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Speak For Your Business 6 Week Workshop

A Speaking Workshop for You And Your Business!

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I have been where you are. This is for those of you who step in and out of your business, always hovering, confused, uncertain, unclear, and just about to do something BIG for yourself and your business. Then something stops you. This investment will not stop you, and if your other stuff does, then this is EXACTLY the place you want to be.

We are going to dive deep into learning how to powerfully craft your unique message and offer and take that out into the world. I will show you how to speak for your business, how to create your signature talk, lead with a clear message, craft clear offers, and lay out a clear path for your clients to follow so they run toward you with their hands raised.

This is not going to be a sit back and learn investment; it’s going to be 6 weeks full of weekly support and guidance and action steps for you to take that will create results. You won’t get stuck, because we are going to get into motion and stay in motion. You will have built-in accountability and the structures and systems and processes you may not crave, but you do need to turn an expensive hobby or flailing endeavor into a profitable business you love!

Speaking is the most powerful way to do that. And, great news, what you learn here will enhance every other area of your business.

Last year, I was out speaking for my business. At the same time, I had the opportunity to train hundreds of Speakers from all over the world to speak to sell their businesses and to get paid to speak.

The year before that, I finally wrote my book, had it published, and created my Keynote Speech to go with it. That book opened doors. My Keynote Speech opened doors. Both offline and online. That was the year I built the (Personality) Soul Brand and doubled my income.

This is your chance to work closely with me, to be in motion in your business and your life every week, to be given exactly what to do and when and then also told why. This is a skill that will grow you and your business like nothing else!

You will receive a teaching and training each week along with exercises you will not just do but then use in your business. You will also have the opportunity to bring me your most important need-to-know questions about your business, marketing, strategy, mindset, and your “stuff” coming up. I will Coach you through it. You will learn from me and from each other.

I invite you right now to Make A Decision and Take Inspired Action to join us for this 6-Week Journey.

Not only will your results surprise you, but the investment will, as well.

The Power of this Program is that we will be working together weekly for 6 weeks live, and you will have the recordings to use over and over again. We will also work together through a private Facebook group.

Leave this program Powerful, Profitable, and Positioned!

Your Investment For This Workshop Is $177

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I am saving a Sacred Seat for you.