Find Your Freedom Series Episode Four: How to Start Strong to Get Into Action and Create What You Desire

Hello, This is Michelle Barr. Welcome to my Working for Spirit Podcast. I’m so excited today to bring you another podcast episode in my Find your Freedom series. 

This is what I help my clients with. This is what I have been doing in my own life for years now, turned my life into an experiment in manifesting and then really working at an even deeper level over the past 10 or so months in all the nuances and that’s what I’ve been teaching you in this podcast. 

Today I want to share with you how to start strong to get into action and create what you desire. This is really important. I’m going to be talking to you continuously and consistently a lot about emotional mastery and energy management. 

I was telling someone again last night, “this is the key, this is your part of the work”.  Then we worked on that and she created a result.S. She had been desiring deeply within less than an hour. It turned around, why? Because it was her energy. This is the work I love doing with my clients. 

I always go first. I never do anything for someone else or tell you all to do something until I myself have done it. Then I turn around and I help you. So how to start strong to get into action and create what you desire. 

If your core is weak, nothing else can be strong. By working first from the core, it will make you stronger mentally and emotionally and help you build a rock solid foundation from which you can create everything else. This is super key and super important. Just like you’re taught in the physical world, in physical fitness, in nutrition, in body building and all these different things and training for any athletic sport , in Pilates and in Yoga. 

If your core is weak, nothing else can be strong. So I’m here to talk to you about how this translates to the mind and the spirit mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As the whole of you works together and is completely interrelated, body, mind and spirit, everything else relies on your core. It’s your base and your center of attraction. 

Here’s how to start strong and create what you desire. If we take C-O-R-E, it will help you with this principle. The C is for clarity. I talk a lot about confusion. I really want you all to get this confusion is one of the things I most often see keeping people stuck. Whenever you get stuck in confusion. The first thing you want to do is create clarity. It can feel overwhelming and you may feel like you’re not ready or prepared to get clear. But that’s because you are seeing and feeling your big picture, your big vision. 

You only need to create clarity around this moment and your next step. I just had someone do this again recently. The resources she was counting on were not coming in because she had run to the end. This happens so often. She had run to the end. It was trying to get assurance about that end result and see the evidence of it. But she had not created yet the true need. 

So the universe was not responding. She had to go all the way back and do just the first step. Then the momentum started. The Universe does not play the if/when games a when/then game. The universe responds to true need. Things started moving when she came back and she was in her mind. But, I want to know, I need to know and what I want you to understand is you won’t know because until she took the step that was right in front of her but it was a big step. It was a scary step. It was inconvenient. It was uncomfortable. But it was the key. 

Once she took that step, then the Universe will rush in to meet her with the resources and that started to happen. It’s continuing to happen. The Universe cannot intervene with our freewill, cannot override our freewill. She had to get in the game and put her skin in the game which gives the Universe permission to rush in and help us and so many people will get stuck right here. 

You only need to create clarity around this moment and your next step. When you are faced with confusion, there is always something you can do to move out of confusion. So why are you allowing yourself to be? Why are you choosing to stay stuck in confusion? There’s always a way out and it’s always right now. You just start with what is one thing I need to know. 

When you are able to connect with that information you can then take an action in that direction. I’m confused, I stuck is an excuse. Confusion is a defense mechanism and it doesn’t serve you. It creates a story and allows you to live in that story. If you choose, it is a distraction and it is ultimately avoidance. So it is time to take honest inventory right there. Recognize it. 

Own it. Push through resistance into receptivity. Get started right now. I’m always talking about your part and the universe’s part. This is your part. This is one of the coaching tools I use with my client to get unlocked from that confusion and unstop from that confusion. So often my clients go back in that confusion again and again and again. That’s how I can see it for what it is. C- clarity.

Now we move on to the O- ownership. Getting clarity about the next thing you need to know leads way to an inspired action. It has an inspired aligned action. That it is clear, you must take the next and you’re not running 10 steps ahead and needing to do the 10th step. Once you take the first step all the energy in you and outside of you changes so much. It wouldn’t work anyway.

This is a way of living that feels riskier but it brings the rewards. It brings the results and it’s going to stretch and grow you because you would already have it if you were already a match to it. You’re becoming a match to it. You’re becoming the person gets these results. Then it will come to you. Now it’s time to make a decision and then take ownership of that decision. This is so important. Because here’s where a lot of people start to fall apart. 

The minute they get clarity and make the decision to take that next step. There’s often a moment of euphoria followed by the ego fighting for its life. So then you start second guessing yourself, doubting yourself, playing back all the programs full of limited beliefs and toxic patterns until there you are spinning again. It takes a tremendous amount of creative energy to get yourself from here to where you want to be. Especially those first few steps. 

I have learned to the core. I could not afford the luxury of a negative thought. I can not let my mind and my programming and conditioning trigger and derail me. I need that creative energy for what I desire and what I am creating. You don’t need anything draining your energy and that’s what those kinds of behaviors do. 

As soon as you touch the clarity and make a decision, support yourself in that decision 100%. Sometimes a lot of times this takes practice and at first you may only be able to support yourself 100% for a few minutes, a few hours a day. Notice what you notice. Get hyper alert, notice your own self-talk, and notice the stories you’re telling others. It all counts. It all matters. 

This is one of my universal guiding principles with energy. It all counts. It all matters. Recognizing when you start seeing some of the feedback from the universe that showing up as what you don’t want. Especially when you recognize it as patterns. Not this again, I always I never this doesn’t work for me and here’s why. Figure out what you were telling yourself. 

Catch those stories. You got to drop the stories, you gotta catch them and clear them. Now we move on to our clarity, ownership. Our is receptivity. From this new energetic stance, you create a new energetic stance.

From this new energetic stance you can begin to receive what you’re asking for. Things will begin to show up for you in the physical when you start taking physical action. Here’s another sticking point for many people. My clients included a lot. You want to recognize that there is a law of giving and receiving. Picture it like the infinity symbol. Some people have they’re giving blocked, and then there are those of you who are more likely to be listening to this right now. 

Follow me in my world that have your receiving block. You want to make sure you are open and allowing the good you’re asking for. This is a big part of where doing the energetic work first brings you the results and this creates a need for new programming and conditioning in the positive. The universe does not decide who receives and who’s good enough and who’s not worthy. You decide and you tell the universe. Let that land.

Then we have clarity, ownership receptivity and E for embodiment. Do you see what we are creating here? We get clear on what energetic stance to take and get clear on what next step we are going to commit to without that none of the rest of this will bring you what you desire. Once you are clear, you take ownership. You support yourself 100%. You hold onto your vision and revisit it every day. 

It’s your Touchstone. All your energy is now being focused to support what you are wanting to create. Picture this is a hose with a strong, concentrated spray rather than lots of trickles going off in all directions. Then you open to receive what you were asking for. It is written in every sacred text. Ask and it is given. 

So one of the key things that I teach and work with my clients on is you’ve got to learn how to make the ask, a strong ask, a clear ask, one that you support yourself in and that you take consistent, aligned and inspired action towards. It’s true, ask and it is given. 

You are always given the opportunity to create what you were asking for. It doesn’t always show up in the way you expect it to. It’s not always logical, and it’s often not comfortable. Nevertheless, don’t miss it when it shows up. The clearer you are, the more centered, rounded and focused you are, the quicker and easier it will all come together for you. Just like anything else you want to execute it from a strong core. 

The next step is to pull that focused energy right into you. Imagine it, own it, focus on it, receive it and embody it become one with it. Become the person who is being what you need to be and doing what you need to do to have what you desire. Call it in. 

At this point, it’s important to notice where old habits try to overtake you. Fears, doubts, worries, anything that tries to pull you off center and deal with it immediately. Keep coming back to this new energetic stance you have created for yourself. This is where emotional mastery and energy management come in big time. 

If you do this, what you desire will already be a part of your energy field. It will already exist around you; it’s already in the field available for you. It’s whether or not you pull it into your energy field and allow and receive it. Then start becoming a vibrational match to it and clear, heal, and resolve anything and everything that gets in the way. 

It’s universal law that if you desire something it does exist for you. It’s universal law, wherever there’s a desire a way has already been made. If you desire something, it does exist for you. I have done this over and over and over and over again. I tell you with 100% certainty.


Now you’re ready to move into action. Let me tell you this, it takes third dimensional action to create third dimensional results. It takes massive third dimensional action to create massive third dimensional results. At the same time the more you aligned with this way of being, doing, and having and manifesting and live with work within the laws. It gets faster and easier. 

Creating what you want uses the energy of all three of these that I’m going to talk about now. Check in with yourself today. On a scale of 1 to 10, how is your body? How is your mind? How is your heart creating what you want? And allowing it to come to you uses the energy of all three of these. 

You are the vehicle, you are the vessel. Since turning my life into an experiment for the Law of Attraction way back in 2003 So look how many years of trial and error and experience and results I have to share with you. I have come to realize there’s a unique perfect balance for me of all three of these integral states of being in order for me to manifest my highest possibilities and maintain when I create. 

When I am not fine tuned I can’t manifest the fastest, the easiest, and at my highest level. Again, this is my part. Now I live it and I can tell when I’m out of balance and I can quickly do what I need to do to remedy that. Each of you will have a blend of these three that works best for you. Part of it is what you value. Part of it is the way you’re wired and designed, the way that you’re built physically, mentally, emotionally, your soul contracts your soul makeup. It can change and evolve over time or depending on your circumstances. 

What serves you best is to be aware of each of these and how you engage with and express them in your life. Pay attention to when things are not coming to you. When you are not creating what you are intending and when you feel stuck or stagnant. That is the time to focus on one of these areas and bring yourself back into a place of power. Open heart, focused Mind, Strong Body. 

We use our physical body as the vessel through which we create what we want. Our feelings which we either allow to move through our body or store in our body affects what we call into our lives. The universe does not respond to our words, it responds to our feelings, our emotions, emotional mastery. Emotions are energy in motion. We have been equipped with a feeling guidance system that is meant to serve us. 

We use our mind to focus on what we want and to gain insight and awareness that will create mindset shifts, which allow us to call into our lives more of what we want and achieve the transformation we desire. 

Your mind is meant to be a tool, a servant, but often too often you let your mind take control and try to run the show. I talk all the time about how that is like letting a five-year-old run your life or your business. No, stop it. Use your mind as a tool and a servant. Einstein was one of the people who’ve talked about this often. 

We use our heart to open and allow in all the good we are calling for and to love ourselves enough to bring it to us. Another key right there. Creating what we want consciously. It’s a whole experience. We are engaged in this process physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

Spend some time exploring where your strengths and weaknesses why right now, where you feel balanced and strong and where you feel vulnerable are out of sorts. One or more of these areas may hold repeated patterns of being out of balance. If so, decide what you would like to change and take action.

When you’re doing this, take one thing at a time, especially for some of the bigger issues that have been with you longer and have a greater hold on you. The ones that are really anchored in your body, your mind and your heart. 

Let me give you an example of how this can play out. In 2007 I opened my first business, a local Healing and Wellness Center in my community. I was so passionate about helping and healing and serving a need. I saw in my area that I just began to give and give. I came into this new endeavor with a very open heart. That’s how I’m wired and designed.

In the process of that, I kept ignoring or avoiding the strategic and financial aspects of my business. I did not make good decisions. I did not make good business decisions. I did not make good decisions for my family and for myself. I did not set goals. I did not get coaching or guidance, when my business was obviously becoming a very expensive hobby. I had run my personal and family finances into the ground, creating financial disaster. I realized I had to make a change. 

At that time I made the decision to close my business to shut the Healing and Wellness Center. I felt like I had no choice. But I was open to doing whatever was next and I was not giving up. So very quickly the universe provided me another opportunity, a chance to make new decisions and take different actions. 

I had to not get triggered. I had to not make up stories. I had to keep moving forward and following my desires and continuing to become the person that could get those results. This time I set out with a focus of mine and I made decisions that supported the business much better. 

I found that in order for me to do this, I had to close my heart and my healing business suffered for it. I swung full circle on that pendulum for a time. Of course, I looked for the lessons and I found a new balance, a new way of being for me, where I can come to my business with both an open heart and a focused mind. 

Then my business thrived. I built a full time private practice, and my clients and students were served in a much higher way. I created boundaries that were healthier for them, healthier for me, healthier for my family. 

My own life was more satisfying and fulfilling. Imagine that all you helpers and healers. I also have found that the more my business grows and the more people I serve, I have to be able to hold the energy for all the people I’m supporting and all the people I’m guiding. I need to keep my body strong. It’s the vessel I rely on to do the work I do. That’s the one that takes the most for me. 

At one time, it was the mind that focus, mind making those good decisions being in that practical side. Look at your daily habits and your daily life and see where you’re giving positive attention to each of these: your body, your mind and your heart. Where might you create more balance? What is being routinely neglected? What are you experiencing as a result of this? 

Imagine how things could change with the changes you are willing to make right now. For me it changed everything. Now it’s really incorporated much more into the way I live in the way I’m seeing and doing and having. But at first it took a lot of work and commitment and energy so I could not have a bunch of other things draining my energy. 

My coach’s request to you today is to pick one area, Strong Body, Focus mind or Open heart and add a significant activity to your daily life that will strengthen this area and bring you more satisfaction. Spend some time reflecting on this today what I’ve poured into you today. Reflect on it and journal on it, talk about it, think  about it, open up.

Let spirit download something into you. Listen to it again. When the transcript is available, read the transcript. I’m so glad you’re showing up here for my Find your Freedom series. I’ve got a lot more for you this summer to come. 

I want to make sure you’re connected with me on my social media, especially Facebook and my michellebarr.com has things over there for you to connect with me. I have so many resources for you. You can find out more about me. 

Welcome to my community. I’m so glad you’ve shown up. It allows me to show up and live and work in my purpose. I’m going to keep sharing with you. I’m going to leave you with that today. This has been the working for Spirit podcast, one of the episodes in the Find your freedom series. 

You can catch the other ones at my workingforspiritpodcast.com. Reach out, I’m excited to serve you and share with you all that I know all that I am living, being, doing and having so you can manifest more of what you desire and live the life you desire and your deserve. Thank you so much. This is Michelle Barr. I’ll be back with more soon. Very soon!