Are you ready to tap into your unique Soul’s Message and discover your Divinely Aligned Business Truth to exponentially increase the money you’re making?

What if I told you that the secret to using this powerful game-changing tool is in having a clear message and offer and building a personality branded platform that provides massive value?

As an intuitive business coach, when I stepped into the spotlight and started speaking for my business, I was able to double my income in less than 12 months and go on to build a solid six-figure business. Women like you are stopped by not knowing how to speak for your business, how to deliver a clear message that converts, how to create an offer that attracts and sells, how to convey effectively who you are, what you do, and who you serve. Simply put, you are not shifting those very things which will have you being pursued rather than doing the pursuing and making the money and impact you desire to make in your business.

You’re here because you want your business to work so you can do what you are called to do, what you are made to do, and nothing else. You want money coming in. You want to create a business that you love, a business that supports and sustains the life you want to live.

I can help.

What is Michelle Barr’s Story?

I remember just three years ago, I was sitting in the audience of a big entrepreneurial event, watching the dynamic person on stage getting to talk about what she loves and changing peoples’ lives. I was so frustrated, because I had created some success in my business, but I wanted so much more. I had been bringing in less income than I wanted and needed. I never felt like I had enough clients, and I wanted to serve not only more clients, but also clients I could benefit at my highest level. I was so tired of the feast and famine roller coaster.

I felt called to speak. I had a message inside of me that was mine to tell.

I started asking big questions. “What is it going to take for me to truly have what I want?” “What will I have to do to make this business really work?”

Over the next few months, it became very clear to me that I had to do three things to turn my business and my life around. I had to show up. I had to make a decision. I had to take aligned action toward what I said I wanted most.

I had to uplevel every part of me and learn how to speak for my business.

I took front and center stage in my own business and in my life, and things started to accelerate. As I upleveled, the clients who started coming to me reflected that. I got to serve at a much higher level. My income doubled in less than 12 months and continued to grow. I started manifesting a lot of things which had been on my list for a long time, and so did my husband and children!

I learned what to do and how to do it. I taught others what to do and how to do it. I measured the results.

And now I know, you can do it, too.


  • If you are really committed to seeing your dream become a reality.
  • If you are really ready to do the inner work that goes along with the strategy.
  • If you are coachable and really willing to follow a success formula from someone who has learned it and made it work.

What Others Are Saying:

I want to thank you Michelle, for the Speak for Your Business Program. It has been a wonderful experience from which I received huge value in so many ways – through the calls, the supportive community and the great content and personal coaching we received. The Course delivered so much more than I expected. I have been able to refine my message and understand how to bring my unique perpective and story to brand myself, so as what I do really speaks to the people I’m here to serve. I also really get, in a way I didn’t previously, how to give value to people in all of my communication, whether that be speaking, videos or writing, so as the people my message speaks to want to continue to engage, with me and my work in some way. I have been through several of Michelle’s programs and worked with her as a personal coach, and I highly recommend her to intuitive healers, coaches and entrepreneurs who want to get how to make consistent income doing what you love.

Katherine Amber Murray

Through our work together, you will:


  • Learn how to Speak for Your Business both online and offline to uplevel your clients and income
  • Identify your money-making message and establish a personality branded platform to create a faster path to profit
  • Develop and promote yourself as a speaker to grow and expand your business
  • Build a solid foundation where everything works together; your website, your social media, your email system, and your offers to provide a seamless path that brings clients to your door, pursuing you, faster and easier, AND more consistently
  • Clear, heal, and resolve your money mindset issues and learn the powerfully practical and Spiritually rich tools to do the inner work that supports you

What is The Speaker MasterMind Experience?


A 90-Day income and impact accelerator and money mindset transformation program. This course helps Spiritual Entrepreneurs learn to speak for their business to become  profitable, powerful, and positioned. 

This course is a culmination of my 10 years in entrepreneurship, and over $100k spent on programs, courses, coaches, mentors, healers, and live conferences.

All that I have learned and implemented and gotten results with, teaching and training from my zone of genius, and serving you at my highest level in this one very potent program.

My Promise To You



      • Shift Poverty Consciousness once and for all. You can’t truly uplevel without upleveling your wealth consciousness mindset, and we are going to get that handled.
      • Learn to master both the BEing and the DOing that will bring you the results you desire
      • Lean in to a leader who is powerful, loving and transformational and a tribe of women who support you and call you to stand in your power. Be around people who are standing for prosperity and sacred success, theirs and yours. Connect with the women who will become your future friends, colleagues, joint venture partners and invaluable resources.


Module 1:

Creating Your
Message and Offer

Module 2:

Uncovering Your
Powerful Stories & Choosing
& Perfecting Your Lead Story

Module 3:

Spiritual Money
Mindset Makeover

Module 4:

Understanding and Building Your
Personality Branded Platform

Module 5:

Attracting Your Divine Aligned Clients and Enrolling Them in Your Programs and Services

Module 6:

Crafting Your Signature Talk and Learning How to Use It in Many Ways Both Online and Offline

Module 7:

Creating Your 90-Day Valuable Content Plan that Propels You Out into the Marketplace Getting Results Now

Module 8:

All the Ways You Can Speak for Your Business and Strategies for You to Implement at Every Stage of the Journey

Module 9:

Using Facebook as Your
Power Tool and Other Mighty Hacks

Module 10:

How to Be Pursued
Rather than Pursuing:
The Marketing that Makes It Work

Module 11:

Uplevel Your Vibe to Uplevel Your Tribe:
The Mindset and Energy
Work that Makes It Happen

Module 12:

Making It Profitable and
Sustainable and Higher Level
Strategies to Move You Forward

What does this

course include?

  • One 60-Minute Intuitive Strategy Call with Michelle during the first month of the program – we can get a lot done in 60 minutes!
  • 12 Training Calls, 1 for each module, with supplemental materials and exercises that lead you to implementation
  • 12 Weeks of Group Coaching with Q&A and Live Laser Coaching every week
  • Private Community with access to Michelle’s feedback, support, guidance, teaching, and training
  • Weekly Check-Ins and Coaching and Training that supports you in action: Action Steps, Plans, Templates, Checklists, and Real-World Examples


    • BONUS: Entry into Michelle’s Private Facebook Group where she shows you in real-time what she is doing, when and why to grow her business using Facebook as her Power Tool. Every time she posts, she provides you a directive that you can implement immediately.
    • BONUS: Copy of my book, The Entrepreneurs Guide to Taking Action
    • BONUS: Michelle’s Self-Healing Home Study Course, Healing Your Way to Prosperity, which includes Energy Work, Universal Law, and lots of powerfully practical and Spiritually rich tools for transformation she used before she was able to build the business of her dreams.
    • BONUS: A Personal Success Library of some of my greatest and most powerful tools for both personal and professional success that you can use over and over again.

    I am giving you the best of all that I have from the past 10 years of my journey as I lead you to your own Sacred Success as a Speaker and Six-Figure Business Spiritual Entrepreneur. 

    This is a Pilot Program for 2017: I have 15 spaces available at the one-time price of $497 a month, or 20% off, $1200 Pay In Full.

    After the Pilot Program is filled, this program will be launched to a wider audience next year at the price of $997 a month. 


    GET IN NOW! SPECIAL LIVE RETREAT OPPORTUNITY: I have a 2-Day Intuitive Business Retreat in San Antonio, Texas in February. You will be granted free access to that event where you will be able to work one-on-one with me and a small group in person.

    Pay In Full - $1200

    Pay in full and save 20% 

    Pay Monthly - $497

    My Clients LOVE this work!

    Michelle takes speaking for your business to entirely new levels. She teaches you how to clarify your message, how to turn it into both short and long speeches, and how to get your message out into the world. She speaks from many years of experience. She is very generous with her time to coach people through the exercises we do during the program. Speak for your business was a very valuable experience.

    Christina Mellot

    Thanks for your help!  You are exactly what I need right now! This one exercise alone is worth the $500.  Immediately, I could see how this will change how people feel and how it will draw them towards my coaching! It really helps to clarify and say exactly what you want and need to say. The pricing part was very helpful.  I also see how I need to change my signature talk to really fit my offer.  You have really opened my eyes to moving forward.Thanks so much!

    Troy Beans

    Thank you, Michelle, for your Speak for Your Business Program. I came into this workshop with the goal of getting help over my fear of speaking in front of a group of people. I leave with tools and inspiration and the knowledge that I know I can do this thing that I fear most with confidence, grace and clarity. I more clearly understand my message and how to deliver it. I am empowered and, afterall, isn’t that what I was really searching for in the first place? I especially love the fact that the information is there for me to review over and over as I learn in little chunks. Thank you for this and for sharing your knowledge with us all.

    Patricia LeDale Lane

    This IS the next level of mastering your business and your life through working with me intuitively, energetically, and strategically.

    Imagine if someone could clearly see your unique message, and the people who are waiting to hear it and reflect that back to you.

    Imagine that same person could create for you a solid plan to take it out into the world, help you develop the skills and content, and offer you the intuitive, energetic and strategic support you need every step of the way.

    Say Yes to Your Success!

    I got to where I am today by learning to say, “Yes!” to the opportunities that show up for me in answer to what I am asking for. I trust that when an opportunity shows up for me, it is a match to me. It doesn’t mean it won’t be uncomfortable, inconvenient, and it certainly is going to stretch and grow me. We are upleveling here, after all. I know it’s a match or it couldn’t show up, and I know it has shown up in answer to what I am asking for. It’s Universal Law.

    Set the stage for 2018 now. Let this be your very own Year of Yes!

    You can BE this.

    You can DO this.

    You can HAVE this. 

    I meet you at the crossroads where Business Growth Meets Spiritual Growth. I believe that building your own business is the most intensive personal and Spiritual growth and development program you could ever enroll in. This is transformation at its highest level.

    This is Power and the reclaiming of it.


    What Can I Expect After This Course?



    • Expect to know how to speak for your business to attract more and better clients, uplevel your income, and make the impact you are here to make. 
    • Expect to have a whole new relationship with yourself, your business, and your money.
    • Expect to be able to step more boldly into the marketplace and stand out from others in your industry in a way that is authentic and organic for you.
    • Expect to feel more connected than ever before to your Soul Purpose and be able to express it more fully in your business and in your life while making money.
    • Expect a whole new level of clarity, the kind that brings new levels of fulfillment, Soul-satisfaction, and prosperity.
    • Expect a new level of clients to show up in your world, ones that can pay you and are happy to receive what you have to offer.
    • Expect new and better things to show up for you in every way!

    Join Now!

    Pay In Full - $1200

    Pay  in full and save 20%

    Pay Monthly - $497

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