The 888 Mastermind

With The Premier Coach for Spirit Workers, Michelle Barr.


You know you are called to make a bigger impact, to create the Spiritual Business most aligned to your Purpose, serving clients all over the world who want and need the medicine that you have, stepping into the Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritual Leader that you are made to be, and doing it all in a way that serves you while you are serving everyone else.




It IS possible for you to be the contribution you are here to be and get paid well for it!


I am so glad you’re here and excited for what that means for you, for those you are meant to serve, and for the world. You are being offered this opportunity to show up in the world with your sacred work and your unique message, positioned, in your power, and living your purpose much more fully. Imagine the impact you can make on the lives of others and in your own life when it all comes together. 

After transforming myself first from a struggling Therapist, then from a Spiritual Entrepreneur with a very expensive hobby, having never made $50,000 a year in my life, I now have a profitable and sustainable multi six-figure business and the Time Freedom and Money Freedom to have the Spiritual Journey of my dreams. I am about to celebrate my business’s 14th Anniversary, and I have not had a job since 2006. 

I know from my own experiences and through coaching hundreds of Clients that it is POSSIBLE to make money doing what you love and what you are made to do, serve others as you are called to do, and live the life of your dreams. 

A big part of my Purpose and Mission is to serve you in yours, and I have dedicated my time, energy, and resources to doing just that, helping you turn your life’s calling into a profitable business you love that supports and sustains the life you want to live. 

I work with my clients and my community intuitively, energetically, and strategically, using Spiritual principles, solid business strategies, a success mindset, energy medicine, and all my Spiritual gifts as a Psychic, Medium, Master Healer, and Divine Channel.

 The 888 Mastermind combines all my foundational teachings, all my powerfully practical and Spiritually rich tools for healing and transformation, and all the proven business strategies that work especially well for Spirit Workers building Spiritual Businesses. 

My work takes a 3-pronged approach to ensure your maximum success:


Practice and Master Your Craft


Grow and Develop Personally and Spiritually to Become Who You Are


Build a Profitable and Sustainable Spiritual Business That Supports and Sustains the Life You Want to Live

Take a look at all that is available to you from my 14 years of personal and professional growth, development, training, and experience, and all that I have created for you for nearly a decade and a half, and I’ll see YOU in The 888 Mastermind.


The 888 Mastermind is the place for Spiritual Healers, Spiritual Coaches, Spiritual Teachers, and Spiritual Leaders to Train, to Grow, to Prosper

The 888 Mastermind is the ultimate training program for Spirit Workers in the Intuitive and Healing Arts who are called to show up bigger in the world with their message, live their Higher Purpose, create a life they love and a business that supports and sustains that, and have the Spiritual Journey of their dreams.

How the Mastermind Works

Get ready to feel Spiritually connected like never before as you align more fully with what you are made to do and who you are called to be as you build and grow your Spiritual Business.

Skip the stress of figuring everything out for yourself. 

In The 888 Mastermind, I am available to you as your Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Guide, Healing Support, Spiritual Business Coach, Mindset Mentor, and Spiritual Teacher and Leader, and I have brought together a supportive and empowering community for you to grow and rise with. The 888 Mastermind gives you all you need to fulfill your purpose both personally and professionally.  

You will receive in-depth business training modules plus bonus resources and exclusive content for building and growing a Spiritual Business and for becoming a Spiritual Coach. This program comes with the opportunity for you to be certified by Michelle and the Barr Institute of the Intuitive and Healing Arts as a Spiritual Coach and promoted by her through her website and a social media interview. 

See everything that is included in this program below.


The 888 Mastermind Includes:


Twice Monthly Live Group Calls with Michelle


One Private Deep Dive 90-Minute Session with Michelle


Two Intensive Virtual Weekend Spiritual Retreats


Once Monthly Peer Led Group Meetings


12 Spiritual Business Training Modules (Your Complete Spiritual Business Startup Curriculum)


8 “Become A Spiritual Coach” Training Modules PLUS Spiritual Coach Level One Certification


Your complete Spiritual Business Startup Curriculum

Michelle Barr’s proven curriculum guides you step-by-step through the entire process of starting and growing your business. Wherever you are with your business, you will learn how to build the structure and foundation, the well-oiled machine, that Michelle built a decade ago and has never had to build again. She has just kept building on it.

-Learn how to package, price, and promote your gifts, skills, and abilities.

-Understand how to charge what you are worth and work through whatever is in the way of that.

-Develop a clear message and a clear offer that you can sell and deliver right now.

-Build a Personality Branded Business that will support you for years and grow and evolve with you.

-Discover how to speak for your business both online and offline.

-Find out how to use social media in the most effective ways to bring in the clients and income consistently and organically.

This is how you create a Spiritual Business that is aligned, sustainable, and profitable.

Michelle teaches you how to build The Magic Container you can pour all your magic into and invite Spirit into work with you and your client.

This is how Healing and Transformation happen!

One of the best things about Michelle’s proven approach is that it is completely customizable to every stage and circumstance in your life.

You choose how much you want to work and how much money you want to make, and you make it fit your life.

You create a business that supports and sustains the life you want to live.

You have instant access to all the trainings, so you can go directly to what you need now and have ongoing access to all that you need.

Become A Spiritual Coach Training and Certification Program

Learn how to take all that you do and package it to serve your Private Clients at the highest level through Spiritual Coaching.

Michelle teaches you how to take your business and your work beyond the single session and the dollars for minutes model.

Her proven approach works well for Spirit Workers and changes the game dramatically in the money they are able to make. This approach took Michelle to a full time profitable and sustainable business and has done the same for her clients.

Michelle trains you in the art of Coaching and then teaches you how to turn it into a thriving business. Learn to incorporate her expert methods honed over a decade of transformational coaching into your own unique style and brand. 




Drop Your Money Story & Fund the Life of Your Dreams (a 5-week workshop)

AND! New Money Vibration 30-Day Journey

One of Michelle’s biggest challenges the first few years of her business and throughout her life before she was in business for herself was getting right with her money and getting right with herself around Money, Business, and Spirituality.

This has become a Platform for her that has had her traveling and speaking with her bestselling books about her body of work and her own personal experiences.

This is an important part of her curriculum and something she spends time and energy with you on throughout your time together.

Also Included


Your Kindred Community Is Here!

These are the people you will journey with and grow with. They become your friends, colleagues, peers, collaborative partners, and the empowering support you have been looking for.

This is Spiritual Coach School, a mastermind approach and training academy all in one, that operates on the principle that when a group like this gathers, a “Third Mind” is created that is very powerful for all who are a part of it.

An energy is created in the container. All rise up together. What is available to one becomes available to each one.

Come into the Facebook Group any time to connect, to share, to cheer others on, to find resources, and to get your questions answered now by Michelle and her Team. Michelle will pop in with messages to lift you up and keep you going, moving forward into your next level of sacred success. Michelle has many extras to give you from her many years of working with her clients, and she will deliver – meditations, templates, teachings, trainings, videos, audios, working documents, and more.

Join the 888 Mastermind

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Are you ready for a Metaphysical Upgrade that will bless every area of your life?

This is Mystery School Teachings Michelle has immersed herself in for the past 33 years interwoven in Business Training. This is Energy Medicine Michelle has trained in and used with her clients for the past 14 years we are working with, that you will use for yourself then turn around and use for your clients over and over again.

This unique combination brings you the Highest Healing, Transformation, and Sacred Success available to you.

This is beyond just doing; this is integrated living and being, and Michelle is a Master at helping Spirit Workers in the BECOMING. She has processes that Activate, Anoint, Clear the Vessel, and Expand you into new possibilities and Higher Purpose Living. Michelle goes beyond working with you in your third-dimensional reality and works with you in The Field, as well. With her, you will take a deep dive into Sacred Tools and Practices that create practical results for you today. She works Psychically, Mediumistically, uses Energy Healing and Multi-Dimensional Healing, and works in the Akashic Records. She is trained in Human Design and the Gene Keys, Ancestral Lineage and Generational Systemic Work, Advanced Ho’oponopono, and Zero Limits Living.

The Frequency and Vibration of the 888:

You have knowledge and wisdom to share.

You receive only what you are ready to receive.

When you are in the flow of Divine Abundance, you have an Abundant Mindset that attracts opportunities to you.

Your Life Purpose is fully supported by the Universe.

Recognize your Divine Birthright.

In this Higher State, you can create everything you can imagine for the Highest Good of All. (Hint: It always includes YOU!)

Go forth and build.


Michelle, I find there is something so neat energetically that happens when you talk or coach people. It’s like energetically you talk to the deep me, not the mind me, and it’s really interesting to see and feel how in a really subtle but powerful way it supports you to shift your story. — Tara Preston

Your Time is Now!

Spirit does not call the equipped. Spirit equips the called.

THE 888 MASTERMIND is the answer to what you have been asking for.

Michelle teaches, it is Universal Law, Wherever there is a Desire, a way has already been made.

Pay In Full


Payment Plan

$997 / month

x 8 Monthly Payments (via Paypal)


I live my life as a Spiritual Journey, fully integrating both my personal and professional life. My highest values are:



Serving at My Highest and Best for Your Highest and Best.

I’m committed to living INTUITIVE AND FREE and helping you do the same.

My Message To You: BE ALL OF YOU. Show up as ALL of YOU.

Commit to your spiritual and personal growth and development and then build your dream business and dream life. This is what I have done and what I help others do as my passion and purpose.

This is an answer to what you’ve been asking for.

How will you respond?

At the Barr Institute for the Intuitive and Healing Arts, we are here to heal the world and create positive change. We know that begins with and is fueled by our own Spiritual and Personal Growth Journey.

Transformed People Transform People.

The most powerful and immediate way we can carry out our mission is to empower you and equip you to carry out yours. We believe that Spirit does not call the equipped, Spirit equips the called. We have been equipped to support and guide you in your own discovery and process as Spirit works with you and for you throughout all of your life to equip you for the work you are meant to do.

Everything You Need
to Become All That You Are Capable Of Being

The 888 Mastermind is designed to be the solution you are seeking to help you grow into your gifts and to create the life you desire and deserve, working with you at every level, in all areas and aspects of your life and your journey, both personally and professionally. 

Michelle Barr is calling in a small, passionate group of students and seekers to take into her counsel and work directly with each one of them for 8 months to help reveal their life’s purpose and their true life’s work, support them in building the skills they need to carry it out, provide them with the full range of knowledge and wisdom necessary to guide them in sharing their gifts with the world, and walk with them through the healing of all that comes up and has been standing in their way. We know that what you think is in the way is THE WAY, and Michelle is in her full genius in helping you navigate this and emerge strong and ready to evolve and excel. 

This is an intimate, powerful, transformative program. If you would like to spend the next 8 months of your life overcoming your past, stepping into your future, and into your best self, your highest expression, and your life’s work and life’s purpose, act now. 

  • Discover Your Life’s Purpose and Your Life’s Work
  • Gather Techniques and Tools along with Spiritual Practices You Can Use Over and Over Again
  • Tap Into Your Greatest Spiritual Gifts and Abilities
  • Uncover and Clear, Heal, and Resolve What Is Getting In Your Way
  • Receive Energy Healing Training using both Ancient and Modern Energy Healing Tools and Techniques Michelle Has Been Trained In and Mastered
  • Learn Michelle’s Mystery School Teachings on Universal Law, Spiritual Principles, Manifesting and more… 

Develop Your Online Platform and Presence as Michelle shares her Expertise with You! 

Everything You Need to Become All That You Are Capable Of Being and Called to Become is right here! 

This program is designed to empower and equip you to Be the Contribution You Are Here To Be and Live An Abundant Life of Spiritual and Financial Freedom, so that you can, in turn, make the impact you are called to make in your own life and in the world. During this process, you will achieve a new personal level of Spirituality and connection with Spirit, Your Guides, Your Higher Self, and your Spiritual Gifts. You will also gain the knowledge and skills to attract and grow your own following, community, as a Spiritual Leader, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritual Coach, and learn how to build a successful Personality Brand, Platform, and Presence.