Become a Spiritual Coach

Are you ready to answer your calling to be a Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Leader?
Do you want to create a Spiritual Business that allows you to serve at your Highest Level with your true Spiritual gifts?
Do you need to know the “How To”?
Do you desire to integrate your work and your life so that you are living in your Higher Purpose?
Are you ready to get paid well for being the contribution you are here to be in the world?
Do you dream about using your powerful personal stories, your life experiences, the message burning inside of you, your Spiritual gifts, and your knowledge and skills to help others with their life and their Spiritual journey?
Are you ever afraid that time is passing you by, and you know you have got to get on with your real work in the world?
Do you long for the Freedom that comes with creating life and work your way?

I am so glad you’re here right now!

I know exactly how it feels to have these longings, these desires, and these dreams.

I remember the life I was living that was taking a toll on my health, my relationships, and my bank account, a life not on purpose, living by default. Instead of doing what I am made to do, I was doing a lot of things I can do, and some things I thought I should do.

You have been asking for more, and you found your way here. This is an opportunity showing up in answer to what you are asking for.

You know you are made for greatness, and it’s time to fully commit to this journey. That means taking aligned action toward what you say you want most.

It’s Your Time! 


I’ve been teaching Healers, Intuitives, Psychics, Mediums, Spiritual Teachers, Thought Leaders, Speakers, Authors, and Coaches of all kinds how to build their Spiritual Businesses since I founded my Spiritual Business School 6 years ago. Before that, I was a Spiritual Coach working in Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development and Healing for 5 years.

Lately, I have had more and more people coming forward and asking me if I would teach them how to coach, and more specifically, how to be a Spiritual Coach.

💎They feel they need the skills.

💎They want to add coaching as an income stream.

💎They need personal and Spiritual growth and development that will help them serve clients at a higher level.

💎They want to master their craft and create a profitable and sustainable business doing the work they love and are made to do.

💎They are learning to build their business, and they need to know what to do when they actually get the clients.



All The Details:


Learn the skills to serve clients as a Spiritual Coach


Identify the Unique Combination you bring to the table to create a Unique Contribution and how to use it with your clients to create the most value


Identify your Personal Brand, your Divinely Aligned Clients, and your Clear Message


Understand the easy and flow way you will create the tools you will use with your clients.


Create your offerings and your 1:1 Private Coaching Program, and learn how to deliver them.

  • I will show you why and how you can sell it right now



Learn how to hold space and energy for your clients while you are working with them.

  • I will teach you some of my best tools and techniques that support you and your clients

Practice these new-found skills in a safe space


  • The legal contract I use with my Clients
  • Hand-Picked Tools in my Spiritual Toolbox I use with my Clients and will share with you, too
  • Transcripts of each of the training modules

What You Receive:


Pre-Work to get you started in getting clear

3 LIVE Q&A Calls

Private Facebook Group and Community

6 Training Modules

Practice Partners and a Practice Client for Certification

Lifetime access to all trainings and materials


* Level 1 Spiritual Coach Certification awarded at completion of course and all requirements. *


Your Investment: Currently this program is being offered for 2022 in SPIRITUAL COACH SCHOOL.