My coaching business hit a plateau just when I was being called to so much more. I had figured out how to make money and was doing pretty well. I learned how to create a five-figure month after chasing it for a long while. Then, I learned how to create recurring five-figure months. But they just weren’t consistent and duplicatable. That was three years ago.
Then, I learned how to be pursued rather than pursuing. I learned how to bring in those clients who were highly aligned to me and my work, and ready. This moved me into a solid six-figure business, with recurring consistent income month after month.
? My highest month soon became my average month.
? My monthly income became my weekly income.
? My income doubled in less than 12 months.
? All of this happened when I learned how to speak for my business, both online and offline.
Here is what changed everything for me:
1. I started being pursued rather than pursuing. The clients I could serve at a higher level started showing up and asking to speak with me rather than me chasing them.
2. I started being paid what my work is worth. Instead of clients always showing up with money objections, I had clients showing up, expecting to invest, ready to pay, and much more often paying in full.
3. I started serving a handful of clients privately at my highest level and then was able to serve another group of dedicated clients through groups. Suddenly, I was serving three times as many clients in a way that works well for me. I love both my 1:1 work and the power of using a group dynamic.
4. I started living the lifestyle I created for myself, the one I had dreamed about. I travel one third of the year all over, visiting resort locations, speaking and teaching and connecting with potential clients and colleagues and mentors. The rest of the time, I work from home with clients all over the world, from my dream home on the lake in my dream resort town. It’s the perfect combination for me, and I was able to create it just like I wanted it.
I would love to guide and support you to do these things, be these things, and have these things. I offer 10 complimentary Strategic Vision Sessions a month. Let’s connect.

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