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Michelle Barr, Spiritual Business Mentor, presents…

Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women

90 Days to Building Your Spiritual Business Online

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  • Build a Foundation that Allows You to Be Pursued rather than Pursuing
  • Build a Platform that includes Coaching, Teaching, Speaking and Writing
  • Build a Tribe and Serve Them Authentically and Powerfully
  • Build a Profitable Business that Supports and Sustains the Life You Want to Live

In This Program, You Will Learn How To:

  • Create a Well-Oiled Machine that Brings Clients to You, Ready to Work with You
  • Develop Your Valuable Content Plan and Implement It Now
  • Attract Potential Clients into Sales Conversations that have them Saying “Yes!”
  • Design Your First 90-Day Program to Make More Money and Receive Recurring Income
  • Get Right with Your Money when it comes to Spiritual Business
  • Develop Your Intuition, Manage Your Energy and Master Your Mindset to be Stronger in Your Business
  • Use My Powerfully Practical and Spiritually Rich Tools for Your Sacred Success
  • Receive the Self-Healing Support You Need through My BONUS Healing Your Way to Prosperity Program
  • Get on Live Calls with Me and Connect with a Supportive and Empowering Community

Unlimited Profits By Michelle Barr,

The Business Coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

In The Next 90 Days You Will:

1. CREATE YOUR FIRST PROGRAM that takes you out of the dollars for hours model and into consistent income and more clients – this is the one I sold when I was just starting out that filled my coaching practice for two and a half years and took me from one client to a sold-out private coaching program! I am going to show you exactly how to do this, and provide you with the sales page template that worked for me.

2. TALK TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS and enroll them in your program with a strategic personalized method that will work for you over and over again. This involves a combination of powerful processes, transformational tools and the right mindset and energy going into and during the call. The follow-up strategy I am going to teach you is key to creating the results you want.

3. DISCOVER THE GOLDMINE you are already sitting on that will clearly define your message and lead you to your best audience now. This is the difference that takes my clients from being a commodity to being sought after.

4. QUICKLY IDENTIFY YOUR CONTENT, understand how to repurpose it 7 to 9 times, and roll out an entire body of work in multiple formats and mediums for 90 days worth of value creation, marketing and promotion. This key component will allow you to stop pursuing potential clients and, instead, be pursued. People show up asking to speak with you and ready to work with you right now.

5. DEVELOP A STREAMLINED SYSTEM that you can implement weekly and monthly to attract new potential clients, provide value to your community, build your list, and make offers that bring you the money you need when you need it. I teach you how to create this specific calendaring approach that you will use consistently and repeatedly, while saving you time and providing you with crystal clarity about what to do when. Once you know this, you can always go back to it when you need to generate more clients and money.

BONUS  — Special Modules for Mastering Your Mindset and Shifting Your Money Stories AND My Self-Healing Home Study Course, Healing Your Way to Prosperity!

Here Is What You Get When You Work With Me In This Program...

Teaching and Training to Build Your Spiritual Business

8 Training Modules + Supplemental Materials

You will learn about The Well-Oiled Machine and the pieces you need to Build the Foundation:

  • Your Blog, Website, Social Media Profiles, and Email System as the 4 Pillars
  • How all the pieces work together to bring Clients to you
  • Streamlined Systems I use that you can implement so you always know what to do when and why
  • Building the Foundation, because you only have to build it once, and then it’s all about growing and expanding from there

You will learn about Getting Your Valuable Content out into the Marketplace and the Worldon:

  • How to know where to start when you have so much to share
  • A 90-Day Plan for getting You and your content out into the marketplace

You will learn about Money as an Energy and an Integral part of your Spiritual Business:

  • Dealing with all things about Money Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually
  • Making Money with Your Spiritual Gifts Online

You will learn about Putting It All Together to Build and Grow Your Spiritual Business:

  • How to put it all together and get the Clients and Income you want and need
  • The goal is to get you in Business now and to have you ready to receive Clients and Income now and ongoing

You will learn about Programs, Packaging,
Pricing and Promoting

  • How to design, package, price and sell your first 90-day program
  • Includes a sales page template of my first successful 90-day program that built my business to full-time and p

Powerfully Practical and Spiritually Rich Tools to Use On Your Own

I have a Personal Success Library full of my best go-to tools that I use for myself and with my private clients, you have access to them to use for yourself over and over again. Create your own Personal Success Library, starting with these tools!

You Have Lifetime Access To This Program And Group.

Library of Past Live Calls

You will have ongoing access to all Past Live Q&A and Laser Coaching Calls, so you can learn from others sharing your journey and their questions.

BONUSES to Ensure Your Success


Money and Spirituality Beliefs Energetic Activation Clearing and Healing Call +

Self-Healing Home Study Course +

Private Facebook Group that you have lifetime access to. Your home base to continue to access all the materials for this course, ongoing Live Calls, a Community to learn and grow with, and Me as Your Spiritual Business Mentor.



3 Live Q&A and Laser Coaching Calls With Me

1 Call Each in January, February and March


During our time together, I will focus on the following:

  • Checking in on your progress!
  • Taking a look at where you are and where you want to go and filling in the gaps
  • I teach you how to stay in the flow of taking action, assessing and adjusting so you don’t get stuck or stop anymmore
  • Next steps, course corrections, ways to move forward, and what to look at now
  • Where do you go from where you are?


    A Message From Michelle

    I work with Conscious Entrepreneurs like you every day, and I know Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women will help you turn your life’s calling from an expensive hobby into a profitable, freedom-based business  you love. I can’t wait to meet you personally on the LIVE calls and in the Facebook Group!

    In Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women, you’ll experience a solid plan to bring in more Clients right away and to create the amount of income you need to be in business and stay in business. You will learn how to move out of the dollars for hours, one-to-one model and into a more satisfying and more effective leveraged model where you serve your one-to-one clients at the highest level AND serve many more clients through one-to-many offerings.


    The Marketing to Make it Work and the Mindset to Make it Happen

    This system teaches both the practical day-to-day strategies of running a successful Spiritual Business as well as how to get centered and grounded and clear so you can receive your good. In this way, I use my greatest gifts, which are being both the Intuitive Visionary Teacher and the Business Strategist to help you achieve your dream.

    My other gift is that of a Mindset Mentor, and I’ve included modules that will support you with the equally important inner work that will help you create true and sustainable results.

    What Others Are Saying About My Unlimited Profits Program

    I just want to say thank you for showing up at the perfect time and inviting me in a loving, nudging way to play a bigger game. I’m ready now. ♥  Thank you.
    Lisa Carmen

    Owner, Sacred, Sexy u

    This is resonating so beautifully with me and is just what I need in terms of structuring to implement my next steps.

    This is your best program yet, Michelle, for me as the pace is perfect, the amount of content is just right. I feel inspired and am implementing without feeling overwhelmed. I appreciate that every time I work with you, you have taken your training to the next level. You are such an inspiration, Michelle, because you truly walk your talk.

    Katherine Amber Murray

    Owner, Katherine Amber Coaching

    I can honestly say that signing up for your program was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business.

    Your guidance, support, and ability to be strategic is invaluable. I was just thinking of you today and how working with you has been such a gift. Every session, you continue to pull more and more out of me making it so clear about what I am here to do, and who I am here to serve. Thank you!

    Tara Favreau

    Owner, Sacred Femnine Path

    I was thanking my angels the other night for putting you in the right place with the right words at just the right time for me to hear them. It’s made all the difference and it’s the first time my business has taken off like this because it’s authentic and it’s so aligned with my path.

    You took the time to understand what I do from the inside out and helped me make it mine – you didn’t try to fit me into a mold. Having someone who SEES you and helps you step into that vision is an amazing gift.

    Lisa Wechtenhiser

    Owner, Practically Intuitive

    Michelle’s program has had a dramatic impact on my business. Michelle helped me to see what was missing and how to get all of the pieces working together. What I enjoyed most about this program was the combination of energetic work and guided visualizations with the practical business knowledge. I don’t know of anyone else who combines information and energy in the same way that Michelle does. I was struggling to create my business by myself, but through Michelle’s program and coaching, I finally feel like I’m on the right path!
    Dr. Minette Riordan

    Owner, Sacred Femnine Path

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    The truth is, you can’t change the world if you’re broke. I know. I tried. You’ve probably discovered this by now, too, and that’s why you showed up here. I see people like you every day, people with a life’s calling, gifted, motivated, driven by something greater than themselves with a big Vision and on a mission to get that out into the world. I know what you have to offer, and I know how much people need you doing what you are made to do. I am Michelle Barr, Your Spiritual Business Mentor, and this is your next best step in your journey to turn your life’s calling into a profitable, freedom-based business.
    Michelle Barr

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