So, just how do you get started?

Make A Decision. Then Take Inspired Action that aligns with that decision. The number one thing that keeps people from realizing what they are trying to manifest is that they stop right at the crucial point of taking aligned action. They stop. Get stuck. Freeze. Feel paralyzed. Confused. Overwhelmed. All of this is Resistance. It means you are ready for a breakthrough. You have to take a new energetic stance and take new action that sends the message that things are changing. And they will. You have to make the first move to set things in motion.

Go into your heart space and know that you are going to create something wonderful for yourself today, right now. You are giving yourself a precious gift. You are showing up.Take a moment to recognize that everything in this moment is exactly as it should be. Remind yourself of all that you are grateful for. Then expand your desire for more and better. Focus on what you already have, and then focus on what you want. I desire. I can have. I do have. I know I already have. I believe I will have this.

Identify something that you would like to create.

Take a moment to focus on what that is. Just one thing. It is often beneficial to first choose something that you do not have a great amount of resistance to. You can bring this into your life more easily and build belief in yourself and this process.

As you focus on what it is that you desire and that you are committing to creating, notice what feelings arise within you. Be aware of your feelings, and be aware of any sensations in your body.

The first thoughts and feelings you have are often your greatest clues to core issues that are getting in the way, keeping you stuck and unfulfilled. This is your subconscious showing up briefly to give you the first glimpse of the underlying resistance. It usually comes in right on the heels of the desire, very fast. Catch it when it shows up, and then make note of it. Sit with your desire for a few minutes and notice all the sensations you experience, and allow them to move through your body and your mind.

Now, are you ready to Make A Decision to put the energy toward creating this thing you have identified and attracting it into your life?

Hold it dearly in your space, and get excited. Anticipate its arrival and you having it. Allow any discordant thoughts or feelings to come and go, acknowledging them and, for now, not giving energy to them.

For the next 21 days, you are going to focus on this thing, this desire, and know that it is yours. At first, it will require mindfulness and purposeful attention, and then it will begin to show up more often without as much effort ot bring it into awareness.

We are most open to our creative energy without resistance immediately upon waking, before our feet hit the floor, and just before falling asleep. This is the best time to focus on our desire and the knowing. This is the most optimal time to bring forth into our conscious awareness how we will feel when we have it.

Realize that the thoughts and feelings you hold in your consciousness just before falling asleep get powerfully imprinted, and messages are sent to your subconscious mind that act as a magnet to attract the match of that to you. Realize that the energy you begin your day with will shape the day you will have. Experiment with this, and see for yourself.

Check in with yourself as you hold the image of your desire. Is your heart on board? Is your mind on board? Is your body on board?

M = Make A Decision. The first step in my M.O.V.E. process.

It all starts with this.

Now, Get To It!

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As my Client, I work with you Spiritually, Energetically, Intuitively, and Strategically. If you are ready for a Coach, Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, then let’s talk now. Make this the Inspired Action you take to create a better life.