It is widely-known that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. To create inner change that is then reflected in your outer world, it takes working 21 days at all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and sSpiritually.
It is important when we are creating a new habit to focus on the Be, Do, Have model.
Identify something that you would like to create and then commit to one new habit or way of being that you are going to integrate into your daily life for the next 21 days.
We must experience the Beingness of a person who is doing what we want to do and has what we want to have first. Then we must do what that person does which will move us into having what that person has.
During this process we are working on the brain and nervous system to create new responses and to eradicate old patterns of reacting. Brain circuits can create new neural net pathways only after they have been bombarded for 21 days in a row. Our brain does not accept new data to initiate a change of habit readily; this only happens after 21 days of repetition without missing a single day.
Can you do that? Are you merely interested or committed?
Make a decision to create a change in your mindset over the next 21 days, which will then be reflected back to you from your outer world, bringing you more of what you want and less and less of what you don’t want.
If you do this consistently for the next 21 days, by the fourth week it will actually be more difficult for you not to engage in the new behavior than it would be to continue doing it.
You can choose a physical habit or a way of perceiving something.
If you really want to amp up your efforts, it has been shown that working on this at the same time of day every day during the 21 days is even more effective in helping you establish the new way of being.
Your new practice can also be better established by engaging as many of the senses as possible. Create an experience for yourself that includes certain smells, certain objects, clothing, music, occupying the same location, or assuming the same posture. Also, utilize your imagination. The more senses you can involve in creating the new habit the more likely it is to become ingrained in the neural pathways.
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