Who do I say that I am
What do I say that I do
Who do I say that I serve
Take some time with these questions. They are the starting point for creating your Personality Brand and getting the results you want when you speak for your business.
Answering these questions involves making key decisions that will help you stand out in the marketplace and allow your dream clients to hear you and raise their hands to work with you.
You get to say who you are. This is not about who other people say you are or what they want or need you to be.
There are many things you can do, and then there are the things you are made to do. Opening up and claiming those things and letting the others go saves you time, money and energy. It also flows from you so authentically, it comes across much less salesy. The sooner you are willing to step into your Zone of Genius, the more your business will thrive and grow.
Stop serving everybody, and speak directly to the person who needs you the most. How do you know who that is? Here are some clues.
✔️ The needs you know this person has are tangible. They are looking for solutions to specific problems, and you have those solutions.
✔️ This person exists, and you know how to reach her.
✔️ The person you are speaking to is ready and willing to do the work. Convincing someone they need what you have drains your energy and doesn’t create lasting results for either of you.
✔️ AND, the person can afford you. Money will often come up as an objection, and you can learn to handle this. When you do, you will be creating transformation and giving someone a gift.
✔️ Choose a person you know you can serve in multiple ways and over time.
✔️ This is a person who is motivated and has been expressing interest. Here is where you can learn how to use Facebook in an engaging and interactive way to attract and receive the clients you are looking for.
🔑 CONSIDER THIS: You are or were one of them. Your dream client is just two steps behind you and wants to get from where she is to where you are. What Powerful Stories and real life experiences connect you to this person? Use these to invite them to speak with you about how you can best serve them.
THEN, decide and move forward.
RESIST the urge to jump around. Don’t second guess or get into self doubt. Hold this energetic space so they can find you and connect with you. Be consistent. Stay with this and give it and you time to be established as an authority and expert and build a community around you who will start buying from you.
When you work with me, we answer these questions and build a clear message, clear offer, and clear path for your clients to follow right to your door where they know they want to work with you. Send me a private message if you’re ready for this kind of CLARITY!