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I am so glad you are here with me today for this manifestation training series. This is a really important piece that at one time I started really seeing how key it is and how key it is bringing forward and this was the time for that. Because I’m a spiritual business coach for those of you that may or may not know me.  I spend a lot of my time helping healers, spirit workers of all kinds to build and grow their spiritual business. 

A lot of inner work happens during that so that they’re also growing and evolving themselves. Yet really focusing on the manifestation has become more and more key and I want to talk to you about this. First and foremost, I want to introduce you to this week. I’m doing this every day this week. 

To universal principles to universal law, because true manifesting is a way of living in a way of being more than just something that you do. It is meeting the field and allowing the field to bring things to you, rather than you running around in your body, trying to make things happen. Both of these things are possible and both work. 

What I want you to understand also is this was really a key one for me. Taking action is not how we create what is there for us, what we’re manifesting. Taking action is how we receive it and this is universal law. So taking inspired action, taking aligned action helps us to receive into the physical what is already ours and already there for us. 

It just exists in the field as potential, as possibilities and probabilities. Here’s something I want you to understand if you’ve ever gone to get a psychic or mediumship reading when people are reading your future. If you picture it this way, I picture it as three waves. They are reading these waves of probability, of possibility. 

Then things that are still outside the realm of probability and possibility for you. That is why things can change or reading is only good for that moment and a period of time and the minute you engage energetically. 

Everything changes because every single thing and every single person in your life right now is an energetic match to you or it couldn’t be there. If you just listen every day as I’m talking about these things, and it’ll kind of sink in, you’ll just start absorbing it and letting it land. If your mind is trying to fight you on some of it, you’re still getting it because some of these are big concepts.

They all work together as a way of living and a way of being interacting with the field. This is when synchronicities happen because the field is sending you back signs and symbols. Synchronicities that you are connecting with what you want and what is yours in the field and pulling it toward you. 

That is why your future is probabilities, possibilities, and things outside the realm right now. But every energetic step you take can move that closer to you. You basically have a choice point in every moment and every choice you make either moves you toward or away from what you want most. 

We’re talking and manifesting about trusting your desires, about following your desires about leading a desire-led life and this is a big one for people. Do you know that most people spend the majority of their time using pain as a motivator even though they wouldn’t do that consciously? 

Think about it for yourselves. They use pain as a motivator. So they stay where they are. Part of this is what our brain does and what our body does what it’s wired and designed to do. So manifesting is rising above the mind not letting the body in the mind control everything and getting into your higher state of being. 

People stay in the pain because it’s comfortable. It’s familiar. They already know they can survive it. When the pain gets better enough they use pain as a motivator and I did that for years and years. Pain, drama, distraction, chaos, those were the things that moved me or didn’t. 

But for some years now I am committed to living a desire-driven life which means I trust my desires, your desires were put there by your soul. When I trust my desires, I trust this universal principle where there is a desire a way has already been made. 

I never asked you all to do anything that I haven’t done first and I’ve been testing this out, this one out explicitly for the past few years, with myself and with my clients. I tell you with 100% certainty where there is a desire, a way has already been made. 

When you can start telling yourself that you can start inching out and stepping out first in baby steps then leaping off some ledges and then creating those big quantum leaps towards your desires. Guess what happened when I did that? I no longer allow myself to get in pain. 

So I don’t have to be in pain physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually because I stay ahead of that game by following my desire. Think about it really let that land. I never get into a pain place. I believe wherever there’s a desire a way has already been made. 

Now here’s another principle, a universal principle and this is what people don’t always understand at first, and that is, you always have to go first and here’s why we came to Earth with an agreement with the spirit and the collective and all that is that we have free will. 

Otherwise, you’d come down here and you would be a puppet. We have free will. Spirit can not impede on your free will. Your guides can be in your ear they can tap you on the shoulder, your loved ones on the other side can come over and cheer you on. But spirit cannot rush into meet you until you make a decision. So this is the other part about manifesting. 

Well, I want to manifest that. So when I see all the evidence that it’s here, then I’ll do my part and that doesn’t ever work. A big part of this series this week is I’m helping you understand what is your part and what is the universe’s part when that gets really clear. 

This opens up for you this whole new world that brings with the ease and grace. Again, it can be clunky in the body all the time trying to make things happen and move matter or you can work in the field and bring things into form that already exists as possibilities and probabilities and bring them in and make them manifest. 

I’ve done both and more and more and more. I like to manifest and have things come in with grace and ease faster and easier and a match to what I want. So at first, you’re working a lot to manifest what you need. Then you give yourself permission to manifest what you want. Healers can be the worst at this. Oh, I don’t want to ask for too much. I just want to ask for what I need and nothing more. Do you know it is also universal law that you having less will never ever, ever cause someone else to have more? 

You have more, you can take some more and give it to other people. There you each have your own pie. There’s not one pie and we givers say “let’s make sure everyone else had a piece”. We might not even take a piece, there’s none left, somebody might want a second piece you have your own pie.

You get to choose to eat it all in this lifetime or not. You are having the last will never cause anyone to have more. You feel guilty about that. I finally saw I can go out in the world and I can create a profitable business. Then I have plenty of money to help. 

When I was being poor on principle and struggling and not being better than or having more money than somebody else I wanted to help. I couldn’t help either one of us. I had to keep falling out of the game and then build myself back up to get back up in there. 

I worked in nonprofits I worked for very little money for years and then I realized there are plenty of people out there that need and want your help right now that have the money to pay for it. Then you can choose what to do to help other people that don’t. There’s power in that. 

In manifesting we have to heal our stories, we have to heal our money stories, our not enough stories. You will find one of the big things in manifesting is you grew up with and you were programmed and conditioned with one of three, not enough, just enough, or more than enough. 

When you can look back and identify that can be really helpful for you. Not enough is there’s never enough or it comes in at the last second you have to beg for it and there’s sacrifice and you need to learn to settle and you need to learn just not to have it. 

Then there’s just enough, there’s always just enough and again it comes in at the last minute and you’re not sure but it comes in and your prayers are answered but you’ve been struggling.  Then there’s more than enough and a lot of people bump up against this.

Do I dare have more than enough? Do I dare sit there with a full bank account with my storehouses full while other people have nothing or very little? We start settling and we stay in that conditioning that’s why you’ll find people in their condition into not enough or just enough.

Even when they get more than enough they will get rid of it very quickly. 

Watch all those stories of people who win the lottery where it changes their life. Do they get rid of it? Or you’ll have a series of things happen to eat that money up. Oh good. Now I’m back to just enough because I would not want people to think that I’m greedy, selfish that I have more than enough. 

This happens all over the world but especially with healers. So if you dare to start allowing yourself to dream about your desires. This week. I’m going to share with you my own stories and stories. of my clients of how when you send out what we call a rocket of desire. It’s high vibration, it goes out into the universe, and then all these things are happening. And sometimes it comes right back. 

But here’s the thing sometimes Spirit is looking and saying and this has happened to me many times. “Oh, this is too big for you right now. You will mess it up. You will get rid of it. This isn’t for you right this minute. But wait till you see what I have for you and it’s so much bigger and better than what you’re asking for right now”. 

Those desires have come back to me sometimes years later, in the most amazing ways when I was ready for them. In the meantime, other things that were a match would come back to me. What you’ve got to start catching yourself doing is everything you’re sending out to the universe. Imagine you’re ordering a pizza. It’s going out into the universe. You’ve asked for this on your pizza and you expect it’s going to show up at your door or at the table or out of the oven, and that’s your pizza and that’s what’s going to be on it. That’s very straightforward. 

But we have all these subconscious programs playing out and we have all these orders that sneak into our pizza. So when you’re getting your manifestations back and you’re receiving them, you want to see everything that’s showing up. That’s what you don’t want that your old stuff that got in the order. Because Spirit is saying yes you can have everything you want and need. 

Here’s what needs to be cleared, healed, and resolved for you to have it. That’s what comes up first and here’s what people do. It’s not the right time. God said no, this always happens to me because you didn’t stay in it and hold the energy and get past it. 

What will happen is you’ll bump up against that wall. If you turn around and walk away, no matter when you come back, that wall is still there waiting for you to clear heal, and resolve but once you bust through that wall and you get to the other side of it, you’ll turn around.

The wall is no longer there because it was energy and it was an illusion and that is the truth of what can happen for you. So I’m finding you today on this first day, dare to just connect to some of your desires. Without them saying yeah, but that could never happen to me. That won’t happen to me. I don’t deserve that I’m not good enough or I can’t have that. 

Some of you we’re programmed with nobody in our family, ever the people in our family always people in my life never always. These things are things that you don’t have to live by. You can break those generational patterns and beliefs and behaviors and have what you want. Some of you a lot of you if you’re showing up here with me, you’re called to do just that.

You’re busting it for yourself and for future generations. Your co-creating so when I say manifesting is always on 24/7. It’s like the law of gravity on Earth. You can’t say I don’t believe in it. What you do get to choose because remember we have free will. Choice is whether I’m going to be consciously or unconsciously manifesting. 

You have all these things you keep down in the basement, and they’re driving your bus. You’re not looking at them and you’re not listening to them and you don’t want to know about them, those shadows and those toxic beliefs and patterns and conditioning and programming. 

All the things your brain has made up in the stories and they don’t feel good. So we store all the energy as emotion in our tissues and our cells. Our brain becomes a computer just to recall it all. Better not do that, last time you did that you failed. Remember, remember Uncle Jack tried that. It didn’t work for him. It doesn’t work. Don’t do it. It’s too dangerous. 

Then you stuck it all down but it is driving your bus. So manifesting it is magical, but it is not magical thinking and you will be called to do inner work. That’s why not everybody does it. The secret did us a great service by bringing those ideas and concepts into the mainstream, but there was a lot that people weren’t ready for. 

Then they thought it didn’t work. They thought it was a scam. They had a lot of issues around it or they thought it just didn’t work for them. Spirit is not looking down saying you get to manifest everything in your dreams and you don’t deserve it and you get it. Energy is neutral. We know this from science. 

Energy is neutral and we bring positive or negative meaning and vibration to it. Spirit wants for you what you want for yourself and because we have free will, spirit will never impose on you what you’re not asking for. This means another one of my universal principles of universal laws is whatever you say is, is. This is a big one to get. 

Whatever you say is, is because Spirit is hearing you and starts delivering you what you’re asking for it showing you what needs to be cleared, healed, and resolved. For you to receive what is already there for you. They’re not saying no. They’re saying you can have it but you can’t take this with you. 

Then spirit says Wait, now she’s telling this story. Whatever she says is, is and it starts having to deliver to you the story and then you say “oh, just when it looked like everything was going my way it didn’t again”. Then spirit goes okay now we’re back to the story she tells. We have to honor her story. These are all things you want to catch yourself doing.

So I’m going to tell you this week about big manifestations. One of the things that really led me to talk about this now more than ever, is because it’s completely correlated. Last year I came through a very big leap and a very big uplevel in my business, the biggest one yet and I’m gonna walk you back through it this week. 

But what I want to tell you and plant the seed today, I showed up, I did the work. I became more of who I am. That’s what spirit responds to that we show up and be who we came here to be. Do what we’re meant to do and be who we’re meant to be. And I upleveled. I showed up. 

At the same time I got very clear because I always start with this with my clients and every one of you create a vision of the life you want to live and then create a business that supports and sustains that life. 

So I got clear now look at this. Now I’m in a cycle of joy and well-being because I’m upleveling. I’m getting results in my business. My life is getting bigger and better. I’m expanding. 

Were there scary moments? Yes, very scary. Where some of the things Spirit wanted me to do inconvenient. Absolutely. Were they uncomfortable, very, were they sometimes expensive and illogical all of it. Those are actually the things you must do when they scare you. They excite you at the same time. The reason they feel illogical, expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. 

It’s not to put you through some test and struggle. It’s because you are not an energetic match for them right now yet. If you were you would already have them. So what you’re feeling is “oh this skin tight clothes no longer fits”. You know if you’ve ever been in something too tight, it’s like I can’t get my arm out of it. I can’t get it over my head. 

But here’s this perfectly fitting varmint. That’s next for me. That’s why it feels that way it’s pushing at your edges costs too much money, too inconvenient. I can’t do that my calendar won’t allow that. My husband wouldn’t want me to do that. My kids need me. I have bumped up against all of those, y’all. 

I have had my business for 15 years now. I have gone through all of these and I know what you’re going through but I’m telling you, everything you want is here for you. On the other side of it. You could not have told me the life I’m living now. Not only financial freedom, but what was more important to me than that spiritual freedom to live the spiritual journey of my dreams, where money doesn’t make my decisions. I get to be who I came here to be. 

Now I chose to do it through the vehicle of entrepreneurship in my business. So here I was as I was telling you are upleveling my business, which uplevel my life taking strange, new aligned, actions inspired actions, where I was like really spirit, is that what I have to do and stepping forward and upleveling.

The more value that’s inside of you that you put out in the world, the more your life reflects it. This wave was all last year I did even physically demanding things to push my body to a new edge. I walked 100 miles on the Camino in Spain. For me, that brought up a lot of my stuff. So I’m doing all these things I tell you. 

Now I want to tell you the things that have just come in as manifestations not just what manifested in my business. It always brings me more clients and more income and a bigger business. I launched my spiritual coach school. I brought in new really aligned private clients, that I’m helping them build their businesses. I did all these things. 

But Spirit also says let’s give her more joy and more fun and Spirit knows what I love. So along that way, I’m manifested because I’m not just going to talk to you this week about manifesting more money and more clients and all that I am. 

But this is about your life, as well. What I want you to understand you are healers and spirit workers in whatever form that means you are wired and designed to help other people to respond to me in some way. What you’re missing is your superpower is for you to not just for your clients. 

You actually need to be living your own high five life, too. Be the best for them to make it easier and have it come in faster. You’re not meant to struggle. You’re not meant to suffer. There will be tough and challenging times but that’s different. 

Your superpower is for you for the fun of it to create an amazing life and then turn around and your clients will be banging down your door because they want what you have. It’s very different than struggling to go find clients and money and whatever it is for some of you if you work jobs, you can apply this to every area of your life. That’s why I’m doing it about everything. 

But if you’re sitting in a job, you hate doing work, you don’t love being exposed to people you don’t like and it’s making you sick or tired or you don’t feel good. If you don’t love it, it’s going to affect your manifesting in every area of your life. 

People come to me to build a business. The next thing I know they’ve called in their soulmate and a lot of my clients move to their dream location. Because that’s so important to me and I just did it again in 2020. When I’m like I don’t love where I live right now. I start manifesting moving to where I want to be and where I love.

A lot of my clients in the past few years even during COVID, even when things were tough, they manifested moving to their dream locations as part of their manifestation. See some of it was I want to build this business. I want to be in service. I want to do whatever it is.

They came to me that they wanted to do at spirit was like, you know, if you’ve moved to your dream location, this would be a lot easier. Let’s clear and heal this because they were sitting there saying here are all the things I want, put me in service.

Then every day they’re like I hate living here. I hate my neighbors. I don’t want to be in this relationship, or I don’t want to be in this location. I keep desiring to be living in sunny Florida.

I keep desiring to be closer to my family, whatever it is, and as soon as we did that first before we ever built their business and then boom. 

You are meant to be living the high by life and manifest. You’re meant to use your superpowers for you. I’m going to go one step further and you don’t have to meet me there yet. But you are meant to use your superpowers for you above everyone else. 

Then it will be very easy to be in service because I will tell you for the past many years now I am always supported what I do my work and the more I show up and do my work. I’m supported even more money comes from all different places. 

Support comes from all different places people find me. So here’s some fun things I’m telling you that I manifested on the other side of this big uplevel and then I was in such joy and I came through it. I cleared and healed the results so much stuff to become the person that could get those results that could be the founder and creator of spiritual coach school that can serve those clients that could show up here right now and do a week talking to you all as an expert on manifestation. 

One of them is really fun and I want you to understand spirit. Does this spirit connects the dots? I have. I love parades. I’ve always had a desire. I love being in parades.  I’ve always had a desire to be in a Mardi Gras parade. Mardi Gras in New Orleans, so I found out what it takes. 

I know people in New Orleans it’s a big thing. You live in New Orleans. You join a krewe, you get on a waitlist. One of my friends was on a late waitlist for years just to be able to get her turn to ride on the float. You pay a lot of money and it’s a society and all of that.

I said I don’t live in New Orleans. I don’t have time for that. I’m not doing that. If I did, I would have set out to manifest that. So I just told spirit and it was pure desire and zero resistance. I want to ride in a parade in Mardi Gras. So that’s a desire that went out time went by it wasn’t an immediate need that they didn’t even have Mardi Gras.

 I’ve set this desire for 2019. They didn’t have Mardi Gras in 2020. They canceled it again of last year, 2021. 2022 is not only Mardi Gras is back on it’s the first one after two years with no Mardi Gras in it is over the top. 

At the last minute remember, I’ve done none of the things that you have to do because I believe spirit will work it out. I just had the desire. I get a message call right now. And my friend is telling me, someone she knows cannot hold her spot in the Mardi Gras parade. She’s falling out, she’s paid for it all. So she doesn’t even want me to pay her back. It’s 1000s of dollars. 

So look at how this was lined up for me because I just had pure desire and I became a match for it. It has nothing to do with building and growing my business but it will. So I just found out a few weeks ago I am riding in the parade on one of the biggest krewes in New Orleans and I’m not paying for it. I wasn’t on a waiting list none of that. I am in so much joy. 

That’s just a manifestation of spirits saying “Here you go. This will make you happy. You will love this”. I’ve been having all of these those kinds of manifestations showing up where I was even like, oh my gosh, how good can this get? And so I’m going to ask you. We’re going to go for a few more minutes here. If you hang here with me and then I’ll be back every day this week. How good are you willing to let it get? 

So I find out I’m riding in the Mardi Gras parade. I’m giving a wedding for my daughter a very big wedding in March so I got that going on. So I there was another desire out there this Viking river cruises. So it’s different than the pining cruises. I’m going on a Viking river cruise and I kept thinking I just kept seeing it and feeling it like I’ve never been on it. I would love it. 

So some friends and I said okay, well we all turned 60 in a few years we’re going to go on a Viking river cruise. But I got excited and I just put the desire out there and I don’t care when it happens.  I went on about my business.

Right after I’m already brought down going to Mardi Gras for like 10 days and I’m being on this Mardi Gras parade. A friend is messaging me I’m in Miami at a business meeting last week. So this is how fast these things come in the opportunities that are manifestations. The field trying to get you out of your sight. Yes, I’m trying to get to the airport to catch my flight home. We need to talk to you right now. There’s this Viking river cruise and there’s this price we can’t believe but it’s real. Do you want to go with us? 

It’s like 1/4 of what it was going to cost us but there aren’t many spots left. So you can’t even have these river cruises for this price. Then it’s getting to me as an opportunity because I’m open to it. They’ve said here’s the price that includes airfare to Amsterdam to Europe, I’m in the US.

Credits for the excursions on and on and on. So I know by now I checked in with my husband and I’m like we’re in. Yes. Well turns out there are now 12 of us going so in April. I now going on this Viking river cruise and I was like okay, spirit universe now you’re showing off. This is great. How good can this get? 

Well, then I walked the Camino last year with my parents and my siblings and their spouses. I said, Okay, that was a good one even though I ate groovy like nothing else. But I said but the one I really want to do and I was sitting in the kitchen talking to my husband, you and I. He said, Would you ever do one again? 

I said I would I’ll never say never. And I learned some things that the one I really want to do is I want to walk into Rome. I want to walk in Italy and walk into Rome, and the Pope is there and all of that. I’m not kidding you all that desire was so strong, I could feel it, see it, hear it, taste it.

I have zero resistance because it’s going to happen someday. This one even freaked my husband out and he’s lived with me a long while now. My phone beeps and it’s my mother saying,” your dad and I are sitting here talking. First of all, it’s nighttime. My dad who’s like not even awake at that time. Your dad and I are sitting here talking we love that trip with you all so much. We want to do it again in 2023 and we want to walk into Rome”.

 We were talking about it 15 minutes before but then it accelerated my brother and sister said they were in my parents said we don’t know 20 months from now. In September of 2023. What shape any of us will be in my parents are getting older. 

Next thing I know September 2022. This year, I’m going to walk from Florence to Rome, on that Camino that quick all of these manifestations. I’ve had a desire for a few years now. I always knew from the first time I went to Lily Dale which is a spiritual community in upstate New York and all mediums live there. 

I’ll tell you more about Lily Dale, but I’ve always known since I first went there spirits said someday you’re going to be a part of Lily Dale. Again, I asked what does it take to be a part of Lily Dale and there’s all kinds of things and back then I couldn’t even dream it. 

But over the years that have stayed I go to Lily Dale every summer two years ago for the first time I got to become a teacher in Lilydale and it kept staying and when I went last summer to Lily Dale. All of a sudden spirits and you’re really you’re ready to be a part of Lily Dale. 

It was so strong spirit said just start the application process people said it can take a year or more. There are all these steps. There’s interviews and I know whatever Spirit tells me to do. I do it in the moment no matter what it is. I started the process and as of January 10, just a few months later I had my interview on January 10. January 21st I got a call. I am now a member of Lily Dale and I can live there if I want to.

So all of these manifestations. Thank you I’m loving it. I’m excited. Y’all stay tuned for everything I’m doing and Lily Dale because I’m going to become a part-time resident there and look up Lily Dale if you don’t know it.

I’m telling you, these are just desires where spirit is like she’s such a match now because she cleared all her gunk.  We don’t just do the inner work to clear our gunk so we can do our work better. We do it so we can receive every desire, our high heart desires. 

Those have all just come through since January. It’s February 7, four major huge and did I tell you they came through with aligned and inspired effort. But with no struggle. No dragging my body trying to create something out of matter I created in the field. 

Because I do the work, and I’m showing up as all of who I am, they can come to me. A lot of you come to me with such big hearts, such strong desires to do your work in the world. Yes, I will help you with that all day long. It’s a calling. 

I can’t do my work in the world. But I used to do it thinking I’m carrying across. I need to struggle like better not have to but I better not look like I’m having too much fun because there are people hurdling. I better be doing my work all the time. 

I actually am much better for my clients, my family as a wife, a mother, I’m a brand new grandmother all of that as a daughter, as a coach, as a friend like this. Spirit loves to bring me all the desires of my heart when I’m a match to them. 

So I’m going to share one more thing with you because I’m going to leave you today with this. How good are you willing to let it get? Coaches have asked me that I’ve not been without a coach since 2009. My coaches have asked me that many times. 

But in 2020 You all know what happened. The world got crazy things, got shut down. People were suffering, no doubt. Yet, on one hand, in my personal choice everybody had choices, no right wrong, good or bad. 

My personal choice was I need to run to the frontlines and sell people whatever they need for me that I can give them and my business moves. So it started because I truly wanted to be in spirit and I was safe and I had food and shelter and a home and everything. 

I couldn’t travel for my business. I usually travel so I had lots of time at home. So I went out of pure service. All these clients showed up. So what did that create a lot of money in my business. I had just moved in 2020. Right when COVID started, we were in the process of buying a new house and moving back home so I can be close to my grandbaby. 

So in 2020, I’m like my business is hitting all-time record highs monetarily clients are flooding in. I can barely serve anymore. I’ve moved back home where I want to be because I was living somewhere that was no longer a fit. I have a new grandmother. I live close to two of my three children. Then even during COVID My daughter who doesn’t live near me came and lived with us for some months. 

All of that and then I started shutting it down little by little and I caught it and my coach caught it that’s why you have a coach and she had to ask me that question. Because when you know other people have it bad and they’re suffering or they’re hurting.

It’s not always popular to get on Facebook for instance, and say, This is the best year I’ve ever had. It’s just not in some ways, so I didn’t have to do that but I started shutting it down like be smaller, be quiet, but that’s not what I’m here to do for my clients and myself, but my coach hasn’t really come down on me, because I got to that place.

 I worked through not enough and just enough, but I got to that place of how much more than enough. Is it okay for me to have right now, but you’ll see I was serving around the clock. My serving was blessing me even more.

 Spirit and I became a match. I was in a joy and wellbeing cycle in a time when there was so much going on. But what I knew was all my clients are helpers and healers. If I can keep them supported and guided, they will help all the people that this disaster has been hurting and ongoing because we’re still suffering. 

We still have things going on. But you see what our mind does. A part of me started blocking some of my good like, okay, that’s too much or people are gonna think it’s too much. People would post on Facebook all over you see that post? Just tell me one good thing that happened to you this year. and again, I caught some guilt. I don’t do guilt much. 

People are trying to post one big thing that happened to them. And I had 20. So I want you to see though that doesn’t make me wrong, and I ended up having more clients than I’ve ever had. All these new clients and I got them out in the world so. 

You can’t let your mind take over I’m going to talk to you full. If you are doing this, it is the equivalent of you letting a five year old run your business and your life. Your mind will lie to you. This is all about mindset and energy. 

So let’s get super excited. I’ve seen people on Instagram that have been with me this whole time. Hello, people on Facebook. Hello. Those of you who showed up you registered for the event and you showed up here with me in the Zoom Room so I can see your faces and your smiles for your names. 

You don’t have to be on your cameras, any of you who are watching and are not in the Zoom Room with me. Register so you can get info for the whole week at metaphysicalupgrade.com It’s a free training series metaphysicalupgrade.com 

We’re going to be back every day everyone who registers is going to get an invitation to a live Q&A call with me at the end of the series as well. Thank you all for being here. I do this because you show up and respond. 

So I’m going to ask you to start pondering today, start getting aware of where you’re getting in the way. Get aware of your desires and where you’re using pain as a motivator instead of moving toward pleasure instead of waiting to move away from pain. 

What are some of your desires? What are you ordering up right now and what’s showing up as feedback from the universe. Thank you Donna so much. I love doing this and you all showing up? 

I’m asking you all right now how good are you willing to let it get? Because for the universe and you its infinite? How good are you willing to let it get? Thank you all for being with me. There’s going to be a replay you’re going to get. Yes. So good. Absolutely. So good. Willing, yes. I want to hear it. 

Willing to start looking deeply at my desires and where I am running to pain. I am willing to let it be amazing. Yes, thank you. metaphysicalupgrade.com. Be with me all week. You all will have this replay. 

I invite you to spend a little time today getting quiet and letting all this come in and land because you heard more than what your brain let you hear and I want you to absorb and receive this energetically as well. I will see you all again tomorrow. Thank you so much. 

I am sending so much healing and transformational energy your way. Come back again as we talk about all things spirit workers, spirituality, universal law, manifesting spiritual business, and all the things that matter to us the most. Make sure we’re connected on Facebook where I show up with daily doses of greatness to pour into you.