Picture this. You’re on the set. Everything has been staged just as you imagined. All the players have shown up and been given their roles. Now, that moment, a pause, as all energies come together into a very clear focus. You are leaning into it.

The Director shouts, Ready! Set! Action!

What gets everything and everyone in motion? Action!

Google “action” and “success” and see for yourself what every successful entrepreneur and every powerful spiritual leader has to say about it.

Here’s one I found: “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving.” — Conrad Hilton

Action is the lynchpin of the whole manifestation process. Nothing happens without it.

Oh, yeah, you might experience the good feelings. There’s a high that comes from visualizing and dreaming. But your results remain in your head and are expressed through your thoughts and feelings. It is not until you take action that things show up here in your physical world.

I always say, do the energetic work first! It saves so much time. But don’t stop there. You still have to take action.

I have made a living the past few years out of helping people master the art of taking inspired action. Why? Because people get stuck just before this step. They get frozen, feel paralyzed. And so they do nothing. And then they get nothing. A year goes by, and they are still in the same place they were 365 days before. They still have what they’ve always had, but it’s painful, because they still have the dreams and desires for something more. Those didn’t go away.

Haven’t you been getting ready and set long enough? Isn’t it time to dive in?

There has never been a better time than now. There never will be.

What I discovered was that it’s really easier than I thought. Much of it was in my mind. Once I got into action, I found that if I just stayed in action, I could take baby steps, and I could create profound results. And I have been doing that now specifically and consistently for 4 years, and it has made all the difference in my world.

you are always FB cover size jpgYou are always, ALWAYS, either moving towards or away from your goal, your vision, your mission, your truth and the life of your dreams. In every moment there is a choice point to get into action or to retreat. Do not fool yourself into thinking that standing still will not have an impact. There is no true still. In every moment, you are making choices that are either moving you towards or away from what you want and where you want to be. Not taking action IS an action.

My Coach’s Challenge To You: Identify something you want that isn’t showing up for you right now or something you don’t want that is showing up for you. Make a decision to take one action that will move you toward where you want to be. Then take Action!

If you find that you are experiencing resistance, if you feel that you need support and guidance to move, I am here.