People Are Talking About It!

“Your guidance, support, and ability to be strategic is invaluable. I was just thinking of you today and how working with you has been such a gift. Every session, you continue to pull more and more out of me making it so clear about what I am here to do, and who I am here to serve. 🙂 Thank you!”Tara Preston

“Thank you Michelle for Unlimited Profits. This is resonating so beautifully with me and is just what I need in terms of structuring to implement my next steps. This is your best program yet, Michelle, for me as the pace is perfect, the amount of content is just right. I feel inspired and am implementing without feeling overwhelmed. I appreciate that every time I work with you, you have taken your training to the next level. You are such an inspiration, Michelle, because you truly walk your talk.”Katherine Murray

“Michelle has provided intuitive business and personal consultation that exceeded my expectations. I recommend her for her services. She’s fully tapped into her market and understands spirituality and divine calling better than many people who work in the same field.”Charlie Rose

“One thing I have learned from you, Michelle, is never stop reaching and always work on moving forward to the unimaginable. With all the work I have done I have realized that we are our own mirror, our own trigger response and we choose the outcome we will follow. Those triggers in our life whether they are positive ones or negative are just that, triggers, that makes us reflect on how we are feeling at the moment, and we can control where those triggers lead us to. Michelle has done the work to achieve what we all strive for and that is true peace with ourselves and our purpose here in the universe.”Alexandra Falticeni

“Michelle is one of the most heart centered people I know. If you need a coach she will help you push your edge of excellence in a good way!”MarVeena Meek

“I am honored to write a recommendation for Michelle. She is a colleaque, a coach and a friend. With incredible insight and intuitive wisdom, Michelle has an uncanny ability to say just the right thing. She speaks from her heart and with a deep knowingness. Inspiring and direct, Michelle can guide her clients in a way that they grow and can make tremendous steps in the right direction for their lives.”Denise Ackerman

“Michelle is an incredible resource and professional with a great deal of integrity! I am always amazed with how well she is plugged into her local community as well as resources throughout the country. She has an endless ‘toolbox’ of ways to mentor you and has the contacts to help you get to where you are going. She walks her talk and has an amazing knack/talent of knowing just what you need each step along the way.”Anne Kjellgren

“I just want to say thank you for showing up at the perfect time and inviting me in a loving, nudging way to play a bigger game. I’m ready now. ♥ Thank you.”Lisa Carmen, Sacred Sexy U

“Michelle is a highly intuitive healer and coach who knows how to get you unstuck the quickest way possible. She has a wealth of knowledge and Soul Level Wisdom to draw from that makes her approach unique, catalystic and deeply healing. I would highly recommend Michelle if you are wanting to uplevel in business, start a new career or just move past some life patterns that are holding you back.”Marie Georgopulos, Heart Transformations

“MICHELLE!!!! OMG! I must share with you tonight the events that have taken place JUST TODAY!!! You said it, I did it and it happened!!!!”Kimbra Thompson

“When I met Michelle, I was looking to express the sadness of losing my husband to cancer last year, and how to move forward finding peace and joy in living my life. I wanted to find the tools and resources I needed to help me on my journey to discover my life purpose, and Michelle has certainly helped me to do so. Michelle, you are insightful, informative, and simply incredible! Thank you for your wisdom. You have helped me on my path to enlightenment, and I am filled with gratitude to have met you along this journey.”Velma Ballot

“Michelle Barr is one of the rare coaches who actually walks her talk by living and utilizing her coaching techniques in her everyday life. Through her extensive work in the mental health and holistic field, Michelle is a premier coach that extends great value and insight to help you transform your internal world, thereby transforming your reality! I have worked with Michelle on many occasions, and the results are astounding!”
DeDe Murcer Moffett, The “Snap Out of It” Woman

“Before hiring Michelle, I suffered with perfectionistic tendencies which kept me stuck in belief systems of I could never be, do or have enough, etc. With her expertise, she helped me get to the core of my problem and I am proud to report an increase in well-being. I am now at peace and I live life with joy and positive expectancy. Thank you, Michelle!”
Kadena Tate

“Michelle, I must tell you how grateful I am for our conversation last fall. In the last year, I have sloffed off some dead weight that has built up due to life. I had dilluted the purity of my intentions with being sensitive to mediocrity. I was given a voice to encourage people and I had let that voice get cluttered with reiterating the woes of this world. In fact, a great revolution was welling inside of me to stand up and say ‘what has chasing everyone else’s dream given me? Nada!’ Nothing worthwhile has ever come without great cost. The price for happiness is not monetary but stepping outside our comfort zone and empowering others to reach for the stars. I had to be committed to my journey in order to empower others to believe in possibilities again. Every week I am being rewarded with thank you’s for creating the vision of a brighter tomorrow. I will be forever grateful and look forward to our future conversations. You have a gift!”Kristi Howton

“If you want to work with someone who has insight, foresight, heart and compassion, you want to work with Michelle. She is dedicated to healing in every area of people’s lives. As a counselor, minister, encourager or healer, she is a wonderful gift to the world. ”
Dawn Billings, The Heart Link Network

“Michelle used her “magic” to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing for me after major surgery. Since then she has been able to pinpoint areas in my consciousness in need of quantum healing and then provide the correct modality to assist in the healing. An insightful counselor, she is excellent and to the point. Few emotional and spiritual therapists can provide healing and counsel at the same exacting high level as that of Michelle. I strongly recommend one contact Michelle if they are going through a time of confusion in any area of their life. It is time well-spent.”
Bonnie Bolin Peterson

“Michelle is a fantastic practitioner. She is a sharing and caring individual who helps many people each day. She shares her knowledge and she uses it for the betterment of mankind. As a spiritual leader she has divine guidance. All who come in contact with her are better for the experience. I would recommend Michelle to anyone considering her services.”
Beverly Jones, Balancing Your Life Too

“Michelle Barr is an absolute professional and a joy to work with and know. She is authentic and passionate about her work and it comes through with her clients, her coaching and counseling. Michelle is also a confident and professional speaker who commands the attention of her audience from the moment she begins to the very last word! I would highly reccommend Michelle for speaking engagements, coaching, counseling or guidance endeavors!”.”
DeDe Murcer Moffett, CEO Founder, RD2 Moffett Productions, Inc.

“Michelle does incredible work in anything I have seen her do with metaphysics. She is an outstanding healer, counselor, and metaphysical teacher. If I needed to hire a speaker, I would hire her in an instant. She can talk about anything and remembers everything that she reads. I believe Michelle to be a direct channel of Divine Wisdom.”
Carol K.