From Calling to Cash DIY

Coaching Program

At the core of From Calling to Cash 9 Weeks To Turning Your Life’s Calling Into A Profitable Business You Love DIY Course is the work we do to develop the inner game that you can use to create the life and business of your dreams. Move into crystal clear Clarity, and find out why the Confusion is sticking around and how to make it leave the building. 

We are busting limiting beliefs, dropping your money story into the cosmic garbage can, cleaning and clearing the stuff that is getting in your way, and making peace with your past in order to gain power for your future. At the same time, connect with and claim your Spiritual gifts, monetize your magic, command your profit breakthrough, and FINALLY Shift Your Spiritual Wealth Mindset to Be the Contribution You Are Here to Be and Get Paid Well For It…

… ALL OF THIS to create a Vision of the life you want to live and a business that supports and sustains it!

Consistently, once my Clients get this, they make more money in their business during the first 30 days, no matter what stage their business is in.

How The Program Works

Because this is a DIY course, you can work through this at your own pace. I recommend you use my 9-week format and work the program in a consistent flow without stopping, allowing one idea and shift to build on another. Your goal is to make these shifts and be able to Be In Business Now, attracting your dream clients and making the money you want and need when you want and need it (more on this inside the course!).


Weekly Video Coaching

Each week, you will get one or more videos where I teach and train you and then take you through some processes and techniques designed to help you personally apply the materials and then implement them to create the desired results.


Weekly PDF

Each week, you will receive a set of Reflective Questions and Journaling Prompts, so you can dive deep and mine the gold already inside of you.

Monthly Recorded Q&A Calls with Michelle

You will have access to Michelle’s From Calling to Cash Monthly Live ZOOM Call and all formerly recorded calls in the Library. These recordings are valuable resources for you to connect with Michelle and her Community of people who are going through the same things you are. Many of the questions will be similar to ones you might want to ask and have information and insights for you through the listening and participation. Something that could take you weeks or even months to figure out on your own could be revealed to you within minutes on one of these calls.

Monthly Meditation and Motivational MP3s and Supplemental Materials

Each month, you will receive Meditations and Motivational and Inspirational Teachings, Trainings, and Tools that help you with that week’s work. The best part is that these are yours to keep and can be added to your Personal Success Library to use over and over again.

Transformed People Transform People. Transformation begins with Making A Decision and Taking Aligned Action. If you are ready to Transform Your Business and Your Life so you can get about the business of transforming the lives of others, let’s do this! 

NOTE: You will see once you get inside that this investment in yourself through me and this program begins your transformation. It is an important part of the process and can also show you where you stop yourself, get stuck, bump up against your limiting beliefs, and fall into your money stories. GREAT NEWS! We are getting all this handled inside. So, don’t wait, don’t hesitate, come on in.


Thank you!! You have been a great inspirer and motivator! Your attitude and approach are completely unique both to the holistic community and the business community.

Kian Xie

Whenever I work with you, I make money!

Tara Preston

Many years ago, I met Michelle at an event I was vendoring at in Dallas. At the time, I did not know she was going to become my Spiritual Business Mentor. I am so glad we met and even more grateful for the work she does, as it has helped me tremendously to get myself out there and try new things. Working with Michelle has empowered me to speak publicly and even enjoy this aspect of my business. I have been able to gain clarity on what is it that I do and how to present myself as the Spiritual Teacher I am. I continue to work with Michelle, because, as she grows, I grow. We must invest in ourselves and our businesses if we are to be profitable and enable ourselves to do this work. It really is as simple as that.

Patricia LaDale Lane

I worked with Michelle for a year and found it very helpful for me to sort out strategies in how I needed to put myself out in the world and share my gifts. I appreciated very much Michelle’s hands on approach, which is practical and grounded. I also appreciated very much Michelle’s generosity in sharing her knowledge, wisdom and resources with me to make my journey easier. I am so grateful for having the sessions with Michelle spread out over a year and connecting with Michelle twice a month to give me time alongside a busy practice to put things in place that I needed to before my next session. This was a great pace for me. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your many gifts, which help others, in turn, share their gifts.

Joanne Morgan

After experiencing my first session with Michelle, she helped me to make practical changes to my healing business and guided me into a mindset that allowed me to make more money and attract new clients. Right away, I started to make more money and was able to use all of my gifts to serve others in a really big way! My experience with Michelle was really amazing. The result was much deeper and powerful in my own healing process. I learned a lot more about how to create a more sustainable business as a healer. What I didn’t expect was to heal some unresolved trauma that brought me to an entirely new level of confidence in my life and allowed me to step more fully into my own power and divine purpose. She says that having your own Spiritual business is one of the most amazing spiritual growth experiences that we will have, and I was able to experience and embody that as truth! Michelle is an incredible coach and such a beautiful soul to work with.

Jesse Prejean

“I’ve learned that the best coaches have coaches. This year Beth Barnett-Boebel and I chose to work with Michelle Barr on growing our business and personal lives.

It’s challenging to explain the magic that she brings to her work. We worked with Michelle for 90 days. Together we clarified goals and created an action plan. The intangible part that’s hard to explain was that we were guided to take massive aligned action, which swirls up energy, maybe not even related to the tasks at hand but still led opened up doors and brought us closer to our goals.

This was a new kind of process for me and Michelle was there to guide and support us the whole way. I always felt better after our sessions and each week something new or interesting would shift in my business and my life. It is clear that she has a lot of tools in her magic bag and knew just what I needed along the way. I look forward to working with her again soon.

She’s a medium and business coach which is a fun combination that can help you align spirit with your work. If that’s something you need definitely send her a message.”

Jessica Pearson

When you are doing Spirit’s work, why would you believe anything less than that Spirit wants you to live the life of your dreams?

 If you are saying, “Yes!” now, and you are ready, we will get on with being about our business, and we will start talking about Spirituality, Business, and Money all in the same breath, and we will watch what happens.

 From answering your calling to deciding you can make money with your Healing and Intuitive Gifts to shifting into the Mindset of a Spiritual Entrepreneur, we are going to cover a lot of ground. Everything changes when you add money to the equation, and that’s where I come in to join you

I’m ready to take you on this most amazing of all journeys, your Spiritual Journey to becoming a Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Let’s go!

This program is a great first step for you to work with me and Turn Your Life’s Calling Into A Profitable Business You Love. 

If you are looking for a way to work with Michelle as a Private Client, contact us at clientcare@michellebarr.com to find out about her Kickstarter and Intensive 1:1 Coaching Programs. Michelle offers 10 Complimentary Consultations a month. If you would like to schedule one for yourself, you can do that at www.talkwithmichellebarr.com

If you need help with this program at any time, contact us at clientcare@michellebarr.com