NEW FOR 2022: My The Magic Container Business-Building Program + Become A Spiritual Coach Training and Certification are part of SPIRITUAL COACH SCHOOL.

💜 Dear Spiritual Entrepreneur in the making ~ Healer,

Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Messenger, Coach, Author,

Speaker, Transformation Agent, Leader 💜 


I am excited to announce THIS OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU FOR 2022!

LIVE JOURNEY with Michelle Barr and a supportive and empowering community.

⭐️ Start now, and receive the support and guidance you need to move into 2022 on Purpose, in your Power, and Positioned in the marketplace for your SUCCESS. ⭐️ 

As soon as you sign up, you receive access to the teachings and trainings, the community, and me. We are waiting for you!

Begin Now, and Go Live with Michelle in January for 90 Days.

BONUS: Because I know how important live access and interaction is to your Sacred Success, I am adding a 90-MINUTE PRIVATE COACHING SESSION with me to your experience, so that you can get my eyes on your business, your questions answered and have the opportunity to be laser coached by me. Let’s take a deep dive into your business together 1:1. This is available to you when you step in before December 1.

This has been created for you after 14 years of having my own thriving online global Spiritual Business as a Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Author, and Speaker.

FINALLY, I am bringing together all the pieces I have taught that have created both FINANCIAL AND SOUL-SATISFYING SUCCESS for myself and my Clients.

Here is just some of what we will be doing in our work together:

Explore In-Depth The 8 P’s:


Create and Work with The Magic Container

Your Spiritual Business Solution to Profit from Your Purpose

In 12 Weeks together, we will study and train in these Key Areas:

💵 The Magic Container
💵 Turning Your Purpose Into A Profitable  Business You Love
💵 Clear Message, Clear Offer, Clear Path
💵 Packaging, Pricing, Promotion
💵 Selling and Serving Simultaneously
💵 Build A Personality Brand
💵 Becoming A Spiritual Transformational Coach
💵 Power and Mindset
💵 From Calling to Cash, Spiritual Wealth Mindset
💵 Speak for Your Business
💵 The Well-Oiled Machine That Brings You Clients and Income
💵 Building Out Your Platform for Profitable, Sustainable Success


Chasing clients to rebook
Wondering how you will sell more sessions
Rollercoaster money months
Overgiving and Undercharging
Selling yourself short
Working jobs you don’t love to pay the bills
Paying the penalties of not living and doing your Purpose

Why Study and Train With Me?


I am a Spiritual Business Coach, Mentor, Teacher, Speaker, and Author.

I have been selling Transformation for 14 years.

I have been a Personal Transformation Specialist for 28 years.

I received a Doctorate of Transformational Spiritual Coaching in 2018 for the work I do.

I have had two books published as a Spiritual Business Expert.

I have spoken on stages nationally on Building and Growing Your Spiritual Business and Building A Personality Brand.

I have not been employed by anyone else since 2006.

I have had my Spiritual Business full-time since 2007.

I have had a global online business since 2009.

Besides this teaching and training, you will receive ACCESS TO A VAULT of some of my most powerful and comprehensive programs on BUSINESS, BRANDING, MONEY, MINDSET, AND ENERGY.

WHY NOW?  Because it’s time, and you know it!

Add 1:1 Private Coaching with Michelle

Weekly sessions of intensive support, intuitively, energetically, and strategically, and ongoing access to Michelle personally for 90 days PLUS everything that comes with this program.
Total Investment: $4997

I am excited to work with YOU in 2022!