30-Day Breakthrough Special Offer

When you work with me, you are getting an Intuitive Coach, Strategist, Mindset Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Counselor, Conscious Entrepreneur, Advisor and Guide all at the same time.

Begin wherever you are. Choose your speed. Choose your focus. This program is tailor-made for you.


30-Day Breakthrough: Are you finding yourself confused about who you are or what you are doing? Unable to make decisions or think clearly? Paralyzed, frozen or stuck for no apparent reason? Overwhelmed with grief and sorrow? Drowning in emotions – yours and those of others? Stuck/trapped in toxic patterns, unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs. If you have one thing that keeps showing up in your life and your experience, one thing that you know you need to connect with so that you can understand what is going on and clear, heal and resolve it right now, this is just what you need to finally move forward.

You see, dealing directly with this one thing will affect every area of your life in a positive way. It will change what is showing up in your life and help you begin to create more of what you want and stop creating what you don’t want.

During this 30-Day Breakthrough, you’ll experience:

1. One private coaching call with Coaching Specialist Michelle Barr each week ($997)

2. Coaching Tools hand-picked by me for you to use during our 30 days together ($400+). This will include a Self-Healing Empowerment Journey recording you can use every day for the 30 days; several Coaching Tools; and Guided Meditations.

3. Ongoing access to me during your coaching program.

Your investment for 30 Days:


Let’s Get Started!

I normally ask my clients for a 6-month commitment when they work with me.

Here is your opportunity to work with me weekly for 30 days to have a breakthrough and really move forward.

This offer is good until midnight on May 31, and we begin June 1. I have 5 spaces available.

Imagine what you could transform if you had 30 days of ongoing support and guidance – energetically, intuitively, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically!

The most successful people will tell you that they consistently make the investment in themselves to work with a Coach who can provide the necessary rocket fuel to move them to having breakthrough after breakthrough as they learn to live more fully and more often in the flow, without resistance, and are able to move more constantly and consistently on their own momentum. It takes a tremendous amount of energy in the initial stages of this part of the journey to work with these processes. A great Coach can accompany you through this, offer opportunities for insight and shift, and can provide invaluable resources.

Let’s Do It!


Working with me as your coach and mentor provides the benefits of receiving information, awareness and insight, intuitive and energetic healing and clearing, as well as accountability, consistency, support, guidance and ongoing training.

As my client, you are provided with support and guidance, intuitively, energetically, and through the teaching and application of principles, tools and techniques that move you into new understandings and ways of being and doing and having.

If you are interested in working with me and want to have a conversation first, contact me, and we will schedule a complimentary consultation.

 Reserve your space now, and we’ll get started with our work together!