Bringing together the mystical with the marketing to help you monetize your magic so that you can ~ 

Be the Contribution you are here to be, and get paid well for it.

Join me on this journey to discover your point of power in the marketplace, your unique combination and the unique contribution it creates. Welcome to the work that will light your Soul on fire and bring you the Sacred Success you seek.
Join me for:

Journey to Your Soul’s Expression:

The Soul Brand Solution

7-Day Challenge!

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I always say, “Do the energetic work first.”

Join me as I show you how to do just that!

This isn’t going to be a lot of work. It’s more your energetic pre-work.

This is about getting your Body, Mind, Soul, and your Vision in Alignment.

It’s about setting yourself up to attract what you are asking for.

There won’t be a lot of how-to steps.

We are simply going to delete a lot of screwy programs in your brain that are stopping you from having what you’ve asked for.

Do you know that you want something? Do you know what it is?

Are you aware that you are what’s stopping you?

There are 2 Key Steps to Answering Your Calling:

  • Identify and Connect with Your Soul Purpose
  • Express Your Soul Purpose in Your Life and Your Work

During our 7 days together, we are going to work through:

  1. Awareness and Unearthing of what is calling you forward
  2. Clearing, Healing and Resolving what is stopping you
  3. Receiving Tools for Your Spiritual Toolbox to work with on your own
  4. Assessing where you are and where you want to be
  5. Identifying the Gaps
  6. Identifying Your Soul Purpose and Connecting with Your Soul Purpose
  7. Creating an Expression of Your Soul Purpose in Your Life and in the Marketplace

All this equals YOUR SOUL BRAND.

You hear me talk a lot about building a Personality Brand, and I am going to help you with this, because I have done it. But for people like you and me, there’s more, and that is why I have created this work to introduce you to and help you get started creating Your Soul Brand.

I am committed to helping you Be the Contribution you are here to be AND get paid well for it.

I can do the deep work with you to break through the programming that is keeping you from it.

And, from there, I can help you build your most powerful Soul Brand and fully step into it so it brings you the Sacred Success both personally and professionally that you desire and deserve.

You and I both know it has to feel good and be in alignment.

Pushing your way through is not sustainable.

People come to me unclear about what to do and how to do it.

They are searching for clarity and allowing confusion to keep them stuck.

There are deeper reasons that you are staying in confusion, and I’m going to address that with you day one. Be ready for some up close and personal coaching, support and guidance!

When you are living in your programming, it keeps you from living in your Soul.

I am going to help you unravel and remove that.

So you can be clear and get going.

People come to me and ask, can I really get paid for this?

Yes! When you are connected to your Soul Purpose and expressing it in your life and your work.

Do you feel like you have all this magic and you are this contribution and you create miracles as long as money is not involved?

Yes! We are going to work on that, for sure.

When I work with my Clients energetically, I am great at holding you when you are falling, lifting you up and getting you on your feet again. I will work with you intuitively and energetically as an individual and in a group to move you out of what no longer serves you and move you into what will carry you forward.

The Power of this work we will do together is that we will be together daily for 7 days live, and you will have the recordings to use over and over again. We will also work together through a private Facebook group.