It’s amazing what kind of TRANSFORMATION you are capable of creating in your life when you make a decision and are committed to having a breakthrough. It’s your Intention that carries the initial power that starts moving you forward and causes all the unseen forces that start conspiring on your behalf for your highest good.
Here are some telltale signs.
You are ready for a breakthrough if YOU ARE:
🔥Really wanting to make changes in your life and ready to move in this direction
🔥Transitioning out of what no longer serves you
🔥Ready to embrace your purpose
🔥Passionate about your vision, your mission, your dreams, your truth
🔥A person that others naturally turn to for guidance or you want to be
🔥Tired of losing yourself in everyone and everything else
🔥So done with giving yourself away
🔥No longer willing to be an energy source for others in a way that drains the life out of you
🔥Wanting to stop constantly shifting your energy to accommodate others
🔥Willing to step out of living out stories that no longer serve you
🔥Ready to honor your true self
🔥Ready to stand for yourself
🔥Preparing to stand for those you are here to serve
🔥Ready to make heart-centered intuitive decisions
🔥Ready to own your own agenda and create a life you love
🔥Ready to step into the spotlight of your own life
🔥Seeking to master your two greatest and most powerful tools – your energy and your intuition – to transform your life
🔥Stepping up to ask for what you want, become a match, and attract it
🔥Looking to experience relief and freedom that brings a new joy to your life
🔥Seeking the possibilities for yourself
🔥Committed to stepping into your greatness
🔥Open to going to the next level in your life
You are ready for a breakthrough if YOUR CURRENT STRUGGLES INCLUDE:
💥Not knowing where to start
💥Wanting control over your energy and your life
💥Experiencing stress and fear that comes with stepping into your brilliance and your vision, your mission, your dreams and your truth
💥Recognizing that a lot of energy is going out, but not a lot is coming in for you
💥Losing your confidence due to criticism or weak support
💥Questioning, “Can I really make this change?” “Can I really do this?”
💥Spending lots of time being busy but feeling you don’t have what you want to show for it
💥Spinning your wheels, stuck in old patterns, falling back into what is comfortable and safe but not necessarily good for you
💥Continually losing momentum and having to get started again
💥Feeling isolated and alone
💥Lacking clarity
💥Overwhelmed, shut down
💥Unclear about how to move forward in any area of your life
💥Coming up with lots of great ideas but not sure at all how to get started implementing them
💥Finding yourself frustrated with inconsistent action and inconsistent results
💥Feeling you have no time for yourself or not enough time for yourself to live the life you want to live
💥You’re tired
💥Your stress level is high
💥You can’t see a way out of living the way you are living, but you know it’s no longer working for you
💥You are exhausted and close to burning out
💥You’ve outgrown your current life or parts of it
💥You want something more
💥You know it’s time to step fully into your life purpose, but you aren’t sure how
💥Wanting to stop struggling but you don’t feel you can do it on your own
💥Really ready to take a quantum leap in at least one area of your life rather than just creeping along but you lack the guidance, support and accountability that will assure your success
You are ready for a breakthrough if YOU FEEL THE NEED TO:
🎯Make a plan
🎯Move forward into action
🎯Learn to manage your Energy
🎯Reconnect with your Intuition, that part of you that knows what you really want, what you desire and intend, and also knows how to get you there
🎯Learn to create consistent results
🎯Create a lifestyle that supports you
🎯Integrate a rich spiritual life that you are longing to live into a successful physical life
🎯Make changes in what you are doing and how you are doing it
🎯Shift your models
🎯Experience a Mindset Makeover
🎯Bust Limiting Beliefs and Build New Beliefs
🎯Work Smarter, Not Harder
🎯Up-level your energy and enthusiasm to support your vision, your mission, your dreams and your truth
🎯Create a fresh new start
🎯Get the support and guidance you need
🎯Plug into a high-energy community and Tribe of your own
🎯Be supported in initiating a major up-leveling and mindset shift so exponential growth can happen with ease
🎯Take control over your own life and time
So, what do you think? ARE YOU READY FOR A BREAKTHROUGH?
I have been a Personal Transformation Specialist for over 22 years and have just received my Doctorate in Transformational Coaching after completing my dissertation on “Personal transformation is an integral part of societal and global transformation and all true change is dependent on and supported by those who are willing to transform at a personal level and then lead others to do the same.”
I have created powerful programs and services to help you get the breakthrough that will change your life!
If you know YOU ARE READY FOR A BREAKTHROUGH, reach out.