A Client today wrote me and said, “I saw some of your posts and heard audio that asks the question ‘What is holding you back?’ etc. So this is something I am also exploring, because I admit I am not happy with where I’m at right now and with my efforts.  Here are my thoughts.”

I loved her insight as a window into my clients’ thoughts and feelings and experiences, and a reflection of my own, and I have enjoyed coming up with answers. It inspires me, and I hope it does the same for  you.

dearclientHi, Dear Client,

I love this, and you are right on track. These are all beliefs, not Truth, and they will hold you back. I just busted through a belief of my own this week and had a big payday from it. So, I know it works.

“There is too much work to do to be ready for success.” – I teach my clients and students to create success right away. Within as little as the first 30 days, they have clients or more clients and are making money or more money. You want to create right away a business that will support and sustain the life you want to live, and it’s very doable. Yes, there is work to do, but that doen’t mean it can’t pay off from the beginning. I have run my business from the beginning being willing to be perfectly imperfect, and so I have consistently grown more clients and more money and a bigger and better business which led to a bigger and better life. You don’t get ready for success. You create it right now today. You are in business now.

“I have to work hard, for free, before people will pay me.” – I actually put a stop to this immediately with my clients and students. I have a formula for giving away for free for a short period of time, but with a clear strategy, and there still has to be an energy exchange. You should actually not give away for free. The reason I am able to give so much away for “free” all the time and love doing it is because I have built it into the structure of my business, it’s part of the system, and I am making plenty of money in my business. It’s part of my business strategy, structure and system, and the free has purpose and pays off for me while it’s serving my community.

“Nobody has money to pay a reasonable amount for my work.” – This was a big one for me. My ideal client or target market doesn’t have money to pay, and I bought into it, until enough Coaches making money and growing businesses like the one I wanted to have told me it’s simply not true unless I believe it is. I bumped up against this one recently and made a big shift and had a big payday. People pay me really good money for what I do now, and those who can pay show up and pay me willingly, and they get results. This all comes down to you valuing yourself and your work and putting it out in the world in a strategic way.

“People don’t respond to posts or emails.” – Again, I have created a system and a structure, and people e-mail me all the time, respond to my e-mails, open my e-mails, and buy what I am offering. I have tons of engagement with my posts. It’s strategic, using that word again. I now run my entire business off Facebook, and it works very well for me. You just have to understand how it will work for you and have a plan. Once I did that, my business grew to a full-time business bringing in consistent clients and income.

“It seems like people don’t care about their personal success and happiness. The focus is only on debt, physical complaints, and just surviving their current state.” – True in a way, and you won’t change that. It’s the human condition. Believe me, it broke my heart to discover it’s the same even with “enlightened” people, often more so, which baffles me. We walk around saying we are here to make an impact and change the world, but then many won’t invest in changing themselves or take the action to change themselves, and that would change the world. We say we believe in an Abundant, Infinite Universe, and yet so many are living in poverty and tolerating it, and living with illness and debt and toxic relationships, putting themselves in toxic environments every day. I know, it’s a tough stance to take. I have been a helper and healer my whole life, and I used to want to “save” and “rescue” people, and it doesn’t ever work. Something about those things is serving them, as it was serving me for many years, until I got real with myself, took honest inventory, and took my personal and spiritual growth and development seriously. That was the path I chose. We each get to choose.

People do care about their personal success and happiness, and they say they want it. More and better money, work, relationships and life. But people in general will not move in the direction of their pleasure. They wait to be motivated by their pain. They move only when they are in enough pain away from what causes them pain. This was a huge life-changer and game-changer for me, when I started learning to move always toward my pleasure, so now I don’t wait to get into pain, and I don’t bring that pain into my life. For years, I did. Again, I tested this for a long time, and I wanted to find different results. Even “enlightened” people on a personal and spiritual growth path will not necessarily invest in this journey, because they have bigger pains. Even though, this would help move them out of this situation and circumstance, they don’t often take the risks. They don’t buy. You have to learn to find out what they need right now, and you offer them that, and then you give them all of what you have to offer.

“My potential customers face the same challenges as me. (This isn’t that ‘bad’.)” – Yes, they do, and this is the path to the most success, especially financially, in building and growing your business. You are on a journey. You have something to teach people right now, and that’s all you have to have right now. You have your story and your experience, and you step out and share that, and you attract a community to serve. As they grow, you grow, and you and your work evolve. I have been the most successful in branding myself, sharing my story, sharing my journey, and it has changed over the years – you know, because you have been following me for a long time – and I am willing to invest in myself and grow, and so I serve my community and my clients, and new ones show up in response to what I have learned that I can share with them. If you wait until some perceived time when you will be ready, you are missing the only opportunity that exists now, and you will not be any more ready later, and you will remain in struggle.

“So what stops me? Pain, lack of investment money with a tight budget, uncertainty a plan will or is working, uncertainty I CAN do this to the fullest degree desired, and I don’t want to work two full time jobs, it’s too much energy spent and not enough in return.” – This one always gets me. I struggled with it myself. When I invested in my first Coach, I had no idea how I could pay every month. I kept taking inspired action, and I stayed aligned with my Purpose, and I created the money every month. I have not been without a Coach since 2009, and I have invested in myself consistently since 2009. Recently, I knew I needed to invest at a much higher level for 2014. So what would that require of me? I had to create the money. I didn’t have any of it. I started taking consistent inspired action. I stayed with it, and I created the money, more than I needed in one hour one day because of aligned action I kept taking leading up to it. I wrote down my goals on my calendar, and I reached them. I had many Coaches tell me this is the way it works.

The Universe only responds to true need, yet people seem to be waiting until they have a pile of extra money laying around, and then they will invest in themselves. It doesn’t usually work that way. So why wait for that? Every time I have invested in myself, once I made the commitment and had true need, the money showed up. It often showed up as opportunity that I had to step into. I am asking to be more, do more and have more, so more is going to be required of me. And it often wasn’t comfortable or logical or reasonable or clear on how I could do it. But I did it anyway. I did it this week. I created the money for what I needed to move me forward. I didn’t give up. I had a hissy fit a few weeks ago. I got pissed. I got irritated. I felt sorry for myself. But I didn’t give up. And I kept following the system I know works, and I got coaching and support, and I created exactly what I needed, and more. And it came out of nowhere from someone I had not known that found me and wanted what I had to offer, because I was still out there offering it. It found me. Do you hear that? You have to do your part, and then the Universe is the best networker and will make the match.

“The picture of my current lifestyle is feeling like a different, lower vibration, boring, in comparison to what I want which is full of light, happiness, flow, helping others and feeling supported, no struggle.” – I get it. I will no longer tolerate living in low vibration. I know when I get in it, and I change it. I use my tools. I use my support. You cannot create and attract that which you want unless you are being it, doing it and having it. I start with my clients having them add those things into their lives in the smallest way, consistently. And there is mindset work to be done. As you are matching up with it and attracting it in, it grows, and you receive more and more. You cannot create what you desire from a low vibrational state. The easiest state from which to manifest is Joy. Whatever you have highest desire for, you most often have highest resistance with, and that is why you need support and a plan, and you need to live it, not just do it sometimes. You create a new way of living and being until it becomes the way you are.

The other piece, you have to do the work to heal your money “stuff.” I did a lot of it. I hired a Coach for six months to help me do it, and I continue to get Coaching around this issue. It’s a big one, especially for Spiritual people. Do you see all the time on Facebook, people talking about how those rich people should be giving more and doing more and how rich people are evil or bad or greedy. They will never become what they despise, hate, judge. They just won’t. Those are mindset that sabotage you and don’t serve you, and unfortunately those in power and in the media and even in Hollywood perpetuate those stereotypes, because that keeps you out of your power and easier to control. It’s all stories. You have powerful money stories that are keeping you right where you are. I had a lot of money “stuff.”

That’s why I’m so passionate now about healing that in the Spiritual community. Some will go in that direction. Others will stay where they are, in poverty, and it’s very sad, but I will no longer try to convince, save or rescue them. I will live my life by example. The people I now surround myself with have helped me build new beliefs. They are Spiritual, Intuitive, Creative Healers and Helpers with thriving work they are doing in the world, and they are giving back to the world in very big ways. How about we create more of that? First, these people need to heal their money “stuff” and start taking action aligned with their desires and stay with it. There are a lot of beliefs that need shifting and actions that need taking. This is nothing new. It’s in all the Spiritual and Success texts and teachings we have in the world.

“I feel it’s ‘all or nothing.’ Little efforts don’t get me very far, and so I think that is why I start and stop projects.” – It feels that way at first. Yet, I have found baby steps, consistently, every day, in alignment with your desires, creates profound changes. It starts building exponentially. Every time you stop and start that energy, you have to essentially start over. You are sending a message to the Universe that you are not committed and that you do not have a true need, so the Universe says, okay, let me know when you have a true need and you are ready. I’m here. My business has grown to where it is today, and so my life has also grown, by not stopping and taking actions. Some days, I don’t feel like it, so I start with the smallest action, I am going to get dressed and go to that lunch, or just send one e-mail or touch base with someone, do something, and then the energy starts working for me, and I either continue on or give myself some time off to do other things. I take aligned inspired action every day, no matter what, and I work on my “stuff” when it comes up no matter what. I am never without support and guidance.

If all that feels very hard or overwhelming, I will tell you the reason I can speak so boldly now is not only because I do it, so I walk my talk with this, and I would never ask you to do anything that I do not do, but also because I have served enough clients now that do these things, too, and they have great results and outcomes. And I have more than enough people who have helped me build new beliefs about all this.

“I have a lot of creative ideas, and I know I can solve many issues and find solutions, but I don’t see how I can speed up MY self development, because it is tied to this. Working for a company is easier because I don’t feel it is me determining if my efforts are good enough, as the final say.” – This is something big to look at for you. It sounds like a big piece right  now with a lot of things tied into it. You want to be applying Universal Principles and all these things I am talking about immediately and consistently. It’s not just something you do, it’s a way of living and being, and you learn to do it more and more as you do it and grow. I don’t ask most of my clients to step out of their jobs or let of their security. Only those who say that is their intention, I support and guide them in that. Clients working with energetic principles and doing the energetic work first are able to much more easily and naturally come out of those things they don’t love that no longer serve them and are able to attract better things in the process.

If you have a desire for something, there is a way, right now. It is going to take risks and work, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. I get my clients out in the world using their gifts and being paid for that right away. It’s the way to create money for your personal and spiritual growth journey, to have the life you want to have, and it’s the way to support and sustain yourself in living the life you want to live.