Are you ready to make your next big MOVE?

Hi, I’m Dr. Michelle Barr, and I want you to know I get it.

I get feeling stuck, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, but not really being able to explain why. I get wanting to make your next big MOVE, but not knowing what to do or how to get there.

Here’s what makes working with me different than with any other coach.

I can help you unlock your own energy and MOVE past the blocks and junk in your history keeping you trapped in repeating cycles of success and then sabotage.

I can teach you how to transform your manifesting to finally create the life you’re striving to achieve.

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What do I do?

I have a diverse background I bring to every coaching appointment – including a doctorate in transformational spiritual coaching, and a masters degree in counseling. I worked for ten years as a crisis and trauma therapist before I gave up my license to build my business. 

These experiences have made me uniquely gifted to walk with my clients through the deep and dark places we all have, that impact the lives we dream to have.

I help my clients unlock and release the blocks and baggage lurking in your past, so you can unleash the life of your dreams.

“Two things you have taught me that are HUGE SHIFTS and SO POWERFUL that will stay with me forever. It is not for me to worry how I make the money. It can come in many ways. It is all around me. It is for me to make a valuable contribution.

Create a Vision of the life you want to live and then create a business that supports and sustains that. Michelle, you are worth your weight in GOLD! Thank you so much!”

– Rachel Thompson

One thing I have learned from you, Michelle, is never stop reaching and always work on moving forward to the unimaginable. With all the work I have done I have realized that we are our own mirror, our own trigger response and we choose the outcome we will follow.

Those triggers in our life whether they are positive ones or negative are just that, triggers, that make us reflect on how we are feeling at the moment, and we can control where those triggers lead us to. Michelle has done the work to achieve what we all strive for and that is true peace with ourselves and our purpose here in the universe.”

– Alexandra Falticeni

“Michelle has provided Intuitive Business and Personal Consultation that exceeded my expectations.

I absolutely recommend her for her services. She’s fully tapped into her market and understands spirituality and divine calling better than many people who work in the same field.”

– Charlie Rose

“Michelle is a highly intuitive healer and coach who knows how to get you unstuck the quickest way possible. She has a wealth of knowledge and Soul Level Wisdom to draw from that makes her approach unique, catalystic and deeply healing. I would highly recommend Michelle if you are wanting to uplevel in business, start a new career, or just move past some life patterns that are holding you back.”

– Marie Georgopulos

I just want to say thank you for showing up at the perfect time and inviting me in a loving, nudging way to play a bigger game.

I’m ready now.  Thank you.

– Lisa Carmen

“Michelle is an incredible resource and professional with a great deal of integrity! I am always amazed with how well she is plugged into her local community as well as resources throughout the country.

She has an endless ‘toolbox’ of ways to mentor you and has the contacts to help you get to where you are going. She walks her talk and has an amazing knack/talent of knowing just what you need each step along the way.”

– Anne Kjellgren

“I am honored to write a recommendation for Michelle. She is a colleaque, a coach, and a friend. With incredible insight and intuitive wisdom, Michelle has an uncanny ability to say just the right thing.

She speaks from her heart and with a deep knowingness. Inspiring and direct, Michelle can guide her clients in a way that they grow and can make tremendous steps in the right direction for their lives.”

– Denise Ackerman

“When I work with you, I make more money!”

– Tara Preston

“I can’t go back to those patterns that made me lose focus and get diverted and be unclear. I have arrived at a different place. You didn’t force on me one way. You allowed me to BLOSSOM IN DIVINE ORDER. I am not troubled anymore. I am at peace.

You took me where I needed to go that I didn’t even know. I have already found my ACRES OF DIAMONDS. They are where I am now. I couldn’t see them or receive them. I can’t believe it took me 6 months to unravel all that. I was so entangled.”

– Rachel Thompson

My signature method for unlocking the life you want is to help you MOVE:

Make a Decision – sometimes this can be the hardest part and what causes us the most stress. 

Own it, 100% – Live like you mean it!

Visualize – Visualize what your life looks like in light of your decision, and constantly show up as the person who is already living that life. 

Execute – Make. It. Happen. Baby steps to giant steps – DO something every day!

Ready to start your journey?

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