blessing-bowl-300x200In other times and other places, those who served their community through Spiritual work came down into the community with their blessing bowl, and the people they served would fill their bowls.

In this time, we have many who are being called to serve their community through Spiritual work.

The blessing bowl is still a very valid spiritual principle; it just looks a little different.

Our world is evolving, and it is calling us to evolve. In this process, we all move forward together. Each of us has those we are meant to learn from and those we are meant to teach. You have something to offer right where you are now. You have walked a path and now have a journey to share with others. You have gifts to bring to the world.

There is no more waiting. You are being called now, by your Soul, by our world, by Spirit, and by your Tribe.

The plan is a simple one. Take your gifts out into the world, build a community, and serve them. People are waiting right now for you to step into who you are so that they can find you. You are being called to step into who you are so that you can live the life you are meant to live.

We can often be motivated by those others all around us that need help, and, yet, the greatest part of it all is that the journey is yours, and when you choose to walk the Highest Path for yourself, Spirit orchestrates all the rest. However, you are asked to step out first.

This is where people get scared, confused or overwhelmed. They get stuck, frozen, paralyzed, and end up taking no action.

You are not meant to serve in a way that causes you to suffer. That is an outdated model from another time, created by those in power to keep you in servitude. Your service now is about serving your own Highest Good. Serving the Highest Good of All absolutely includes you. How great is that!

A secret you must understand is that Healers seeking healing for themselves will never find it by going from healer to healer and looking for someone else to fix them before they can get on with the business of being who they are. A Healer finds their own healing by doing their work, by being a Healer. In healing those others they are meant to serve, they find true healing for themselves. I promise. I have lived and learned this one. As you read this, you will feel, if you are a Healer, the truth in this deep inside.

Each person you serve is then able to step out and do the same. And in healing all these others, you are healing yourself. You will begin to experience healing in your home, in your family, in your relationships, and in all the people and places you are connected to. Ripple upon ripple of healing occurs, and you are an integral part of it. It is why you are here now.

You have a blessing bowl. It is the gifts you bring to the world. Pick it up and step into who you are. Build your community, and serve them, and allow them to honor and support you with their payment for your services.

The world is calling to you, Healer, to Heal Your Tribe!

My Coach’s Challenge for you is to step into this cycle of abundance, decide on a next step, and then take it immediately. Set your healing journey in motion. Who are you meant to learn from, and who are you meant to teach? This is a great place to start.

After seeing this over and over again, I was led to create the work I do now, teaching people to Master the Art of Taking Action so they can Create a Vision of the life they want to live then create a business that supports and sustains that. I help people get in motion in their personal and business lives. Especially Helpers and Healers, because this is the journey I, myself, have walked, and it’s a journey I know so well.

My passion is to get you out into the world using your gifts and to support you energetically in your personal journey toward whatever Sacred Success calls to you to uncover. I am here to teach, to coach, to mentor, and to offer intuitive guidance, and I am here to offer energetic healing. I am called to work with Healers, Change Agents, Coaches and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. If this is you, I invite you into conversation with me.