The Power of Core Issue Transformation

All of this about unraveling, this house of cards in all areas of your life. Here’s another thing I talked about the other day, but I’m bringing it up again and that is people will come to me. They’ll say I don’t even know where to start. I have so many issues. You’re not even going to be able to help me with all of them. I don’t think I don’t even know where to start. I say because I’m a systemic thinker and I’m intuitive and I work with energy. I read energy. I manage energy. I move energy. I take all of them and they’re all one core issue that you’re playing out in every area of your life. 

You’re calling it in here and you’re calling it in here and you’re calling it in here and here and here and here to clear, heal and resolve because it’s in the way of what you want, need, and desire. I want to read something to you now. I’m gonna tell you about it but I want you to know because you’ll notice I’m reading this. Its from my core issue transformation work. 

I want you just to really listen and let this land. This is about when you can become aware and consciously creating. You came into this world as you with a clear soul purpose that when lived, promises to bring you an abundant life. You came into the collection of people, environments, and circumstances that created overlays and things that appear to be you but they really are not.

You are such an amazing being. Before you could even speak or understand language. You have the ability to learn from the energies around you both through what was being said and what was not being said. By the age of seven, you had accumulated systems of limiting beliefs that became your core issues. You bought these limiting beliefs, you bought these programs and allowed them to be installed. 

As time went on, you aligned with these beliefs which then affected your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and that affected everything in your world. You walk around with this self-created trash made up of all the things. You’ve chosen to pick up and hold on to along the way. Because of this you experience pain, sadness, resentment, regret, loneliness, anger, fear, doubt, worry, hopelessness, and despair. 

You came to conclusions and so those conclusions played out in your life over and over again. This strengthen their hold on you because you see what you believe. Now here you are with these callings, these deep stirrings, gentle nudges, whispers, intuitive urgings, and sometimes dramatic awakenings. You’re being called to clear a path to your soul. 

When you bring the self into alignment with the soul, it creates congruent energy. It allows the soul to show up to speak to you and to soar. Everything changes. When you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, when you keep falling back into patterns that no longer serve you when you have dreams and desires that are calling to you and you don’t see a way to connect with them and make them a reality. 

It’s the perfect time to clear a path to your soul, to dig through this self-created trash. Clear the mental and emotional clutter and rediscover the treasure that awaits you. There are five core issues basically, all limiting beliefs stem from them. Imagine a house of cards that builds layer upon layer on itself. Shift one card and the whole thing comes crashing down. 

So once you’re aware of these five core issues, and you can start catching them in your own life, catch them, stop them, catch them, stop them. Eventually, you can catch them a mile away and they no longer derail you and take you out. Every one of them is going to have limiting beliefs like the House of Cards connected to them core issue limiting beliefs, House of Cards, your life that you are creating from until you choose not to anymore. 

When you get to the core issue and you reframe it and you change it, everything changes. It collapsed. Because if this isn’t true then this isn’t true. This isn’t true. All these things I’ve made up aren’t true. Now what is true, this is all about you today right now, releasing what is finite, limiting beliefs, traumas, and imprints, and receiving what is truth, an infinite awareness of yourself and your soul. All that is great that you carry inside of you along with the things you truly desire. Somewhere along the way you concluded one or more of these five core issues was true.

I am not enough. But you see you are enough. You can’t be anything but enough. When you remove those overlays you are more than enough. You all came here perfect, whole, and complete, made in the spirit, made in the image of spirit. However, we have made spirit and we understand the spirit in the image of our own making which is flawed. 

Another one, I am not valuable. Yet you are so, so valuable. You came here with a purpose, a life purpose and carrying your soul purpose across time and space to be here now. You came here with a purpose. You are fully equipped to fulfill it or you wouldn’t be here and you’re still here. 

Another one I am not able. Some of you were told that growing up by parents, by teachers, by other people in your family. I am not able. It made you believe you can’t do it. So then you become not able in your own mind. Then you attract the circumstances, experience people and environments that would support that because whatever you say is, is.I can’t tell you that when enough, you are able, you came here and created a belief. 

Another one I am not safe without the tribe. This one is fair. I’ve talked about this one. Because this is built into us. We had to stay in the tribe to survive. This is in our very genetic memory in our ancestral DNA. But again, generations of dysfunction are being passed down. As a therapist, I was a specialist in generational dysfunction,  I’ve carried that on with ancestral healing and generational healing in my healing and intuitive work. 

In my coaching. I talk a lot about the tool Family Constellations, which is very powerful. I have a lot of tools that I work with this around. Your caring generations of dysfunction. You developed all these loyalties that do not serve you. You agreed to carry them even unconsciously. 

All these hidden money stories a lot of them go way, way way back. You’ll be able to see how you were being loyal. I found, uncovered, discovered, shifted loyalty stories with my family, generations of women. I didn’t even see it. I wouldn’t have been able to say to you I’m not safe without the tribe. 

Another one, I’m not prosperous, and there is not enough for everyone. This is one that gets in there with us. We’re constantly told this, remember all the stories that we’re coming up with for people about do you really need that? Do you really need to have that you shouldn’t want this?

Wanting this is wrong, you already have enough, and your life is so good. Why do you always want more? I’ll tell you something in case it resonates for you. A lot of my clients because they’re entrepreneurial, and they’re trying to answer a calling. They get told all the time, “Why aren’t you ever satisfied with what you have? Why do you always want more”? 

If you were made to feel like that is not a positive character trait. I’m here to tell you if you were told to look at all the people that don’t have what you have. You’re made to feel wrong and shame and guilt and that can be so powerful and control you. It’s played out in a lot of the religious institutions and the churches but they did it to gain their own power and control and wealth. 

So there’s that and playing out all these dysfunctional stories and patterns. In truth you are enough, you are valuable, you are able, you are safe here and there is a tribe for you. I was hanging out in the wrong tribes trying to clear, heal and resolve all my crap until I found those weren’t the tribes for me. It was never going to resolve in a way that was healthy for me. 

You are prosperous and there is enough for everyone. You having less will never create someone else having more. You can’t be broke enough for someone else to have more wealth. You can’t be sick enough for someone else to have more well-being. That is not your responsibility. Through these limiting beliefs and these core issues you created. You concluded I am afraid and you created so many fears. 

When I say some of these, you can see if you feel them in your body just open and here. I’m afraid of not being able to pay the bills. I’m afraid of leaving my secure job. I am afraid of not doing it right. I am afraid of getting hurt. I am afraid to be visible. I’m afraid of losing it all. I am afraid of having it all. I am afraid of failure. I am afraid of success. I am afraid to show the real me. I’m afraid I can’t learn how to do it. I am afraid of what others will think of me and on and on and on. 

We’re  talking about clearing, healing, resolving. These clear core issues are transforming your life and your results and you will get down to just one or two core issues that are playing out all the time. They’re driving your bus if you’re not consciously aware of them and working with them. 

You allow them to build and grow within you into this giant house of cards. You think “oh I have so many problems to address”. When really it’s this one issue. It’s the root of all of it. The drama, the disaster, the distractions, the despair, it’s all tied up in this. Unravel the core issue. It all comes undone, the House of Cards falls, there lies freedom.