Hello, Spirit Workers!

Supporting and guiding you is my absolute wheelhouse!

I’m so glad you’re here.

You came here searching for support and guidance to answer a calling, to fulfill a Soul contract, and to serve at your Highest Level. You may or may not have decided yet that you are going to create a Spiritual Business, and you have many more questions than answers right now.

You’re being called to be who you are, do what you are made to do, and you want to be able to thrive while doing it. You have seen all the struggle in your Spiritual community, maybe spent some time in it yourself, and you are so done with it.

You know you are meant to be showing up in a different way with your gifts and your abilities. You are being called to step up with your unique message and be a leader of a community that you are equipped to serve. It’s time to claim your space and make your own difference in the world, in a way you know deep down that only you can.

I’ve got you!


I have spent the last 14 years building my Spiritual Business. I have learned and grown, I have stumbled and fallen, I have walked through many fires, and I have turned around and led hundreds of my clients and students forward beyond where they are to where they want to be.

I know that you are showing up here now to answer a call from the Divine, from Spirit, and from your Higher Self, and I absolutely trust that I am showing up here in front of you as an opportunity in answer to what you are asking for. 

Here I am to help you step into your truest, most meaningful work and to remind you that you must take care of yourself while you are taking care of everyone else. I can show you how.

Love and Fire,


"It’s time to claim your space and make your own difference in the world."




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Spirit Worker:

Become The Psychic, Medium, Healer You Are!

Building your own Spiritual Business begins with practicing and mastering your craft and unfolds and evolves into so much more. Explore The 3 Key Pillars to Becoming A Professional Spirit Worker. Discover how to navigate the next level of your Spiritual Evolution as a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Spiritual Leader. Listen in to this master class I taught to Lisa Williams’ student community. My gift to you.

===> This includes a Meditation and Intuitive Journaling Prompts for you.