve been doing this work for a while that someone comes in from the outside who is good at seeing this and others because I had things I was believing and acting on that were absolutely not true. But I had convinced myself and so I was taking action with those things playing out.

Gina: Well look at you know, we’re not the best at self reflection when we’re in our thing. And there’s just some things that we all have an unconscious part to us. So when we’ve gotten used to our own way of living. We just think that there’s certain things that we have to do or there’s certain things that are just the way they are. When we don’t challenge ourselves or investigate, is that really true. Then we miss things and we don’t see them. So, the reason why I think you saw things so quickly was because of how genuinely open you are to infinite possibility. Even though you didn’t see it yourself one initially once it was presented as a possibility you like just said very quick. Yes. And then we just saw all kinds of new things come into your life.

Michelle: It is I love you bring that part up. It is about being open to it because even though I was stuck in those things, I wasn’t rigid in them. I was able to consider and remember things that I’ve known, but it can get so real that fear can kick in. One of the areas that it kicked in, as it does for so many of us, was money. I’ve done a lot of work on money stories and money fears and I upleveled.

Yet in that moment, I knew what I needed to do to move forward and I was talking to you. Now we can laugh about it because it was just six months ago, but I had this little pocket of money. I was so afraid to let it go. One because my daughter was getting married. Now she’s getting married this Saturday, which is very exciting. So I can look back. It was like I gotta hold on to this money and not do anything because I don’t want to mess that up.

I remember you said to me, was she getting married in a few weeks? I said no next year, like eight months, and then you reminded me that money is a renewable resource and that we can create more. Then you kind of were even like, “what?”. You can create the money because what I know now is that would have kept me stuck in that and I would have been very constricted and instead, I’m going into this wedding weekend with financial relaxation and it’s a huge gift for me

Gina: You know, most of I do believe money is the biggest story on the planet. Most of us were taught scarcity around money. We were taught, well how much is that going to cost? It almost didn’t matter how much something cost. It was always going to be too expensive or not okay. Like you know, it’s like and wealthy people think about what it’s gonna cost me not to.You know, it’s like there’s, there’s a thing that most of us just weren’t trained to look at.

I come from a family. My parents were public school teachers. When money got a little tight, I remember I was in high school and there was like a call waiting arm and it was like two or $3 a month. My dad canceled the call waiting to save money. Like what was that gonna buy anyone anyways. You know, it’s like, I never knew orange juice didn’t come and concentrate like when I was in my 20s and shopping for myself. I was like, It’s $3 more people like what is happening and so it’s like the amount of time that we like to spend with that wooden spoon trying to get the orange concentrate all watered down or whatever, like.

So I think that you know, and God bless my parents and others that also weren’t taught these things. You know, if you’re listening to Michelle’s Podcast, you’re so blessed to know, universal law. Universal law means it’s for everyone. There is infinite abundance for everyone because source is infinite. Money like basically everything else is just energy. So you have to look if you’re going to stop the flow of energy.

If you’re going to stop the flow of water or stop the flow of your breath, if you’re going to hold on to any of those things, no good thing comes from. Like the breath is supposed to go in and out. The energy is supposed to go in and out. They’re supposed to be a free flow with it. When you really get that, like you said Money is a renewable resource. You’re like, “oh, okay, so this money is supposed to go out, which means more money is supposed to come in”.

Michelle: Now that I’m on the other side of it, that’s what I’m able to see. If I had held on to that little bit of money, I still feel like I would be going into this weekend worrying about money. Instead I created it over and over and over again and created what I wanted and needed. You talk a lot about desire and that was another thing. I’ve been for the past few years, working more and more to be aware of what I desire, I believe, like you do the universal law that wherever there’s a desire, a way has already been made.

Again you came in and you model for me absolute desire-led life that had me really kick it up some notches that again and again to a whole new level. So you talked about that desire-led life and following your desires. So share a little bit about that because it was a key piece and keeping me trusting following my desires.

Gina: Goodness. So there’s a frequency to everything. When there’s a frequency to different thoughts, there’s a frequency to different emotions and when we do things that we should do kind of lowers the frequency. We do things that we’re supposed to do. You can already feel the restriction of freedom. Like we’re doing it because someone else said that this was a good thing to do for someone else’s purpose.

But here we do it anyways because we’re supposed to be good people or good citizens or whatever the thing is. Desire is filled with passion. There’s a whole different frequency to passion than have to or should. We know enough about law of attraction at this point that if you’re at a higher vibration, you’re going to be a vibrational match to higher end experiences. When I say a higher end, that doesn’t necessarily mean $$$ amount is attached to it, though it could. It just means it’s going to be a richer experience. Maybe the richer experience is time freedom for you. Maybe it’s more time with your kids or your grandkids. Maybe it is like Michelle was talking about financial relaxation.

So really getting spiritual law is 180 degrees opposite of the teachings of this world, teaches the world like you have to work hard for money. It takes a long time to get what you want. Not everyone can have what they desire, like all these other messages that we got.

Well these are really low vibrational thoughts and emotions that lead to low vibrational behaviors. I find that when I’m in a state of desire, like anyone else, if you’re doing what you love, desire to do, whether it’s the type of work or taking a trip or cooking your favorite meal, then you naturally are in a more aligned state. You’re going to draw to you opportunities and resources and experiences that are going to have you living out your full purpose and ultimately have a lot more impact.

Michelle:The desire is so powerful that it was really fun to see I came to you with things I wanted to change in results including time freedom, and more money but mostly in my business, in my work and in my service. But what happens is like you said you get into that desire led. We got surprised by all these things. I started manifesting those desires that were out there and because they were just pure desire, and I became a match to it.

They all started coming in, things I’ve wanted for a long time that I could not have orchestrated, and I wasn’t even focusing on them. But my desire was high and the universe just kept what I say surprising and delighting me over and over again. So here I was getting the business and work results. But I kept getting all these other added things and that’s what doing this work does. It touches every area of our lives and it ignites that so that it comes in everywhere for us.

Gina: Yes, yes. Yes. So the frequency was talking about energy. You don’t even have to say the words necessarily, but you had a desire to be on a float in Mardi Gras, right, like that’s a very high vibe right? Like your passion for that was so high it drew that experience to you. Does your community know about him things you’ve manifested the last six months?

Michelle: Yes, some people have been watching this may not. So besides the money in the six months I saw well if I start at I went to an event Gina was doing. So that’s the first part is you get breadcrumbs and guidance. I got a text message to come to New York City. We were still in the pandemic and I felt like I have to go. I’ve known who Gina was for years but I’ve never met her or worked with her.

So the first thing I did was I went to New York City. I said I’m going and she told me on day one to create something to offer my community out of pure desire. So I created a mastermind that started selling that night. It was selling by the time I left there. I had created $10,000 in the first month. $42,500 which was my biggest money month and doubled my average money months. Before 60 days. was over 50,000. Now, I’ve added 26 or more new clients. I think I’m up to 30. Almost 100,000 extra dollars in new money.

So all of that was happening but I did. I wanted to ride on a parade in Mardi Gras. It was my first time to go but I said I want to be up on the float, not in the crowd. Three weeks before we went, I got that opportunity which was had to be really orchestrated. I had all these other desires I got on a TV show with someone that I really love. I got to get a home that I’m buying in Lilydale. I’ve been talking about all these things on my podcast. So all of these things coming in. I’ve had a desire. I felt a calling to go to Lilydale which is a spiritual community. They told me it would be a two year process to get through to be able to work and live there. In six months I’m already there. My house is getting ready to close which by the way, is my dream home I’ve always loved in Lilydale.

This are all things, mounts of money coming from all different sources started opening up. The more I was in it showing up fully and doing my part. The universe started bringing me all of that. it’s that you become a vibrational match to that frequency and it comes to you. I couldn’t have gone out and made these things happen in that same way.

Gina: Now it’s you’ll start to understand the spiritual scriptures more seek first the kingdom of heaven. Then all these things will be added unto you. You know, Michelle, you’ve been so committed to your relationship with source like and so devoted to being in alignment with what’s true for you. Like you have been seeking your truth you’ve been seeking God and in that sense. Then all these things will be added on to you so, so beautiful.

Michelle: I love you say it that way because so many people say when I get all those things, when all the money there then I’ll be who I am and do what I have to do. But I have found and you teach me that to. You have to be it and be doing the things and then they come in. You have to become the match. You do your part. And then the universe rushes in to support you.

Gina: 1,000%. It’s leap and then the net will appear. I mean, just imagine, not following your intuition, jumping into this mentorship. All of what was opened up. People think about mentoring is expensive. People might be looking at your Spiritual Coach School and they’re looking at how much does it cost. But when you’re with someone, when you’re with a brilliant mentor, you know, for so, you know, Michelle was like, I’m gonna shut my business down. Do you want to tell that story? What you want to tell that story, but you’re like, I have to shut my business down from.

Michelle: Yes, so that was part of the things I believed in was acting on my business was very much a one-to-one model. I had worked so much in 2020 that last year. I have had the opportunity to go to Spain for a month and walk the Camino. I had committed to it and I couldn’t see any way other than I’m tired. I work one to one, I’m going to be gone for a month so surely I have to just let all my contracts run out and shut my business down.

That’s when the spirit had me look at that text and said get to New York City. Because it didn’t even make sense. I was getting ready to leave the country but I went to New York City and it opened up that energy. Part of what you do when you get a mentor and a coach is you’re buying access to their energy. Getting in that room transformed me it, literally woke me up. Gina was saying “What are you talking about”? Then I realized nobody shuts down their business because they want to leave for a month.

She said did a waiting list to create an offer so after going to New York City by the time I went onto the Camino. I had 10 new clients. I had a mastermind as part of that. They all paid and I said okay, we’re starting on October 15 when I get back. Then they were connected to me. I went off on the trip. Then because I was sharing all my social media my trip, but I actually had an offer that I was selling more people were coming in where I would have just been sharing with no offer and that doesn’t work.

So yes, again Now Gina and I can look back because now I see how funny that I was even thinking that. That doesn’t even make sense. But I was convinced every day I have a plan. Okay, today’s the last day I can take a new client to be finished with them. Before I close my business. I mean it was crazy. Instead, I created $50,000 of new money and then took a month off and walk the Camino with my family.

Gina: It’s so beautiful. Then you do the same thing for your clients. You know, there are probably people saying, “well, I’m going to figure out how to be a spiritual coach on my own”. We know it’s going to take them so much longer. They’re going to be super expensive mistakes. But the people that have stepped into your program, look at the results.

They’re getting like so quickly in the breakthroughs, the manifestations. Its not about how much does Spiritual Coach School costs. It’s what’s it going to cost you to not get that level of mentorship.

Michelle: It’s a great point I’ve learned that because I am always working with coaches and mentors. I choose who’s ahead of me, who’s done what I’ve done, been where I’ve been, and now they’re doing what I want to do and being who I want to be. I was really looking for a quantum leap. Quantum leap takes new actions, new big stretches, and stepping into that.

Six months ago really did it but I collapse time. I quantum leap in with results I’d never gotten before. But it always starts with you having to say yes to things that feel scary because if you were already a match to them you already have them, but once I stepped in and became that match, they were all coming.

Another thing that along with the desire-led, that it is an energetic principle that you really helped me with was affirming what I am no longer available for. It’s so powerful to know because we say, well, I really need more money, but I need to see what people would pay me and those people don’t have that money.

When I said I’m no longer available to work with anyone who can’t figure out how to at least get this amount of money together. I sold that mastermind out and every single person paid that amount of money and most of them in full. Then again, I saw how crazy the universe is just doing whatever I say. It is really helped me say and I’ve been saying that for six months. I’m no longer available for that I am available for this.

Gina: It’s just so beautiful. You see how quickly actually life comes into alignment and flow and abundance. I don’t want to make it sound like it’s a magic wand, but it isjust an entirely different way of living, and Michelle you just model it so so beautifully. Not just knowing spiritual principles but living them. They’re two different things and you’ve definitely have mastered walking your talk. That is for sure girlfriend.

Michelle: Thank you. There is a big difference. I used to do this which is why I can say it now that I see people that are learning all the things and talking about them and reading about them but walking that talk and living those principles becomes this huge trust journey. Because it is both a magic wand but you’re the one holding it.

I had to say yes to New York City to get in the room with you. Then for you to give me that task to implement that created that and then I hired you as my coach. I ended up traveling with Gina five more times over the past six months because then the spirit was like you need to keep getting in the room because it was Gina but it was also this room of powerful women. I kept going. I went to Chicago. I went to Miami a few times. Everywhere that I was being called and got in the room and it made a big difference. It makes all the difference

Gina: All the difference because you just start to see how this way of being can be the new normal. Like you know people saying yes to their desires. People playing a bigger game and other people modeling money being a renewable resource that it comes in and goes out or that there are different business models. There’s a different way to scale and grow. So yes, I think that we’re all Angel messengers for each other.

Michelle: Thanks that you’ve talked to us about in New York City. A lot of us are out there and we’re saying similar things that we’re teaching. But even when you’ve heard it over and over something you’ve talked to us about in New York City that really flipped a switch for me was financial relaxation.

It was something new to grab on to. I’ve said financial freedom, but I was able as you talked about it to feel it in my body. Now I’ve created it to such a degree. It’s unbelievable and six months ago I was like “here’s my little nut” and I need to be really careful. So talk about to us the financial relaxation because the way you talk about it, you can experience it.

Gina: It’s true, it’s real abundance and it doesn’t matter which spiritual texts you’re reading. Nowhere does it say anything about lack. Nowhere does it say anything about stress, Nowhere it’s not about confinement. It is about expansion, expression, contribution, infinite. So I think the thought of financial freedom kind of has this connotation of like, save up a bunch of money for your retirement.

There’s nothing free to me in that like, and I don’t even know that I want to retire. I don’t know how long I’m going to live. So it’s like the thought of saving up a bunch of money for it to have this financial freedom for one day in the future. We all know there’s no power in the future. There’s power in the present. So what I crave learning, most people crave is to experience financial relaxation like we want to feel relaxed about being able to be in choice and so that we can be free in the present moment. When we’re relaxed, that’s where we can hear spirit and our intuition and make our best choices and not make it about the money.

But if you’re in survival mode and you’re stuck in that you’re not going to be relaxed. You’re certainly not going to experience financial relaxation. So get yourself to the place that Michelle has gotten herself to actually experience that is quite a gift to give to oneself.

Michelle: That is so true what you said because it’s in the now having financial relaxation now. When people ask me, When are you going to retire? I always say I’m a Louise Hay kind of girl. I’m not going to retire that holds nothing for me. And so being able to have it now not someday in the future, and being able to create it when you want need it but having that relaxation along the way. Another thing you always talk about it’s in the name of your brand is divine living and your divine living podcast and you show and model a lot of this in the Q club. You’ve always stood for it as long as I know. And it’s part of the audacity to be queen, as you say not just divine working but divine living, manifesting beyond our business and actually living the divine life.

Gina: Yes, yes. You know, being busy is boring. Well, I and my friends were like trying to get to six figures, and then it was seven figures and it was multiple seven figures. It was like how much is enough? Where’s like and I have no problem with, wealth accumulation by any stretch. But for me personally, I have such a high value on enjoying life. I love my work but I don’t work all the time. My work is very meaningful. I remember like stopped and had lunch with a girlfriend one time. It was such a foreign experience because I had just gotten so used to working in launches and all that it was like this is not living. This is not why I started my own company. So it really put a priority on that.

Michelle: Yes, I love that and one other energetic principle and I would ask you to tell me over and over so I could really get it because it resonated was you set your goals and your desires. Then you do your inspired action and you really taught me a lot about watching and listening for divine guidance and then acting on it. But you really talked about holding the energy no matter what until it shows up. Things that are a must or the things that you bring for.

Gina: Yes, yes. Wanting and wishing don’t work. If that worked. We’d all be billionaires by now. So it’s really finding that place of what is your non-negotiable what or it’s got to come from a place of must or you are not going to be in that energetic vibration that is a match for the actual desire. I remember when I was calling in my soulmate I like really, really, really, really really wanted to meet him and get married. It wasn’t until I became unavailable to date anymore that I actually met my soulmate.

Michelle: I love that all of these are so key and so important. Then you can see, we need strategy strategies are great. You’re actually a really great business strategist. At the same time, you need someone that can help you with these other pieces to become that vibrational match to create the life and the business that you want.

With all this conversation we’ve had today. What is one thing you would leave everybody with wherever they are, if they’re me six months ago and wherever they are and the people you work with? What would you say right now?

Gina: You know, I feel from the essence of this conversation, Michelle. I know it’s like set out there but I really want people to like feel into this. Give yourself the gift of a mentor. You don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know what else is possible. We’ve been so conditioned, especially women. Figure it out, do it by yourself. Don’t bother anyone don’t spend money on yourself. We’re all meant to be supported. We’re all meant to be seen.

We’re all meant to be surrounded with an energetic frequency. That’s bigger than our own that we can expand into. So I would say don’t be cheap with yourself. You really step into a level of mentorship that’s going to ensure your success that your dreams are manifested.

Michelle: Thank you so much. know that we’re going to put the links for everyone for your book and Q club and your website. Also, you have a free course that goes along with your book. So you all watch for that so that you can read the book and go through the course as well. That’s a gift for you all. Thank you so much for that just let everybody know where they can find you.

Gina: Sure. Thanks so much for having me. Michelle. It’s always so fun to be in your presence. Yes, if anyone wants to get the book you can go to divineliving.com/book/. It’s the The Audacity to Be Queen: The Unapologetic Art of Dreaming Big and Manifesting Your Most Fabulous Life. It has all kinds of real-life stories behind the scenes, practical exercises. So you can get your hands on that. Go follow me on Instagram at Gina DeVee or listen to my podcast divine living.

Michelle: Great! Thank you so much for being with us today and helping me share what you shared with me with my community.

Gina: My pleasure. Oh, you should come check out the interview I did with Michelle on the Divine Living podcast. You’ll get more of her story there as well.

Michelle: Yes, you’ll hear more about the six-month manifesting story by listening to Divine Living podcast and my episode. Thank you so much.

Gina: Thanks, Michelle. Bye!