When you say you believe in an Infinite and Abundant Universe, you’ve got to be willing to see if your life reflects that. It’s one thing to examine the path, talk about the path, dance around the path, and another to walk it.

Universal Law exists, and it is on all the time, whether you believe in it or not. If you say you believe in it, if you love to talk about Law of Attraction and study Manifesting Principles, then you’ve got to be willing to understand and work with all the Laws.

Universal Law says, where there is a Desire, a way has already been made. Do you believe this? Do you truly live as if you believe this, or is it just a nice notion to ponder?

Your Soul is calling to you. You can trust your Desires. They are the language of your Soul. We have been so shut down for so long, and now we shut ourselves down and off from Universal Flow.

What if you listened to your Desires today? What if you took the time to shut everything else out for even an hour and spent time with your Soul? Took the time to sit with Spirit?

You have been in confusion, crying out for clarity, and allowing yourself to stay stuck until… but confusion is a defense mechanism. You could step out of it today, right now. Or you can stay stuck in it for as long as it serves you.

Your Desires are the way. Do you dare to trust them and open up to them? Once you are willing to truly look, the breadcrumbs will appear. Follow the breadcrumbs. It will change your life!

Are you so done with this yet, this half-living, this lack of Abundance that is showing up and permeating every area of your life?

Everything you want is already here. It already exists, and it’s waiting for you. That’s the Law. You can’t see it, because of your stuff. It’s time to start clearing the mental and emotional clutter, so you can see the way to what you have been asking for. Ask and It Is Given is Universal Law. It exists in every sacred text.

Your Soul knows the way, and it’s been talking to you. Have you taken the time to listen? Or have you let fear and limiting beliefs shut it down?

What if you could truly Be the Contribution you are here to be and be supported in doing that by this Infinite and Abundant Universe? You can!

Do not let 2018 be half over and you still be sitting there in that place you don’t want to be, living that life you don’t want to be living.

Ask yourself this, am I taking aligned action toward what I say I want most? Your answer to this is everything.