I am very aware in the consciousness I live in that life is at once both reality and a metaphor. And even the reality is one I am creating in every moment. My life is feedback, and it’s constantly giving me important information. The key is paying attention to the feedback, making choices and taking action.

I found myself on Monday morning on a plane in midair that was malfunctioning. No sooner had we taken off than we began hearing very loud noises. I thought, surely we are not going to fly for two and a half hours with these noises. They didn’t stop, and before too long, we were told that something was, indeed, wrong with the plane. We were going to hang here while the pilots went through an extensive protocol list, and then we were going to head back to Phoenix. We were told to keep our seat belts fastened. The noises continued, and now we smelled something bad.┬áLooking out the window, all I saw below me was desert and mountains, treacherous terrain.

Sitting there, hovering in the air, understanding on a conscious level the situation I was in, an illustration popped into my head. Just the day before, I was attending a transformational event, and we were talking about that moment you make the leap and you’re hanging there in midair, not knowing whether you are going to fly or fall. I remember wondering, what does that feel like? What does that truly feel like? I could not get that image out of my head the rest of the weekend.

In my business and in my life, I knew I was standing on that edge and being encouraged to uplevel, to jump and trust that I would fly.

Now, here I was, really feeling what that might feel like. I noticed that I was present in my reality and the appearance of what was going on, and, then, a part of me began to separate from that. I was disconnecting from that, because I knew that I was fine. I knew that I have things to do in the world. I checked in, and I knew that I was going to be okay. You may have heard the saying that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. As they continued to fill us in on the situation, we had a lot of False Evidence Appearing Real going on.

We began to head back to Phoenix. We were told the doors beneath us were opening to let the wheels fall out, but they wouldn’t be able to close the doors, so we would hear them banging together. We were told we would also hear other “unusual” noises and that when we landed we would not have steering.

This is where I called in the big guns. I invoked Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel to surround the four corners of the plane, created an energy net above and below us, and intended that we be carried safely to the ground. Yes, I do these things.

I did not fully register the severity of things until we were coming in close to the ground, and what I saw was something right out of a movie. The runway was lined with emergency personnel. Fire trucks flashing lights, ambulances, security vehicles. We touched ground, spun around a little bit, and ended up straddling two runway lanes. So, we were told to keep our seatbelts fastened, as we were now in the middle of two active runway lanes. Soon after, we were told that we would see firemen outside the windows, because our brakes were on fire. We were now waiting for a tow to the gate.

Once I was off the plane and back inside the airport, I had some time to reflect on all this while we waited for another plane and a new crew to show up.

It was that time in the air before we turned to head back that stuck with me. Hovering there, all hell breaking loose around me, it seemed, and yet I sensed that I was okay. I knew that I had somewhere to go, and that I would touch ground again and continue to move forward. You know, it’s that moment when you’re in the air, and you don’t know whether you’re going to fly or fall. Was that God’s way of telling me, Jump! Yes, Jump! You’re going to be fine! Pretty dramatic, God.

As for the Archangels, thanks are in order. We were told once safely on the ground, that the momentum and the wind caught us just right and created a better result than expected.

When you are re-creating and upleveling your life or your business, you are going to have stuff come up around you that looks and feels bad. Do not get stuck in the appearance that things are not okay, that you are not okay. Do not collapse in fear. Hold steady, keep breathing, and be open to the best outcomes possible. And don’t forget to call in the big guns!

Michelle Barr is an Intuitive Success Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Personal Transformation Specialist, helping you end self-sabotage by offering powerfully practical and spiritually rich tools for re-creating your life.