Work with Michelle Privately


Are you ready to answer your calling to be a Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritual Leader?

Do you want to create a Spiritual Business that allows you to serve at your Highest Level with your true Spiritual gifts?
Do you need to know the “How To”?
Do you desire to integrate your work and your life so that you are living in your Higher Purpose?
Are you ready to get paid well for being the contribution you are here to be in the world?
Do you dream about using your powerful personal stories, your life experiences, the message burning inside of you, your Spiritual gifts, and your knowledge and skills to help others with their life and their Spiritual journey?
Are you ever afraid that time is passing you by, and you know you have got to get on with your real work in the world?
Do you long for the Freedom that comes with creating life and work your way?

I am so glad you’re here right now!

As a Private Client, you receive top priority with Michelle. You will have ongoing access to her while you are working together and her eyes individually on you and your business. Your work together is always tailor made for you. Michelle meets you where you are. She will hand pick tools and resources from her vast library and offerings to share with you. You will be invited to join her Client Community for further support and guidance, learning, growth, and sharing.


Coaching and Consulting – $300; book as many sessions as you would like each month.

Michelle works with you intuitively, energetically, and strategically, both personally and professionally, on all aspects of your business and your life. During your time together, you have access to all the things she has done in her own business and life and for her clients. 


Spiritual BAM VIP DAY – $3000

This Spiritual Business Acceleration Mastermind is an intensive, personalized, and accelerated full day with Michelle followed by a private call within 30 days after your Spiritual BAM Day. You will have ongoing access to her during this time.

Michelle will do website and social media audits prior to your day together, and she will give you some things to work on to get ready for your time with her. She will do intuitive and energetic work which she will bring to your work together.

This can be done online, but it is recommended that you do it in person. You will travel to Michelle and be provided with one night’s stay on the night following your time with Michelle. At times, Michelle is available to travel to you if she is going to be in that area or if arrangements are made.



Choose # of Sessions in 30 Days

It’s Your Time! 

You can reach us any time at maria@michellebarr.com,

or send a private message at www.facebook.com/michellebbarr.


Contact us to inquire about Michelle’s:

  • Classes, workshops, and retreats through the Texas Institute of Mediumship and the Intuitive and Healing Arts
  • Spiritual Business Training and Mentoring Programs
  • Spiritual Coaching Training and Certification
  • Get Your Book Done and Working For You Private Program
  • The 888 MASTERMIND ∞ The only Mystery School Mastermind of its kind ∞