Dr. Michelle Barr is uniquely equipped to serve her client base as a coach, mentor, and guide. 

With a Doctorate in Transformational Spiritual Coaching and a Masters Degree in Counseling and Guidance, she has been helping people transform their lives for more than 25 years. She spent ten years as a therapist specializing in crisis and trauma before giving up her license to build her business as a coach, teacher, and speaker. For the past 15 years, she has been helping her clients release their junk, and claim their destinies.

While working as a therapist, Dr. Barr specialized in crisis and trauma, addiction and abuse, generational dysfunctions, and personal growth and development. She went on to attend seminary, becoming ordained as an interfaith minister, and worked as a hospital and hospice chaplain, as well as a spiritual director for multiple local agencies. 

Fifteen years ago, she left her therapy practice behind to found her own healing and wellness center in her community, which quickly turned into a global online business. Through The Barr Institute, Dr. Barr helps others both personally and professionally to heal and transform all areas of their lives, then go on to help others do the same. Dr. Barr believes healing should always be able to be replicated.

Michelle and her husband have been married for over 30 years, and their family includes one son, two daughters, and most recently, their first grandbaby.  She and her husband live in Dallas, TX and enjoy a summer residence in Lily Dale, NY.

Michelle is the Founder and Creator of the Barr Institute. Through her coaching and training, her programs and classes, her retreats and masterminds, she provides a high level of support and guidance, empowering her clients to create the work and life they desire and resolve all that is getting in the way, so they can show up in the world with clarity and confidence and deliver their soul work to those who are waiting for it.

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Business Spotlight Interview: Michelle Barr talks with Pat Dougher on The Business Spotlight about what she really does.

Patrick:  Welcome to the Business Spotlight. I have a great show for you today. You’re going to love this. My good friend, Michelle Barr – I want to say that she’s a Coach but that would be a way understatement. She’s one of the best co-creators I think I’ve ever met. She has the talent to help you get where you want to go. When I say that, I have to tell you, it’s in a way that very few others have that ability.

She started as what I call a big mercy and now she’s a huge exhortation, which basically means she’s a transformational coach. Thanks so much, Michelle.

Michelle:  Thank you.

Patrick:  I’m really excited about today’s show. I want to get into your story because you started in a feeling world, so to speak, and now where you’ve come to where you’re changing lives. Tell me your story. What’s the route?

Michelle:  My story is I came to that point where I realized I was creating my life by default. I had the job, had gone to college, had the husband, the kids, the house, and the other pieces of my life didn’t look that great. I was in a marriage that was not good. I had a lot of toxic environments and relationships around me, and I wanted to start creating my life – a life that I loved. It was a big shift for me. I’ve always been a healer and a helper, so I’ve had this journey of coming into that in different ways.

Patrick:  You started in the mental health arena, didn’t you?

Michelle:  Yes, I did. First I was a mental health therapist. I went into hospital psychiatry, and while there, I wanted to bring in the Spiritual aspect and really address that with people as part of these healing crises that people were going through. Then I went to seminary and I became a hospital chaplain, and from there, I’ve moved into blending a mix of all of that so that I work with people on the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual, and have made my way to now doing a lot of Coaching, Speaking and Teaching.

Patrick:  That’s one of the things I’ve been really excited about because you really take people through a very laser process that helps them break through the stuff, whatever that might be, in any area of their life. The thing that I was so surprised with is that you started in a Spiritual dimension of ministry to people. Even to the point that you told me that people in the mental institutions would calm down just because they were near you?

Michelle:  They did. I have a way of working with people, with their energy, and really feeling people. I was known when I worked in the hospital in the psychiatric unit to go talk to and be near the hostile or violent patients, and they would calm down.

Patrick:  The one thing I’ve seen you do – I’ve seen you do it in many places that we’ve been associated with – is that because you’re such a merciful person, you are not just easily approachable but you can walk up to almost anybody and touch them in their Spirit. If you want to call it energetically, you change people. The longer they hang out with you, the more stuff that changes in their lives. Tell me a story about somebody that you’ve been able to bring from one place to another.

Michelle:  I think what it is is I have an ability to get really deep with people and to go into those deep places with them. I have a client who was just rocking and rolling along in her life, and then her husband died tragically and that puts a whole new spin. Your job isn’t as important when you’ve got all these other things you’re building in your life. Suddenly she was alone, no children, her corporate job just started feeling like a prison to her. She came to me because she needed to find her Spirit again and her purpose and she was facing, fairly young, all these years ahead of her. We worked together in my 90 Days to Transformation Program to really dig in and have her reconnect with herself.

There’s the transition; there was the time for grief, but also what is the joy there? How could she add that back into her life? Then people start transforming. A lot of people put transformation off for the future. When I show them how you can add little pieces of what you love and then it starts growing and multiplying, 90 days later your life looks very different.

Patrick:  That’s the thing that’s been so surprising to me. You have what I call a Spiritual bolt cutting capability. It’s interesting because it’s not just the mental arena. It’s the physical. It’s the financial. You’ve helped people co-create amazing, amazing things. What are some of the keys to creating even some of the financial freedom that people want?

Michelle:  What I find is money ends up being a big issue, and we have a lot of emotional and mental things around that. There’s a lot of mindset work. Overall, when people come to me, the basic thing is they’re operating out of their patterns, their thoughts, their behaviors and their beliefs, and they need to really get in touch with that and make that conscious.

I always say what’s unconscious is driving the bus anyway, so make it conscious. And whenever you start reaching for a dream or setting a big goal or intention, that’s when all your stuff comes up. Then we have all this mental and emotional clutter, and we can’t then get connected to that still small voice and that part of us that’s really us. I help people connect to that and clean out that garbage so they can start living more authentically, on purpose, who they are.

Patrick:  That is huge. Folks, today’s show, the Business Spotlight, is giving you some tips and tools that you can use to begin to change what’s up here and bring in what’s in your heart to create massive success for yourself.~

Patrick:  Welcome back to the Business Spotlight. I’m your host, Patrick Dougher. My guest today is Michelle Barr of www.MichelleBarr.com. It is a lot of fun today because you’re learning tools on how you can create the life that you really want.

Michelle, I want to talk about what you’re doing to create the success you’re having – not only for yourself, but for others. You’re doing so many great things for others.

Michelle:  It’s really important for me first to build community, build relationships and engage with people because when you start working with people at that more intimate level and getting into their mental, emotional and Spiritual arenas – talking to them about their money, love and all of those things – you have to have a level of trust there. You build that relationship. I do a lot of engaging in relationship and building community. I’m a big connector of people.

I do that through my website. When you first come to my website, there are free resources so you can get to know me, get to know what I’m about and my work, and then I can start getting to know you. I’m very big on social media, on Facebook, and I’m actually there live every day engaging with people. I post a lot of motivational, inspirational. and thought-provoking things. I’m very big on that – just getting people to look at something, one thing, just a little bit differently that will start some new awareness.

Patrick:  And get them to engage with you. When you are working with folks, you’re doing a lot of different things. You’re doing speaking at conferences. What are some of the things that you’ve done that are like that? Speaking, this last weekend I know you were somewhere?

Michelle:  Yes, I go to a lot of conferences, so I can network and connect with people. I’m very big on investing in my continued personal and Spiritual growth and development, and then modeling that for others. I love speaking on telesummits. Last week I was on Passion and Profits telesummit talking to people about merging the two. I do a lot of radio interviews and things like that, just really getting the message out there and connecting with people. It’s something I love to talk about.

Patrick:  I know you’ve been on some really large ones. When I think of Passion and Profits, a lot of people don’t really understand how valuable it is to be operating from a point of purpose for your life. What are some of the keys that you install in others to get people to operate and live on purpose?

Michelle:  When you really connect with your gifts and your purpose, my belief is that’s what we’re here to do. For a lot of years, if you look at my resume, I did a lot of things that I can do, but there are things that I’m made to do, and until I stepped into what I’m made to do, I wasn’t fulfilled. There was always that hole, and I would keep chasing that job. I’d end up stepping into any job and using my gifts even if that’s not what the job was for. I just see this awakening and this brightening of a life when people can live on purpose. I believe that our true gift – what really comes the easiest to us – is what we should be being paid the most for.

Patrick:  There are even references that say your gifts make a place for you. That’s what it sounds like you’re saying. You try to show people how to take their gifts, internalize them, use them and then offer them back.

Michelle:  Yes, I have some people who come to me because they’re feeling a calling and a purpose – I’ve been there – and they don’t know how to connect that, or that’s something they do on the side or they’re going to get to. They really need to start there and connect to their purpose. I have other people who are more firmly grounded in their purpose now but they have a belief they can’t make money at it. I help them create a plan and translate their purpose into a life plan and a business plan.

Patrick:  One of the other things that you’re exceptionally gifted at is helping people monetize that and change. It’s not just ministry that you don’t have to get paid for. It’s do what you love to do and send the invoice. That’s the thing, right?

Michelle:  Yes. I see so many people that want to use their gifts, and they have these beautiful gifts, and they’re not sharing them because they’re struggling so much. If you’re struggling just to pay your bills and get by, working long hours and you don’t love what you’re doing, you don’t have the energy for using your gifts, so you put that off.

Patrick:  Any clients that come to mind that really emphasize that process that you’ve been able to help somebody through?

Michelle:  Yes. I had a client recently who came to me with a very similar vision to where I was three years ago – I really knew right where she was – and wanted to use those gifts. I know because I ran my first business as a very expensive hobby, and didn’t make good business decisions. I was able to save her a lot of learning curve, the 18 months that I did that before I began creating a profitable business, by sharing with her. I saw her big heart. That’s the first thing. But then to monetize it and make good business decisions while still having a big heart.

We’re givers. We want to give to people who are hurting. You actually empower people rather than continue to see them as victims when you allow them to invest in their own self healing.

Patrick:  That’s a huge, huge thing. A lot of people don’t understand how powerful it is to invest in themselves. Not only money, that’s fine. But the fact is that if there’s not a free exchange or proper exchange of what I call energy – wow! You literally are saying, basically, it keeps them in victim mode.

Michelle:  It does, and I worked in victims’ services for a lot of years. When you’re seeing people as continually victims, it doesn’t serve them. There’s a place for that, but you want to get them out of that cycle and into empowerment.

Patrick:  That is exactly right. We’re going to be talking more about who Michelle really is reaching and touching and who the message is for. You don’t want to miss it.


Patrick:  My guest today, Michelle Barr, is literally sharing tools, tips, and techniques on how you can take your purpose, mix it with your passion, offer it to the marketplace and then send an invoice. I want to talk about who it is that you’re really trying to reach, because your message isn’t just for everybody. It’s for people that have been stuck but need someone that can be that Spiritual bolt cutter. Would that be fair enough?

Michelle:  Yes My gift is really helping people get unstuck and get into action. The minute we get into action, all our stuff comes up, and we won’t know what’s really there – what those beliefs are, those patterns and programs – until we get into action. I’ve seen people who have been stuck for years. I work with people first that know they have a purpose. They believe they have a purpose, even if they’re not yet connected to that. I help them get reconnected with themselves.

I tend to get a lot of people, either a major transition like the client who had the death of a husband, or another client of mine who had worked at the same job for over 30 years, and just loved the structure and routine and was going to retire soon. She hired me to help her in that transition to what her life would look like after that. She was ready to finally explore these gifts that she had not been using in that marketplace.

Either transition of any kind or trauma. I used to work a lot in crisis and trauma, so I can go into those areas with people, but I’m also saying, now let’s move forward. Let’s process it, heal and move forward.

Patrick:  You really have a gift of changing somebody’s mindset. I’ve seen the effects of what you teach. Recently we saw something where you said, “This is what I want,” and you were able to create it. I think showing people that – how to create things – is a way cool idea. Tell us a little bit more about that process for you and maybe some people that have been through it, other people that have been through your 90 Day Program and what’s come out of that.

Michelle:  That’s what I love the most, when people come to me. I think about one recent client I had; I connected with her through Facebook. She lives in Scotland, way far away, and yet we were able to make this connection and work together for 90 days.

She just came, and everything about her life was very heavy, and she felt very hopeless. I’m able to start creating those little mind shifts that you’ll just open to the possibility. Ninety days later, she had quit the job she hated. Once you start opening and allowing and creating (she had three huge job offers come in, took a new job), you start designing your life, which is a big piece I’m about. She took a new job that was going to pay her a lot more, and let her work from home on her own terms so she could take care of her special needs son.

She had been trapped in this job where people were just abusing her. Just to see the transformation, she started opening up, adding things like going out with girlfriends again, doing things for herself, taking a course. She finished her MBA which she had been putting off that her job was paying for during those 90 days, then got a huge new job offer, created new relationships with her son. All our relationships are mirrors of what’s going on inside of us. This starts hitting your entire life and all the pieces at once, creating a vision of what you want to live.

Patrick:  What it sounds like is, not only are you that stone in the pond that finally gets the moves, you actually continue and amplify those things out so that people begin to not only change the way they think, but then all of a sudden the opportunities they see. Then not only the opportunities they see, but they create moments of new opportunities that are available to them – change their life.

Michelle:  Exactly. Once you change the mindset, they start seeing opportunities that they didn’t see before because their beliefs wouldn’t allow it, just that heaviness and loss of hope.

Patrick:  Do you have a name for this 90 Day Program?

Michelle:  I do. I call it 90 Days to Transformation. The power of that is week after week, I don’t just get that initial movement; I help coach people and what starts happening as you start moving because you’ll have all kinds of things happening. We’re touching base every week and they have access to this whole success library of tools, resistance remedies, coaching tools, mindset makeovers, activations. They’re working on all of that at once.

Patrick:  It really is a massive shift in just 90 days. Do they have any follow up with you after that? What are some of the keys that you use to keep people on track and on target afterwards?

Michelle:  I’ve been working with them during those 90 days to give them the tools and to teach them how to use this process for themselves so they can continue to do that. I’m available to continue with them. I do that with more individual coaching or putting them into mastermind groups, small groups, where I can then coach as a group. The other thing you want to do is plug into communities and start supporting each other and empowering each other.

Patrick:  That is awesome. I know that one of the keys to really being successful with a coach is having that person working with you, ongoing. We’ve gone through a couple of different segments here where Michelle has gone through and here’s what she does, here’s how she does it, here’s the systems that she has in place. I want to get in to what she really does to connect with folks and what the experience is going to be like.


Patrick:  My guest today, Michelle Barr (www.MichelleBarr.com), has been sharing how to find your purpose and your passion, and send an invoice. Really walking into a space, creating a space in your life where you’re free to be who you were designed to be.

How could somebody connect to you? What’s the experience when they do?

Michelle:  A lot of times people will first come to my website. I have free gifts and resources, and people will go through that first and start seeing what’s possible and also get a feel for me. At that point, I start engaging with people. I love social media. I’m on my Facebook page, and between that, I’m really there showing up live every day and engaging. My website is very dynamic. I’m putting articles up, resources, video, audio. I just finished a free ten days of transformation. I do things like that – giving people content to get them moving.

What it looks like then is when you decide you’re ready for that 90 Days to Transformation, we have a conversation. People contact me, and we have a conversation and see what’s a good fit, and see if people are ready to get started.

Patrick: What’s the e-mail address?

Michelle:  My e-mail address (and it’s on my website under the ‘Contact’ tab) is Clientcare@MichelleBarr.com. You can click on that on my website at MichelleBarr.com and then send me an e-mail. We’ll get you scheduled and we’ll have that complimentary consultation and just really talk, and I’ll start looking at what’s going on, listen and see how I can offer support and guidance.

Patrick:  When that process begins, the first couple of weeks, just really trying to set vision? What’s the process begin to look like?

Michelle:  I have a process where the first thing I do is I focus on the now. We start right where you are because everything that’s showing up in your life that you don’t want, and not showing up in your life that you do want, is feedback. We start there, and then we start unraveling to some of those core issues. One of my gifts is people will say, “Here are all the things that I don’t like in my life,” and they see no connection. I start seeing those patterns. I start unraveling it down. We’re all acting out just a very few core issues, and we’re just acting them out in different ways.

At the same time that we’re unraveling that, I’m also wanting you to start moving forward. Some people really want to baby step, and I can do that, and then I attract big action takers. I really personalize and individualize this program at the pace that you move, because if you’re under more stress, you won’t get the creation results.

Patrick:  The biggest thing that I see that you do – and I really encourage you to connect to Michelle in this – is that she has the ability to see through your own noise and help you get where you really want to be. That may sound a little odd, but the reality is that once you really engage and get into this process, some of the head noise that’s keeping you back from where you really want to be, she clears up.

That’s the thing that I hope people will see and will contact you and get into your program, because I know your program is affordable. We’re not going to give pricing right now, because it’s irrelevant. The biggest thing is that if they want to connect to you, they can. They can connect to you at your website, and they should connect to you on Facebook.

Michelle:  Yes, I’m at www.Facebook.com/MichelleBBarr.

Patrick:  Is that your business page, or is that your personal page?

Michelle:  That’s my personal page. I have a business page also, and you find that at www.Facebook.com/MichelleBarrUnlimited, and all of my social media links are at www.MichelleBarr.com. So if you come to MichelleBarr.com, you can connect with me there.

Patrick:  Very good. I’ve seen the results of what you’ve taught others. I know one person in one of the networking groups heard what you had to say and she began to step out, and her life has changed very rapidly. The thing that’s so important, is that so few people really will take action, but those that do will get results. The more actions you take, the more results you get. If you’re taking the proper action, you create the results that you want, don’t you?

Michelle:  Yes.

Patrick:  You’re really good at identifying what the proper actions are.

Michelle:  Once you’ve cleared the mental and emotional clutter, you get inspiration. You get reconnected and take inspired action. I don’t want people just going out taking a bunch of action. I teach people to take that intuitive and empowered action.

Patrick:  That is really a key, isn’t it?

Michelle:  It is.

Patrick:  What would you want people to really know? What do you want them to do?

Michelle:  I really want people to look at whatever is going on right now and determine what intentions they’ve recently been setting. An intention is so powerful, and a lot of times we’re throwing out a lot of intentions without being conscious of how powerful, then we start getting results. Before you take action, really connecting, getting connected to yourself, but be ready to take action. As soon as you ask for something, the Universe starts giving you these opportunities, and what I see most is when the opportunity shows up, people don’t step into it.

I challenge people to see one opportunity that comes your way and step in to it, and that’s how things start happening.

Patrick:  I know I’ve seen it with some of the things that I’ve watched you create, and you create it like that – it’s magic. It’s just amazing. I love working with you, and I appreciate the work that you’re doing.

I will encourage you, folks, of the people that I’ve had on my show in the last few years, I’ve never seen anybody like Michelle that can create the results that she does.

By all means, connect with her. Go to www.MichelleBarr.com and get involved in her 90 Day Program. 90 days, hello, it’s not that much. This is the Business Spotlight. I’m Pat Dougher. I’m so thankful for you guys watching. I know that if you engage with Michelle, you’ll get the results you want. Thanks again, and we’ll talk to you guys next time.