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“Michelle is a highly intuitive healer and coach who knows how to get you unstuck the quickest way possible. She has a wealth of knowledge and Soul Level Wisdom to draw from that makes her approach unique, catalystic and deeply healing. I would highly recommend Michelle if you are wanting to uplevel in business, start a new career or just move past some life patterns that are holding you back.”

Marie Georgopulos

I just want to say thank you for showing up at the perfect time and inviting me in a loving, nudging way to play a bigger game.

I’m ready now.  Thank you.

Lisa Carmen

“Michelle is an incredible resource and professional with a great deal of integrity! I am always amazed with how well she is plugged into her local community as well as resources throughout the country.

She has an endless ‘toolbox’ of ways to mentor you and has the contacts to help you get to where you are going. She walks her talk and has an amazing knack/talent of knowing just what you need each step along the way.”

Anne Kjellgren

“Michelle Barr is so talented when it comes to coaching, building businesses, and helping you grow as a business-minded
healer/psychic/medium? Do you have questions about how to build your business as a professional healer? Honestly, if
you feel called to work with her, you should!”


Thomas John

Celebrity Medium

“I am honored to write a recommendation for Michelle. She is a colleaque, a coach and a friend. With incredible insight and intuitive wisdom, Michelle has an uncanny ability to say just the right thing.

She speaks from her heart and with a deep knowingness. Inspiring and direct, Michelle can guide her clients in a way that they grow and can make tremendous steps in the right direction for their lives.”

Denise Ackerman

“When I work with you, I make more money!”

Tara Preston

“I can’t go back to those patterns that made me lose focus and get diverted and be unclear. I have arrived at a different place. You didn’t force on me one way. You allowed me to BLOSSOM IN DIVINE ORDER. I am not troubled anymore. I am at peace.

You took me where I needed to go that I didn’t even know. I have already found my ACRES OF DIAMONDS. They are where I am now. I couldn’t see them or receive them. I can’t believe it took me 6 months to unravel all that. I was so entangled.”

Rachel Thompson

“Michelle is one of the most heart-centered people I know.

If you need a coach she will help you push your edge of excellence in a good way!”


MarVeena Meek



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Building your own Spiritual Business begins with practicing and mastering your craft and unfolds and evolves into so much more. Explore The 3 Key Pillars to Becoming A Professional Spirit Worker. Discover how to navigate the next level of your Spiritual Evolution as a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Spiritual Leader. Listen in to this master class I taught to Lisa Williams’ student community. My gift to you.

===> This includes a Meditation and Intuitive Journaling Prompts for you.