I recently returned from a girlfriends trip to New Orleans with my spiritual running buddies. 

As they had never been, I took the lead and played tour guide, and we were determined to see all the things, do all the deeds, feel all the feelings. So, naturally, we started out at  Jazz Brunch at Arnaud’s. 

We were busy eating and drinking all the goodies and having fun chatting about all the things, like you normally do with your soul sisters. 

We noticed the Jazz Band that was making its way around the restaurant, yet they did not make it to our table.

I paused and intentionally thought, they will come.

As I was paying the bill, I noticed disappointment was trying to sneak into my spirit, because we had not received our Jazz Band tableside serenade.

It was now or never, because we were about to leave. I looked for them and saw them all the way across the restaurant, singing and playing their hearts out for a table in the very back corner.

I consciously stopped my feelings of disappointment, and instead intentionally started focusing on my desire to have them come and play for us. 

I visualized them playing for my friends and their delight, along with mine. One of the things that’s important to me when I’m visualizing is to see not only the desire itself, but how it’s felt, savored, and enjoyed, by myself and whoever I am with. I feel like it’s an extra layer that makes it more real and actionable, because there’s a reason I’m asking for the specific thing, and that’s usually to share it with others.

So, I felt it. I saw it. I sent my rocket of desire, unimpeded with any low vibrational energy or negative thought or limiting belief, out into The Field.

Suddenly, as if by Magic (it was), they finished playing and walked all the way across the restaurant to our table, as if being pulled or directed to us (they were). 

Right as I signed the receipt for our bill, there they were, ready for our request. They played, they sang, we sang along, and experienced a moment of complete joy.

I was in pure Joy, and I stayed there.

Our mantra for the trip was, “Universe, surprise and delight me!” and it was a moment that for me, embodied our whole trip.

And the weekend was MAGIC! Every door opened for us. Everyone we encountered treated us wonderfully. Things we desired were waiting for us when we arrived.

We noticed all of it, celebrated, expanded into it, and broke it all down to see what we had done and how well it had worked so we could grow and continue the patterns we had set. 

Wherever there is a Desire, a way has already been made. That is Universal Law.

The only thing getting in the way is YOU.