I have learned a lot over the past few years in my business with the help of some incredible coaches, mentors and teachers, a great mastermind group, and some very supportive colleagues and friends.

One of my gifts is to see a higher spiritual meaning in the mundane, to unravel what seem like mysteries to reveal that what is showing up in our lives right now is what we have been creating energetically.

In my early years, this showed up as a desire to know why, Why, WHY? When anything happened, I went searching for the Why of it immediately. And it never seemed to get me anywhere.

And then a loving but firm coach told me during a session one day, when I asked the huge, burning question I. just. had. to. know. Now!

“Why?!” I asked, to which she promptly replied, “THAT is a HORRIBLE question!”

Not long after, that point was driven home again as a powerful reminder showed up and I realized how far I had come. Oh, thank God! (insert your preferred expression of Source here)

A colleague of mine was offering some beautiful Sunday morning meditations and messages by broadcasting them worldwide. I was with her live during one of these sessions, and someone sat in the ‘hotseat’ and asked her, “Do you have a message for me?” She replied, “What message are you looking for?” “What do I need to know right now?” “What do you want to know right now?”

I found myself nodding in agreement as it was explained to her that she needed to take responsibility and be clear in what she was asking. The seeker was asking bad questions, and so she was not getting the answers she desired. She wanted someone else to give her answers, but she had not yet formulated the questions that would unlock the doors and show her the way through it.

It was then I had one of those golden moments where I realized how far I have come on my own journey and at the same exact moment I really felt where this seeker was on hers.

This week, I was in an intuitive business retreat, and the teacher told us, “You know what is the worst question I can get, that really doesn’t let me help the person? When they tell you, just tell me whatever you get.” Yeah.

I spent years in search of exactly what I did not know, and I gave my power away a lot, and I asked bad questions that would not serve me. I sought out the services of spiritual advisors and intuitives and healers of all kinds, and I still do, but now I ask questions that will bring me the answers I desire and the answers that I deserve. I take responsibility. I am clear about what I want to know, and I am direct in my seeking.

Anyone who reads energy is reading your energy in that moment, and so they can be very valuable to you and provide guidance to help you move forward and to help you see more clearly what is going on.

The What of it is so much more important than the Why. Know that whatever is showing up right now holds the clues for you, it is feedback directly from the Universe, and you created it. Swimming around in the Why will keep you feeling lost and confused and have you doing a whole lot of chasing your tail.

What I have learned is that it is valuable for me to seek counsel from my spiritual advisors and from my coaches, teachers and mentors. Now, I take responsibility, and I ask questions that will actually move me forward and help me see more clearly. I ask these questions of others, and, more importantly, I ask them to myself, my Higher Self, in a quiet space, and I listen for the answer, and I write it down or speak it out loud.

I appreciate all the spiritual teachers, advisors, healers, coaches, and mentors out there doing their work in the world, supporting others on their journeys as they live their own. If you are called to this vocation, I encourage you, now, to step into who you are and take your gifts out into the world. You are needed. Now. Exactly as you are. Right where you are standing. You have something valuable and important to share. With all the questions you have for others, someone has questions that you can answer.

We all have people to learn from, and we all have people to teach. In this way, we all move forward together, we evolve together. That is something a wise coach once told me, too.

I urge you to step more fully into 2017 with your vision, your mission, your dreams and your truth. If you are seeking, searching for answers, I have some. My passion is to get you out into the world using your gifts and to support you energetically in your personal journey toward whatever Sacred Success calls to you to uncover. I am here to teach, to coach, to mentor, and to offer intuitive guidance, and I am here to offer energetic healing. I am called to work especially with Healers, Change Agents, Catalysts, Transformational Coaches and Spiritual Entrepreneurs. If that is you, I invite you into conversation with me.

My Coach’s Challenge for you is to start asking new questions. You will be amazed at the answers that start showing up all around you.

An Offering For You: Bring your 3 biggest burning questions to me, and I will journey with you to bring you the answers. See more about this here. I invite you to step in.