People are Talking About It!

One thing I have learned from you, Michelle, is never stop reaching and always work on moving forward to the unimaginable. With all the work I have done I have realized that we are our own mirror, our own trigger response and we choose the outcome we will follow. Those triggers in our life whether they are positive ones or negative are just that, triggers, that makes us reflect on how we are feeling at the moment, and we can control where those triggers lead us to. Michelle has done the work to achieve what we all strive for and that is true peace with ourselves and our purpose here in the universe.

Alexandra Falticeni

Michelle, you are worth your weight in GOLD! This is a track I can run on. You are the REAL DEAL! This clarity makes me want to cry. Thank you so much. God loves me enough to send you to show me the way, and I am grateful. You have taken me to a place of PEACE and INCREASE. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Rachel Thompson

Michelle has provided intuitive business and personal consultation that exceeded my expectations. I recommend her for her services. She’s fully tapped into her market and understands spirituality and divine calling better than many people who work in the same field.

Charlie Rose

I am honored to write a recommendation for Michelle. She is a colleaque, a coach and a friend. With incredible insight and intuitive wisdom, Michelle has an uncanny ability to say just the right thing. She speaks from her heart and with a deep knowingness. Inspiring and direct, Michelle can guide her clients in a way that they grow and can make tremendous steps in the right direction for their lives.

Denise Ackerman

When I work with you, I make more money!

Tara Preston

MICHELLE!!!! OMG! I must share with you tonight the events that have taken place JUST TODAY!!! You said it, I did it and it happened!!!!

Kimbra Thompson

When I met Michelle, I was looking to express the sadness of losing my husband to cancer last year, and how to move forward finding peace and joy in living my life. I wanted to find the tools and resources I needed to help me on my journey to discover my life purpose, and Michelle has certainly helped me to do so. Michelle, you are insightful, informative, and simply incredible! Thank you for your wisdom. You have helped me on my path to enlightenment, and I am filled with gratitude to have met you along this journey.

Velma Ballot


Michelle, I find there is something so neat energetically that happens when you talk or coach people. It’s like energetically you talk to the deep me, not the mind me, and it’s really interesting to see and feel how in a really subtle but powerful way it supports you to shift your story.

Tara Preston

Michelle is one of the most heart centered people I know. If you need a coach she will help you push your edge of excellence in a good way!

MarVeena Meek

I can’t go back to those patterns that made me lose focus and get diverted and be unclear. I have arrived at a different place. You didn’t force on me one way. You allowed me to BLOSSOM IN DIVINE ORDER. I am not troubled any more. I am at peace. You took me where I needed to go that I didn’t even know. I have already found my ACRES OF DIAMONDS. They are where I am now. I couldn’t see them or receive them. I can’t believe it took me 6 months to unravel all that. I was so entangled.

Rachel Thompson

Michelle is an incredible resource and professional with a great deal of integrity! I am always amazed with how well she is plugged into her local community as well as resources throughout the country. She has an endless ‘toolbox’ of ways to mentor you and has the contacts to help you get to where you are going. She walks her talk and has an amazing knack/talent of knowing just what you need each step along the way.

Anne Kjellgren

I just want to say thank you for showing up at the perfect time and inviting me in a loving, nudging way to play a bigger game. I’m ready now. ♥ Thank you.

Lisa Carmen

Michelle is a highly intuitive healer and coach who knows how to get you unstuck the quickest way possible. She has a wealth of knowledge and Soul Level Wisdom to draw from that makes her approach unique, catalystic and deeply healing. I would highly recommend Michelle if you are wanting to uplevel in business, start a new career or just move past some life patterns that are holding you back.

Marie Georgopulos

Oh Michelle — I hardly know where to start in relaying my thanks for our time together, and all your wonderful (perfect!) words! What came from it all was both totally unexpected and equally powerful in terms of real, tangible, outcome in ways I’m still more ‘allowing’ than I am in ‘completely understanding,’ (…don’t have to ‘understand’ to respect the power and overwhelming love that came through the experience and continues to be around me).
To say there was a significant shift in my being is to put it mildly. And to say I’m loving this new way of being here, of being in my own skin, of being in this world is also to seriously understate the situation — and danged if I can pinpoint exactly why. A good portion of it I credit to the obviously successful erasing (at my request) of the unnecessary fears, anxiety planning, and all that. I’m free-er now to literally BE in this world, in this life, with more focus, more patience, more calm, and the strong sense of peace and acceptance that I have never known (or could even dare to imagine) until now. I also feel much more at peace about being with my husband and all his challenges — it’s gone/transformed/all much more comfortable now, and I look forward to going forward (together) without fear… (for me, that’s big too!) At the outset – I didn’t know to even imagine these things, in particular, would/could happen nor that these changes would be so profound and powerful — and I’m ever so deeply grateful that they did! I still tingle with deepest appreciation at the joy and near-magic of our work together.


Jan Pritchard

Hi, Michelle I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for the Session you did for me last Thursday. I thought it was amazing and really extraordinary. You certainly have a real gift – both in your intuition and the way you communicate – I got so much clarity out of the session, and I think it is one of the best reading/spiritual guidance sessions I have ever had. Thanks again.

Bethan Carr

Want to give a big, big thank you to Michelle Barr for the Session! You are so kind and generous of Spirit. I felt uplifted on Monday’s call — yes, Halloween! The call brought discernment, clarity, excitement and HOPE for today and every day going forward! Thank you, xo.

Roseanne Christine

I feel so much better about things. Old energy patterns for one. I do not feel the attachments that I felt before, which is a good thing. Plus, the new energy has helped that. It was an amazing thing!! I am now a lot better energy wise. Thank you again for doing that with me.

Mary Gates

I worked with Michelle for a year and found it very helpful for me to sort out strategies in how I needed to put myself out in the world and share my gifts. I appreciated very much Michelle’s hands on approach, which is practical and grounded. I also appreciated very much Michelle’s generosity in sharing her knowledge, wisdom and resources with me to make my journey easier.

I am so grateful for having the sessions with Michelle spread out over a year and connecting with Michelle twice a month to give me time alongside a busy practive to put things in place that I needed to before my next session. This was a great pace for me. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your many gifst, which help others, in turn, share their gifts.

Joanne Morgan

I had a Session with Michelle, and all I can say is she was spot on with EVERYTHING! She was able to describe what was going on in my life right now and exactly what was blocking me from moving forward. I came away from our session feeling upbeat, lighter and filled with more clarity and direction. I highly recommend working with Michelle. She is an absolute delight.

Kerry Kennedy

2 things you have taught me that are HUGE SHIFTS and SO POWERFUL that will stay with me forever. It is not for me to worry how I make the money. It can come in many ways. It is all around me. It is for me to make my valuable contribution. Create a Vision of the life you want to live and then create a business that supports and sustains that. Michelle, you are worth your weight in GOLD! Thank you so much, Rachel!

Rachel Thompson

During our call, Michelle helped me understand myself better by sharing with me my Soul Purpose. She was able to identify Soul Contracts and end them. She removed blocks and gave me insight into my future. The next day I felt a great sense of freedom. I can’t wait to try this again!

Carol Lovett

Thanks, Michelle Barr, for the session! You were so warm and grounded and explained things so clearly. I got a lot of clarity, relief, enthusiasm, and physical relaxation and energy. Feeling excited.

Melanie Perrin

Thank you so much for giving your time to do a Session with me! During the whole session, I kept feeling tingles all over my body! It was amazing! You answered all of my questions and gave me good insight into what I need to do and work on within myself and my life. I have also had stronger intuitive moments after our session. I feel that after the session, my gifts have became stronger than they were before. Just absolutely amazing! I am also currently taking the steps I need to accomplish all I want to do in this life. Thanks again!

Stephanie Floyd

Many years ago, I met Michelle at an event I was vendoring at in Dallas. At the time, I did not know she was going to become my Spiritual Business Mentor. I am so glad we met and even more grateful for the work she does, as it has helped me tremendously to get myself out there and try new things.

Working with Michelle has empowered me to speak publicly and even enjoy this aspect of my business. I have been able to gain clarity on what is it that I do and how to present myself as the Spiritual Teacher I am. I continue to work with Michelle, because, as she grows, I grow. We must invest in ourselves and our buisineses if we are to be profitable and enable ourselves to do this work. It really is as simple as that.

Patricia LaDale Lane

After experiencing my first session with Michelle, she helped me to make practical changes to my healing business and guided me into a mindset that allowed me to make more money and attract new clients. Right away, I started to make more money and was able to use all of my gifts to serve others in a really big way!

My experience with Michelle was really amazing. The result was much deeper and powerful in my own healing process. I learned a lot more about how to create a more sustainable business as a healer. What I didn’t expect was to heal some unresolved trauma that brought me to an entirely new level of confidence in my life and allowed me to step more fully into my own power and divine purpose.

She says that having your own Spiritual business is one of the most amazing spiritual growth experiences that we will have, and I was able to experience and embody that truth! Michelle is an incredible coach and such a beautiful soul to work with.

Jesse Prejean

I’ve learned that the best coaches have coaches. This year Beth Barnett-Boebel and I chose to work with Michelle Barr on growing our business and personal lives. It’s challenging to explain the magic that she brings to her work. We worked with Michelle for 90 days. Together we clarified goals and created an action plan. The intangible part that’s hard to explain was that we were guided to take massive aligned action, which swirls up energy, maybe not even related to the tasks at hand but still opened up doors and brought us closer to our goals.

This was a new kind of process for me and Michelle was there to guide and support us the whole way. I always felt better after our sessions and each week something new or intersting would shift in my business and my life. It is clear that she has a lot of tools in her magic bag and knew just what I needed along the way. I look forward to working with her again soon.

She’s a medium and business coach which is a fun combination that can help you align spirit with your work. If that’s something you need definitely send her a message.

Jessica Pearson