Texas Institute of Mediumship and The Intuitive and Healing Arts is dedicated and committed to serving Emerging Mediums, Mediums in Development, Practicing Mediums, and Professional Mediums in every step of their journey both online globally and now live and locally in the Dallas, TX area.


We take a 3-pronged approach which is unique in the Mediumship Mentoring and Training world.

We support and guide you in:

­čî╗Practicing and Mastering Your Craft
­čî╗Your Ongoing Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development
­čî╗Building and Growing Your Spiritual Business

My life is a Spiritual Journey, and a big part of that journey is helping you navigate yours.

I am a Transformational Spiritual Coach and Spiritual Advisor; a Master Healer, Professional Psychic and Medium; a Mindset Mentor and Energy Medicine Specialist; a Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, Author, and Spiritual Business Expert.

I have extensive training and experience in the Intuitive and Healing Arts, including a Doctorate in Transformational Coaching and a certification as a Strategic Intervention Specialist. A Personal Transformation Specialist for over 25 years, I love to help people create what I call Sacred Success.

I have been developing my Psychic and Mediumship gifts for the past 13 years. After many years of keeping my Mediumship in the background, in 2017, I committed to further develop it for professional use, including being a Professional Platform Medium, and have been on an incredible journey I am sharing with my online global community and now with a local headquarters in the Dallas, TX area.

My message to you is: Be All of You. Show Up As All of You. Commit to your Spiritual and Personal Growth and Development and then build your dream business and your dream life. This is what I have done and what I help others do as my passion and my purpose.