Hello and good morning to day four of our manifestation training series. Thank you all for being here. I see you on Facebook and on Instagram and people that are here with me in the Zoom Room. They’re here with me in the Zoom Room because they registered at metaphysicalupgrade.com. So they’re in here, they’re getting to ask questions, and they are going to be invited to a special live Q&A and coaching call with me when this series is over so we can dive in deeper and get all your questions answered. 

If you want to join us for that metaphysical upgrade.com. I have so much I want to talk to you about today. As always happens as I’ve set out to teach you, train you, and share with you. I have manifestations that come in, as I’m amping up to teach all of you.

I had a manifestation that came in last night. I want to share with you because it ties to a long manifestation story. The reason I tell this story, is it’s one of my favorites, it’s in my book. I’ve made videos about it and it just keeps growing and growing and growing. 

But it started as the smallest desire from my brain when I was living small, thinking small and being small. I want you to understand where I once was , what I’m now being, doing, having, and talking about the beat do have. 

It’s very important in manifesting because a lot of you have heard this but you can’t hear it too much. I told you one of these other days the universe does not play the when/then or the if/then game. 

When I see everything I need, when I see the way is clear, if I could have this, then I’ll step out. You always have to go first. Why? Remember, because Spirit cannot impede on your free will. A decision has not been made until an action has been taken. 

A real third-dimensional action that creates true need that the universe can then respond to so the be do hav. Oone of the biggest things my clients come to me all the time. How can I use my gifts in a way that I don’t have to do anything else, which is what I’ve done.

 I created my own spiritual business, which is now 15 years old.  I’m taking you beyond that. With this story, I’m getting ready to tell you. The be do have. I needed the strategies. Yes, I haven’t been without a coach since 2009. I learn as I go. I build the plane as I’m flying it as we say in the coaching world. 

I learn. I grow and evolve. But I have to become the person to get those results. I really want you to get this in this framework, in this entrepreneurial business framework, but you can apply it to everything else. This works really well as well when I have clients who’ve come to me and they’ve say “Why I’m ready? Why am I not creating the love I want right now? The soulmate the partner because who they want to be and who they’re working to be who they attracted in this moment will no longer be a match.

 If they’re growing, evolving,  healing and transforming anyone, they attract in the middle of that is not going to be who they actually want they are becoming a match for who they want. Then the field brings it to them time and space collapses. You see that story all the time. 

In fact, sometimes people get irritated when they hear it one more time from someone who’s not single to the people that are single. It happens when you least expect it. It happens when you’re not looking. It happens when you do not matter, pushing matter what we’ve been talking about all week, matter pushing matter. 

But when you become energy, creating a wave, aligning, engaging with full intention and a clear ask on the unified field, you collapse time and space. It comes to you instead of you running out there and hammering to make it happen. This is the key. 

So in the same way, first I started with a big dream. We talked about this yesterday so big and kept coming back. I see myself on a stage with books. I’m teaching people, I’m talking, I’m healing people, I’m working with people one on one and in big groups. 

I’m out there everywhere. Okay, Spirit “I’m in, how does that happen”? I had to become the person that gets those kinds of results. So you have to be the person then I had to follow the breadcrumbs as they show up. 

Be able to actually see. Hear the opportunities. We’ve talked about this all week also. See and hear the opportunities know that they are going to show up, inconvenient, illogical, uncomfortable, unreasonable, and sometimes appear to be expensive. Because you’re not a match to them yet. But if they are for you, once you step in and say yes a way has been made, but you have to make a decision and start taking action. 

Then have, be do and have. People want to say when I have what I need, I’ll do what I’m going to do to be. No. Be, become, that’s one of my superpowers with you all who are my clients and students in my community. 

I help you become the person who gets the results. I’ve had to do it over and over and over again. Every time I up level. Every time I make that big reach every time I want a quantum leap. I can help you all with that. 

One of the things you have to do is plug into a community. Have someone who pours into you. If you’re resonating with what I’m here talking about, I’m pouring into you all this week. If you want a community,  you want the person who pours into you, I have an opportunity for you right now. I have that for you right now. I’d love to talk to you about how I can best help you. I’ve got a lot to teach you today. I’m just planting the seed. 

There’s more for those of you that are really feeling that and wanting to step in but where do I go next? How do I do this? I have people who pour into me and in community. Carolyn Myss says “you evolve at the rate of the tribe you are plugged into”. 

So I’ve got that I tell you all week long if you go to bethecontribution.com. You can find out about my Spiritual Coach School and all of that work. But you can also find a button that says I want to talk to Michelle bethecontribution.com. We’ll get on the phone. we’ll talk by email or direct messenger. It’s your choice. 

I offer 10 complimentary consultations a month. So in the be do and have, you’re becoming the person. Then you’re doing the things that person does. As you’re becoming the person the opportunities are coming towards you and the synchronicities This is so cool. 

The synchronicities that show up. Oh, I saw that book three times. Oh, we were just talking about that. Someone else just said that quote. Oh, I found a penny. I found a feather. I just heard that song. It is the field engaged with you saying yes you’re connected in the field now and what you desire is coming to you.

You have to do your part. The universe does its part. That’s why I call this manifesting your wants, needs, desires,  your part and the universe’s part. This is where everyone gets super unclear. They’re doing one or the other. Your part and the universe is part all week long. 

If you have missed any of these this week, and you want to know all about manifesting your wants, needs,  desires you’re part and the universe is part, all the principles I’ve laid out. On day two I took you step by step in the formula to make it practical. You can go to working for spiritpodcast.com.  I’ve loaded them all up if you love listening and not having to watch for Facebook Live or Instagram Live. There’s so much fullness here for you. 

This takes time to percolate in it, to let it land every time you listen. You will hear things differently and hear things you didn’t hear before. So remember the be do and have. We’re going to add it to our principles. We’re collecting principles. Tomorrow, I’m going to say every one of them again to you so that you can catch them again. Desire, living in desire led life. We’ve been talking about this. 

By doing that, by no longer letting pain be my motivator and learning to run toward pleasure instead of away from pain and living a desire led life. Remember trusting my desires come from my soul. 

They were put there by spirit and my soul. I came here to express them. So thinking about that getting really clear. I have so much to talk to you about . I was just seeing where am I going next? I was feeling that because I keep bringing you back to the desire. Do you feel that being desire led once? I want to tell you all the things I’ve created in my life since I stopped moving away from pain.

 When it got painful enough and started just moving toward pleasure saying yes to the opportunities, following the breadcrumbs and living a desire led life. Then when I decided to have part of my spiritual journey, be having my own business,  expressing my soul and my spiritual gifts, bringing that in as another big component. 

That’s what I help other people with now. What I have created is money, freedom and time freedom. It didn’t all come in 100% at once but every year, every month, every week and every day it got bigger and bigger and better and better. 

I truly now have money, freedom and time freedom. I understand by these principles. I can teach you all business building all day long.  I do.  I have. Some of these other months sales websites personality grant, but I wanted you to have the manifesting piece first. 

When you can manifest like this, it is so much quicker and easier. It comes in with grace and ease, which is how I asked for everything now. I know because of the manifesting I’ve been teaching you all week. Then I teach my clients and students every day while they’re in my world.

 I teach my community for free on Facebook and Instagram, and all of this, my website all these resources. I now know how to create the money I want & need when I want and need it. That is true financial freedom that creates time freedom. There’s one above it for me. I’ve mentioned it and I’m gonna say it again, Money freedom. 

First I wanted money freedom. I didn’t care about time freedom. I was willing to work it, work it worked it. Now I want time freedom as well. But I built the foundation. Now I can make that time freedom. Above that is spiritual journey freedom, the freedom to have the spiritual journey of my dreams. 

Go where Spirit leads me,do what spirit says, follow. Money and time restrictions do not make my decisions for me. This is when you’re letting yourself be run by this one of the big things. I want you to consider, I’m inviting you to consider to be able to move forward from this moment and where we are. We’ve talked a lot about what inside of you is in your way. I continue to give you a lot of tools. What inside of you is in your way. Everything is created from inside of you but you have now created. Now you need to ask yourself what and who outside of you? What and who outside of you has been created. 

People all the time, people cry when they get on those complimentary consultations with me. I know, I need this, I know I have to do this. I know you’re the coach for me. I waited too long. I always give myself up. I never have the money or the time like you won’t. 

You have to create the money. In the time if you already had it, you wouldn’t be calling me. You wouldn’t be crying on the phone. I’ve been there crying, not having the money in time, and not understanding how it could work. You haven’t told the universe you need it yet. You haven’t put your skin that skin in the game. You haven’t put your energy in who outside of you.

 People tell me but my husband but my children but my job but my boss but my bank account but my mother but my calendar but my schedule none of that is time and money freedom or spiritual journey freedom. I hold the key to you creating it. 

But of course you don’t have it. If you’re waiting until you have it to do this thing, you will be waiting forever. Let that land right through the crown of your head. I can help you get there. You will not get there creating the same things or not creating. 

We talked about how much are you unconsciously creating and letting all of that have power over you and drive your bus? How much are you consciously creating over here in my world,  in my community, in Spiritual Coach School, with my private clients and in the Spirit Workers Collective I have created. We are consciously creating. 

We are learning these things and doing these things. I’m seeing inside the Zoom Room, people mind blown. I’m seeing inside here people really feeling this. Their desire is so strong and spirit said there is a plan. There is a way, Here it is. I didn’t get here alone at all. Understand that. So inside you’ve created I’m afraid this won’t work for me. 

I talked about the mass thing that happened in the mass consciousness after this secret on the not positive side. I’m afraid, I can everyone else can I can’t right now. I’m not worthy. I’m not available. You’re not making yourself available. If other people are not valuing you, it’s because you’re not valuing yourself and you teach people how to treat you. 

You have fear you’re bumping up against that. So you’ve created. Now, think about this because it’s time to let these people off the hook. All these bad guys. What you’ve done is you can’t deal with it inside of you. So you’ve created outside of you all these people to hold the line. My husband, my children, my boss, my calendar, my mom, my neighbor, the band club, all of these people and things and you’re making them hold excuses for you when it’s not true. 

I made better person in every way to everyone else in my life now. I wasn’t then. It’s time to let them off the hook. Let that land. None of these excuses are good ones. You need to take your power back. You can’t be this do this and have this if you’re not in your power. We do this so much. We work with the solar plexus, the power center so much in Spiritual Coach School. Citrine and Tiger’s eye are our crystals. 

We work with the power center with the solar plexus. We get in there. We work on this center of our power, our will. Tomorrow I’m really going to talk to you about activating your superpower and quit letting it be your Achilles heel. So come back . Do not miss it. 

You ever got to get in your power center. Activate this power center. You get stuck in a loop then so you’ve created all this inside of you. But you’ve put a second measure of defense of resistance. So you’ve set all these people up in your life. Now they’re all gonna hold the line that you can go, “Oh, yeah, they won’t let me that”. 

You’ve put all those things in your schedule. You put all those people in your life. Do you think anyone in your life who loves you and cares about you wants to be the excuse for you not living your dream and being who you are?  Really think about it. Now it’s created as a loop. 

I’ve been talking to you all week about when I can get myself in the loop of joy and well being everything starts coming to me. Even the desires I had that were way out there that I didn’t know how they could happen. I want them but I don’t need them. But the loop you’re stuck in is “I’m stuck. I can’t, I can’t. Oh, I’m going to take one little step but I’m going to second guess. I’m going to self doubt”. I’m going to put out an intention that I’m going to throw a bunch of counter intentions at it. 

Now I’m reading the evidence, the immediate evidence that hasn’t worked out yet because remember, ask and it is given. It is always given. But what shows up first, most often, sometimes a few things get through but most often what shows up is what needs to be cleared, healed and resolved. This is a big one. 

Someone I talked to yesterday had a huge breakthrough for this, this free series on that. What shows up first is what needs to be clear, healed and resolved. You can have everything you want. So you’re reading the immediate evidence. You’re misreading it, you’re misunderstanding it. Now you’re saying “oh my gosh, I can’t do this. God said no, it’s not for me right now. Oh, no, I’ve upset my neighbor or my high school friend.  Now I’m listening to them”. 

Tell me what in the world are you thinking? You know, people get scammed. People get ripped off. You shouldn’t be doing that. That’s dangerous. What they’re really saying is go back. Go back into the bucket. This is what I talk about crabs in a bucket. Please get this and see it in your life. If you catch one crab and you put it in a bucket, the crab will crawl up the side of the bucket look out and go on its merry way. 

When you put more than one crab in a bucket and one crab starts to climb up the side of the bucket. All the other crabs climb on top of it and push it back down. Stay here. We don’t know what’s out there. Stay safe. You got to stay in this bucket with us because we’re staying in this bucket. Let that lands crabs in a bucket who and what outside of you. 

So then you read the evidence. So then what do you do when you read the evidence? You tell a story and the universe goes, “wait a minute, breaks on, hold back from what we were delivering because now they’re telling a different story.  Remember one of our principles, whatever you say is, is.”

Suddenly, so it is and then you go wait a minute this always happens to me. I never win. Why don’t I ever get anything? It seems too good to be true. Just like my family always said, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Boom, there it went. Now you are stuck in a loop that will get you nowhere ever. You’ve got to wake up to all of this. 

My clients have pulled themselves out of those crab buckets. They have gotten rid of that second layer of defense. Then they’ve worked on what’s inside of them and they are manifesting. To manifest you have to do something different. People sometimes say like, oh, I’m going to manifest for instance a new car. 

Well, if you decide you want a new car and you have the money in the bank, and you go to the dealership, possibly you can manifest a better deal on the car, but you go, you pick out your car, you’ve paid for it. That’s not manifesting. Manifesting is “I want a new car. I want to create new money to pay for it and I want the car of my dreams that I don’t think I can afford right now and even better. I want a new car”.

Do you know Dr. Joe Vitale, one time manifested a new car. He said if I can do it, anyone can do it. Then he went out because he has a spiritual business. He created a class how to manifest a free car. I learned from him. I manifested a free car. That manifesting, it’s different than just making things happen. This is a whole different level. Remember, it’s either you in your body in 3D third dimension, matter hammering against batter to make something happen, versus working with the unified field in a cycle of joy and well being.

When you are in joy you can manifest the fastest and easiest sending that out there. Aligning with the field working within, working, and living within universal law.  Letting the field bring it to you that’s manifesting. It requires something different. It requires different patterns,  habits and environments. A different way of thinking, new neural net pathways. That’s why I’ve been teaching you practical application and the laws in a way you can understand them.

 So you can live them. If you feel like you can take any one of these and run with it right now do it. The woman that contacted me yesterday that already had a breakthrough from childhood trauma from what I said yesterday,it landed. She did something about it. She was ready for the transformation. If you want more supporting guidance with this, come into my world come into my community, come into my spirit workers collective, come into my spiritual coach school become one of my priority private clients. Send me a private message if you want one of those complimentary consultations.

 I offer 10 a month. So back to this now you’re in this loop. Now you get in fear. Do you know I love this. This was life changing for me. I opened this for you. I get so excited when I tell it. I’ve known it for years. They did studies where they wired people up the way they do. They watch the muscles, the brain waves.

I love when I tried to tell you scientific things that support what I believe in what I know because it’s so Elementary. I didn’t even do well in high school science but they wired it up. They looked at parts of your brain that lit up your nerves,  nervous system and your muscles. They did all of that. 

They had people say I am feeling fear.I am feeling excitement, different people. Then the same people saying I am feeling fear then I’m feeling excitement. They got  in those states of beings.  Guess what? Exact same neurological and physiological results. It’s why one person stays scared in their house and never takes any risks. 

Another person is climbing Mount Everest, leaping off mountains, bungee jumping and taking risks in the entrepreneurial world. Because you have been programmed and conditioned for that bundle of feelings and responses.” I’m afraid. What do I do when I’m afraid”? You get in beta brain and you get into fight or flight where other people get into excitement. 

Once I learned to shift this in myself. I was able to become a public speaker speaking on big stages and then even more terrifying. Being a platform medium. It’s because I’ve turned fear into excitement. We talked yesterday about the essence. 

How do you stay in it? Starting with the big dream and the essence and you can I gave you one tool. Spend five minutes every day visioning it. I taught you about nevelizing. Again, you can do these things on your own. I won’t always do them on my own. Even I know what they are and I know what to do. So I plug into communities and collectives. I have coaches. I haven’t been without coach or mentor since 2009. I wouldn’t be you can start by plugging in on Facebook, especially here on Instagram and my podcast to all free resources.

I will pour into every single day, especially on Facebook. You can join my spirit workers Collective on Facebook, it’s free. You can go further than that. Take a journey with me into my Spiritual Coach School and as a private client. When you’re a private client, I only take a few at a time. You also get my Spiritual Coach School as part of that while we’re working together. 

I want you to start dreaming of the essence and the essence needs time to work. Do you realize when you’re visioning, dreaming and calling in these things do not read the evidence right away because y’all are having to shift every person and every single thing in your life. It’s like turning a cruise ship or a jet plane in one of those big ones flying to Europe or Africa, turning it around. 

You can’t be reading the evidence speaking of that. Do you know I love when they use this example in my world, in our world. When a jet plane is flying you to a destination it is making hundreds of 1000s of micro corrections. It’s not starting here and going to its targeted online with it. That’s what we’re doing but you all are not taking inspired aligned action if you’re not getting the results.

Some of you on here, you are taking inspired aligned action. I’m very proud of you because I’m supporting and guiding you. I know that you’re doing it. I love they’re still here being poured into. They already get poured into with my groups and my private coaching that they paid for. They’re still here getting poured into and I do the same for myself. 

You need to set yourself up for success. This will get faster and easier once you strengthen the muscles. But at first, it takes time you can’t read the evidence. You want to be in the joy and well-being loop that I’ve been teaching you to get into, get yourself out. Never go back to the fear loop reading the evidence. That illusion anyway telling the story.

 Now the universe says whatever you say is is so so it is. Now I’m in fear, now I tell more stories and on and on and on. It becomes a house of cards. Sometimes people learn one thing and they knocked down one of those cards, but I take you all the way to the core. We knock out the base so you can’t build another card on there. 

Then I catch you as your coach when you want to start building that house all over again. All over again. All of this, that. I’ve been talking about creates one thing that you absolutely cannot manifest once you are here. Get this, let it land, see willing to take honest inventories. 

You abandon yourself. I get real emotional here because I had this whole thing with God for some years when I thought I was manifesting.  I thought I was thinking the things and doing the things but they were empty because I was not inside able to align. I wasn’t living within these universal laws. I kept saying that story spirit has abandoned me. Spirit is abandon me.. I can get very dramatic when I wrestle with spirit. 

Spirit has asked me to do all these things. Spirit is not supporting me. It was big. I sat not a long time. One day I heard spirits say are you over yourself yet? I’m serious y’all.  I realized spirit had to keep doing that because I was telling that story. Spirit does not abandon you. 

Here’s what it really is. You have a hose. All the wellbeing and everything you want between you and spirit. Everything comes from source through people. So here it is, you crimp the hose and you shut it off. When I got that I abandoned myself. Well of course you can imagine that in my world. I had all kinds of evidence about all these other people who abandon me. 

But they had to because I abandoned myself. When I turned that around. I had been supported by spirit no matter what, for 15 years. In every moment, I have not had a job since 2006. This can be yours. I see a turnaround in my clients and in myself. This can be yours, the freedom you want. Once you learn how to do this, you’ll get better and better to where it really does sometimes. Oh my gosh, that already showed up. 

I was barely aware of that desire went out into the field.  Look at that. How amazing because I didn’t have resistance to it. I was detached from the outcome. It was just a desire. The universe brought it back to me. Do you want to be able to live like this and learn like this? How long until you stop just trying to pick, pick, pick one nugget here. One nugget here. One nugget from someone, not one nugget from another someone and not putting it together, not plugged into a community that’s going that way and not be poured into.

I urge and encourage you as your coach and your guide right now. Make it happen if you’re resonating with me. I am showing up right now as a opportunity. One opportunity to what you’ve been asking for 100%. I believe it or you would not be here hearing this whether you’re live or on the replay. 100% I am here right now is one breadcrumb. One next step or first step and as an opportunity to what you have been asking for. Can you see it? Can you hear it? Are you willing to go there with me? 

Your first step would be to send me a message and reach out, schedule one of those complimentary consultations for yourself. Let us talk or just send me a direct message. You don’t even have to get on the phone with me. We can talk in Messenger or you can go straight to         bethecontribution.com. Learn all about my tribe, my community my Teachings, my trainings, what I have for you right now. 

It’s an opportunity or you can immerse in this because what I do with you is one part metaphysical upgrade, big time. You’ve got to have it you can come to me privately for just a metaphysical upgrade, whether you’re building a business or not. It’s 1/3 Coaching Academy, and it’s 1/3 Business School, if that’s what you’re looking for any version of that, getting this healed and transformed. 

Reach out to me, schedule a complimentary consultation talk with me in Messenger or by email, or go to bethecontribution.com. Now if you’re just happened to be on here for the first time today or you’re catching a part of this, go to workingforspiritpodcast.com where you can get all of it.

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So I want you to go to bethecontribution.com . Make a decision. Taking inspired action, follow the breadcrumbs. This is an opportunity in answer to what you’ve been asking for. There are people in here right now sitting in the Zoom Room that are founding members that are already having bigger success than they had a month ago. Because they’ve said yes to this very offer and they stepped in.

You’ll get to plug into that community. You’ll get to be here with us. I invite you bethecontribution.com. Come back tomorrow because I have so much more. Stay here with me a minute because I’ve got more for you. I have so much more for you in store plus all week of this training that you will continue to have access to that is my invitation to you right now. 

Now I told you at the very beginning I have a story for you. I’m going to tell you this story now and what a great way to close because I thought I would tell the story earlier but I literally have notes on a ton of things here. I have covered everything for today that I need to give you.

 So I’m complete with that but this story is going to take you back to the me that is where a lot of you are or even earlier. So listen to the story and imagine these things are just coming in my world. I’ve had a spiritual awakening. They’re lighting me up. I’m busy. I have three kids and a husband. I’ve come out of a toxic marriage with a two year old. I got remarried. I had two more children. I’m still trying to figure out the work train. I’m working. I’m doing this and that,  trying to make money, pay the bills and keep up with school. All these things but something is starting to come in and it feels big.

I don’t know what it is when you are lit up. If you’re watching this or listening to this and you’re lit up by me is because something in me is a matching you. You can do this and have this to your own best and highest version of it. Something’s lighting me up and I’m starting to read and listen and I’ve just been exposed to the secret. I was in Colorado and I moved back to Texas which is home for me .We moved to the hill country home is Dallas where I am now.

Anyway that’s part of the story. I move to an area of Texas. I want you to see none of this is coincidence. Spirit knows every opportunity they’re going to put in your path, every breadcrumb I moved into an area when I was ready for this where I suddenly lived an hour away from Joe Vitale. He lived in the hill country that Texas hill country for decades.

My husband and I happen to love the little town where he lived. We were making a day trip there. I wasn’t thinking about it was in my mind. Joe Vitale lives in this town, but I was excited.

He actually was having a day away from the children, a date day with my husband. Wimberley is this cute little town.We’re shopping there all these little shops in Wimberley.  I went into one of the shops and in the back there was a shelf of books and I was like, Oh, this doesn’t look like a bookstore. It’s a Knick Knack antiques, but it’s Wimberley. It’s a mishmash of everything and on the bookshelf, because Joe Vitale lives there. 

There were some of his books. Suddenly I was so drawn to it. I picked it up and I’m reading the back looking at it. Then I was holding it to me and I didn’t even realize it. Here was the biggest dream and desire I could have at the time. I’m in Joe Vitale’s  town where he lives. What if Joe Vitale walked in here right now? I saw him and I’m holding his book, that was all like a dream. 

I’m this little small. Somebody, I was gonna say nobody but I was in a nobody at all. I couldn’t even dream that I could be doing what he’s doing none of it. I’m holding the book. Guess what? He didn’t come in that day, because that desire was actually not aligned in the field. But now I looked back. Spirits saying up there at that moment, “oh, girl, you don’t even know you just sent a rocket of desire and when it comes back to you, you are going to be blown away and not just once, not just once but multiple times”. 

It has come to pass and last night, another quick knock another consequence, another creation. Another effect of me sending that cause. You can react to cause and effect or you can cause and effect. So I wasn’t a big upset. You know, at that time, I’d barely I didn’t know how to manifest or any of that.

 I went on I had a wonderful day with my husband, but it stuck with me. Now this was a while later, over a year later, I get an email, saying in Wimberley, 50 people can come and spend a weekend with Joe Vitale. 50 people there was a cost. So remember, it’s going to be inconvenient. Can I leave my family right now for a weekend? What’s on my calendar? It’s going to be expensive at that time it cost $1,000 that I thought,”Whoa, could I spend $1,000 on that”?

 But remember, I can’t blame my family anymore. I can’t blame my schedule and my boss and all these other people and things. I knew I had to do it and it was to learn advanced Hoʻoponopono. I knew I needed to plug into the tribe as well as go be with Joe Vitale. That is the first time I met him in person. But it doesn’t stop there. 

I went that weekend I met him in person. Now I want you to realize every this is so deep and intrinsic. I want you to catch the little nuggets. He said something that day that blew the lid off, the top of my head to the point I stood up while he was still onstage and walked to the microphone. I said and I looked around, I thought Why is everyone else not falling out of their chairs? I can’t even breathe. Spirit brought me that through him. 

Spirit is bringing you things through me all these days and right in this moment, and I said something to him about it. He said, “Yeah, you’re right”. So I go on spirit orchestrated us to have that interaction. I spent the rest of the time I got photo ops with him. He didn’t know who I was. 

But I was there in person and I learned a tool that has changed my business in my life. So now I go home. I’m going along and I get another email. Now I’m being offered an opportunity that I never would have taken in the past, but now it’s the next step and the next bread crumb but it is so big. Yet I know I have to do it. 

But I have a new manifesting tool that I’m going to teach you right now. My new manifesting tool is that I learned that I teach it to my clients and students all the time. You will learn it when you’re working with me. I’ve learned to not say I can’t afford this. I don’t have the money. I say spiri “ I’m doing this I desire this and I desire to create new money” because all the money I have is earmarked for other things. 

I desire to create new money for this. Now here’s the piece that’s important. You are making an agreement with spirit. When that money starts coming in, you have to use it for what you said you would use it for and what you ask for. Some people blow the whole thing at this point because it comes in and then they use it for something else. 

Now you’ve just turned down your manifestation, you’ve cancelled your agreement with spirit. You’ve created an energy. So I said whoa, I have to do this. It was to have a masterminding dinner with Joe Vitale alone. He would bring one expert that he knows that would help me most he would pick me up in his Bentley. 

Remember I already lived an hour away from him so I didn’t have to travel or get a hotel. So that was big for me that might have blown me over the top at that time, the time and the money involved.  I said I have to do this and I sent in I’m doing this put me on the calendar. It was a lot of money.  I knew I kept checking in this is the neck saying I want y’all to realize sometimes this is key. 

Sometimes when these bread crumbs and things come in. You don’t know what they’re going to lead to. This wasn’t just for me to get something from him. This is still paying off for me in huge ways as late as last night. Please get this because I’m telling you so I created the money. I whipped out all my new manifesting tools including create new money. 

I had to hold the energy. I had to do these things. I’m learning and I had to focus on it.I gave myself 90 days. I actually created $7,500 mind blowing to me at the time. $7,500 to have dinner with Dr. Joe Vitale. In eight weeks I created it which was good because I was already on his calendar. 

When the money came in the first money I didn’t create it one chunk. It came in pieces. I had to keep showing up to the opportunities in the breadcrumbs. When that first 500 came in. I sit in my deposit. I went about tonight and every penny that came in, I paid for it and suddenly there I was. 

I went to that dinner and Joe said what do you want from me? I said, I want my million dollar idea. I’ve got it that night. I’ve been implementing it ever since. I was paying for his knowledge and wisdom and business savvy and his energy. Please get this.

Remember the be do have working with me or someone else who lights you up that is being who you want to be doing what you want to do and having what you want to have. Getting in there energy activates that in you. He activated me but it’s not done yet. I left that dinner and he says he was so impressed by me and what I had going on and that I made him up his game during that time together. 

Later months down the road. He was forming a private secret mastermind. When he invited me, I said how much is that going to cost? He said “Oh no”. As a peer now, I think you would bring stuff to the table. I am inviting people and it was in person for months, private masterminding with Joe Vitale and these experts from all over that he brought in.

Now I’m an expert at the table being, doing, and having. But look what I had to do. It was inconvenient, uncomfortable, scary, expensive, unreasonable and illogical.  I’m standing here today to tell you I was in that mastermind. I got so much out of it. Then guess what? 

When I was writing my second book I made a big ask. I asked Joe Vitale to write the foreword to my book. Do you think he would have said yes, if I just said “hey, I like you online. Hey, I bought your $37 product”. Even if I said hey, “I was at your weekend” but you don’t really know me. No, to write the foreword for my book? Spirit made us come around each other and get us in front of each other numerous times. 

He certainly wouldn’t have done it if I had said, “Hey, remember that time I ran into you in the bookstore in Wimberley. I love you”. Spirit kept this going. He has been a huge influence in my life, in my business, but he is a huge influencer. He has also promoted me to so many people. 

He wrote the foreword to my book. So now my book comes up on Amazon with Joe’s books. That’s why one of the reasons I asked him to write it. Because I knew he could speak to what I was writing about. I have a whole chapter in that book from Calling to Cash. I have a whole chapter in that book of my story.

This story, I’m telling you, but now there’s even more because he wrote the foreword to my book and last night four years. I want you to get this because this is absolutely no coincidence. Four years ago, to the night that I sat at that dinner with Joe Vitale with the big dream. I was on Joe Vitale’s new TV show, interviewed for an hour and promoted by Joe Vitale to his extreme reach audience. 

He said amazing things about me that will hold weight and help others find me and connect with me. That TV show will be out there forever. Look at that story. From a bookstore, I didn’t even have this business. 

I was just a little somebody with a little bitty dream to being on his TV show with having my own empire on my way to my million dollar dream.  I want you to feel that you are no different than me than I was. No different. Here I am, but what I did was I didn’t get afraid. I got excited. I use my manifesting tools. I showed up everywhere Spirit told me.

I made it happen. I believe it. I followed the breadcrumbs I held my big dream. This goes back to what that person asked the other day in here. I answered it yesterday a big dream versus all the parts. I have had a very very big dream but I did each part show up at this weekend. It’s gonna cost you $1,000. Make the time. Make the commitment. Go there and do it. Show up here. Do this now, do this.

Every one of those led me to my pay off from spirit. Again, let’s connect for real. Join me on Facebook. If you’re ready to step into my spirit workers collective and be a student, a client and maybe even a private client. Schedule that complimentary call with me. Go at bethecontribution.com and get all of these recordings on my workingforspiritpodcast.com.

 So you can let me keep pouring into you. I’m ready for 10 of you to be the next members to join my founding members in Spiritual Coach School. I have an option where you can become a private client as well with it and that you get that all for free. 

The weekend spiritual retreat and the 90-minute private coaching deep dive all it  for 10 people that are out there right now. I am the opportunity in answer on what you were asking for right now. You’ve got to be able to see it and hear it. Then you’ve got to be able to step forward in fear and excitement. 

By the way, anything that makes you afraid and feel like you’re going to grow up and excited at the same time. You absolutely must do. Step with fear and excitement into this new container. Do something different to truly manifest. I’m here. I’m inviting you. I hope that tomorrow I am able to tell you the full launch of my new website and all.

 That’s going to be there for you do not hesitate, do not wait. Spirit led you this far here. Put me in the bookshop. Then put me in Wimberley at the retreat, put me at the dinner and then put me on the TV show. What is waiting for you? But I couldn’t go on from the bookstore. This goes back on closing with this because we’re an hour in. 

I’m so glad you all are here. I could not remember I talked to you the beginning about becoming the person who gets those results that person could not have shown up on Dr. Joe Vitale, his new TV show from the bookstore to the TV show. Yet here I am. Those of you who are just tuning in and haven’t heard the story, go back to the replay or to my podcast and get it. That story is instrumental. 

I’m going to leave you with that. We have one more day tomorrow. Tomorrow, I’m going to go back through all the principles and the practical processes for you. We’re going to recap and we’re going to activate you decide what is your next action to take. I will see you tomorrow. Thank you so much for being here. Just a minute as I always do. 

There were some things in the chat. I’m going to take a minute if you’re still here with me. So strong desires. Yes, only one thing holding back. So it’s believing universal law that where ever there is a desire, a way has already been made. You have to trust that no matter what they show up as. Figuring it out. Yes, mind blown. 

The fear is real but the fear is not real. It’s an illusion, false evidence appearing real but it’s happening in your body. We’re going to transform it to excitement. We’re going to do what supports you. The power of energy. Yes, receive the energy while I’m talking to your conscious mind. I am transmitting energy for you. 

This is working on all levels. Some of it you’re not ready for consciously yet. Yes, the show launches tomorrow, zerolimitsliving tv.com. Tomorrow I’ll announce it again. Thank you for reminding me. It launches tomorrow. You’ll see that it airs tomorrow.

Yes, I will help push you over pass that wall into the new if you received my invitation. You allow it and that’s what I have for you today. Thank you all so much. I’m excited to see what you do with all of this. Bye.