I’m an Intuitive Success Coach, Business Strategist and Mindset Mentor. I help Conscious Entrepreneurs translate their Soul Purpose into a tangible, easy-to-implement, step-by-step plan so they can make money while making a difference.

commanding wealthSometimes while you’re busy doing your work in the world, getting your message out and building a platform, a new message emerges on its own. It comes bubbling up from inside of you and presents itself in a very demanding way, and then you know, this is what you need to do right now. And that is what I want to share with you today. This kind of work works on you. It’s the most intensive personal and spiritual growth and development course you could ever enroll in. You don’t just do it; you live it.

I found early on and am quick to share with my clients – be careful what name you give what you are creating, for whatever you put out in the world, you get to start living. Immediately. It happens every time. Such is the life of a Spiritual Teacher.

I found myself smack dab in the middle of just such an experience a few months ago, and it has taught me much, altered my course both personally and professionally, and rocked my world. It was not the direction my work was targeted to go in coming into the Fall, but it exploded in my lap, and there it was. What is that about the best laid plans?

I set an intention over the summer to be used by Spirit where I am most needed. And imagine my surprise when this took front and center stage and would not stop. So, okay, what else could I do? I went there. I figured it was showing up, so right then was as good of a time as any.

I was working with a Business Coach, and he asked me, “Who are you serving the most and the best right now?”I told him, I am working with psychics, and they are having incredible results getting very clear on their gifts and their Tribe. They are creating programs and serving people, the clients are showing up for them… and, they are making more money!

So, he talked to me about really reaching out to those intuitives who are ready to step up to a bigger platform with a bigger message and create a real business using their gifts. I saw the value in this, as that is who I have been most and best serving this year. I love working with them. I have always had spiritual and metaphysical and creative clients, the helpers and healers of the world. And I have always helped a lot of psychics and referred a lot of psychics.

Over the past year, more and more of my clients showing up have been psychics, and they are the ones this year who are getting great results with my work. I understand them. I know how they think. I know what they are often missing. I know their pain. I can easily go deep with them. And I know now what will help them turn things around.

When I told this Coach that I help people make money while making a difference, he challenged me by asking, “Why stop there? Why not help people make big money or great money?” How could I explain to him that a lot of my clients have a lot of shame around money, especially making money using their gifts, and our society and culture often question those who ask to be paid for doing what they consider spiritual work. It’s a lot of the stuff I had to deal with to get to where I am today, and I know it well. I didn’t have to explain it to him. He gets it. But, still he pushed me. He challenged me to speak up about it, since it’s one of my big soapbox issues, and he suggested I buy a domain that makes a bold promise to those who are ready for it. When he said it out loud, I almost threw up, and then I got very uncomfortable, but I bought it while I was still on the phone with him.

I’m coachable, so I went for it. I bought the domain name, www.highpaidpsychic.com, and I put up a single page with a free report. I think it’s a good report, and a good starting point. High Paid Psychic. And then the fireworks began.

I have to say I have heard and seen a lot, but I was surprised by the extreme backlash I got.

At the same time, I got a lot of extremely positive and passionate feedback and support, which showed me just how polarized this issue really is. And it led me to look deeper at the bigger issue that was going on, and what I was being called to do about it.

Because, you see, this is something that has pushed my buttons for a long time. It’s what keeps me up at night. And I’ve always been told, that’s exactly where you should go. But I was resisting it. Why? Because, I have other things I want to do with and for people.

And, because talking about money is tough. I’ve written about it in my blogs, touched on it here and there, but to talk about it straight up as a main part of my platform? I kept thinking, let’s leave that to someone else. Then Spirit had other plans. And I got signs I could not ignore.

So, I dove deeper into a dialogue about money, spirituality, business, your gifts, and all along the way, I was being given the opportunity to take a stand, to walk my talk and truly demonstrate what I believe to be true. I spoke my Truth a lot, and it was very uncomfortable. I got some hate mail; some that surprised me, and I’m not that easy to offend.

And then something amazing happened. My life began to reflect this Truth I was speaking up about and speaking into my world, and it began to show up with my clients, too. I noticed somewhere along the way that I was able to serve them at a higher level and help them step more fully into their Truth and their gifts, and, yes, to make more money.

I believe all gifts are spiritual gifts, and I am stunned that this is the only industry where people are expected to do valuable work and not ask for payment. The only one. Think about that.

In September, I gathered a group of people onto a live community call. Did you get a chance to hear it? Here is the replay. You don’t have to register or sign up for anything. Just listen to it. You can listen online or download it to go. Listen to it as you are driving in the car, or take a few moments in a quiet place.

My Coach’s Request To You: I encourage you to check in right now, and see where you really stand on money, on making money using your spiritual gifts, on others making money using their spiritual gifts, on having more than “just enough” and anything else this dialogue is already bringing up for you. Then listen to the call! We’re going to get this money crap handled. I intend to start a movement to heal this, individually and collectively. It’s so time to shift your shame, break through your pain, and stake your true claim! Come on. I’ll be right here with you the whole time.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s keep this dialogue going over on my Facebook page. Come by every day, and let’s talk.

I received this e-mail on the night I did the call: “Hi, Michelle. Just wanted to take a moment and let you know my thoughts on your call. I was able to attend live, though I missed the first few minutes and the last 15 or so. I have since listened to your recording two more times. There is just SO MUCH INFO in that one call! I feel almost scrambled inside now, but I know that is because some of what you shared really hit me deep. I think my first clue should have been the resistance I was feeling to signing up for the call in the first place! So you’ve definitely had an impact on me and my thoughts, I’m just not sure how it will all settle yet. But thank you for sharing so much of yourself in that one call.” — Lisa S.