youarewonderfulI have a question for you.

What do you feel right now is your work in the world?

Don’t overthink this. Instead, let go of attachment to what it should be or could be. Let go of the struggle to come up with an answer. Relax into the place where you know that you know. Allow the answer to emerge, to bubble up from within you and show itself.

Today, so many are stuck living according to what they have accepted as “reality.” Yet, what they are doing is leaving them stressed, exhausted, dissatisfied, restless and experiencing dis-ease.

The people who come to me have a sense of a deeper Purpose. Something is nudging them. Some thing is calling out to them and beckoning for a response. Where the inner conflict is coming in is in the not knowing exactly how to respond and answer the call.

Most often, there is an Intention to pay attention and do something about this and an accompanying Desire for a fuller experience that will come from a truer expression of one Self.

But the time isn’t right…

I’m much too busy…

I have too many obligations and other priorities right now…

I need to be in a better place…

I need to learn more…

I should get some certifications first…

I mean, who am I to offer anything to anyone???

I’m working on it, but it’s not perfect yet.

I believe there is such a thing as our Holy work and that it is true for each one of us. One of my mentors, Jeffrey Van Dyk, said, “Your business is your Holy work! And your Holy work is being asked for at this time by more people than ever before.”

It’s true.

You came here at this time to be a part of all this. You came here with something to do. You have something to offer.

There are people just two steps behind you looking ahead to where you are and wanting to know how you got there, how you overcame what you did. They want to learn from you, and you have something to share with them.

When you are not offering your gifts to the world, you do not feel good, others do not receive it, and there is a lack of Abundance all the way around.

The only thing that is going to make you ready to fully participate in your Life and your Journey is to show up and engage yourself in it. The only thing that heals you is to be You. What the world needs more of is you being You.

I asked you the question, What do you feel right now is your work in the world?

And I want to ask you a second question, Are you doing any of it?

The world needs us. We hear that a lot, and I believe it’s very true. Now more than ever. What I know to be even more true is that we need us.

My Coach’s Challenge to You: Spend some time with these questions and allow what is inside of you to emerge. Then look honestly at where you are showing up in the world right now as you and where you are showing up in ways that don’t make you feel good. What is one thing you can begin doing that is a fuller expression of your work in the world? This doesn’t have to be on a grand scale. It just needs to be something. What is one thing you can begin doing that will give you a fuller experience of your true Self?

I would love to hear what comes up for you. Let me know your thoughts.

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Michelle Barr helps Leaders and those called to be Leaders to envision the Life they want to live and create everything around that. She helps Entrepreneurs stay on top of their game by staying on track, shows them how not to derail, and makes sure they are enjoying the scenery along the way.