My life is a Spiritual Journey, and a big part of that Journey is helping you navigate yours.

Michelle’s Bio

MICHELLE BARR is a Spiritual Business Coach and Expert, a Spiritual Teacher, Speaker, and Author, and a Psychic, Medium, and Healer. She is The Premier Coach for Spirit Workers and has been a Teacher, Coach, and Mentor to thousands of Psychics, Mediums, and Healers around the world.

Michelle is the Founder and Creator of the Barr Institute for the Intuitive and Healing Arts. Her specialty is teaching, coaching, mentoring developing and emerging Psychics, Mediums, and Healers as they evolve and excel both personally and professionally. She is leading a collective of Spiritual Healers, Spiritual Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, and Spiritual Leaders to create and lead their own communities of clients and students and build a strong presence and platform online and out in the world.

Through her coaching and training, her programs and classes, her retreats and masterminds, she provides a high level of support and guidance, empowering her clients to create the business and life they desire and resolve all that is getting in the way, so they can show up in the world with clarity and confidence and deliver their Soul work to those who are waiting for it.

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Background & Lineage

I have a BFA in Advertising, an M.Ed. in Counseling and Guidance, and a D.Min. in Transformational Spiritual Coaching. In addition, I have seminary training and ordination as an Interfaith Minister since 2005. I spent 10 years as a Therapist before letting go of my license to follow my purpose and build my Spiritual business as a fuller expression of my Spiritual gifts.

I was raised in a family that did not recognize Spiritual gifts, and, yet, I now know I have been an Empath all my life and have been a Healer with Psychic and Mediumship gifts since I was young. I first pursued my natural calling as a Healer and Helper through traditional routes like Therapist, working in nonprofit organizations for victims services, and then as a Hospital Chaplain before beginning my own business. My business began in 2007 as a local Healing Center and grew over the years into an online global business.

I had my first Spiritual Awakening at the age of 25 when I was leaving a toxic marriage to become a single mother of a toddler, and facing the terminal illness of my best friend. Over the past 32 years, I have been on a personal Spiritual Journey that evolved into my vocation and career 14 years ago. 

I was doing volunteer work with AIDS patients in the early 1980s, which is where I was first introduced to Louise Hay’s work and became involved in her style of Healing Circles. From there, I left my career in Advertising and Publishing and went to graduate school to become a Therapist. 

I was called to Seminary and spent two years in training and was ordained in 2005 as an Interfaith Minister.


In 2007, I made the decision to get rid of my license as a Therapist and open a local Healing Center to do the work I knew could help people in so many ways.

In 2009, I took my business from local to global.

Now, in 2021, I am once again opening a local headquarters, founding my Barr Institute for the Intuitive and Healing Arts in Dallas, Texas. My business will remain global with a local teaching and training center available to my clients and students. 

In 1991, I married my husband, Roger, who continues to this day to be my biggest support and a constant in my life that keeps me grounded and centered. After a lifetime in Education, Roger retired in 2021, and he will join me in my travels both nationally and internationally doing my work and also be helping with the workings of the Institute. 

In 2003, I turned my life into an experiment for the Law of Attraction, and, since then, I have studied Universal Law and all its teachings and real-world application with some of the greatest in the field. Universal Law is foundational to my work with my Clients and Students and is the guiding principle in my life and my business.

In 2010, I discovered the world of coaching and spent that entire decade studying with some of the greatest Coaches in the Business World, the Speaking World, the Events World, and in the Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development and Human Potential World. I have not been without a Coach since 2009. I believe in Coaching as a strategy and tool for success, and I continue to take on a limited number of Private Clients every year. I believe that the best coaches for Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development, Transformation, and Healing are Coaches who bring their gifts and abilities as Psychics, Mediums, and Healers to the table in their work with their clients. I train some of my selected Clients to become Spiritual Coaches, and you can connect with them here.  

In 2014, I took an intensive deep dive into speaking and wrote my first book. It was published in 2015, and I traveled speaking on stages with my book. In 2017, I had my second book published. I continue to speak both on live and virtual stages with my books. In 2016, I was invited to spend a year teaching and training Coaches to speak and write their books for some prominent coaches in my field. Now, I do this work for my own Clients. 

In 2017, after saying no to Mediumship for 10 years, I committed to myself and to Spirit to professionally develop my Mediumship, including as a Platform Medium. I quickly discovered this was a very strong gift of mine, and also that my expertise as a Coach and Teacher was still being called for in this newly developed arena. I had been personally developing my Mediumship since 2007, but I had kept it mostly in the background. I dedicated the next 4 years to traveling extensively and studying with a large number of the best and most renowned Mediums in the world. You can see a list of them below.

Today, I am The Premier Coach for many up-and-coming and well-known Psychics, Mediums, and Healers and have created a strong community of Spirit Workers that I connect, nurture, and teach and train. My approach is to work with them on both a personal and professional level, and it is a winning combination. I bring to my work with my clients and students my own Psychic, Mediumship, and Healing abilities as well as my strong expertise in Spiritual Business and Coaching. I work with my Clients intuitively, energetically, and strategically.


Mavis Pattilla, 3 years and present, year-long Mediumship Mentorship, Advanced Mediumship, and Platform Mediumship, Instruction and Critique, yearly in-person Advanced Platform Mediumship Training and Critique 

Tony Stockwell, 2 week-long Intensive Trainings, Advanced Mediumship Techniques, Trance Healing, and Trance Channeling, Psychic Detective 

Arthur Findlay College, week-long instruction and testing, Advanced Mediumship 

Thomas John, week-long in-person Mediumship Training and observation, variety of courses, private instruction, and critique, Featured Medium in his Summit, Featured Spiritual Business Expert Teacher in his programs, collaborative work co-teaching and training in Mediumship and Spiritual Business 

Colby Rebel, 6-month Platform Mediumship, Advanced Psychic Mediumship Development Circles 

Janet Nohavec, 3-Day Advanced Platform Mediumship 

Alyson Gannon, Mediumship Retreat 

Andy Byng, variety of courses 

Arthur Findlay College Tutors, variety of courses

Lily Dale, variety of courses, Visiting Medium for Public Platform Demonstrations, Featured Teacher and Trainer 

Lisa Williams, Mediumship Mastermind, Master Teacher 9-Month Training and Testing Program 

Double blind-tested by Best American Psychics, Shay Parker

Spirit Worker:

Become The Psychic, Medium, Healer You Are!

Building your own Spiritual Business begins with practicing and mastering your craft and unfolds and evolves into so much more. Explore The 3 Key Pillars to Becoming A Professional Spirit Worker. Discover how to navigate the next level of your Spiritual Evolution as a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Spiritual Leader. Listen in to this master class I taught to Lisa Williams’ student community. My gift to you.

===> This includes a Meditation and Intuitive Journaling Prompts for you.