The Five-Figure Month. We hear about it. We read about it. We want it.

I chased it for 2 years and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make it happen.

And then I hit it! The first one felt amazing and exhilarating.

Then, I hit it again and again. I broke through my lifetime ceiling of $50,000.

You heard that right. I had never made $50,000 in my entire life. I didn’t know how to. I had worked for nonprofits for years, overeducated, overworked, and underpaid.

Once I learned how to create a 10K month, I started really moving forward in my business, and after breaking through my $50,000 a year barrier, I crossed the 6-Figure Finish Line.

moneyspiralSo, why am I talking so much about the numbers, about the money, today?

Because, it’s important. So important that I just spent a week away from home talking about and working on how I do money. I have come a long way, and I’ve still got stuff around money to work through.

When you get your money right, you’re able to create a profitable, sustainable, freedom-based business. You’re able to do what you love and have the personal and Spiritual journey of your dreams.

My sweet spot is teaching Helpers and Healers how to monetize their magic and create a business they love so they can make more money while making the difference they are called to make in the world. It’s my path, and I’ve been walking it long enough now to show you the way to a 5-Figure Month and a 6-Figure Year.

I can help you build the business you want to create and deal with what comes up while you are doing it.

So, how do you get started?

Here’s some of what you want to do The First 90 Days: 

  • Stop selling modalities and processes and start selling YOU.
  • Stop selling individual sessions, stop selling your time, and start selling Transformation.
  • Create the Well-Oiled Machine that allows you to stop pursuing your ideal clients and have them show up at your door ready to talk about working with you.
  • Start understanding The Power of a Personality Brand, and build your business from that place from the very beginning.

I have created 2 ways you can work with me to learn all this and set yourself up for Sacred Business Success.

My Spiritual Business School is an 8-Week Self-Led Course, and My 90-Day Group Coaching Program, Unlimited Profits for Intuitive Women, is an Interactive Program that includes private coaching with me. Both are great first steps or next steps.

If you aren’t sure what your best next step is, or you are looking for Private Coaching, contact me, and we’ll talk through it.

Would you do me a favor? I’m mapping out 2016, and my Intention is to serve you in the Highest and Best ways I can. Comment below, and tell me what you most need, what you are most looking for to create what you most want. Thank you so much.

P.S. If all this talk about Money makes you uncomfortable, then we really need to talk! 😉