Intuition is a Spiritual gift, and everybody has it. Some don’t want it when it shows up; others want it really badly and wonder why it seems to elude them. It can open up quickly, come in unexpectedly, especially after a traumatic event or near-death experience. Many will believe that intuition is something that some people have and others don’t, or that it is just there for you to use at your will. This is true, and not so true.
Intuition is a gift, and using that gift requires a practice. I have always been intuitive and empathic, though for a very long time I didn’t have a conscious awareness of it. Things would come to me – feelings, knowings, premonitions – but it was not something I could command, and I often didn’t understand what I was getting.
The most important thing I have found in my journey as a Conscious and Spiritual Entrepreneur is that I have relied on three areas of continued self-improvement:
Intuitive Development
Energy Management
Emotional Mastery
Once I began to consciously work with these concepts and apply them to my personal and professional life, I saw my intuition begin to come in more powerfully and more consistently, and it was at that point that I decided to develop these skills so that I could truly use them in my work and for my personal benefit.
Within a year of working on intuitive development, my gifts had become highly developed. I had transitioned from simply letting the natural gifts I was sometimes aware of show up from time to time and help me out to consciously working with my intuitive abilities and being in control of them and able to use them at will. Now, they really began to serve me in my business and in working with my clients.
This huge change in my work and in my life did not happen overnight, and it did not happen by accident or without effort or intention. I began to develop daily habits that became a part of my spiritual practice. I purposefully integrated my Spiritual life with my physical world. As an athlete trains for a sport or an event, I, too, went into training to strengthen my “intuitive muscles.”
Utilizing your intuitive abilities involves very real physiological activity. Your brain and nervous system are fully engaged. All of your senses are activated and heightened. You are working with your physical body, your mental and emotional bodies, and your spiritual body all at once, and so you need a good awareness of your energy field and all its aspects.
Your intuition is always there; you are either consciously connected to it or disconnected from it. Intuition is subtle.
? ? I remember when I first became aware of being intuitive, and I was waiting to receive information and messages, I was expecting a burning bush, a loud booming voice, or blaring trumpets. What I came to realize is that your intuition is more and more available to you as you clear the mental and emotional clutter that is keeping you from accessing it. And that has become my life’s work.
In order to use intuition to serve you both professionally and personally, you need to develop the skills that allow you to use your intuitive gifts in an intentional and purposeful way. You can begin wherever you are today and work with your intuition so that it serves you more powerfully and consistently in all areas of your life.
I absolutely rely on my intuition to build my business and also in the structuring and living of my life. I focus on helping my clients and students do the same. An important part of the work I do with my clients is to help them master their intuition and manage their energy. These are two very powerful tools to help you in your daily life as well as in building and growing a business.
I invite you to explore your own unlimited possibilities. I invite you to explore the mastery of your two greatest and most powerful tools – your energy and your intuition – for transforming your life and to discover the freedom and joy that come from being inspired and taking inspired action.