21-Day Soul Brand Solution: Coach with Me LIVE!

Soul Brand Solution: The LIVE Coaching and Strategy that will bring you Clients and Income NOW!


Welcome to the work that will light your Soul on fire and bring you the Sacred Success you seek.

Give me 21 days, and I will give you the Coaching, Strategy, and Implementable Action Steps you need to move forward in your business with a:

  • Clear Message
  • Clear Offer
  • Clear Path that brings your clients running to you with their hands raised

and I will teach you how to Speak for Your Business to get out there in the marketplace, making the money you want from attracting aligned clients.

THEN, you will create deliverables, receive my feedback and guidance, and take them out into the marketplace, including:

  • Promo/Intro Video
  • Value Post
  • Blog Post
  • Facebook Live
  • Special Offer

Day 21 Ends, Day 1 of your Valuable Content Plan begins. You will leave with this in hand!

During our time together, you will go out into the marketplace, speak for your business through value posts, videos, and Facebook Lives; deliver valuable content; make a clear offer with a call to action; and welcome in your aligned clients. Act, Assess, Adjust; all with my help.


What This Looks Like:


  1. 21 Days of Action-Oriented Training complete with feedback and guidance from me and an empowering and supportive community
  2. Immediate Access to a 21-Day Kickstarter Journey Guide, so you can work at your own pace
  3. Daily Training that includes Mindset and Implementable Action Steps based on proven strategies
  4. Private Facebook Group to ask me Questions and get Laser Coaching and Feedback so you can keep moving forward. I will show up in there every day to interact with you.
  5. Supplemental Materials to work through to support your efforts and help you create results
  6. Recordings of 4 Learning Labs where I answer the questions that come up the most during this journey and do some laser coaching.


These are some of the comments flooding the airwaves inside this program!

“Wow, thank you, that gives me clarity big time.”

“Very helpful!! Thx.”

“Perfect, yes!! I’m loving that… thanks, great tips.”

“I love that… thank you for clarifying so much. This is fantastic feedback!!”

“That’s gold… thank you SO much.”

“Right, I see, yes, that has clarified this for me. Great. Thanks, Michelle.”

“❤️❤️ Thank you. I appreciate you.”

And this follow-up email, Thanks, Michelle, I got so much out of yesterday’s training – it was great… THANK YOU!!!!”


You hear a lot about Building a Personality Brand, and I am going to help you with this, because I have done it. But for people like you and me, there’s more, and that is why I have created this work to help you create your Soul Brand.

I am committed to helping you Be the Contribution you are here to be and get paid well for it.

The Power of this Program is that we will be working together daily for 21 days LIVE, and you will have the recordings and materials to use over and over again. I am teaching you strategies that you can keep using as you grow and evolve. We will also work together through a private Facebook group.

Your investment for this workshop is $100.

Click Here to Register and receive pre-work and access to the private Facebook group. The sooner you enroll, the sooner we can begin to interact, and the more I can help you.

I am saving a Sacred Seat for you. Reserve it now.

Join Me, and if you need to talk first, private message me on Facebook, or schedule a call with me at www.talkwithmichellebarr.com.

I am excited for You and all you can accomplish here!