Let’s Start at the Very Beginning!

I’m going to take a page out of Julie Andrews’ book. “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start. When you read, you begin with ABC. When you sing, you begin with Do Re Mi…”

… When you manifest, you begin with IOA!

I want to make this really simple, so you can get started being the Conscious Creator of your own life.

A new year brings the energy of new beginnings, and along with that the possibility for new thoughts, new feelings and new actions. So, start right now being very aware, very conscious of what is showing up in your life that you don’t want and what is not showing up in your life that you do want.

When you have something showing up in your life, it always started with an intention. That’s great, if you have been consciously creating, but not always so much if you have been unconsciously creating.

The first thing I do when a client comes to me with something they don’t want showing up in their life is to go back to when this first started occurring and see what they were asking for, either consciously or unconsciously. Always, a starting point can be found that began bringing the energy of this into physical form.

We’re starting fresh here, turning the page, day one of 365 new days, so let’s move forward right now into a positive process that will bring you the results you desire.

Here’s something you can do that will show you very quickly what’s up in your world and help you to create a better life now.

Forget new year’s resolutions. We all know they don’t work. And it’s no wonder why, when you look at the energy they are created from. You are connecting emotionally with things you are fighting in your life, and you are stating what you are going to STOP doing and what you are going to START doing. You are focusing on your bad habits, unhealthy patterns and toxic relationships and environments and giving them power by focusing on them. Besides, the mass consciousness has pretty much created an energy around “new year’s resolutions” that we associate them with something that you are going to say and not follow through with and something that doesn’t work. It doesn’t feel good.

Instead, set an intention. Start with one. It’s best not to start with something you know you have a lot of negative emotional charge to and that you have a lot of resistance with. You will get to those once you’ve built some belief in this process and in yourself.

Take a moment to really connect in with your intention. This is the part where you activate “Ask and it is given.” Every sacred text has a version of this, and yet many no longer believe it’s true. It’s not that it’s not happening every day, it’s that you aren’t understanding it, and so you can’t see it and use it.

The moment you ask, it is always given. So now you become hyperalert, and you watch for what shows up. What is going to show up is opportunity, and it’s up to you to see it and step into it. And here’s the thing – it’s not always going to show up as you expect it to, and it’s not going to be comfortable. It’s going to stretch you.

Here’s why. You are asking for something that you don’t currently have. It’s not in your environment, because you are not yet a match for it. But you have desire for it, so it’s in your energy, and now you have to bring it into physical form. So, you have to change something within yourself so that it can show up outside of you. If you could already possess it, you would.

Don’t get stuck here! A lot of people do. They misread what is showing up first, and they think it’s a sign they aren’t supposed to have this thing they desire, it’s not time, or it’s not right for them. Spirit wants for you what you want for yourself. Spirit created us to be creators, and Spirit gave us free will. It’s all here for us. We have to choose it. And we have to choose to be the person who can be it, do it and have it.

As you seek to align yourself to this thing you desire, what shows up first feels and looks like a lot of crap. What you are seeing is everything that is currently not in alignment energetically with what you are wanting to bring in. It’s telling you, you can have this thing you want, but here’s what’s going to have to go, here’s what’s going to have to be dealt with first.

What shows up next is opportunity. Stay with it. Hold space for what you want. You have to focus your will here and stay the course. Here’s another place where people get frustrated. Self-doubt kicks in. And they turn away from what they are bringing in, and it stops moving toward them.

When that opportunity shows up, you have to meet it head on. You have to step up and take action. And that is when you see the results, and what you desire begins to show up in your world.

Intention => Opportunity => Action

“When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything!”

Give it a try, and let me know what shows up for you!

Want More Support and Guidance?

The principles are as easy as ABC and 123. They are timeless, and they are absolute. We are operating within Laws of the Universe. The process itself is not always easy for us, and that is why I have Coaches, Teachers, Mentors and Guides to help me in my journey. I encourage and urge you to take a look at where you are and where you want to go this year, what you desire and what you want to create, and then consider one of the key principles of success, which is to work with your own personal Coach.

I am committed to serving you in this work in 2016. When you work with me, you are getting a Spiritual Teacher, Master Healer, Counselor, Coach, Intuitive, Strategist, Conscious Entrepreneur, Advisor and Guide all at the same time. I will work with you holistically, as a whole person, so that you can create a whole life that is joyful and fulfilling. And, if your desire is to then help others do the same, I will teach you how to do that.

Make this your year for creating Sacred Success by creating a better life now! Contact me, and let’s talk.

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