How are you? I’d love to hear from you and find out how things are going for you right now, how you feel about your life and your work.

I want to share with you today something from my heart from my past. 

I woke up one day many years back now, and suddenly I saw my life as if for the first time. Wow! My life had a lot of tired, sad, stressed, frustrated, financial struggle, marriage problems, children having issues, and a whole lot of dissatisfaction.

As I began to retreat into my well-worn ways, I wanted to fall apart, escape into my unhealthy patterns, and spew my toxic emotions all over anyone and everyone. I felt like screaming out, “Who made this? Who created this life I am living?”

And then suddenly, a knowing came over me, and the realization was a wakeup call that changed my life forever.

“I did.” Yep, it was me. The more I began right there on the spot to take responsibility for it, for all of it, the more I knew that I now had the power to change it. And change it I did!

Do you realize you can own your power and take control of your life and your circumstances? NOW!